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And so it starts, the Obama Tyranny

Posted by Troy on 21st February 2014 in Current Events, Political

As he has promised, Obama is now using executive orders to bypass congress and enact de facto legislation.  Why is no one concerned about this?  Yeah, it’s minor, but what gives Obama the right to unilaterally set fuel standards for trucks?  What if he came out and said “By 2015, I decree that all trucks that get less than 100 miles to the gallon are illegal?”  What then?  I don’t believe in “Oh, well that’s different!” arguments.  He is usurping legislative powers.  Sadly, the Legislative branch is too scared to say anything about it.  We have crossed over into the realm of impeachable offenses a long time ago.  However, this man can never be impeached.  Why?  Because of the color of his skin.  The media is no longer the keeper of truth or the safeguard of the public.  Instead, they fancy themselves the shaper of public opinion.  Any attempt to rein in this President run amok will instantly be branded as “extremist” and “racist.”  Representatives know this, and they will never do anything to safeguard their legislative powers against him.  How sad.

Long Live the Constitution?