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Trump’s Responses In Debates

Posted by Troy on 29th September 2016 in Political

Anytime a debate moderator decides to ask a question that is personal in nature and is one sided (Trump’s tax return, past comments on women, and birther-ism), Trump should say something like this:

“I’m so glad you’ve asked about that.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot.  I mean, we had over ten bombs planted in our major cities.  We have had people shot by cops.  We’ve had cops ambushed and executed.  We have Secretary of States selling influence through their family foundations.  I think about all of this, and I have to say…who the hell cares if I asked for President Obama’s birth certificate?  I want to talk about things that ACTUALLY MATTER to the American people.”

“You haven’t answered the question, Mr. Trump.”

“I’m sorry.  I thought I was clear.  Let me rephrase.  When I see shootings on the rise, and hatred rising about the very people that are supposed to connect us.  I think we need to come together.  We need to get back to being a unified nation.  We need to start talking again, and listening to each other, and actually fixing these problems instead of pitting sections of America against each other for political gain.”

“You have to answer the question.”

“No.  I’m here to answer the questions the American people want answered.  Not the ones YOU want answered.”

Every time they try to take it there, list 4-5 things that are going wrong with America.  You can always say: “Twenty Trillion in Debt!”  add in one factoid of corruption/ineptitude about Hillary, and move on.

Long Live the Constitution!

Hillary and the Child Molester

Posted by Troy on 28th September 2016 in Current Events, Political

A couple was shocked.  The FBI showed up to investigate the lady that lived next door, the same lady that had babysat their son for the last three years.  The FBI was charging the lady with child pornography.  The couple followed the case closely.  The lady turned over her computer to the FBI after a few days, but first, she deleted 30,000 picture files and videos, stating that they were personal in nature and the FBI really wouldn’t be interested in them.  The FBI asked for backup, but the lady apologized.  Shortly after the FBI requested the computer, she had deleted the files, used a program so that they could never be recovered from her computer, wiped and destroyed all her backup drives, and smashed her cell phone with a hammer.  The FBI looked through the computer and found nothing wrong.  They decided not to charge the lady as there was no child pornography on the computer.

If you were the couple, would you let this lady babysit your son?

This is a very apt description of Hillary’s e-mail server.  The couple is the American people.  The son represents our trust and national security.  Needless to say, the pictures represent her e-mails.So, I want a Hillary supporter to explain to me: Why do you choose to believe she didn’t commit any crime when she went to such lengths to cover her tracks.

If you’re offended that I’m comparing her to a child molester, tough.  Politicians are some of the lowest forms of life on earth.  They are parasites that suck on the life-blood of their people.  They lie and mislead, thinking they are superior to us.  When they make decisions, we may die.  In fact, they knowingly make decisions which end with people dying because they view such deaths as an acceptable cost to accomplish their agendas.

Long Live the Constitution!

Hillary and Trump – The Tortoise and the Hare – Revised

Posted by Troy on 27th September 2016 in Current Events, Political

We all have heard the story of the Tortoise and the Hare.  In the original, the Hare ran ahead.  He was close to the finish line and fell asleep.  The Tortoise crossed the finish line and won.

I realized today that Trump is the Hare and Hillary is the Tortoise.  In this case, the Tortoise was giving a massive head start.  She slowly meanders around.  Not really saying much.  Being dull and boring and slow.  Meanwhile, the Hare is running all over the place, holding rallies, given press conferences, and doing everything he can to win the race.

The Tortoise, the media class, and the political class is hoping that the headstart and obstacles they put in the Hare’s way will be enough to let the Tortoise slowly crawl across the finish line.  Needless to say, I hope that the Hare will win this time.

Long Live the Constitution!

