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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Gets It

Posted by Troy on 30th April 2014 in Entertainment, Human Nature

He understands the real offense here is that a private conversation was recorded with malicious intent and then betrayed.  It is nice to hear the rational and mature voices in the world.  There is no greater sin than betrayal.  It is the one thing that people will never condone.  A betrayer, a traitor, is always viewed with scorn, even to those they defected to.  Let me ask you a question, would someone rather associate with?

1 – A racist (assuming that they are not racist against you, naturally as that’s not really feasible).  For instance, two black men get together and are having a fun time.  One of them suddenly goes off on a tirade about how white people are the devil and should never be trusted.

2 – A betrayer.  Assume the other guy (the regular Joe) in number one meets someone and are having a fun time.  He finds out that his new friend got into the confidence of his grandmother, stole her identity, and saddled her with $50,000 in debt.  Let’s check that… that’s theft… okay, he finds out that the new friend got to know someone, and then spread all of their dirty laundry to the public just for kicks and giggles because it was juicy gossip.

Which of these two men does the regular Joe have the greatest chance to remaining friends with?  I say it’s gotta be #1.  While distasteful, he could say, “Well, it’s not really hurting anyone and not really affecting me personally, and we’re having a good time so…okay.”  But the second one?  No.  No amount of good time would ever make up for the fact that regular Joe could never trust #2 under any circumstances.

Long Live the Constitution!

Why the NBA is Wrong in Their Punishment of Donald Sterling

Posted by Troy on 29th April 2014 in Current Events

I look forward to the clapping and standing ovations that issue forth of the mouths of those who preach tolerance.  Those who preach tolerance and extol the Freedom of Speech are almost always the first to condemn the use of that freedom the SECOND someone says something they disagree with.  Kudos to Bill Maher.  At least he is standing up for free speech, but this goes even further than free speech.  You might could convince me if this was something the moron (Sterling) said in public with a microphone in front of him.  No, this was something he said to a trusted friend (ie, mistress, ie whore he was paying).  She purposefully dragged this out of him.  She purposefully recorded it.  Why?  A mixture of revenge and an attempt to make more money on the offers for interviews or book deals or TV movie rights when everyone goes to check out the whore that brought down a racist.  I hazard that most everyone has said something to someone they trusted that they wouldn’t want plastered all over the internet.  What we have here isn’t about freedom of speech, it is freedom of thought, which is crazy scary.  He isn’t being punished for what he said as this was not said in a venue which could be expected to be public.  These are his private thoughts.  He is being punished because he doesn’t believe the same thing that the majority of Americans believe.  Query, if you went back 20 years ago, would these same people be clapping if Donald Sterling was punished because he was advocating for gay marriage? (Yeah, yeah, unlikely, but imagine if).  I will ALWAYS be against thought crime.  I find Communism to the the most abhorrent thing on the planet, but I would never punish someone for believing in it or even for advocating it, but I would always be there on the front line to fight and debate them until my voice gave out.  This man is going to be deprived of his property because people disagree with his beliefs.   We have decided, basically, that it is good and it is right to take property because we don’t like someone, and that is a dangerous and evil precedent.

Long Live the Constitution!

Pot Smokers, Be Not Proud

Posted by Troy on 29th April 2014 in Current Events

For over a decade, I have been for the legalization of pot.  I want it to be clear, I have NEVER smoked pot.  I am for the legalization because, 1) we spend billions to take 10% off the streets, 2) it’s basically as harmful as drinking or smoking which are legal, 3) it’s none of my concern what you do to your body, and 4) it’s not worth the tax dollars to keep pot heads locked up.  There are other reasons (taxes, health, taking money out of the hands of gangs and giving it to farmers, etc) but you get the idea.

All of that being said, I am sick of the “pot culture” or these idiots in Colorado and other such places lighting up in public and making a spectacle of themselves.  I don’t think it should be illegal, but it damn sure isn’t something to be proud of either.  It might be one thing if you were someone that lead the initiative and fought for ten years and made sacrifices and, as a one time thing, when it became legal held a press conference and took a hit to make a point.  Sure, that’s one thing.  But getting high in public as though it’s something to be proud of?  Bleep it, people!  ANYONE CAN DO IT!  Give ANYONE a joint and a lighter, and they can pull it off!  It takes no skill.  In fact, it says bad stuff about you, that you need drugs to get through your day.  This is basically the same as someone grabbing a whiskey bottle and chugging it in town square (although drinking in public is illegal in a lot of places).  Anyone seeing this wouldn’t cheer.  They would shake their head, sadly, at that individual.  That’s the appropriate reaction.  You guys are not heroes.

