Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Posted by Troy on 23rd April 2012 in Current Events

Romney needs to backtrack on his position on immigration because it is stupid.  If someone is here illegally, they are not going to self-deport and go to the back of the line.  It is unreasonable to think that his solution is going to work.  Here is my comprehensive plan:

1 – We start a immigrant worker program.  In this program, the employer will pay the employer portion of Social Security and Medicare, and the employee will have no right to either benefit.  A flat 15% will be withheld on employees.  Employers will also be required to use e-verify.

2 – A person that is already over here can stay assuming they a) come forward and register with full bio-metrics, b) they have no criminal charges, and c) they can find 5 US citizens to sponsor them and link their fortunes to them.  Should the sponsored person be arrested for a felony, the sponsor will owe a small fine ($1,000).  If they can’t find 5 people to speak up for them, we don’t need them here.  Anyone failing to register after one year will lose this protection and will be deported if they are caught.  They can also never become permanent residents or citizens.

3 – Anyone qualifying under number 2 will only attain permanent residency.  They can never become a citizen.  They didn’t respect the law by coming over the correct way.  They will not get the privileges that come with citizenship.  If they want to become a citizen, then they will have to self-deport and come back the correct way.

4 – It costs, on average, $15,000 for a person to immigrate legally.  Anyone qualifying under number 2 will have a fine levied against them of $50,000, to be collected via taxes.  This tax will be limited to 10% of their AGI per year.  Their earnings will have this bonus withholding on their W-2, and they will only be allowed to have incomes that are reported to the IRS either by W-2 or 1099.  Any employer found paying such employee “under the table” will become liable for the outstanding balance on their fine.

I believe that this is a comprehensive immigration reform.  It’s not a path to citizenship.  It’s a path of redemption, sacrifice, and legitimacy.

Long Live the Constitution!

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