A Minority of Senators Kills Gun Control

Posted by Troy on 19th April 2013 in Current Events

Obama got on TV, whining and crying like a child that didn’t get his way, because a “minority of Senators” defeated the “will of the people.”  Sooooo….

1)  Maybe Obama doesn’t understand how the Senate works.  This could be why he voted Present so  many times.  These are the rules that have to be played by.  Sorry, Charlie.  Read the Constitution.

2)  Maybe Obama doesn’t like the Constitution.  He doesn’t, of course.  He’s made several comments about how he’d like to do it alone, but he’s not a dictator.  Personally, I think if he could push a button and become a dictator, he would do so quickly.  He’s fond of unilateral executive power.

3)  I really doubt this bill have 90% approval.  They asked a lot of people in big cities that happened to vote for Obama, and I’m pretty sure the question was phrased like so, “Would you support expanded background checks that would keep guns out of the hands of criminals?”  NOT:  “Do you believe the background checks, as proposed in the Senate, will decrease gun violence?”  There’s a huge difference.

Remember to ask important questions like that.  They will lie to you with “facts.”

Long Live the Constitution.

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