Greek Tragedy

Posted by Troy on 2nd November 2011 in Current Events

Just like a Greek Tragedy, they have brought about their own demise.  Amazing.  All the political and economic dealings to get the loans pushed through for Greece (who have single-handedly destroyed themselves with their ultra-liberal entitlement mentality), and it was all for naught.  I am in a bit of a bind here.  The only thing they can do is cut spending and accept the terms of the bailout.  If they do not, then they default, and they lose everything.  The Prime Minister is too afraid of his people though (and I generally view government fearing its citizens as very positive) and has given them the right to vote for or against it.  I would normally be for the power resting in the hands of the people, but I know that they are going to choose the wrong option and cause their own downfall because they have become a country of mostly leeches.  And therein lies the cautionary tale.  When a country becomes a country of leeches, it also becomes a country that is incapable of self-rule and must be ruled by a tyrant (benevolent or otherwise).  Let this be a lesson to us.

Long Live the Constitution!

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