Get over yourselves and knock it off.

Long Live the Constitution!

In Defense of Donald Sterling

Posted by Troy on 28th April 2014 in Current Events

In the proud tradition of defending the unpopular for ratings, I shall defend him.  How could I?  How dare I?  Oh, do read on!

I awoke this morning with all kinds of yelling and snapping on my radio alarm clock talking about this guy and his racist comments and that the President himself commented on it and all kinds of stuff, and I was like… “Dude, what this guy say that the President had to step away from the Ukraine situation and the Palestine situation and the taking away all our rights situation to comment about this?!”  So I went and found out!

Having listened to the whole exchange with his “girlfriend,” here is my take on it:

The chick took a picture of herself with Magic Johnson.  She posted this on the internet.  This guy’s friend started calling him up and razzing him about it.  Cool or not, that’s probably what started this argument.  Apparently, they were talking about going to Europe, and he cancels the trip because of the fighting with the girlfriend.  Now, bear in mind, he didn’t forbid her from hanging with MJ or anything else…just don’t post it on-line so he doesn’t get razzed by his friends.  She refuses to let matters drop and keeps needling him and needling him because she WANTS him to say this.  Things are falling apart with this rich guy, so this is the next thing for her to do.  Get a little fame, do some interviews, make some money, etc…  The whole time, she is calling him “Honey” like she reeeeeeeally cares for him, all the while setting him up.

So, why am I defending the guy?  Because I’m sick of it.  People are talking about taking away his team (which he paid for) for what?  Because he holds views you don’t agree with?  Fascist!  What gives you the right?  If it offends you, don’t go to the games.  The team will go broke, and he will sell the team.  That’s it.  You are upset because an EIGHTY year old white guy has some racist beliefs?  Well, hell, lets just execute everyone with views not congruent with the mainstream.  Fascists!  Is this it?  Shall the ownership of property be based on how people think of you?  Hell, that does sound like what Democrats want.  I do like all the athletes saying they wouldn’t have played in the playoff game.  Easy to say when you didn’t get there.  Of course, it is important to note that the Clippers players didn’t care enough to forego their wages for the game and quit.  That would have earned them a lot of respect in my eyes, but they declined, so their protests fall on deaf ears for me.

Between Donald or his girlfriend, I have more dislike of her.  She is a whore.  No more, no less.  Oh, she’s under a long term contract and very well paid, but she is a whore none the less.  She is only dating this guy because of his money, and she only had a problem with him when it looked like the gravy train was coming to a close.  I am sure that some people can fall in love with someone 50 years older than them.  However, if you really loved someone, you would never set them up and purposefully betray their trust the way she did.

The biggest reason I’m against all of this talk is simple: it is de facto thought crime.  He is going to be punished for the way he thinks.  To hell with that.  And for the record, I’m a white guy married to a filipina.  Doesn’t matter.  I don’t demand everyone think the way I do.  Also, this was a lovers’ spat.  Query: has anyone said something offensive or unfortunate when in a fight with a loved one?

Long Live the Constitution!

Why Common Core is Doomed to Fail

Posted by Troy on 26th April 2014 in Current Events, Political

I recently saw a advertisement of teachers for Common Core.  They argue that Common Core is not a Washington takeover of the education of this country.  Instead, Common Core is supposed to be about raising standards.  Is that all?  Well, Hell!  Let’s just say that all 3rd graders should be able to do calculus.  There.  We just raised standards.  Can’t we all agree that living in a country where all of our 3rd graders can do calculus would be great?  You bet!  (even though calculus is utterly useless to 95% of all people…and that’s being generous).  This is where I realize that the entire thing falls apart.  I think they could have a better chance of selling me on this new initiative if they tried to say that it was a Federal takeover because the states have failed at doing education.  Raising standards is meaningless.  Are there standards now?  Um, I guess so?  Are they being met?  Um, probably not?  So, what good does increasing the standards do if the current, lower standards aren’t being met?

Common Core will fail for exactly the same reason that the current schematic fails: it does NOTHING to motivate the kids.  We have decided that teachers can’t smack the kids around, so that is out.  The kids have no drive to succeed, and parents are not motivating the kids to succeed.  As long as these two things remain constant, there is nothing that we can do.

