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White Privilege & Ferguson

Posted by Troy on 26th August 2014 in Current Events

Bill O’Reilly and Megan Kelly debated the existence of “white privilege.”  Bill said that the plights of the black community are caused by culture.  Megan said that the numbers suggest that white privilege is a thing.  Of course, numbers never lie except for the fact that they are frequently misinterpreted.  Megan looked at only one single variable: race.  If you do not control for other variables, then statistics are utterly meaningless.

Here are some additional variables, Megan:

1 – Are they from a single parent household?  Follow-up, if so, were the parents ever married?  Is the father still around?  Are the multiple children from multiple, unmarried, absent fathers?

2 – Do they partake of music and other entertainment that glorifies drug use and criminal activity?  Does their entertainment objectify women?  Do even the female entertainers objectify women, thus increasing the odds and probability of number 1?

3 – How many books do these kids read in a year?

4 – How long do they study?

5 – How much emphasis and involvement do the parent(s) have in the child’s education?

Other questions could be asked, but you get the drift.  Show me statistics with all other variables minimized or eliminated, and then we can talk statistics.

But let’s just assume that white privilege is actually real (God knows, every time I go into the bank to cash a check, they try to give me free money…crazy, right?).  The interesting thing about that white privilege is the only way to fight it is to pretend it doesn’t exist.  It is to tell your kids that they can succeed and push them to work twice as hard as anyone else and to do so happily.

Megan Kelly talks about white flight.  The blacks move in, so the whites move out.  Everyone forgets the community, and poverty (etc) happens.  When I moved into my neighborhood, I had white neighbors.  They sold their houses to black families.  I didn’t move.  Why?  Because they are good people.  One of them walked across the street and asked if he could pick my loquats.  I told him to take as many as he pleased as I had too many for five people to eat.  Had he not asked and said “He has more than he needs,” I would have shooed him off my property.  So why do these whites move out?  Probably become the crime rate goes up.  Believe it or not, whites don’t start feeling scared just because there are…black people around.  Actually, whites (like every other group of people) start feeling scared when they start hearing sirens all day and gun shots and the 6:00 news.  That’s when they move out.

The other issue that the white privilege crowd does not want to admit is that Asians earn more and have better success than whites.  If we made a system rigged for the success of whites, we royally messed up.  How did Asians do it?  By promoting a culture that values education (and by conjunction, hard work).  Al Sharpton claimed that we have money to militarize the cops, but no money for the schools.  You can spend all the money you want to in the schools.  You can hire one teacher per student.  If the student does not value education and does not put for the effort, they will fail.  Naturally, one would assume a personal tutor would increase the likelihood that the student will try, but it is the student’s efforts, not the teacher’s efforts, that creates a scholar.  If you have a class of 100 dedicated students and one teacher, those students will succeed.  If you have a class of 10 students that just want to cut up in class and don’t study when they get home and don’t care, there is nothing the teacher can do.

White privilege does not exist.  Where the blacks of the 1960s succeeded was they didn’t make their fight about themselves.  It was always about the future generation.  It was about their children.  White privilege is an argument about themselves.  It is an argument about NOW.  They want the world to be fair for THEM.  Only a dedicated approach to improve your children’s lives can build a better future for them and for the race as a whole.  Say what you will, but the birth statistics regarding absent fathers shows that this care for the future is lacking.  That is the real problem.

We’ve come a long way since Martin Luther King Jr. was killed.  Now we have thugs get killed, and the media tries to make them out as martyrs.  Trayvon Martin may have been a sweet little kid once (hell, Hitler was probably a sweet little kid…all little kids are sweet!), but he changed.  People do not pin and beat down someone in self-defense.  Michael Brown robbed a store, threatened violence to the clerk, and then exploded a cop’s orbital socket.  You can say “unarmed teen” all you want.  When someone is 6’4″ and weighs 300 pounds (not fat), God has armed that person.  Have an NFL linebacker punch you in the face and see if it changes your mind.  Bruce Lee was 135 pounds.  If he attacked you, unarmed, he would destroy you.  The lack of a object as a weapon does not equate to defenselessness.

I believe in a world where you can’t stop someone from succeeding if they put their mind to it, regardless of their race.

Long Live the Constitution!

Feminism & Beyonce

Posted by Troy on 25th August 2014 in Current Events, Entertainment

Everyone is talking about Beyonce and the VMAs.  Naturally, she is an entertainer.  Reading too much into her is silly.  However, Beyonce wanted to make sure that everyone KNOWS she is a feminist…while she undulates like a stripper for the entertainment of everyone.  Of course, strippers do it in clubs where little kids can’t see.  Wait, are strippers morally superior to Beyonce?  Maybe.

I guess the real question is: “What is a feminist?”  I think that this question has gotten muddied.  I suppose that the current definition is someone that 1) is pro-choice (most important, any other belief pattern automatically makes you  a misogynist), 2) votes Democrat exclusively, and 3) believes in forcing legislation to get what they want.