First Debate Results

Posted by Troy on 26th September 2016 in Current Events, Political

The first half, Donald destroyed Hillary.  If it was a boxing match, she would have been up against the ropes and he was just pummeling her.  And then the moderator came to her rescue.  Why was Donald Trump’s tax return and the whole birth certificate brought up?  Gee, shall we talk about the debt?  Shall we talk about Obamacare?  Shall we talk about the border?  Should we talk about anything that actually matters?  Nah…let’s talk about a one-sided issue which will either be a non-issue or hurt one of the candidates.  And the media bias continues.  Needless to say, once it became two on one, Hillary’s performance improved.  You could see the relief in her face to have the comfort of her familiar ally, the media, ride to her rescue.

That being said, she lost.  Trump didn’t come across as a mad man or a hateful man.  He sounded like someone who was mad as hell and isn’t going to take it anymore.  That’s how most of us are.  We are mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore.  Nothing is ever going to change until enough of us finally get up, stick our head out the windows, and scream “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

That’s why she lost.  In order for Trump to have lost, he needed to look inept or unhinged.  He didn’t, but she looked as incompetent and crooked as she actually is.  She looked as boring as she really is.

I predict the media will tout that Clinton won, that she had a masterful performance…and Trump will continue to rise in the polls.

Long Live the Constitution!

Conservatives are Stupid

Posted by Troy on 14th September 2016 in Current Events, Political

After listening all day to “Conservatives” trashing Trump over his child-care plan, I came to a realization:

Conservatives are stupid.

Here’s the fact of the matter.  I will agree that setting up Federal maternity leave is problematic.  The reason is because is sets up another form of entitlement.  Even if good limitations are set in place, future Democrat legislatures will aim to triple the amount of the maternity pay or triple the time allowed, or whatever.  That is true and undeniable.

However, what is also true and undeniable is: Trump is waaaaay better than Hillary.  Period.  End of discussion.  You will NEVER hear liberals trash Hillary on ANYTHING.  The e-mails, the lying, the Foundation…she is excused at every turn.  Meanwhile, the Conservatives actively tear down their candidate.

This is Trump’s plan.  However, he will be President, not emperor.  He cannot put this into place via executive order.  If you disagree with his plans, urge your Congressmen and Senators to defeat the measures you disagree with, but remember who the true enemy is.  Remember who will put another Liberal judge on the stand.  Remember who will kill the 2nd Amendment.  Remember that she is going to raise taxes and spending more than you could possible dream.

So, to Conservatives, I remind you: say, “I disagree with this policy,” and then go back to destroying Hillary.

Long Live the Constitution!

Trump is Eating Hillary’s Lunch

Posted by Troy on 13th September 2016 in Current Events, Political

He rolled out his child-care plan.  Wow.  Fantastic.  A great boon to parents, who are a large voting block.  Of course, the Left went nuts.  Trump wasn’t supposed to do this, and so they talked about how this will tick off Republicans.  Amazing…instead of applauding the plan, they are saying that their opposition will hate the plan.  We are in weird times.  Let’s go through this.

1 – There will be a new deduction for parents for the average cost of child care.  How is a tax deduction not a Republican idea?  Great idea.  Fantastic, really.

2 – They will create savings accounts for medical expenses.  When the child turns eighteen, the amount put into this account can be used for higher education.  How is encouraging savings not a Republican idea?

3 – They will allow the deduction for elderly care expenses.  Again…deduction.

4 – They will have paid maternity leave, done through Unemployment Insurance.  Now, this one is a bit iffy on the Republican thing, but you can easily just cut the amount of time allowed to be on Unemployment from 99 weeks down to 12 weeks, and we’re done.  That easily pays for this part of it.

You can tell how scared the Left is because none of them covered this speech, and as of the writing of this blog, there is pretty much nothing on and some other such sites.  Hillary should be scared.  She has demonized 20% of Americans.  In fairness, I believe she holds a full 50-70% of us in disdain.  All she can do is talk bad about Trump.  Meanwhile, Trump is running all over the place.  Giving big speeches and holding big rallies.  He beat her to Louisiana.  He beat her to Mexico.  He beat her to this.  He will beat her to the next thing.  And what does she have to offer?  He talks of unity and a brighter future.  She talks about more of the same and how terrible things will be if Trump wins.  She can’t say how wonderful things will be under her because things will stay the exact same.

