A Stitch in Time

Posted by Troy on 23rd March 2011 in Current Events

McCain and some others are coming under fire.  They wanted a no-fly zone initiated immediately.  After several weeks, they claim that a no-fly zone is too little, too late.  A lot of people say this is partisan bickering; however, we all know this is common sense.  As the saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine.  We’ve all had a situation where a significant other is about to get mad.  We can say something to cut it off, or we can let the fight escalates.  If it does, we end up having to go through a lot more to make it up to them than if we had just cut it off in the first part.  Truly, with the rebels holed up, the only chance they have to survive is for direct military action, especially since we have decided to let the UN lead on this.  The UN has always been weak-willed and fickle.

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