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Colin Kaepernick Not Standing for the Anthem

Posted by Troy on 30th August 2016 in Current Events

This has been compared to the runners who raised their black fists during the Olympics, and etc etc.

Personally, I find these types of display - hollow.  Let’s take the Olympics example.  They got to go to the Olympics under the flag.  They then won a little fame and money by running under that flag.  I notice their outrage didn’t extend to their winnings.  They seemed to have no moral compulsion against accepting the money won under that flag.  All of these “protests” are hollow examples.  They don’t make any actual sacrifice (except for Ali, who went to jail and gave up his title–mad respect there).

I’d have a lot more respect for Colin if he gave up his lucrative job to become a police officer and patrol the street and work his way up the chain and really make a difference.  However, he won’t do that for a variety of reasons, but even if he had the strength of character to do so, he’d learn something: there’s a reason why things are the way things are, and if he went to one of these oppressive cities and became a cop, within a few years, he would act exactly the same as the average cop.  I challenge anyone that wants to talk about the “racist” cops to go out there and be a cop for two years, and then re-examine your attitudes.

I personally believe that Kaepernick knows that he is on the way out.  He is trying to either make a name for himself or make it so he can say it was political if he was fired.  Amazingly, he didn’t have these strong views when he was doing well and it could jeopardize his money.

Here’s the thing.  He doesn’t have to stand for the anthem.  That’s totally his right.  If he wants to do that, that’s fine.  However, the rest of us also have the right to think ill of him.  Hell, we have the right to flat out hate his guts for it if we want to (not beat him up over it or anything like that, but yeah).  We also have a right not to associate ourselves with him or a team that would employ his services.  All of these things are correct.

If you disagree with me, consider this: what if Colin Kaepernick came out advocating for pedophiles to be able to date thirteen-year-olds.  Not actually doing it.  Nothing illegal.  Just making that stated opinion.  Would you have a strong opinion on that?  If the 49ers continued to pay him, might you decide not to watch 49er games?  I could come up with a list of other examples of things that people are free to believe that would make you abhor this man.  There is no difference.  I may choose not to associate with someone that hates the country that I love–the same as I might choose not to associate with someone who hates the woman I love.  Same difference.

Long Live the Constitution!

What have you got to lose?

Posted by Troy on 25th August 2016 in Political

Trump posed this question to blacks.  Democrats have been using them for votes for over half a century, and blacks have gotten nothing in return for their voter loyalty.  They have high rates of poverty, high rates of unemployment, terrible housing, and so on and so on…so what do they have to lose.  To which, Democrats decried the remark as racist.

Well, they have one thing to lose.  If they feel the need to vote for Democrat, it is because they are afraid that they will lose their means, their income, their government programs.  So, loyalty is based upon the necessities of life…food, water, and housing.  What does that sound like to you?


I don’t know how else to view it.  Slaves lived on the plantation and did what they were told.  Why?  Because it was their means to eat.  Also they could be punished (possibly killed).  But plenty of slaves were afraid when slavery ended because they didn’t know how they were going to support themselves (read.  It’s not all 7 years a slave.  I am in no way defending slavery.  Slavery is the antithesis of free market capitalism because laborers are not able to negotiate with their employers or change employers at will.  I am against any form of fascism, which is what slavery basically is).

So, the idea that the welfare state, the Democratic plantation, could end is terrifying to some–especially since Democrats have more or less destroyed the black family.  There were more intact families under slavery than there are under the welfare state.

What have you got to lose?

Long Live the Constitution

Obama, Kneeling before Iran

Posted by Troy on 24th August 2016 in Current Events, Political

It is obvious, at this point, that Obama was willing to do anything to “achieve an Iran deal.”  I’m not entirely sure what kind of achievement this is…

Let’s just look at the facts:

1 – We made nuclear deal that pretty much just legitimizes what the Iranians were doing anyway.

2 – We gave them 400 million dollars.

3 – Realizing that he would look like a total douche if he gave away 400 million while they held prisoners, he demanded the prisoner release be made in conjunction with the money transfer, turning it into a ransom situation.  We have seen an increase in American kidnappings since this deal.

4 – Afterwards, we gave Iran $1.3 billion dollars.  This was paid in 13 payments of $99,999,999.99.  In other words, if they had paid 100 million dollars, he probably would have had to tell Congress about it.

5 – Realizing that the US is a joke, Iran has been talking trash and have been buzzing our ships with their little row boats.  Obama can’t make a fuss about anything because “Hey, I harbored in a new period of cooperation with Iran.”  Iran has also been pretty much ignoring all the rules set out I his precious “Iran Deal.”

So, in summary: Iran got a bunch of money, economic sanctions lifted, and increase prestige on the world stage, and we got nothing.  Worse than that, we paid handsomely.  Well…at least we got the 4 Americans back.  We did get that.

