Gay Marriage: Be Prepared for Buyer’s Remorse

Posted by Troy on 26th June 2015 in Current Events

First, let’s get one thing out of the way.  I am a Libertarian.  If gay marriage had come up for a vote in my state, I would have voted for it.  However, I cannot agree with what the court did today.  What the justices said is “the five of us are overruling the 150,000,000 of you.”  These are unelected officials that have just completely re-wrote several laws with a wave of the hand with no recourse from the voters whatsoever.  That being said, all they did was hit fast forward.  If you had been patient, over the course of ten years, you would have gotten the same thing as more and more states decided to allow gay marriage.

Again, I am not against gay marriage.  I am against the way it was brought about.  And I am very much against what is going to come next, as I will explain.

I believe gay marriage was the Save the Whales of the 2000′s.  It was the trendy thing that Hollywood and the cool and the “tolerant” could jump on the bandwagon.  I say “tolerant” because I haven’t met a Leftist in a LONG time that has been able to contain their temper when having a rational discussion.  It always seems to devolve into them yelling and screaming.  For thousands of years in most cultures, marriage was between one man and one woman.  Everyone seemed okay with this it seemed.  If you were gay, you were together, and that was it.  Suddenly, there is a movement.  Gay marriage is plastered on TV shows and advertisements and movies.  This is the way Hollywood works.  Essentially, brainwashing.  That’s fine.  All’s fair in love and brainwashing as it were.  They do the same thing against the patriotism and capitalism and guns.  Whatever they decide is good or evil, you too must accept as good or evil.

I truly believe that the entire movement is based on “getting” gay marriage, not gay marriage itself.  It’s about the attention and the spectacle.  It’s the “Hey!  Look at me!”  Something I generally hate.  Where you lost me was when you started forcing florists and bakers and others to bow to your will.  If you were really just concerned about marriage, you would find a florist and a baker that wanted to service your wedding.  Seriously.  Do you expect me to believe you can’t find a gay florist?  [That's a joke, develop a sense of humor!]  Instead, you ruin the lives of these shop owners just to force them to do your bidding.  It’s a sickness of the mind and soul.  Do you think you are going to win over their hearts and mind that way?  Again, if you just wanted marriage, you would just marry the person you love and be done with it.  This is about force.  This is about attention.  And that’s where you lose me.

So, you have it now.  Welcome to Hell.  Here’s something you will get to hear now: “Why aren’t we married?  So and so is married.”  And you also get to find out about divorce.  ”Shit, we can’t just ‘break up?’”  Most heterosexual couples that marry have some child aspect (either wanting one or having one) that helps keep the relationship going.  Most gay couples will be missing this, and will face a heavier divorce rate.  I predict that gays will soon hate lawyers more than any other group.  You will also learn that there is a difference between being together and marriage.  I hope you like what you got.

Again, I would have voted for ya, but I don’t like how it was done.

Long Live the Constitution!

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