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Hobby Lobby Contraception Decision

Posted by Troy on 30th June 2014 in Current Events

It was a good decision, in a series of good decisions from the Supreme Court of late.

What did they decide?  They decided that small corporations can decide not to provide contraception methods that do not jive with their religious beliefs.

What’s the difference between a large corporation and a small one?  They didn’t say, but I would say that the large corporation is a conglomerate and must be deemed to hold the same morals as the underlying society (which by and large approves of contraception).

Of course, the Left is already decrying this as taking away a woman’s right to choose.  Hell no.  It does no such thing.  A woman can choose any method of birth control they want…they just have to pay for it themselves.  Have we forgotten that not having someone else pay for you does not equate to you being unable to get it.  I have a right to buy a Lamborghini…I just have no ability to pay for it on my own and have yet been able to make the government pass a law where someone else has to buy one for me.

Why have we decided that companies have to provide health care for their employees?  They are employees, not children.  Here’s a question…do people need healthcare?  Eh…debatable.  But what we DO need is food and housing.  Well, definitely food.  So why don’t corporations have the obligation to feed and house their employees…  Of course, we did that once.  It was called slavery.  You work for a company and they provide food, housing, clothing…  Now we are about to do the same, but this time the government will eventually hold the chains.

Freedom comes at a cost.  That cost is paying your own bills.  If you’re not doing that, you live at the mercy of someone else, and you will never have true freedom.  I thought everyone learned that growing up.  ”As long as you live under my roof, you live under my rules.”  Now we DEMAND to live under someone else’s roof.  I will never understand the new generation…

Long Live the Constitution!

Baker Forced to Bake Wedding Cake for KKK Themed Wedding

Posted by Troy on 5th June 2014 in Current Events

A baker recently rejected an order to do a wedding cake for a KKK themed wedding.  He said that he thought what the KKK promoted was wrong, against his religious beliefs, and he would not be a part of it.  The courts have ruled that he has no right to deny service to someone based on their beliefs, must attend sensitivity training (i.e., re-education), and bake that cake.  Also, he will be subject to government supervision for the next two years to make sure that he has not turned anyone one away due to their beliefs.  Outraged?

Well, this happened.  Except for the fact that it was for a gay wedding and not a KKK wedding.  So, what’s the difference?  “Well, we LIKE one group and we don’t like the other!  Duuuuh!”  I find that this compulsory part of the law is based merely on public opinion and not any real source of right and wrong and denying or not denying.  You can still deny service to people…just as long as it’s a group that the Left hates.

I personally believe it is up the shop owner to determine who they serve.  If they don’t want to serve you, take your business elsewhere.  What does it matter to you if they are choosing to forgo the revenue?  Better yet, post your disappointment.  If he wants to have that belief, that’s his business.  If it costs him money and possibly his business, that will be a test of his faith.  However, this isn’t about a wedding cake.  This is about the satisfaction of forcing someone.  They could go get a wedding cake from somewhere else.  It would be less hassle.  Of course, they wouldn’t have the satisfaction and the attention they got from shoving their beliefs down another person’s throat.

I believe you should be able to deny service.  I think you should be able to allow smoking on your property if you want.  I believe in property rights and in the rights of the individual to set who they will work with.  Only a fool would compel service from someone.  Could you imagine forcing a dentist to work on your teeth if they didn’t want to?  Oh dear, it seems I didn’t use enough Novocaine!  Oh well!!!!!

That is going to be one bland, ugly cake…

Long Live The Constitution!

Bergdahl Blunder

Posted by Troy on 4th June 2014 in Current Events

Do these people think ANYTHING through?  As best I can tell, President Obama is inept at EVERYTHING.  Maybe this is because he is just a community organizer, at heart.  He has never had any sort of executive responsibilities or powers.  Maybe he doesn’t understand the position.  Maybe he is used to the sell.  Rally the people.  Call them forth.  Get the photo op, and let the unwashed masses conquer.

Did they not ask anything about Bergdahl when they arranged this?  Did they just think, ‘We’ll say ‘we saved an American hero!’ and people will cheer for us.  They won’t care how we got him home as long as we got them home, and our voter base will love it as it gets more people out of Gitmo.”

What really happened is that they are getting killed by the move because:

1 – We negotiated with terrorists for Bergdahl’s release.  Just on principal, that’s bad.  However, it also gives terrorists even more incentive to kidnap Americans.  Good going, dipstick.

