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A-Team and Drug Use

Posted by Troy on 22nd July 2015 in Entertainment

I always liked this song, but I always thought it was about a past love running away for a richer man.  Then I watch the video and whoa, the lyrics take on a whole new meaning.  So the song is about a girl that’s addicted to crack.  I watched the video, and I thought, “What would I do if I saw such a person?”  Then I thanked God that I don’t live in a big city where these poor souls can be seen as a matter of course.

I am a Libertarian, and I am generally pro-legalization of non-violent crimes such as prostitution and drugs, but it’s images like this that do make me understand why people would want to make such things illegal.

Drugs are bad.  Counter-culture be damned.  Drugs are, indeed, bad.  To be clear, I am speaking of recreational drugs.  They offer no benefits.  They wreck your health.  They steal your money.  At what point, if any, does the addict look at what they are holding in their hand and understand that the drug is the one calling the shots.  Why would anyone choose to trade their freedom for this?  The high isn’t a true happiness.  It’s not true peace.  It’s a temporary fix.  It’s a patch on your problems.  It’s a momentary diversion.  There is nothing real or true or lasting to it.  So why do people keep throwing their lives away, their true happiness, to this false master?

I understand that not all drugs are addictive, but those drugs offer no true, life-enriching benefits either.  The only thing that really does that is living your life, and living it well.  It’s about making the right choices, even when they are hard.  It’s about learning to take the pleasure from the scent of a rose as you walk by and smile.

I cannot understand why anyone would start doing drugs.  Do they think that it will end differently?  Do they think they are strong enough to control it?  Take meth.  Meth destroys the brain’s ability to make dopamine–the chemical that makes you happy.  Have you seen pictures of people who have been hooked on meth?  It’s like someone sucked the light out of their eyes.  That light, was the joy of life.  Their dopamine levels have been cut down to a trickle.  They traded those momentary hits of happiness for a soulless existence, and that’s even assuming that they finally manage to break free and don’t simply die one day.

As Milton said, “The mind can make a Hell of a Heaven or a Heaven of a Hell.”  Mother Theresa said “Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty,” and “We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless.  The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty.  We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.”

I believe that people choose to use drugs not out of fiscal poverty.  I believe it’s out of sheer desperation to fill a void in their lives which should be filled by love.  That love can be of God or of family or community or most anything.  People lived in caves, and they were happy.  Hollywood types fill their lives with fine things and big houses and fake friends and fancy vacations and have to latch on to drugs to find some brief feeling of happiness.  It can happen to anyone.

The Hmong  are a poor people.  They grew poppies to make heroin.  Very few ever used it themselves.  Why?  Because they loved their family, and being a drug addict brought dishonor to their family.

The answer isn’t laws and jail.  It’s not even education.  The answer is love, you damn fools.  Children grow up abandoned, and we wonder why they choose drugs and the dangerous life.  Children are ignored as their parents drink or do drugs themselves or spend their energies elsewhere, and we wonder why children turn to drugs?

I have sympathy for those who take a drug and get hooked.  Once it has it’s hooks in you, it’s hard to let go.  When a person that has an accident gets addicted to pain pills, it is unfortunate.  However, those who choose to use recreational drugs are not of that class.  They are chasing something else.  Their new friends are druggies, and they want friends, so…  They are so ____ing sad, so…  They are scared and alone, so…  They never choose to use drugs just for the sake of doing drugs, it is contingent to another goal, trying to fill that void.

I guess I’m just rambling…  Don’t do drugs, kids.

Long Live the Constitution!

Iran Deal

Posted by Troy on 21st July 2015 in Current Events, Political

Are we crazy?

I think we are crazy.  Our Founding Fathers told us not to get involved with other countries’ problems.  This changed with Woodrow Wilson, and was succeeded by Theodore Roosevelt.  What followed what a series of escalating foreign involvement that we never should have gotten involved in. War World II was the last war we really had any business fighting.  Political involvement has lead to the Korean War, the Vietnam War, our meddling in Iran in 1953, our setting up Sadam in Iraq, our toppling Sadam in Iraq, the evolution of ISIS, the toppling of various dictators and supplanting of Muslim extremists in several countries, and etc etc etc.  Query: when has our meddling ever ended in OUR favor?

