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Money Does Not Equal Success – My Proof

Posted by Troy on 30th October 2013 in Human Nature

Let us take 2 individuals:

The first man works very hard.  He becomes a billionaire, one of the wealthiest men on the planet.  He marries a beautiful woman and is admired by everyone who knows him.

The second man is a hard working man.  He works two jobs to support his family as best he can.  They never have the best of anything, but they have enough to live.  He breaks his back seven days a week.

So, who is the most successful?

Okay… now let’s change it up just a bit.

The billionaire has two kids.  They are both spoiled derelicts.  While the billionaire is running his charitable foundations, both of his kids are partying.  One dies of an STD and the other of an overdose.

The second man is devoted to his family.  He raised his kids as best he could.  They become honorable people.  One of them actually becomes the President of the United States.

Now…who is the most successful?

Do you doubt, even for one second, that the billionaire wouldn’t trade every dime and his social standing to have his kids back?  To save them from their character flaws?

Money’s nice, but it’s not the most important thing.  Past having what you need, it’s not even that important at all.

Long Live the Constitution!

And Obama’s Allies Turn on Him

Posted by Troy on 29th October 2013 in Current Events

The blind eye that was turned hath turneth back and now doth sees!

The Left (in Hollywood, in the political class, and in the left-wing media) have given Obama a free ride for a long time now.  Whenever a scandal erupted, Obama would proudly declare, “I didn’t know nothing about that!” and the Left would nod and agree and say, “How couldst he hath known such a thing?”  However, that is over.  How is it over?

CBS does an expose on Benghazi showing that 1) we knew that it was Al Queda and not a video, 2) Al Queda was warning us for months on their websites they were going to attack Benghazi, and 3) that the Obama administration did nothing to defend the embassy.

Chris Matthews is suddenly furious (well after a year after the fact) that we didn’t try to save people at Benghazi.

Hollywood is openly MOCKING the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Even past supporters of the  ACA are starting to say that it is UNAFFORDABLE care.

Countries that reached out to him and praised him for being born in 2008 are now condemning him for spying on them.

MSNBC is even running clips of him proudly declaring “I didn’t know nothing about that!” about every bloody thing.

Democrats that opposed a 1 year extension of the individual mandate less than a month ago are begging for it now knowing that they are going to get slaughtered come the 2014 elections.

Everywhere, you see all his supports scrambling, screaming, trying everything in their power to defend their boss, but nothing can be done.  Obamacare has hit too many people.  It hit the middle class hardest.  It rewards those who do not work and hits every single person that does.  He’s lucky its his last term.  He’s done.

Long Live the Constitution!

Hannity’s Crank Phone Call

Posted by Troy on 24th October 2013 in Current Events, Entertainment

So Hannity thought it would be cute to call up the Obamacare hotline and ask them questions.  This was inappropriate.  These people are doing their job, and I imagine they have enough stress as it.  One lady did speak to him and tried to get him information on the policies (etc).  She was fired today.  Well, thank you, Hannity!  Apparently, it was against the rules for her to talk to media types.  According to her, she didn’t know, but I’m sure they made her sign a contract or something that she didn’t read.  As such, I’m putting some of the blame on her, but this is why you don’t pull games like this.  Much like bullying.  If you bully someone, they might go home and kill themselves.  They might show up at school with a knife and slit your throat too.  My point?  There are consequences for your actions, and these must be considered and not taken lightly.  In Hannity’s defense, he is making a gift to her and her child (tax-free) of her $26,000 salary he cost her and vowed to find her another job.  I am sure, which is connections, that she will find another job.  I hope Hannity learned his lesson on this one.

Long Live the Constitution!

Defending the South from Ryan Murphy

Posted by Troy on 24th October 2013 in Entertainment, Human Nature

The following is my letter to Ryan Murphy regarding the new season of American Horror Story: The Coven, which has depicted the South as racist, incestuous, and ignorant.  It is high time Southerns complain about the unfair treatment we receive at Hollywood’s hands.

Dear Mr. Murphy,

I will be typing this letter to you in addition to hand writing a letter. You are probably old enough to know and remember that a handwritten letter is a sign that someone is very devoted to saying what is in the letter. It is a mark of personal attention. However, the latest vogue of thought is that handwritten letters are to be mocked as unprofessional and backwards. Given your recent portrayal of the South, I do not wish to risk you thinking that I am some mere backwards hick from the sticks, as it were.

I have enjoyed your show, American Horror Story. However, I must take great exception to the newest installment, The Coven. Being a Southerner, I have always known and been forced to tolerate the portrayal of the South by Hollywood. However, it seems that your show goes one step further than even the worst movie about the South I have ever seen.