I predicted last year that Trump would beat Hillary because:

1 – He’s energetic.  She looks tired and old.

2 – He speaks of patriotism and optimism that the future will get better.  She’s doom and gloom.

3 - He’s fun, dynamic, and interesting.  She is so boring, and when she’s not boring, she’s shrill.

And now it begins.  The media has been on prevent defense since May.  They have been carrying her water.  They have been trying to generate enthusiasm for her and shame for Trump.  They demonize Trump at every turn.  They take everything he says out of context of blows it out of proportion.  Meanwhile, Hillary is protected and advanced.

And even with all this, she is slipping in the polls.  This slippage will not stop.  It will continue.  The more you see of Hillary, the less you like her.  The more you see of Trump, the more you realize the media is utterly bias.

Long Live the Constitution!

Hillary Doubles Down On Basket of Deplorables

Posted by Troy on 12th September 2016 in Current Events, Political

Hillary and her surrogates are saying that Hillary is only wrong by the amount.  Apparently, 50% is too strong.  Okay… instead of 20% of Americans being irredeemable reprobates (roughly 64 million), how many Americans are pieces of shit then, in Her Majesty’s estimation?  A mere twenty million, perhaps?  Shall we exterminate these vermin, My Leader?

Long Live the Constitution!

Trump: Generals Have Been Reduced to Rubble

Posted by Troy on 8th September 2016 in Current Events, Political

Trump is coming under fire for this remark.  I don’t see how.  Let’s look at the facts: sequester has cut the military budget tremendously.  We do not have the funds for necessary repairs and the military has resorted to salvage to keep planes going (etc).  This sounds like a military in decline.  Now, as for the Generals: not all Generals are made the same.  I’d put Patton or Washington or Lee up against any of the modern day generals under the Obama administration.  Interestingly enough, generals that didn’t get in line with the Obama administration got gone fast.  The ones that are left are a bunch of sycophant yes-men, picked for their ability to justify the king’s fancy.  Nothing that we have been doing has made any sense.

I don’t believe that Trump has more knowledge about ISIS.  That would be almost impossible.  But he probably does believe he has a better understanding of ISIS because, from the outside looking in, the way we have been fighting them is just asinine (such as dropping warnings that we were about to bomb their positions).  Trump probably does think that he could devise a better way to fight them based on these insanities.

In regards to Trump’s plan:  Maybe there is no plan, but it equally likely that he has a STRATEGY in mind but will still need military minds to take that strategy and formulate a plan of execution.  This is actually the way that a military is supposed to work.  The commander (the President) makes goals, the military leaders develop ways to accomplish those goals, and the soldiers (etc) make it happen.

Long Live the Constitution!

Trump and Putin

Posted by Troy on 8th September 2016 in Current Events, Political

Trump is coming under fire for complimenting Putin.  As Matt Lauer pointed out all that Putin has done in undermining US interest, grabbing the Crimea, etc.  To which I have to say: doesn’t this prove Trump’s point?  Putin has gotten all this without Obama being able to counter him effectively in any way.  Currently, Russia has a strong leader and we have a weak one.  Anyone being honest has to agree with this.  Can you name one of our traditional enemies which are currently in retreat from the world stage?  They are all advancing and working against our interest.  That has been the history of the last 8 years.

Long Live the Constitution!

Commander in Chief Forum

Posted by Troy on 8th September 2016 in Current Events, Political

Ya know, Matt Lauer did a pretty good job.  Trump easily won the night.  Hillary spoke so slowly and rambled.  She choose her words ever so carefully in regards to the emails.  This is the sign of someone that is doing their best not to lie while not really telling the truth.  She came off as unbelievable.  She also spent the vast bulk of her time talking bad about Trump, when she agreed not to do so at the start.  This means that the only thing she really brings to the table is “I’m not Trump.”  It’s very hard to win if all you can run on is that you are not the other person.  Trump, on the other hand, gave clear, concise answers.  He came across as confident and reserved.  He also spoke a lot more about his policies than Hillary did.

Long Live the Constitution!