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My Challenge to Socialists and Supporters of Socialized Medicine

Posted by Troy on 6th October 2013 in Entertainment, Human Nature

It was recently put to me that America needs to get in line with all other modern countries and have a socialized medical system for all of their citizens.  I won’t go into the fact that, in order for America to do that, we will have to seriously downgrade our military and will lead to more wars and the fact that all these other “modern” countries can afford these system due to the fact that we act like their protective older brother who the bullies are afraid of.  Instead, I will deal with the idea that  enacting a socialized medical system is the “moral” thing to do.

Let us pretend than there is a neighborhood.  In this neighborhood, their ancestors set it up where it is ruled by voting.  The charter allows for special assessments to be made for the general welfare of the neighborhood.  The houses were all passed down to the children of the people that lived there originally.  Some of these families had done very well and grew rich.  Others had not and were cash poor.  One day, one of the poorest among them got sick but couldn’t afford treatment.  A clever man proposed the following: “In case of sickness, the top 40% would pay the medical costs of the bottom 60%.”  They took a vote.  Everyone felt sorry for the sick resident.  The bottom 60% all voted in favor of this.  And thus, a socialized medical system was set up for this neighborhood.

Is this moral?

No.  It’s legalized theft.  The bottom 60% are all for it because it won’t cost them a dime.

How is this ANY DIFFERENT at a national level instead of a neighborhood?  Is it only because you don’t know the rich people personally?  It’s the same thing.  It’s legalized theft, and theft is never moral.

Long Live the Constitution!

Miley Cyrus vs Sinead O’Conner

Posted by Troy on 4th October 2013 in Uncategorized

Sinead O’Conner is in a feud with Miley Cyrus.  Miley is rubbing her current popularity in Sinead’s face  Sinead is making a lot of good point to to Miley and has told her that she will come see her when Miley’s in rehab on day.  Wow, who would have figured that Sinead O’Conner would turn into a class act?  Say what you will, Sinead O’Conner’s antics were at least motivated by her desire to protect kids from molestation from priests.  While that’s a terrible stereotype, that did happen.  What’s Miley’s excuse?  As Sinead said, to at like a prostitute and call it feminism.  Wow.  Words of wisdom from Sinead O’Conner.  Who could have guessed?  Miley needs to look at her music.  In 15 years, I am willing to bet that no one will be listening to Miley Cyrus music.  Give her habits, etc, I am also going to guess that she’s not making wise investments and squirreling money away.  As such, I think Sinead will have an opportunity to visit Miley in rehab one day.  Score one to Sinead O’Conner.

Long Live the Constitution

The Shutdown, the Media, and Who’s to Blame

Posted by Troy on 3rd October 2013 in Uncategorized

I think that the Democrats are worried that the rest of us are realizing that things are pretty much going on as always.

Pelosi has come out and said that she’s willing to accept the $988 billion number, stating that no more can be cut.  We have close to a trillion dollar deficit each year.  If no more can be cut, she is admitting one of a few options: 1) she is an incompetent manager, 2) we are completely screwed and we are going to spend ourselves into collapse and there is nothing we can do about it, or 3) she is a liar.  I am betting on number 3, but I have to say that isn’t mutually exclusive with number 1.

Now, who is to blame?  If you watched the media, it’s all the Republicans fault.  Why?  Because they didn’t just roll over.  The Republicans agreed to fund Obamacare except for making Congress subject to it (something 99.99999% of Americans would agree with if they are being honest) and delaying the individual by one year, the same that Obama gave businesses.  So, what’s the problem?  Is that so hard a compromise to make?  Obama and the Democrats are the ones that have said they REFUSE to compromise.  However, the media is taking their side all the way.  Why?

Meanwhile, Obama is shutting down monuments that are are never closed and have no employees, etc.  Why?  To tell the narrative he wants.  To make things as bad as he can.  Hell, they tried to shut down Mt Vernon, and that’s not even owned by the government.  The owners had to call them and have the National Park Services remove their roadblocks.  That’s what we’re dealing with, yo.

Long Live the Constitution!

Thank God for WWII Vets

Posted by Troy on 2nd October 2013 in Current Events, Political

After yesterday, they sent 7 guards to defend that WWII Memorial against WWII vets.  They told the veterans that they would be arrested if they tried to gain access to this monument which is typically open 24 hours a day without any personnel present.  That is to say, due to lack of funding, the Obama administration spent money to barricade the monument so no one could see it (knowing that these veterans were flying in on “honor flights” to visit the monument) and spent money to guard and threaten these vets with arrest.  I am proud of our WWII vets.  They did what we should all be doing to this bully government.  I’m not saying that against Obama.  For the last 12 years, we have allowed our government to rob us of our rights and completely disrespect us.  It is time we call their bluffs.  They cannot en-prison all of us!  Needless to say, someone in the administration figured out that it would be a PR NIGHTMARE to have pictures of WWII being dragged off in cuffs.  The National Park Services department has declared that WWII vets can view the monument during the shutdown.  As much as I love WWII vets, I have to ask…what makes WWII vets more special than the rest of us?  I have a feeling that the vets that stood up to the government today would say that EVERY AMERICAN HAS A RIGHT TO VIEW THIS MONUMENT.  I would urge anyone living in the DC area to make a plan to visit the monument.  If you got 1,000 people together, do you really think they could or would arrest all of these people?  It’s high time we stood up to our government run amok!

Long Live the Constitution!

Proof The Democrats Wanted a Shutdown

Posted by Troy on 1st October 2013 in Uncategorized

If they didn’t want a shutdown, why would they have managed to get these signs printed up stating the reason for the closing is due to the government shutdown?  A sign saying “closed” would have worked just as well and they already have these.  They had these printed up ahead of time, ergo, they planned for the parks to be closed.  Already, Obama is laying the groundwork that the economy is not going to recover because of this shutdown.  Meanwhile, the VAST MAJORITY of us are going about our lives completely unaffected.  They will end this before we have a chance to realize just how much money we are wasting on programs that really serve no functional purpose.

Long Live the Constitution!

How to Spite Obama

Posted by Troy on 1st October 2013 in Uncategorized


A dangerous word from my lips.  Translation:  “I am about to do something incredibly spiteful and possibly self-destructive.  You brought this on yourself.  Enjoy the show.”

After Obama and Reid’s speeches about “law of the land” and “nothing can stop Obamacare,” this is what I would do:

Sue the President of the United States for exceeding his authority under the Constitution by unilaterally amending Obamacare.  This is a winner in court as he has NO authority to do what he did.  Undo everything that has changed, and then let it hit the way it was written.  Do away with his waivers to his cronies.  Let’s go ahead and have Obamacare IN FULL so we can see just how disgusting and expensive and destructive it is.  The Democrats are willing to force a shutdown and have that destruction to protect this law.  Let them have the law in full.  Besides…he should be impeached for his abuse of power and his ignorance of his Constitutional constraints.  That’ll never happen, but it should.

Long Live the Constitution!