In the past three episodes, you have painted the South as racist. You have shown Southern religious people as fanatics that burn women at the stake. You have depicted us as rednecks that point guns in people’s faces with no justification. You have portrayed us as incest mongers. At every turn, you have used every single negative stereotype of the South and yet somehow managed not to show the nice stereotypes (such as that we are helpful, polite, and hospitable). If a director had given the same level of stereotypical treatment to any other group (blacks, gays, etc.), you would have been personally appalled. It seems as though the only groups Hollywood can slander are the South and Christians.

Racism has always existed and will always exist. It is not a Southern thing. It is not even a white thing. You can have a racist black man in Atlanta, Georgia. You can have a racist white woman in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, Southerners get along nicely. There is no open animosity as depicted by Hollywood. If you want race riots or police brutality, I suggest you look to New York, Chicago, or your own home of Los Angeles. As far as guns go, we have far more guns and far less homicides than our brothers in the north. Why? Because we were taught to respect human life. Also, we can defend ourselves. As far as the incest charge goes, just like racism, this is part of the human condition and can be found anywhere you go.

So, why am I writing you? I am writing you to tell you that I am disappointed in you. That is all. You tout yourself as breaking down barriers and stereotypes on your show, Glee. But here you are selling the same shlock that Hollywood has shoved down the throats of Americans for the last fifty years. Hollywood is the reason why the rest of America views us as uneducated, backwards, racist hicks. Again, if the show was on any other group, you would never dream of using such a cliché portrayal. I would challenge you to spend some time in the South. Stay a couple of weeks in Savannah. After you eat our food, you probably won’t want to leave. I plan to continue watching your show. It’s still probably the best thing on at ten o’clock on Wednesday, but know that falling back on stereotypes is a sign of lazy writing and is offensive.


Troy David Newham

Obama – worst middle manager in history!

Posted by Troy on 23rd October 2013 in Uncategorized

If Obama were the President of a company, he would have been fired by now for sheer incompetence.  He now claims that he did not know of any of the website issues for Obamacare.  He’s starting to remind me of Shaggy (the musician, not the Scooby-Doo character).  “It wasn’t me.”  Although is phrase might be something like “I didn’t know nothing about that.”  [The double negative is on purpose, so chill.]

Mr. President, what about Fast and the Furious?  “I didn’t know nothing about that.”

Mr. President, what about Libya?  “I didn’t know nothing about that.”

Mr. President, what about the IRS scandal?  “I didn’t know nothing about that.”

Mr. President, what about spying on allies and members of Congress and the press?  “I didn’t know nothing about that.”

Mr. President, what about all the issues with Obamacare?  “I didn’t know nothing about that.”

Okay.  Well gee!  Way to pick underlings, Mr. President.  Although, I don’t really believe him because of one simple fact:  No one has been fired.  When you catch people doing stuff wrong behind your back, you fire them.  That is how you prove that you are innocent and condemn their actions.  However, he can’t do this as they would roll on him.

President Obama has some mistaken idea that he is king.  He believes that he can offer up decrees and that all are beholden unto him.  This is false.  He is a public servant.  True, he is the most powerful man in the country (if not the world), but at the end of the day, he is merely a servant.  An ox is much more powerful than his master, but he is still but a servant to his master’s will.  In the business world analogy, he is the president of a mega-corporation, but the shareholders can remove him if he does a poor job.  His underlings may be beholden to him, but their failures lay at his feet when he goes before the Board and the stockholders.  He has raided the corporate bank account and used the corporate jet for his personal vacations.  He has used business properties to throw lavish parties on the company’s dime.  This is, of course, frowned upon.  However, what makes these things unpardonable is that he failed.  He has failed over and over and over again with the same mantra of “I didn’t know nothing about that.”  If you’re making the company a ton of money, they might look past you raiding their funds for some personal use.  When you fail, however, it is time to pack your bags.  No company in the world would keep a president who hired inept employees and refused to fire them and denied any responsibility for their failures.  That president would be viewed as both inept and corrupt.

You can tell that Obama has never worked a day of his life in business.  In business, you are held accountable for those things with which you are intrusted.  Why do we cut him any breaks as the head of the government?

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama – The War Criminal

Posted by Troy on 22nd October 2013 in Current Events, Political

Amnesty International is trying to paint Obama as a war criminal for his use of drone strikes.  His crime?  Indiscriminately killing innocent civilians using drone strikes (also called collateral damage).  According to their research, we’ve killed nearly 500 innocents in this way.  Okay, so lets discuss this rationally.  I have come out supporting drone strikes, but let me make on thing clear:

I advocate mostly an isolationist policy except in cases where one country invades another.