Here’s how a strong leader would have done things.  “We are willing to negotiate on the sanctions.  Release the prisoners first, and then we can see about working out our differences.”  The prisoner release should have been the precondition to the negotiations, not as a final demand to prevent Obama from looking like the weak, feckless President that he is.

Long Live the Constitution.

Beck – Pandering to Hillary Supporters

Posted by Troy on 18th August 2016 in Political

So last night, Bill O’Reilly inquired about Beck’s ratings these days after Beck’s been on a crusade against Trump.  Beck responded by saying that his ratings were up 25%.  I thought, “How the hell is that possible?”  Then I realized: After Hillary’s speech at the DNC, Beck spent 2 minutes talking about Hillary and 2 hours trashing Trump.  It made no sense to me at the time.  But now I know…Hillary supporters are tuning in to Beck to listen to him trash Trump.  I hate to break it to him, but after the election, these listeners will abandon him, and Trump supporters will not return after being called Nazi’s and stupid.  As such, Beck will either go the way of the dodo or will merely turn his coat and become as socialist-Leftist.  My dad used to call him a “monetary patriot.”  I think that is still true, so I look forward to his full conversion to socialist.

Long Live the Constitution!

The New Trump

Posted by Troy on 18th August 2016 in Current Events, Political

I watched the speech tonight in NC.  Holy crap.  I am very excited!  If he keeps on message, he can totally win with this message of school choice, safety, and renegotiating trade deals (among other things).  He effectively painted Hillary as the candidate for the status quo and reminded everyone that 72% of us believe America is on the wrong track.  He pointed out that the Democrats have just been using blacks for their votes and have done NOTHING to actually improve the lives of blacks.  He pointed out how the media is distorting the things he says to make him look bad.  He pointed out how the system is rigged–it’s the powerful protecting the powerful.  He spoke of unity.  He spoke of bringing us back together.

I dare say, I love the shakeup if this is what came of it.  I would be very concerned if I were Hillary.

Long Live the Constitution!

Trump Hires Steve Bannon

Posted by Troy on 17th August 2016 in Current Events, Political

People are wondering what to make of Trump picking up Bannon to run his campaign.  Bannon seems pretty similar to Trump in a lot of ways, so what does he bring to the table?

I think what Bannon brings to the table is simple: a street fighting style.

Trump and Republicans in general have to realize: the media is on Hillary’s side and will do anything to help her win.  Anyone that has bothered to actually sit and watch a Trump speech will realize that the highlights they see on TV are false representations.  However, the average person only sees what the media wants them to see.  That includes right-wingers like Glenn Beck.

So, Trump was trying to play the game according to the rules.  He realized: This shit ain’t gonna work.  So he’s trying something different.  Instead, he’s gonna grab her by the throat and put her into the ground.  Really, it’s his only chance.  His only chance is to fight tooth and nail and run 100% until the election, and see what happens.

So, I approve.  At this point, no holds-barred.  Bare knuckles.  Two enter, one leaves.

The media will not play fair.  It’s time to go all in.

Long Live the Constitution!

Why Trump should NEVER release his tax returns

Posted by Troy on 12th August 2016 in Current Events, Political

Hillary released her tax return today.  Woo, la-dee-da.  Who cares?  But the media says, “This is putting pressure on Trump to release his.”  Bullshit!  It’s all bullshit.  Ask yourself a question…do YOU really care about anyone’s tax return?  I do know one person who actually looks at them, but he is LITERALLY the only person I know that does so–and I’m a friggin’ tax accountant!

My dad used to tell me something: Never give someone power over you.

It’s one of those expressions that had a lot of meanings and applications.  The main part of that is realizing that no one ever has power over you unless you give them that power.  Another part, however, is that you never do what your enemy wants you to do.  You definitely don’t hand them the gun to shoot you with.

That’s all this would be if Trump gave out his tax return.  Think about it.  Hillary is but a politician.  She has taken great pains to paint a certain picture with her tax return.  Successful, but she pays her “fair share” even while giving 10% to charity (I mean…yeah…the Clinton Foundation, where the money will be used to pay political operatives and such, but hey…they filed their Form 1023 and their 990′s and what not.  Of course they’re a real charity.  Sure, they never really seem to help anyone or anything…).  And amazingly, the mainstream media paints exactly this picture and gins up this “demand” for Trump’s return that doesn’t really exist.

Here’s what happens if Trump releases his tax return:

1)  His income is either “way too much” or “uh, he’s not as successful as he claims.”

2) Every charity he gave money to will be investigated and spun if a single one is anything anti-liberal.  If he didn’t give any money to a church, then that will be played up.  Everything will be picked apart.