2 – We gave up 5 men for this guy.  I don’t buy the “Anything to get our man home,” sacred duty, bullshit.  If we had Osama bin Laden in jail right now, and the only way to save Bergdahl’s life is to release bin Laden, do you think we would?  We’d let him die, and we should.  It is a soldier’s duty to die for his country to protect our country.  Releasing one soldier at the risk of killing many other Americans defeats the whole purpose we are over there.  So we gave up 5 men (of the enemy’s choosing) for this guy.  That’s a BAD deal.  You suck at negotiations.  If you are going to negotiate with terrorists, at LEAST make a good deal!

3 – All of Bergdahl’s brothers-in-arms say he was a deserter at best and a flat traitor at worst.  If you have ever met people in the military, they are very loyal to their brothers-in-arms (even the assholes).  They would not say such things unless they believed it completely.  Sooooo yeah…

4 – Add into this that Bergdahl’s father shows up, speaking Arabic, quoting the Koran, and sporting a Muslim beard…  I’m sure plenty of Muslims are serving and have served our military faithfully.  This is a special case where one of our troops may have gone traitor on us.  Him being Muslim does make that more likely, doesn’t it?

5 – President Obama broke the law in how this deal went down.  That is straight up true.  It cannot be denied.

6 – There are some real Constitutional questions given number 5 and the particulars of this case…

7 – We did all of this to get back someone that renounced his US citizenship?

So, seriously…do they ever ask any follow-up questions?  Was this all a ploy to get us to stop talking about the VA scandal/show that he does care about “the troops?”  Is he just inept?  What is it?  I never can tell if he’s Machiavellian or just plain dumb…

Long Live the Constitution!

Hillary Clinton – Imperialist (What You Deserve)

Posted by Troy on 3rd June 2014 in Current Events, Political

Hillary is just another imperialist in a long line of imperialists.  I think many would say that George W. Bush was an imperialist president, but at least he didn’t demand that you not question him.  I cannot recall a single instance when he demanded detractors to sit down and shut up, but Obama has, repeatedly.  Not only that, but President Obama has flaunted the law.  He has ignored laws.  He has CHANGED laws.  He had flatly ignored Constitutional restraints.  And all the worse, he and his supporters DEMAND that you not question him.  They label any questioning of this president as racist or treacherous or un-American.

Hillary Clinton falls into this mold as well.  She has come out saying we “should not second guess” Obama’s hard decision on the swap for Bergdahl.  Like hell!  This country is founded upon questioning our leaders.  Any leader that demands not to be questioned is either corrupt or inept.  We had a president 1) make a swap of 5 known terrorists (as chosen BY terrorists) for 1 soldier of questionable merit and 2) ignored a law that would require the president get Congressional approval for such a swap.  If you can’t question this, what the hell can you question?  This is the president that has said that he has the power and right to drone strike you without due process of law!

If you vote for Hillary Clinton, you vote for an imperialist that believes that you, the unwashed masses, do not have the intelligence to decide what is in your own best interest.  Imperialists exist on both sides of the political fence; see Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie if you don’t believe me.

Left or Right, we need to pick lovers of liberty and those politicians that believe that the American people are capable of knowing the truth and making rational decisions, not politicians that believe we are stupid and must be mislead for our own good.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama Saves the World

Posted by Troy on 2nd June 2014 in Current Events

With a stroke of the pen, he has cut the emissions from coal power plants by 30%, thus saving the world from the catastrophe of global warming.  It is amazing that he can develop new technologies just by signing his name!  Remember how he said that his plan would necessarily cause electricity prices to skyrocket?  Yeah, that didn’t get enough press time, did it?  So now that he’s trying to sell us on it, he is telling us that it is going to make electricity cheaper.  Amazing!  It will increase the costs to power companies, but it is going to end up saving us money.  Seriously, this is how stupid the man thinks you are.

Our economy contracted last quarter.  Why?  The bitter cold.  It hurt that much when power was cheaper.  What will happen if power is more expensive?  We are going to burden our businesses with even more additional costs during a recession?  What will happen is that even more manufacturing jobs will close down and move to India and China, which have way worse pollution standards.  As such, these standards will only increase our unemployment, increase global pollution, and make destructive powers like China richer, feeding their military.  Does this really sound like a great idea?

Long Live the Constitution!