Bradley Manning – Guilty of Treason

Posted by Troy on 3rd June 2013 in Current Events

I’m a Libertarian.  However, what Bradley Manning did is not some wild-eyed bout of freedom fighting.  I am sure that he probably released information that shows some stuff that we are doing wrong.  Granted, but he didn’t find that one case where the military was testing AIDS on people without their knowledge and exposed it.  No, he did a massive information dump of a block of information which could endanger operative’s lives not to mention aid our enemies or put other Americans (even the American homeland) at risk.  This isn’t to be lauded.  He’s not a freedom fighter.  He is not some masked hero of justice.  He is a traitor.  He needs to be tried, convicted as such, and hanged from the neck until dead.

Long Live the Constitution!

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