Anderson Cooper uses a 10 year old girl

Posted by Troy on 20th December 2012 in Current Events

Anderson Cooper uses a 10 year old’s grief to promote his agenda.  A sister of one of the Sandy Hook victims wrote a letter to President Obama asking him to do something saying that no one should be able to own guns, and if someone wants to use guns for fun, they should go to a shooting range and leave them at the range when they are done.  This letter is presented as “from the mouth of babes” wisdom.

Hey!  I got an idea!  Why don’t we let the children be children, and let us adults deal with the problems?  Children are ignorant of the ways of the world.  Of course, their platform would be very much in line with Democrats.  Ask a kid, “Shouldn’t everyone have a free house?  Food?  Clothing?  Free cars?”  whatever, and a kid would probably say yes because they don’t understand how the economy works and whatnot.  Likewise, they are unable to process that there are a few evil people out there that will do evil and that we cannot sacrifice our rights over it.

A child, especially one that is grieving, cannot understand these complex issues.  It is up to the adults do decide such things and protect the children.  If up to the children, we would disband the army and smash all the guns and make everything free to everyone…huh!  That does sound like Democrats!

Long Live the Constitution!

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