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Shutdown kills 12,000 people a day – Why we must reopen

Posted by Troy on 20th July 2020 in Uncategorized

Every day of shutdown is the equivalent of killing 12,000 people.  Why do I say that?  350,000,000 people means that many days lost divided by 365 to get the equivalent number of years divided by 78 which is the average lifespan.  Now, this is not a perfect analogy.  Not everyone is shut down.  But, conversely, it also doesn’t account for the rise in suicides, deaths by not seeking screenings for cancer, and overdoses (etc).

There is a COST to keeping us shut down.  If you keep kids out of school, you hurt their learning curves, setting them further behind for every year they don’t go back.  They also could be getting abused at home and no one will ever know because the teachers can’t sniff it out.

When I was 23, I was starting my career.  I was going out.  I was trying to meet girls.  I was starting my life.  We are taking that away from young people.  The devastation from doing that cannot be understated.  What if this was the year they were going to meet the love of their lives?  What if there is a 30 something out there that is trying like hell to meeting their mate so they can have a child and their biological clock is just ticking down?

People are going to die.  Right now, there is someone getting in an automobile accident and dying.  Why?  Because we don’t have a 25 MPH speed limit.  Literally, if we had a 25 MPH speed limit, virtually no one would die in car accidents.  Why don’t we do that?  Because we have decided that being able to get places quickly increases all of our standards of living to such a degree that we are willing to trade approximately 30,000 lives a year to it.

I am also loathe to point out that the average age of death hovers around 80.  I am not saying that old people’s lives do not matter, but they surely must understand that they were 23 once.  They were starting their lives.  They had the sun on their face and looked to the future with optimism.  Would they really condemn the new generation to the shutdown?

We should be as careful as we can, but we must reopen.  Schools must reopen.  If things get out of hand, that region may need to shut down.  We should have rolling start ups and shutdowns when and if hospitals get overwhelmed.  The states that are open should support the ones that are going under.  That is the way to build unity, but when you have states mandating preemptive shutdowns and then demanding the federal government pay for it, it drives a wedge further between us.  Also, it is clear that the shutdowns are purely political by the way the rules were FLAUNTED by the George Floyd protests.  I am sorry, but if you really think we are in a Biblical level plague, you would NEVER condone people gathering and spreading the disease under any circumstance.

Long Live the Constitution!