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Hillarious Hillary

Posted by Troy on 28th July 2016 in Current Events, Political

I got several good laughs tonight–in between thoughts of…”How long is this going to go on?  Doesn’t she realize that she gets worse and worse with each passing minute people have to listen to her?  How long is this going to go on… This must be what purgatory is like.”

I had avoided day 2 and 3 and most of day 4 of the Democratic National Convention after the joke of the first day.  It seemed like watching it was a waste of time, but I did turn in for her speech, and I’m glad I did!  It’s the first time I’ve seen such advanced animatronics!  She almost looked human except for the plastic smile and the forced emotional responses and robotic voice.  “I am human, bzzzt.”

It is hilarious that she thinks she can completely disassociate herself with her own policies and the policies of Barrack Obama.  “The world is a total mess…has nothing to do with our decisions or anything.  Just put me in.  I’ll continue Barracks reign, and things will get better.  I promise!”  When she talks about the military, all I can think about is the guys fighting in Benghazi, thinking all the while that help was coming, but no help was coming because sending help would have hurt her and Barrack’s future political elections.

I love the shout outs to the military and cops.  Veterans, of course, the Democrats have said are potential terrorists and have basically ignored veteran issues.  Cops are targeting blacks for execution.  But now that it’s election time, oh the military is a national treasure.  Cops do a dangerous and necessary job.  Such heroes…such heroes…

I like how she is trying to reinvent herself.  “No, really.  I care.  I’m warm and personable.”  No, you are not.  “Some people have a hard time trying to figure me out.”  No, we don’t.  It’s pretty easy.  You are a political windsock that goes wherever the wind is blowing to obtain personal power.  You then sell that power to the highest bidder to enrich yourself and your family.  You have built nothing on your own power.  Like all life-long politicians, you are essentially a con artist.  You con people into giving you power.  You then grift tax dollars and spend it in such a way to perpetuate your power by expanding the dependency class.  You are pretty much a sociopath with no human emotions and you view us as expendable morons.

Now, let me say this: you went overboard on the flags.  Wow, there’s not a single American flag on the stage on day one, and now everyone has a little flag to wave.  It’s laughable!  It’s just overcompensating.  How can you tell?  The chants are still Hil-la-ry, not U-S-A.  Don’t buy it.  And quit the damn crying.  My God!  I didn’t cry that much when my dad died.  It’s pathetic.  She is soooooo boring, so wooden.  She’s a terrible speaker.  Why must she screech so?  My dog heard her speak and busted through the window and ran into the night…I haven’t seen him since.  Trump is going to tear her apart when they share a stage.  I have to listen to this chick try to invoke the Founding Fathers when she’s more about FDR and Saul Alinsky.  She has no love for the Founders.  Period.

People have been saying that Trump only overtook Hillary because he got a “post-convention bump” and that the lead will disappear after Hillary’s post-convention bump.  I look forward to their explanations as to why there is no bump.  I can tell you why she will not get a bump.  People already know who Hillary is.  They have already made up their mind about her.  68% of Americans think that she is dishonest and untrustworthy.  Here’s the neat thing about trust.  Once you know someone, if you decide they are untrustworthy, you will not change your mind and trust them again.  They have earned your distrust.  Trump can earn people’s trust as people have based opinions about him from entertainers and other people mocking him.  The more they see of him, the more they may question these opinions.

Trump is going to win.  The neat thing is that I don’t even have to worry about being incorrect.  If Hillary wins, this country’s going to be in so much trouble, people gloating at me will be the least of concerns.

By the way, yeah, she wants to take away your guns.  “We have to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists…except for the ones that we give arms to.” (Fast and Furious/Libya/Syria)

Gawd, this bitch is so phony.  Just remember.  “Hil-la-ry” not “U-S-A.”

Long Live the Constitution!

Eight Lonely Walmart Flags

Posted by Troy on 27th July 2016 in Current Events, Political

It says all you really need to know about the Democrats, actually.  On day one, there were no American flags on the stage.  After the social media backlash, they ordered their volunteers out past the fences and gates separating the Democrat leaders from their own protesters to get eight lonely American flags from a nearby Walmart.  You have to look hard to spot them, but there they are…in the far corners of the stage, masked in shadows.  You didn’t have to look hard to find a flag at the Republican convention.  Hell, you really had to put effort into NOT looking at a flag.  I made a prediction during the RNC.  I said that there were chants of U S A, and you wouldn’t hear that at the DNC.  What do you hear?  Hil la ry.  That says it all.

