And Obama’s Allies Turn on Him

Posted by Troy on 29th October 2013 in Current Events

The blind eye that was turned hath turneth back and now doth sees!

The Left (in Hollywood, in the political class, and in the left-wing media) have given Obama a free ride for a long time now.  Whenever a scandal erupted, Obama would proudly declare, “I didn’t know nothing about that!” and the Left would nod and agree and say, “How couldst he hath known such a thing?”  However, that is over.  How is it over?

CBS does an expose on Benghazi showing that 1) we knew that it was Al Queda and not a video, 2) Al Queda was warning us for months on their websites they were going to attack Benghazi, and 3) that the Obama administration did nothing to defend the embassy.

Chris Matthews is suddenly furious (well after a year after the fact) that we didn’t try to save people at Benghazi.

Hollywood is openly MOCKING the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Even past supporters of the  ACA are starting to say that it is UNAFFORDABLE care.

Countries that reached out to him and praised him for being born in 2008 are now condemning him for spying on them.

MSNBC is even running clips of him proudly declaring “I didn’t know nothing about that!” about every bloody thing.

Democrats that opposed a 1 year extension of the individual mandate less than a month ago are begging for it now knowing that they are going to get slaughtered come the 2014 elections.

Everywhere, you see all his supports scrambling, screaming, trying everything in their power to defend their boss, but nothing can be done.  Obamacare has hit too many people.  It hit the middle class hardest.  It rewards those who do not work and hits every single person that does.  He’s lucky its his last term.  He’s done.

Long Live the Constitution!

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