For the record, I am against the UN.  What sense does it make to be a part of a group that allows enemy countries to have a say?  Then for us to fund said group?  And to give up control of our military to said group?  And to defer the Constitution to the will of said group?  I would vote for ANYONE that said “**** the UN.  We quit.”

I believe we have been sold this deal because Russia and China have said, “Sign up, or else.”  China’s economy is is the toilet right now.  Cheap oil might bring them around.  Russia’s economy is in the toilet right now; they want to sell arms to the Iranians.  Britain and France also would benefit from cheaper oil.  In all cases, none of of these countries are dealing with a country that espouses “Death to” their country.

Iran is like Russia or China.  They will break any deal.  They will agree to whatever terms that benefits them, and then they will ignore the treaty as soon as it suits them.  We gain NOTHING in this deal.  There is no benefit for America.  There is benefit to Iran and to other countries that want more oil.  That’s it.  And that’s all well and good, if we felt like Iran can be trusted, but right now, Iran is saying that they are not going to honor the treaty with America.  Bleep, so why sign?  Are we crazy?  We must be.

The funnest part is that after 15 years, Iran has the green light, under this treaty, to make nuclear weapons.  However, Iran has told us that “We’re not gonna do that.”  Oh, well, at least we have that.  It’s not even in writing or anything, but their assurance means the world to us.

This thing is going to end badly.  Look for Iran to have nuclear weapons in 15 years (maybe sooner since I’m sure that they will not abide by the treaty anyway).  The Saudis will also have nukes.  They will have to.  It’s just like India and Pakistan.  When you’re mortal enemy has nukes, you gotta have nukes too.  Heaven forbid that ISIS manages to take over these places.  Iran is also a large sponsor of terror.  Letting them make nuclear material just begs for dirty bombs too.

I don’t know what the answer is.  We messed up as soon as we decided to the policemen of the world.  It’s too vast a job.  All we’ve done is expended resources needlessly and generate hate for our own country.  We should have just minded our own business and maintained our strength and said, “If you wanna blow yourselves up, fine, but don’t come over here.  We will kick your @$$.”

That’s why I’m voting for Rand Paul in the primary.  Isolationism rules.

Long Live the Constitution!

Chattanooga Shooter

Posted by Troy on 18th July 2015 in Current Events

I lost a bet.  Before I read Obama’s comments on the shooter, I made a bet that he would say one of three things:

1)  Let’s not jump to conclusions…

2)  This is someone that has perverted Islam, and this event should not be associated with Islam, which is a religion of peace, or

3)  This wouldn’t have happened if guns were not so readily accessible.

Instead, he said that we don’t know what motivated him.

What motivated him?  Dude!  The guy’s name is “Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez.”  He may or may not be associated with some group or another, but at the end of the day, he was inspired by the Koran or the Quran or however you wanna spell it.

Is that where we are, now?  We are unable to say the obvious?  A cop shoots a black guy, and all cops are racist pigs.  If an illegal alien kills an American citizen, we must not speak of it or we are racist.  If a Muslim kills four people, we have to pretend as though his religion has NOTHING to do with it.

Yes, I know that Christianity had its dark days.  However, there is something different here.  There is literally no way you can take Jesus’s message and justify what the church did in his name.  Have you ever read the Koran?  Mohammad says you must kill people ALL the time!  Not just a couple of random passages.  At least 10% of the book is about killing others (mostly Jews).  And I feel I am being very generous there.

Most Muslims are like most Christians.  They want to go to work, feed their families, and have a happy life.  However, if you read the Koran and wanted to live your life according to its teachings, you are not betraying its teachings when you kill.  The same cannot be said of the Christian Bible.  That is the difference.

It may be politically incorrect, but that’s just the way it is.

Long Live the Constitution!