Long Live the Constitution!

Bernie Sanders vs Ted Cruz

Posted by Troy on 26th July 2016 in Current Events, Political

Bernie Sanders betrayed his supporters and “philosophies” by supporting Hillary Clinton.  Hillary Clinton is the antitheses of what Bernie professed.  No one exemplifies Wall Street and trade deals like Hillary.  Not to mention the crooked deals, the email scandal, and the rigged primary.  Of course, many people would say that I’m just playing favorites.  They might ask why I came down on Cruz for not endorsing Trump but I am coming down on Bernie for supporting Hillary.  So here’s the difference:

Trump won.

Trump won straight up.  If anything, he was able to win despite the deck being stacked against him, Hollywood being against him, commentators being against him, and Republican leadership against him.  Cruz lost fair and square.  If anything, the aforementioned items gave Cruz a leg up, but he still lost.  Cruz also agreed to support the winner.  I will agree that Trump’s personal attacks may have made it so that Cruz could not support Trump.  However, the honorable thing to do in that case is to just not show up, which is de facto not supporting Trump but would at least give the appearance of not going back on his word.

Bernie lost in a rigged system.  You have the DNC colluding with news media to assist Hillary Clinton.  You have Debbie scheduling debates at times when no one with a life would be home to watch it.  At every turn, Bernie was maligned.  Even when he was still in the running, the DNC was pushing him out.  In all cases, the DNC sought to control the direction of the election and choose their candidate.  He also never agreed to support Hillary.

What people don’t realize is that Bernie is not the leader of Bernie supporters.  Bernie has given them a choice: reject Bernie or become hypocrites.  I think that Bernie supporters realize that.  Bernie has sold his voting block.  We don’t know what the price is, but Bernie supporters aren’t stupid.

I don’t know if Bernie supporters will support Trump, but I think at least some cannot possibly support Hillary.  Doing so makes them hypocrites.  I also would be sickened by the DNC’s treatment of them, invoking Bernie’s name like they were invoking Jesus’s name.  “Bernie says,” and they are but puppets on the string.

That’s the difference.

Long Live the Constitution!

Whinin’ Ted Cruz

Posted by Troy on 22nd July 2016 in Current Events, Political

I voted for Ted Cruz in the primary.  However, Glenn Beck really turned me off from him when he kept referring to Trump supporters as “Brown Shirts.”  If I want to hear Republicans referred to as Nazis, I will listen to someone on the Left, thank you.  In fact, I would say that Trump was my fourth choice in the primary (Rand > Carson > Cruz > Trump > then maybe Rubio if I have enough Scotch…).

I find Ted’s behavior at the convention to be intolerable.  Everyone knows what he intended when he referred to “voting your conscience.”  It was a reference to the movement to unbind the delegates so that people would not have to vote for Trump.

After it blew up in his face, he turned around and said that there was no way that he could support Trump because of the attacks against Ted’s wife and father.

I’ll be frank, if Jeb had mounted similar tactics and attacks in an attempt to steal the nomination away from Cruz, the Glenn Becks of the world would talk about how the establishment is trying to steal the election from them after they won fair and square.  This is clearly a case of sour grapes.

It is also clear that Ted Cruz WANTS Trump to lose against Hillary.  He would prefer it.  It’s a punishment to America for not picking Cruz and after four years of Hillary, he will be able to say two things:  1) that if they had chosen Cruz, he would have beat Hillary (unprovable) and 2) that he is the antithesis of Hillary (which, in fairness, is probably true).

What he neglects to point out that is that we will lose the Supreme Court.  As such, his election in 2020 would be absolutely meaningless.

I think that he has killed any chance he had for a shot at the Presidency.  He may have even destroyed his own Senate seat.  But maybe not.  Maybe he’s popular enough in Texas where he will be forgiven, but it is going to be difficult for anyone to trust him after his behavior.

He made a pledge to support the eventual nominee.  Apparently, like everyone else, they just wanted that pledge to prevent Trump from running third party.  Since Trump won, that agreement has been voided.  Interesting.  I understand the hurt feelings regarding the comments about his wife and father.  However, if Cruz felt he could not support Trump, the honorable thing would either to 1) use his speech to completely bash Hillary and end with “We must not allow her to become President!”  (This would have been effective), or 2) just not go.