Once upon a time, “feminist” used to mean something.  Women weren’t ALLOWED to do anything.  They received little respect.  Their mental faculties were questioned.  I would argue that a true feminist is one that wishes to change society’s perception into believing that women are just as capable as men.

What has feminism come to today?  A slathering voting block that equates women’s rights to abortion and free birth control.  We consider empowerment to be strutting on-stage wearing next to nothing.  Once upon a time, we’d call that a sex-slave, using their body to entertain men (I’m assuming that more men enjoy seeing Beyonce half-naked).  Freedom comes down to choices.  Being able to make your own choices.  That, indeed, includes what you wear and how you present yourself.  But why on earth would you wish to be seen as a slut?  And then get offended that people think you are a slut?  If you dress like a thug, people will think you are a thug.  If you dress like a slut, people will think you are a slut.  If I don a white hood, you’ll think I’m a member of the KKK.  If I wear a white coat and a stethoscope, you will think I’m a doctor.

The sad thing is that so many young women have swallowed this hook, line, and sinker.  Someone once said, “More men would act like gentlemen if more women acted liked ladies.”  Of course, that is third party thinking that I don’t approve of (that your actions are a direct result of someone else).  However, men would respect you (and other women for that matter), if you act respectfully and DEMAND to be respected.  Not demand by ranting and raving.  Demanding is done by only giving your notice, your very attention, to someone.  If someone doesn’t give you respect, they should be beneath your notice.  And that goes for men too.  I long for a day when people act respectfully.  When people stop going to Wal-mart in pajamas.  When they speak correctly.  When they don’t hoot and holler like screeching howler monkeys.  I hate concerts and sports events because of this.  I look around and think to myself: “You are adults.  Act with some dignity!”

If you wish to take issue with what I say, I leave you with this: Beyonce has degraded herself.  She must have little belief in her abilities as a singer.  Here’s a question…do you think Adel would ever perform as Beyonce does?  Adel doesn’t have to.  She can sell out tickets based on her music and talent alone.  There are plenty of attractive singers out there that do not act like this.  How long would Beyonce’s career last if she just got up there and sang like a country singer?  She’s a good singer, but her career would fold if she did.  It is a sad commentary on pop culture.

Long Live the Constitution!

Russia to ban imports of foodstuff

Posted by Troy on 8th August 2014 in Current Events

That’s their big ace in the hole then?  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  I’m from Georgia.  I know that cuts on imports will hurt our economy (in the short term).  But here is how this plays out:

In the short-term, the Russians have less food and have to pay more for it.  Americans have more food and have to pay less for it.

Since there is now a food shortage in Russia, other producers of food will start to ship more food there to make higher profits.

Shipping food to Russia means they are not shipping food to other places.  These other places will need food.  Guess where they are going to go?  America.  Why?  Because they have a surplus and the food will be cheaper.

Way to go Russia in proving, yet again, that you’re still basically a third rate power in this world.  If that is your big, economic ace, you suck.  The only product you have of any worth is oil.  You have nothing to fall back on.  This is the case of a bluffer playing a game.  It’s just that all the world powers are too chickenshit to call him on it, so he will probably win.  Oh well.  Sorry Ukraine.

Long Live the Constitution!

In defense of Israel

Posted by Troy on 5th August 2014 in Current Events, Political

Israel is being condemned for killing little kids and what not.  Here’s a question:

If Mexico was firing 130 rockets at Dallas every day, how long do you think it would take before we told our government to do something about it?  Not only that, but we are the kings of disproportionate responses.  We’d blow them to hell and back.  Of course, we would try to hit military targets, but innocents always die.

“That’s different!  The Palestinians have been oppressed!”

Yeah, well, what if it was an Indian tribe  then?  Even if we were shooting down 100% of the rockets, you would NOT tolerate that crap, nor should you.

Furthermore, I don’t care if you are oppressed.  Blacks were oppressed in this country.  Did they start firing rockets?  Nope.  And good thing too, or the Civil Rights Movement would have ended very differently (in fact, it would have ended kinda like what you are seeing in Gaza).

Finally, you know what?  Hamas WANTS dead kids.  You know how I know?  They are using schools and hospitals and residential areas from which to launch attacks.  If you cared about your children, you would not do that.  Know why?  Because it puts them in harm’s way.  But they don’t mind.  They want dead children because they know that it will make Israel look bad.  Their religion doesn’t care.  Whatever it takes to advance the religion.  It doesn’t matter who gets killed.

“But that’s Hamas!  That’s not the Palestinians!”

Um, they elected Hamas.  Hamas has promised the destruction of Israel.  By electing Hamas, the Palestinians have shown their hand and what they want their country to be about.

We should not stop Israel nor should we help them.  We have meddled in their affairs for far too long.  No country should nor would put up with what the Israelis have put up with for this long.

Long Live the Constitution!