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The Ferguson Tragedy

Posted by Troy on 25th November 2014 in Current Events

Oh, the tragedy.

There could be no real surprise.  They knew at 1:00 PM what the verdict was and they waited until 9:45 PM to announce it.  I already knew what it was.  The weaselly politicians would have run out the door screaming “He’s been indicted!  He’s been indicted!” if he had been.  It would have been like the end of It’s a Wonderful Life.  I would have announced it and then dealt with it in the light of day.  It’s easier to hit a target in the daylight.  Also, I would fear for the safety of people while they slept.  At least give them the opportunity to defend themselves.

What amazes me is how people completely ignore any personal choices by Michael Brown.  If you listen to his supporters, Brown was guilty of WWBB (Walking While Being Black).  They ignore the thuggery.  That’s just boys will be boys fun.  They ignore punching the cop.  This was a big guy.  Eighteen or not, I would have hated to been hit by him.

And so the race baiters and the riot waiters and the looters all called for Wilson’s head.  Do you think if Wilson was charged with anything else or was found innocent or didn’t get the death penalty that the end result would have been any different?  The orders were thus: “Charge, convict, and execute Officer Wilson, or we will riot.”  Thank God the citizens of Ferguson held true and voted with honesty of fairness.  How could there be any justice if they had voted to indict merely out of fear of a riot?  Far better that the city burn to the ground than to do that.

Do they not realize that such a demand is no different than how whites treated blacks back in the 1800s and early 1900s?  When an allegation of raping a white girl would cause a lynch mob to demand the death without due process?  It is the same.  It is mob rule.  It is the rule of emotion and not of reason.

And how sad is that that the bar has been set so low?  Was anyone shocked at all?  Did anyone expect them NOT to riot?  Not to turn to crime and destruction?  We write it off as “Oh, they are poor.  They have no other way to be heard.”  Hell no!  In this day and age?  With the internet?  With smart phones and Twitter and Facebook and the Blogesphere?  With all of this at their disposal, the only way they can be heard is through lawlessness?  I refuse to set that bar so low.  There are poor people that support Officer Wilson.  Would people have been shocked if THEY rioted if he was indicted?  I bet it would have shocked people.  We allow people to act like animals, nothing better than animals.  And why?  Because we are afraid to call them out on it for fear of being called racist.  That is bull.  How is expecting such behavior from blacks NOT the racist thought?  I expect better.  I demand better.  Human dignity demands it.  Self-respect demands it.  Respect for their community demands it.  When people act like animals, how can your respect them?

So what do the good people of Ferguson do?  How do they react to “injustice?”  They torch buildings of the innocent.  They torch their own town.  The loot and rob and plunder.  They fire guns at people that had nothing to do with any of it.  I’m sure that makes them look better in the eyes of public opinion.  All they accomplish is to run more and more businesses out of town.  They destroy their own employers and supplies.  They destroy their own communities.  As the communities die, the opportunities for their offspring die.  And what is left?  At best, an existence of sucking on the government teat and at worst, crime and an early death such as Michael Brown.

That’s the real tragedy.

Brown got what he had coming.  He might have turned his life around.  He might have become an upstanding citizen or a father or a scientist.  Or he might have become just any other thug.  Boys will be boys be damned.  The downside of acting like a thug is that someone may end up killing you.  Most anyone would have made the same decision as Officer Wilson.  After taking a punch from this guy, seeing him turn around and advance upon you, you would do what is instinctively right.  You would defend yourself.  You wouldn’t even notice the color his skin.  The outcome would have been exactly the same if Michael Brown was white.

Now we get to listen to the President talk about how he is disappointed in the citizens of Ferguson, acting as though they are sulking children and not rioting criminals.  We will get to listen to excuses.  We will hear that it was an injustice that Officer Wilson wasn’t indicted.  Query: what kind of justice is it when the decision is forgone?  At least Officer Wilson testified for hours.  If he worked for Obama, he would have just pled the Fifth.

Long Live the Constitution!

Newsroom: Why America Isn’t the Greatest Country in the World

Posted by Troy on 8th November 2014 in Current Events, Entertainment

There is a clip from the Newsroom going around.  People are posting it as though it is some sort of deep commentary on America.  It is not.