This episode only cheapens Cruz, does nothing to defeat Hillary, and leaves Trump largely unaffected.

Long Live the Constitution!

Republican Convention and Speaker Darrell Scott

Posted by Troy on 20th July 2016 in Current Events, Political

Don’t get me wrong.  Eric Trump did great.  It’s always nice to hear a son talk about his dad, and you could see the pride in Donald’s eyes watching his son.  Really touching moment.  However, the highlight for the night to me was Darrell Scott.  Oh my God, I feel sorry for the old white guy that had to follow that act.  That guy brought such excitement to the room with a great message and a resounding support for Donald Trump.  I really feel like he should have been the last speaker, with all do respect to the Vice Presidential nominee.  Trump needs to pay Darrell Scott to campaign for him across this country.  He’s worth whatever price he would charge to do so.  Hallelujah!

Another thing that occurs to me…Trump is the head of a huge organization with many, many employees.  Where are the droves of past employees trashing the guy?  Doesn’t that speak volumes about the man?  Meanwhile, droves of past Secret Service agents will tell you how god-awful Hillary is, and these were people that were supposed to take a bullet for her.  I mean…if you’re not nice to the guy that’s supposed to take a bullet for you, who the hell are you nice to?

Long Live the Constitution!

Melania Trump Plagiarized Speech

Posted by Troy on 19th July 2016 in Current Events, Political

Democrats: “Our candidate is incompetent, extremely careless, clueless about technology, definitely deleted things she shouldn’t have, and put our national security at risk.  No problem here… but it is OUTRAGEOUS that Melania Trump plagiarized a section of her speech.”

Seriously, that’s how insane Democrats have to be.  When I first heard that Melania plagiarized part of her speech, it was a bit of a downer, but they kept hammering it and I eventually said:  “Who the hell cares?!”  Seriously, she is the wife of a Presidential candidate.  That’s all.  Her official duties are…wait…she doesn’t HAVE official duties.  So what do we care?

Another thing…did you look at the stuff she plagiarized?  The entire thing were clips from Hallmark cards.  I say that, but Hallmark cards have more originality.  “Treat people with respect.”  Shit, never heard that one before!  “Your word is your bond.”  Nope, that was totally new.  “Believe in the power of your dreams.”  Oh God!  If they only printed posters with stuff like that…maybe I could make it through just one more day.

You shouldn’t commit plagiarism.  However, let’s be honest.  Do you really think Melania wrote that speech?  She probably sat down, jotted some notes about her life, and turned it over to a speech writer.  If you think she plagiarized it, you would have to think that she listened to Michelle’s speech, and copied it down thinking that NO ONE would ever notice.  That being said, how do you think that she was going to catch this anyway?  Do you think she was going to pour over a collection of speeches from the last 50 years to see if anyone had said something like that before?  This is why they hire a speech writer.

This is a non-event, and the fact that Democrats are harping on it just shows how pathetic a candidate Hillary is.  “I’m with her!  Girl power!  Unless the girl is a Republican.  In which case, we well do everything to tear that girl down because we’re not about girl power.  We’re about using girls FOR power.”  Yep, sounds about right.

Everyone wants to paint this educated polyglot as an empty-headed bimbo.  Why?  Because she’s beautiful and married to a Republican.  That should tell you a lot about modern-day feminism.

Long Live The Constitution!

Nice Terrorist Attack

Posted by Troy on 14th July 2016 in Current Events

That’s Nice, France (pronounced Niece – seriously, I’m not a bloody troll).

I just have to ask: How much more will Europe take?

The Washington Post recently reported the upward estimate of women molested during New Year’s Eve last year to over 2,000 German women.  Then there was the Paris attack.  In both cases, the ruling class has said that they will not allow these dastardly attacks to stop them from brining in Syrian refugees.

I have to ask, what would it take?  Clearly, the leadership in these countries must be fans of the European Union.  As such, they love the idea of different cultures running roughshod over all of Europe, erasing national identity.  This is the reason why Britain left.

Of course, if you were a complete cynic, you would say that the reason why European leaders (and ours) love the refugees is that it is an influx of dependent voters, which is a great base for Leftists (Globalists are always Leftists).  Also, it is an excuse to spy on their own people and confiscate their own people’s guns.  Isn’t that a wonderful system?  Inject a portion of society that your own people do not want and use that influx as an excuse to take way the people’s freedoms?  Isn’t it also great that these poor refugees are never going to live in the neighborhoods of the leaders?  And even if they do, the leaders will be protected by guns which are denied to their own citizens.