#noflagginchallenge – Crimes Against Confederacy

Posted by Troy on 13th July 2015 in Current Events

There is a new “challenge” going around to steal confederate flags from homes where it is flown.

After 9/11/01, I put an American flag on my porch.  I didn’t have a proper flagpole and strapped it to the railing with nylon cord.  I came home from work, and it was missing.  I thought I tied it poorly.  I searched for it and could not find it.  I went up and inspected the rope.  It was burnt through.  Someone stole my flag.  I put out another using wire cable. It took them a few days, but they got bolt cutters and stole that one too.  I was making $6.50 an hour and realized that I couldn’t afford the amount of flags they could steal.

Here is why people should not steal Confederate flags:

1 – You might get shot.  Just keep that in mind.

2 – It’s a crime.  Of course, I defended Michelle Manhart for stealing a flag that someone was stomping on.  Basically, I commended her choice to be arrested for what she believed in.  If you fall into this group, feel free.  If you’re going to whine about being arrested, I don’t want to hear it.

3 – The main reason is this.  There’s two options: they are into Southern Pride and were not racist or they are racist.  In either case, do you really think STEALING from them is going to change their minds?

You would be much better served to knock on their door, introduce yourself, and explain that the flag bothers you.

You might say that they will not care and will ignore your wishes.  But if 100 people come by, one at a time, and respectfully and calmly explain their position, it might change their minds.

However, stealing their flags will either make them believe negative things about blacks or reaffirm them.  If they were racist to begin with, it might even set off retaliation.

You think you are striking a blow for justice, but really, you are reinforcing negative stereotypes and injuring race relations.  Keep that in mind.  Martin Luther King, Jr. would not approve.

Long Live the Constitution!

Why I Do Not Celebrate Caitlyn Jenner

Posted by Troy on 1st July 2015 in Current Events

We have been hit over the head about how Bruce Jenner should be celebrated for his bravery in becoming a woman.  People that say this are wrong and do not really mean it.

A friend comes to you and says, “Man, I really feel…like, deep down…like…I should have been born a blind man.  So tonight, I’m going to cut out my own eyes.”  Wouldn’t you try to stop him?  Wouldn’t you notify his family or the authorities?

A friend comes to you and says, “You know, I really think I should have been white.  So, tonight, I am going to undergo radical skin surgery so that I can look white.”  Wouldn’t you be horrified?  Wouldn’t you try to talk him out of it?  If you’re a liberal, wouldn’t you try to tell him that he should be proud of his race and condemn this racist society for making him feel guilty about not being white?

A friend comes to you and say, “You know, I really can’t bear the shame of being white.  My people have destroyed the world and oppressed all the other races.  I am going to have my entire body tattooed so that I can be black.”  Even if you are a liberal, wouldn’t you tell him something like, “Oh, I understand, and you are right to feel that way, but you shouldn’t do something like that.  It’s like blackface!  You should give the money that you would have spent on the tattooing to the NAACP instead!”

The thing is, that in all these cases, people are talking about doing harmful things to their body IN REJECTION to how they were made.  In all these cases, the moral thing would be to tell the person that they should not go through with their plans.

Even on the liberal side of things, you’re supposed to preach, “You’re perfect the way you are…”  awwwww!  :)

So why is it different?  Just because it’s about sex/gender?  Truth: Bruce can no more be a woman than I can be a house cat, and I realllllly wanna be a house cat.  14 hours of sleep a day sounds pretty awesome.  Wanting something doesn’t make it so.  Me sitting around licking myself should have about as much legitimacy as Bruce mutilating his own body.

It’s needless!  Gender isn’t supposed to be the same thing as sex.  That’s what liberals had been force-feeding us this for years.  You can have a penis and still wear makeup and dresses and high heels or whatever you like.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am a Libertarian.  It’s his body, and he can do whatever he wants.  But I will not celebrate someone needlessly mutilating their body.  And, in truth, unless you’d celebrate the decisions of the above examples, neither do you.  People are not celebrating Caitlyn Jenner.  They are celebrating their own “tolerance.”  That’s all.

Long Live the Constitution!