#noflagginchallenge – Crimes Against Confederacy

Posted by Troy on 13th July 2015 in Current Events

There is a new “challenge” going around to steal confederate flags from homes where it is flown.

After 9/11/01, I put an American flag on my porch.  I didn’t have a proper flagpole and strapped it to the railing with nylon cord.  I came home from work, and it was missing.  I thought I tied it poorly.  I searched for it and could not find it.  I went up and inspected the rope.  It was burnt through.  Someone stole my flag.  I put out another using wire cable. It took them a few days, but they got bolt cutters and stole that one too.  I was making $6.50 an hour and realized that I couldn’t afford the amount of flags they could steal.

Here is why people should not steal Confederate flags:

1 – You might get shot.  Just keep that in mind.

2 – It’s a crime.  Of course, I defended Michelle Manhart for stealing a flag that someone was stomping on.  Basically, I commended her choice to be arrested for what she believed in.  If you fall into this group, feel free.  If you’re going to whine about being arrested, I don’t want to hear it.

3 – The main reason is this.  There’s two options: they are into Southern Pride and were not racist or they are racist.  In either case, do you really think STEALING from them is going to change their minds?

You would be much better served to knock on their door, introduce yourself, and explain that the flag bothers you.

You might say that they will not care and will ignore your wishes.  But if 100 people come by, one at a time, and respectfully and calmly explain their position, it might change their minds.

However, stealing their flags will either make them believe negative things about blacks or reaffirm them.  If they were racist to begin with, it might even set off retaliation.

You think you are striking a blow for justice, but really, you are reinforcing negative stereotypes and injuring race relations.  Keep that in mind.  Martin Luther King, Jr. would not approve.

Long Live the Constitution!

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