If you don’t think this is the case, remember San Bernardino.  Two Muslim extremists got guns and kill Americans.  The Left’s reply?  Well, let us not stop being humanitarian.  We have to keep brining in Syrian refugees.  What we really need to do is get rid of guns so that these newcomers can’t get guns.  And don’t worry…we’ll just spy on everyone using the NSA to make sure you’re safe.  But if the NSA uncovers any illegal immigrants, we won’t punish them in any way because that would be wrong.  Do you notice the pattern yet?  Are you paying attention at all?

Long Live the Constitution!

Bernie Disappoints Me

Posted by Troy on 12th July 2016 in Current Events, Political

And let it be said of all false prophets.  He is a sellout as they all are.  I lost all respect for him.  Hillary Clinton is the poster child of government corruption and theft.  She is the poster child of selling influence, of being above the law, of bad trade deals and all the other things he claimed to be against.  But in the end, he tucked his tail between his legs and endorsed her.  In fairness, he may find Trump is worse, but there is a difference in endorsing someone and fighting someone.  If he wanted to take the position “We cannot allow Trump to become President,” then by all means, I could still have respect for him, but instead, he decided to laude praise on Clinton.  This is clearly him selling out.  We will never know what his price was, but he will be rewarded for “handing over” his followers.

I think that the Democrats have miscalculated, however.  These were not people that followed Bernie because they loved Bernie.  No, these were people who followed Bernie because he was speaking the things that they believed.  They loved how he took it to Clinton.  I should imagine that there will be a very sizable portion of his followers that will simply lose faith in Bernie and not blithely follow what he says.  I think Bernie is the Liberal equivalent of Glenn Beck.  He thinks he can dictate how people vote, and I think he is going to find out that people actually DO think for themselves sometimes.

Long Live the Constitution!

Cops Shot in Dallas

Posted by Troy on 7th July 2016 in Current Events

So, two black men were shot by police in other cities.  These shootings are currently under investigation by police.  The obvious response is for someone to shoot two cops who had nothing to do with the situation.

There are going to be two groups of people.  There is going to be a certain part of the population which will say that this proves that we need to do something to end the systematic racism and murder of blacks by police officers.  And the others that view these incidents as unfortunate rarities.  What this is to say is that there are people that believe that this is the reality of the world, and there are others that do not believe this reality.

I am not going to debate this reality question.  I think that people have pretty much made up their minds on the matter one way or another, and I don’t want to waste my time either way.

What I want to say is: arm yourselves.  Either one of two things will happen.  Either the first group of people will win and cops will stop doing their jobs (as they have done in Baltimore and other big cities which have since seen murder rates skyrocket) or this group will become more militant, and we will begin to see more situations like Dallas.

Of course, the major concern on my mind, and one that I will be watching in the coming months, is if our Dictator in Chief will declare martial law.  Remember, he ran in 2004 saying that we needed a domestic peacekeeping force as large and equally funded as the US Military.  As I’ve always said…who is such a force going to fight?  Last time I checked…Americans are the only people here…well…also illegals, but Obama would NEVER send police forces after them.

Long Live the Constitution!

Congress Grilling FBI Director Comey

Posted by Troy on 7th July 2016 in Current Events, Political

Originally, I thought that this would be a total waste of time.  However, after seeing some of the highlights: WOW.  They did as good a job of making Director Comey look as inept as Director Comey accused Hillary of being, and that is saying a lot.  I am of the impression that the NSA must know about Director Comey’s affair or him looking up dog on clown porn or some other such thing.  That’s really the only rational reason why he wouldn’t press charges.  I think the most damning line of questioning came from Jim Gordon.  He went point by point about how her actions and lies pretty much suggests that she did everything so that no one would ever have access to things she didn’t want them having access to.  I also like when someone asked if the FBI director would ever give someone with these actions security clearance.  It is SAD that he couldn’t say, “No.  I would never give someone like this security clearance after they showed such reckless incompetence or disregard to safeguarding classified materials.”  That’s how you know he’s being held hostage.  If he really thought that the issue was she was simply incompetent, he would have been free to say such a thing because there is NO WAY anyone in charge of serious security clearance would EVER give ANY clearance to someone that showed THIS level of judgement.

Long Live the Constitution!