I have advocated offering cash rewards to the children in exchange for getting A’s.  Is it fair?  Um, no.  Do it through 8th grade, and you will see results like you have never seen.  At this point, they will have the skills necessary to succeed at higher grade levels.  It is probably also a lot cheaper than anything that the government can come up with.

Long Live the Constitution!

Bundy’s Racist Remarks

Posted by Troy on 24th April 2014 in Current Events, Political

This is why it’s hard to make a hero out of someone.  You almost always end up learning that they’re not perfect.  However, choosing to support someone or not support someone based on their personality or beliefs is stupid.  If the government is persecuting someone, you shouldn’t care if they are a Muslim or a Christian, if they are white or black, if they are Republican or Democrat, or any other such thing.  It doesn’t matter if they they are a paragon of good or a racist.  Unless it’s related to their offense, the government has no right to persecute anyone, and you should never support their persecution at the hands of the government just because you don’t like them as a person.  I’ll take the most extreme example possible.  Let’s suppose you had a pedophile.  While this is a horrible trait in someone, it does not give the government the right to confiscate all that they own on premise that no one will care because the person in question is a pedophile.  Advocating that the government can ignore ANYONE’S rights and freedoms is the same as advocating that they can ignore EVERYONE’S rights and freedoms.  No matter how distasteful it may be, you must defend everyone’s rights against the encroachment of the government.

Long Live the Constitution!

Legalization of Drugs

Posted by Troy on 22nd April 2014 in Current Events, Political

This morning, they had two people debating the legalization of drugs on the news.  They were talking about how reduced sentences were being handed out.  One of the things they mentioned was how powder cocaine received a lessor sentence than crack cocaine.  I personally find it interesting that the results of this are discussed but not the reasoning behind it.  Somehow, I doubt that race entered into the equation when they chose the sentences for those two drugs.  I have a feeling it had more to do with the fact that violent criminals were more likely to use crack than to use powder cocaine.  Regardless.  I just find it interesting that they never discuss the why, just the results.

I’m actually for the legalization for most drugs.  I am not for the legalization of manufactured drugs (crack and meth, etc).  I am for the legalization of “natural” drugs, pot, cocaine, etc.  I will discuss this in a later post.  Because what I want to talk about is how the other person used a moronic argument: “The people that break these laws…their lives are destroyed.”  Well…DUH!  Did they not know that what they were doing was illegal?  I can’t have any sympathy for them.  While I don’t agree with the law, it is the law.  They knew it was the law.  They knew they could be arrested, and they did it anyway.

Here are the reasons why drugs should be legal: it’s none of my business what you do with your body (except now, under Obamacare, I have to PAY for you…which does make it my business), and it is not a good use of taxpayer dollars to keep someone locked up when their crime basically only hurts themselves.  It is also important to note that legalization would allow our farmers to get rich, would take money out of the gangs’ hands, would make drugs safer, and would raise money in the form of taxes.  This doesn’t even mention the billions we have spent to take 10% of the drugs off the streets.

Long Live the Constitution!

Bloomberg’s Anti-NRA failure

Posted by Troy on 19th April 2014 in Current Events, Political

Bloomberg has decided to take the fight to the NRA and try to create a new grassroots organization to fight for more gun control.  To this end, he has devoted fifty million dollars.  Here is why he is wasting fifty million dollars:  What he doesn’t realize is that people that believe you have a right to own guns REALLY believe you have a right to own guns.  They are motivated and they are dedicated to the idea.  This is why gay marriage will eventually win.  The group that wants gay marriage REALLY wants gay marriage.  The group that doesn’t want gay marriage are much less dedicated.  This isn’t to say there isn’t a group that is hard core about it and will be up in arms.  Just like it isn’t to say that there is not a group of people that are absolutely dedicated to banning all guns.  For most anti-gunners, this is a secondary issue.  It’s one they are not that interest in because gun ownership generally has little impact on their lives.  The gun rights advocates are dedicated about it because these laws actively affect them.  As such, they will always be dedicated to stopping gun control measures, and those who want gun control measures will do so as long as nothing more interesting is going on in their lives.  I would advise Bloomberg to prepare himself for failure.

Long Live the Constitution!

Why I Do Not Support Cliven Bundy

Posted by Troy on 18th April 2014 in Current Events, Political

This will probably shock those who know me.  Fellow Libertarians and Conservatives will drop their jaws, and Liberals may be pleasantly surprised and say that I’m finally sounding reasonable.  However, they would do well to read all the way through.