First of all, the writer gives himself a leg up.  The Pro-America crowd limit themselves to under five words.  The Anti-America guy launches in a long winded, self-important tirade.  Of this, you are supposed to come away saying…gee…maybe America isn’t the greatest country in the world.  Also, the dude is a dick for the direct and derogatory speech to the asker of the question who has done nothing wrong and is (presumably) not on his level.

There are a few ways for me to rebut this.  I suppose the easiest is semantics.  The question was “Why is America the greatest country?”  Well, shoot, that basically goes under the assumption that we are the greatest country.  It was not, “What is the greatest country and why?”  To answer the question, one would pick those reasons which would be argued.  As such, the gentlemanly thing to do is to choose those aspects which you think does make America the greatest.

The second rebuttal is basically an extension of the first.  Why any country is the greatest is little more than a matter of opinion and cannot be proven.  This is because there is no reference point.  As the man points out…what parameters are you going on?  But this is not the argument he makes.  Instead, he hints at this and then goes on to say that America is not the greatest country.  It lacks conviction.

The third rebuttal is the proper take-down.  ”We have the most powerful military and the most powerful economy.”  Those are the two factors that determine the strength and greatness of any country.  You can have a 100% literacy rate and 0% poverty rate.  It does little good if the barbarians come running through and slaughter every man, woman, and child.

The final rebuttal is purely opinion.  I can talk of history.  I can talk of self-rule.  I can talk about a handful of colonies standing up to the greatest power in the world.  I can talk about the first Constitution.  I can talk about limited government, separation of powers, and the ideals of the founding.  I can talk about idealism and optimism.  I can talk about the total lack of fear when it comes to authority.  I can talk about imagination and drive.  I can talk about spirit and so many other things.  Unfortunately, I agree with the caustic jerk…we are on the decline with this generation.  However, we are on a decline due to professors and people just like this jerk.  Our children have long been at the mercy of teachers and media and movies that do their level best to promote socialism, demonize capitalism, ridicule patriotism, demean traditions and family values and religion, demonize our past completely, play off the Constitution as irrelevant, and promote the social state which has led to a generation of morons whose sole ability to support themselves is to vote Democrat.  However, with all this, I still say we are the greatest country in the world.  Why?

We cause we never give up.

Long Live the Constitution!

The Liberal Spin

Posted by Troy on 7th November 2014 in Uncategorized

What amazes me is how instantly the Left began to spin their losses.

The Daily Show chalked up the election results as money winning over ideas.  Wow, where was he with this talk when Obama outspent McCain 5 to 1.  Of course, that’s different because Obama had all the ideas.  right?  It’s not like Obama had advocated candidates using public funding only…until it benefited him.  Awesome.

The other spin?  The same one that Obama had.  ”All the good people stayed home.  Only idiots vote in the midterm elections.”  That’s an interesting proposition.  Not voting in midterm elections shows either total sorriness or a lack of knowledge on how our political process works.

Bill Maher claimed it was nothing but racism.  That’s so stupid that it’s not worth talking about.

Back to the Daily Show.  ”Why did Democrats lose?”  Obviously because people were pissed that the Democrats didn’t do a good enough job pushing their agenda.  Yes.  That makes sense.  People wanted the Left’s policy so bad.  They didn’t get it.  So what did they do?  They voted in people that would never pass the Left’s agenda because…um…because they want the Left’s…agenda… yeah.  Makes a lot of sense.

Fortunately for the Left, Obama believes himself to be a dictator.  He will do has he damn well pleases outside of Constitutional constraints.  He knows that he is safe from impeachment.  Any attempt to get rid of this president will be presented by the media and Hollywood as racist.  I personally believe that Obama wants to be impeached at this point.  His only relevance for history at the moment is that he is the first president of African descent.  Past that, he has accomplished nothing worthwhile.  The only way he will have any lasting significance is if he was impeached (either successfully or unsuccessfully).  As such, he will take illegal action to give illegal aliens status.  If the Republicans fight him, the Leftist media will paint them as racist.  If they don’t fight him, the Democrats secure their political futures on the backs of newly legalized voters.

Long Live the Constitution!