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I was wrong

Posted by Troy on 13th December 2017 in Current Events

It is rare that I have to admit I was wrong.  I had predicted that Roy Moore would win because Alabama voters wouldn’t want a Democrat representing them.  It didn’t pan out that way.  I guess there is a level of personal flaws that will cause voters to elect someone who will try to impede laws they want and push for laws they do not want.  In fairness, I do get it.  Also, it does not cost the Republicans the majority.  It’s only for two years before Doug Jones is going to get kicked to the curb.  It will also take away a major bullet the Democrats were wanting to use next year, so all in all, I can live with it.

Before Democrats gloat too much, just remember:  you ran against a creepy guy that chased under-aged girls, and you only won by about 1%.  You didn’t even get 50% of the votes.  A little humility may go a long way under the circumstances.

Long Live the Constitution!

Al Franken-stein and Roy Moore

Posted by Troy on 7th December 2017 in Political

His resignation brought a smile to my face.  It is so rare to listen to a master-hypocrite.  You have a serial sexual assaulter proclaiming both that victims should be believed…but he is totally innocent…but he’s going to step down anyway.  I especially loved the “ironic” line.  I wouldn’t say “ironic…”  maybe something like… “hilarious?”  Yes, that’s right, hilarious.

So, you’re going to ask me, “Are you for women being assaulted?!”

Of course not.

Here’s the thing.  This applies to Judge Roy Moore and President Trump:  People are not going to vote for a Jones or a Hillary.  They would prefer someone that they disapprove of that will pass laws that they will like rather than someone they like that will pass laws that people will be forced to live under that they hate.  That’s the important thing.  In Hillary, it’s a double shot: she was utterly unlikable in every way and wanted to pass laws that the majority of people in the majority of the states abhorred.  THAT is why she lost.  It had nothing to do with the Russians.  It had nothing to do with Comey.  It had nothing to do with America being misogynistic or racist or stupid.  Nope.  It was because they hated her stance on the issues.

The people of Alabama are going to make a decision.  They have the information on the issues and on the allegations.  In the end, they are going to vote for the person that they think will represent their interests, not their character.  They will pick someone that will vote for the laws that they want and vote down laws they do not want.

Also, let’s just say this: anyone can lay an allegation.  Until that allegation is prosecuted, they are not innocent or guilty.  In this particular case, the events happened 40 years ago and likely will never be prosecuted, doomed to fall into the realm of he-she said limbo, never to be resolved.  However, should it be proven that these allegations are true and the people of Alabama decide that they no-longer wish for Judge Roy Moore to represent him, they will recall him.  However, they would rather election someone that will vote for the laws they want (etc) and later recall them than to vote for a guy who will pass laws they are against.

It is not the Senate’s job to determine who can represent a State.  If past offenses were enough to disqualify people for office, then there would be precious few people there when you account for the crimes, sexual offenses, bankruptcies, corruption, bribery, drug offenses, rehabs, and other things that make people unsavory.  True, people can be expelled by the Senate…for CURRENT offenses.  It is totally inappropriate to do so for something that happened 40 years ago.  At that point, it is up to the people of Alabama.  You may disapprove of what Alabama does, but that’s frankly none of your business unless you live in Alabama.

Make no mistake, the Democrats are wanting to paint themselves as taking the high road.  They are not.  They are laying the groundwork for the 2018 and 2020 elections.  They want to paint themselves as the “women’s party” and try to get all the women to vote for them instead of Republicans.  I doubt it will account to much.  Again, they can brand themselves however they want, but people do not like the Democrats’ ideas.  Conyers, Franken, and any others that end up resigning are only doing so because they will be readily replaced by other Democrats.  It costs them nothing.  It’s the same reason why Democrats can come out now and rail against Bill Clinton.  It costs them nothing, and it is worthy of no respect.  If there was a chance that they would be replaced by a Republican, they would stay to the bitter end.  Just look at the case of the New Jersey representative that was on trial for bribery and corruption.  If he resigned, the Republican governor would have been able to appoint a Republican in his place, and you had pundits all lined up to say that the most moral choice if he was convicted was for him to STILL not resign rather than to have a Republican take that seat.

Long Live the Constitution!

Time’s Person of the Year

Posted by Troy on 6th December 2017 in Current Events

The Silence Breakers/the #metoo movement.  I’m a bit of a stickler… the silence breakers is not a person.  They are either a group of people or a movement.  However, that aside.

I am glad that women (particularly in the entertainment industry where I believe such offenses are rampant).  However, I have less sympathy for many of these women.  As I’ve said in other posts, a lot of these women made a conscious choice to trade their virtue for a part in a movie or a single for the radio.  Now, you might could convince me that they did what they thought they had to do.  They could have shot down Harvey Weinstein, but they would have to give up the possibility of a career/of their dream.  Well, that’s fair enough.  But let’s look at one case in particular.

Ashley Judd came out HARD against Trump.  She gave some speech about being a NAAAAAAASTY Woman.  Well, ya know what?  You ARE a nasty woman.  You know why?  Not because of your blood stained sheets and blah the blah blah blah.  You are a nasty woman because you claimed that these events happened to you.  You claim that you were sexually assaulted by these people.  Then you remained silent.  Oh, sure, “I would have to have given up on my dreams.”  But what about after you had made enough money that you wouldn’t have to work another day in your life if you wanted to?  You could have waged a scorched earth campaign leaving nothing sacred as you did everything you could to bring these people down.  But you didn’t.  You left all these other young actors and singers (male and female alike) to be abused in this way.  And then you want to act pious!  The only reason you came forward is it suddenly became trendy.

You know what, Ashley?  Maybe you and the other “feminists” should send Trump a thank you note.  His election made standing up to sexual predators trendy, and apparently justice only appeals to you if it is trendy and has a cute hashtag.

Swamp Fox… OUT!

Long Live the Constitution!