It is so easy to hate the federal government and all that they do.  In particular, when they show up with heavy arms against American citizens, it should be viewed with a magnifying glass when it comes to fascism, particularly given the bent over the last ten years towards a totalitarian federal government.  However, excluding their methods, Bundy has no right to be there.  It is not his land.  It’s not even the state’s land.  As such, it falls under the land owner (sadly, the federal government) to say how that land should be used.  The land owner says no grazing, not even if money is paid.  It doesn’t matter if Bundy paid the fees to a state agency.  That is as if I said I didn’t want the trees on my land cut and the loggers when to my neighbor and got his permission to cut my trees.  Doesn’t matter.  Those are my trees.  That is the federal government’s grass.

So, how did we get here?  Well, a long time ago, we stole the land from Mexico.  This is if you ask a Liberal.  In truth, we killed a hell of a lot of Mexicans and took the land as spoils of war, which is the long honored tradition of how land is usually acquired.  All of this land then belonged to the federal government as the western states did not exist.  As territories petitioned to become states, the federal government allowed them, but retained the rights to the majority of the land in these states.

Why?  Ugh…maybe for power?  There is no good justification for this.  Other than a few key strategic ports or some sort of attraction that is so out of the ordinary (maybe the Grand Canyon, etc…and even these I would disagree with as they should be owned by the states anyway), all the land inside the state’s borders should belong to those states, as they do in the eastern states.  The fact that the federal government decided to retain these lands is a symptom of the federal government wanting to have more control, and it should have been nipped in the bud.  I am a strong proponent of returning these lands to the states.

Also, when the land is under the federal control, you have potential for abuse.  For instance, it has been alleged that Harry Reid’s son has designs on this land, and that was why the ranchers have been removed.  I find it interesting that his son has been a guest on many shows discussing why the federal government is right and that Bundy should be removed.  If all of this turns out to be true and Harry Reid plans on parlaying this land to make his son a lot of money, I think both of these people should go to jail for a very long time.  They won’t, but that’s what should happen.

I always say that phrasing matters.  It’s not what is said, but how it is said.  Saying something is “unacceptable” is vastly different than saying something is an “abomination.”  So I find it very disturbing when Harry Reid says “We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it.”  Whoa.  Dude, this is ONE GUY that is breaking the law.  He didn’t say “an American citizen.”  He’s saying “all of us.”  That’s scary.  That says how his side views us.  We are separate from them.  It is the government vs the people.  As Ron Paul said, “the US Government views you and me as the enemy.”  Meanwhile, the government (particularly this President, his administration, and the Democrats in general) have broken Constitutional law after Constitutional law, and no one dare lift their voice.

I will give one positive.  While I believe Bundy is wrong in this case, I am glad to see that the people out there are brave and strong enough to stand up against the government.  Soon, we may all have to.  I am not one of those that advocates revolution.  I believe the Constitution is the greatest document ever written.  The only problem with it is that we stopped following it.  Revolutions tend to be replaced by terrible alternatives.  I truly believe there is still yet time to change the system via the electoral process.  We are running out of time, however.  As more people become content to suck on the public teet, the chance to reverse course becomes slimmer and slimmer.

Long Live the Constitution!

Why Hillary?

Posted by Troy on 17th April 2014 in Current Events

We’re still over two years away, but the Left is already psyched (and the Right, scared) for Hillary Clinton to run.  This leads me to ask…why?

Why on Earth?  Please do answer the question without using the words “Bill Clinton.”  Her one signature achievement seems to be that she married a man that cheated on her constantly.

Wait, isn’t the Left for strong women that don’t put up with that bullshit?  Yeah, but we’re talkin’ about Bill.  Oh, then we can dig it.  Or maybe this is the Left that doesn’t believe in traditional marriage.  Either or.

Regardless, this is the same person that came up with a health care bill that was far crazier than Obamacare.  She has no success stories as Secretary of State.  In fact, it would appear that we have become less respected during her tenure.  Conceivably, you might could say we are more liked, but I would always rather our country be respected than liked.

I just don’t get it.  Oh, well, I mean, she is totally a Marxist, so I can understand why the Left ringleaders do love her.  However, as far as the drone masses go, I seriously think it’s “She’s the second coming of Bill!”  Shake my head, yo.

Long Live the Constitution!