2084 – The Search for Love, Hope, and Faith


Two great works have been written about totalitarian governments: 1984 and Brave New World. Combining the themes of a government which rules through terror and constant surveillance, and a society controlled by drugs and entertainment, 2084 poses this question: What kind of life can we lead when all that makes us human has been stripped away?

George Washington, a government employee, is walking in the woods per his doctor’s orders when he stumbles across the bunker of Moses, a member of The Resistance. What he finds in the bunker puts him in grave danger, but just may save his life. Embarking on a journey for freedom, George stops taking the government issued drug, Exultant. He must evade detection by Medical Officers and his boss, Barack Kennedy, made more difficult by George’s newly discovered senses of freedom, hope, and love. Soon, he realizes that he has only one option: escape. But can he survive the dangers? Will he ever be free?

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