3) Every business listed will be investigated.  If any scandals came up with any of these businesses, they will be directly blamed on Trump somehow.  Meanwhile, no one bothers to ask why so many business and foreign governments are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to listen to a realllllly boring speech by Hillary.

4) If he didn’t pay much in taxes, then that will be used against him.  Any special deductions or credits will be used against him.

You get the idea.  Why on Earth would Trump give out his tax return?  Look at how they spin innocent jokes?  To hell with that.

Long Live the Constitution!

We get punished, and they walk. How is this fair?

Posted by Troy on 10th August 2016 in Current Events, Human Nature, Political

I’m a tax accountant by trade.  Today, I had a client call me and inquire about one of the many “tax relief” companies that advertise on the radio and TV.  I had to tell him that they were basically peddling false hope.  I really hate those commercials.

I hung up, and started thinking about it.

If I had an honest mistake…a bad one, but honest.  I could be penalized to the point my life is ruined.  If my client messes up and didn’t pay his taxes.  His life can be ruined.  However, the people that make the rules…they can declare meaningless wars, make laws that create economic ruin, sell influence, screw us over time and time again…and odds are, they’ll be fine.  Hell…they’ll probably still win reelection.  So I have just one question…

How is this fair?  How is it fair that our lives are ruined for relatively minor, honest mistakes whereas they are perfectly fine committing horrendous mistakes that ruin so many lives?

How…how is this fair?

Long Live the Constitution.

Media Bias Is Sickening

Posted by Troy on 5th August 2016 in Current Events, Political

I have reached my limit.  While we have all known and accepted media bias, it is on full display in the Trump vs Clinton campaign.

While I will admit that Trump’s “shoot from the hip” style has led to a lot of problems for him, these are not “unforced errors.”  Instead, the media takes something he says and pulls it out to an extreme.  So:

Mexico is sending rapists and drug dealers over the boarder = All Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers.

Trump thinking that the judge is treating him unfairly because of Trump’s stance on the border wall and the judge’s heritage = The judge can’t do his job because of his Mexican heritage.

Trump joking about “maybe Russia can find Hillary’s e-mails” = Trump is asking a foe to commit espionage.

Meanwhile, the media protects Hillary to an extreme.  They write off stories.  Google and Facebook actively remove posts that are anti-Hillary and promote those that are anti-Trump.  The media defends the $400 million ransom.  They defend her use of a private server.  If you think the Russians didn’t discover and hack that server, you’re a moron.  They protect her over and over and over again.

Here’s something to consider for all you Leftists out there:  Who is the big money supporting this year?  Who is Wall Street supporting?  Who are all the people you hate supporting?  Who’s been for every armed conflict in the last 25 years?  Yeah, Hillary.

The media is trying their level best to make people feel ASHAMED to support Trump, and I will have no part of it.  I will be wearing a Trump shirt every weekend until the end of the election.  Don’t let them enslave you with shame.  Grow a backbone and say, “Enough!”

Long Live the Constitution!

Iran Ransom

Posted by Troy on 3rd August 2016 in Current Events, Political

When we were negotiating the Iran Nuclear Deal, Obama delivered 400 million dollars.  His cover story was that the 400 million was money the sheik paid to America in exchange for arms in the 1970s before the Iranian Revolution and Iran taking our embassy hostage.  We feared that the international court would find against us and charge u s ten billion dollars, so we decided to settle for 1.7 billion.  This 400 million was merely the down payment.

First, this was clearly a ransom.  We pay the money right before the prisoners were released?  Even if it wasn’t a ransom, the timing, de facto, made it a ransom in the eyes of Iran.  If it’s viewed as a ransom in the criminal’s eyes, it’s a ransom.  It’s a ransom.  It’s that simple.  So, by paying this amount, we have set a precedence that the US gives money for US hostages.  As such, do not travel abroad.

Second, this is exactly my point about international organizations.  What the hell do we care what an international court says?  “You need to pay a terrorist nation 10 billion dollars.”  The only acceptable answer is: “____ you.  We are NOT paying a country that sponsors terrorism any money, especially considering they took our people hostage.  If you don’t like that, maybe the UN’s army should try to come take it… oh wait… WE ARE the UN army.  Ha.  Go ____ yourself.”

Third, why does no one care?  Trump makes an off-comment about “a gold star mother,” and the news media goes nuts.  Trump’s comments don’t make any difference about anything really important.  Hillary “negotiated” the Iran deal.  In effect, she set a dangerous precedence that puts additional American lives at stake, fast tracks Iran’s nuclear capability, and gives the largest state sponsor of terror huge sums of money.  Hell, even Josh Earnest couldn’t deny that the money might be used to sponsor terror.  Just totally wrote it off, it it didn’t matter.

Long Live the Constitution!