Obama – Guilty of Murder

Posted by Troy on 13th October 2014 in Current Events

A nurse has contracted Ebola.  This is interesting considering that Obama said that Ebola would never come here and was hard to catch.  Despite his assurances, Ebola got here and has spread to others.  This particular nurse was wearing all the recommended protective gear.  So how susceptible are people NOT wearing such gear?  What if a person came into contact with this man, very casually (at McDonalds or something)?  Suddenly, the man runs a fever.  He has no way of knowing it’s Ebola.  He’s too proud to go to the doctor and just keeps going into work…  Get the picture?

So, why do I say Obama is guilty of murder?  Because he didn’t do the common sense thing: he didn’t cut out travel to and from West Africa.  Why?  There was NO reason why they shouldn’t cut out travel.  What, was he more worried about offending West Africans?

That is why I say he is guilty of murder.  He should have made the responsible call.  Failing to do so has caused the disease to spread.  If that nurse dies of Ebola, Obama is guilty of murder, his arrogance committed the crime.

Long Live the Constitution!

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