In cases where we have real, tangible proof that someone of note is available to be taken out, and must be taken out for the security of our country, then by all means use a drone strike.  It is quicker and faster and cheaper and less of our people and innocents will end up dead.

What we must balance this against, however, is that every dead grandmother or child becomes propaganda for Al Queda and other terrorist groups.  These groups would paint us as terrorists and make the analogy that using drones and killing innocent people is no different than crashing planes into our buildings.  Even if you disagree with the premise, that is how they will paint it, and that view will be accepted in that part of the world.

This goes back to what Ron Paul said and was booed so heavily for.  We are not hated because of our Freedom.  We are hated because of our actions and policies.  We put our noses in everyone’s business, and this is what becomes of it.  Of course, now we are backed into a corner of sorts and MUST put our nose into things.  It is very much like Gitmo.  You may have disagreed with it in the past, but getting rid of it is problematic.  What do you do?  Send them back home?  I’m sure they won’t become terrorists or train other terrorists.  Put them in US prisons so they could convert other criminals into jihad?  Kill them all and make them into martyrs?  See?  No good solution.  So we just keep them locked up forever.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama’s Obamacare Speech

Posted by Troy on 21st October 2013 in Current Events, Political

And I was just saying to someone two days ago, “At least he’s stopped having people faint when he gives a speech.”  Oh well, there went that.  Did you notice all of his laugh lines failed miserably?  He paused and waited for the laughs…and they weren’t there.  Ouch.  That had to hurt.  So let’s see…what was the take way?  Of course, they had to admit the website was crap.  I do like how he tried to positive spin the “you can apply in person or by phone” bit.  I like also how he talked about how one person would save $150 a month.  Of course, for every one person that saves money, many, many more are going to have to spend money.  He also admits that this is wealth redistribution.  One lady talked about how she was single with two kids and had to pay (throwing a number out there as I don’t remember exactly) $250 a month for medications, but now she is covered and gets the same medications for only $150 a month.  Wow!  So that was a discount then?  Oh, no wait… the difference will be passed to everyone else so that our net premiums will increase by $100 per month (fractionally thereof) to cover the costs.  Insurance is a business, not a charity.  They are not going to take a loss.  They are going to spread the costs to all of their other customers.  Also, there was no mention of people getting their hours cut from 40 to 30.  Of course, youngin’s can rejoice that they can stay on their parents’ tab until 26.  Man…I was so happy to graduate college so I could stand on my own two feet and be beholden to myself.  Now they rejoice to be beholden to their parents until age 26 and to the government for life.  Huh, wonder if they will make the parents liable for the penalty if they opt not to carry their kids if the parents can afford to but the kids can’t.   Socialism at it’s finest.  Punish the parents for insisting their kids be self-reliant.    That’s all hypothetical, but totally conceivable in my mind.  I really see no difference in when you substitute “parents” for “community” or “society.”  Let us not forget too that your choices have changed as well.  You can no longer get that catastrophic plan  on the cheap.  That’s substandard!  I don’t care if you are 23 and in peak health.  You need at least BRONZE coverage, fool.  And, of course, the most precious choice of all…no insurance.  How dare they tell you that you MUST buy anything?  There is nothing more noble that being dependent on yourself AND dealing with the consequences of that choice with dignity.  And of course, Obama let the cat out of the bag when he pointed out “that’s your cell phone or cable bill.”  Wait!  We are subsidizing people who can afford cable TV and cell phones?  Well, crap!  Easy solution!  Why don’t you cut off the cable and your cell phone, and then you will be able to afford your insurance?  Why do you expect others to sacrifice for something that you refuse to sacrifice for?

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama’s Approval Finally Where It Should Be

Posted by Troy on 10th October 2013 in Uncategorized

Obama’s approval numbers are finally below 40% at 37% among ALL Americans (not just likely voters).  This finally where he needs to be.  He is no different than he was last month.  Even with the media trying to shelter him as much as possible, he is still under 40% now.  Hard to believe where he would be if the news organizations actually did their jobs.

Long Live the Constitution!

Democrats Must Be the Worst Spouses Ever

Posted by Troy on 9th October 2013 in Uncategorized

I like to equate stuff to what we can comprehend.  Imagine a case where a family has decided to vote on issues.  The mother wants to go on a vacation and votes that they should go to Disney World this year.  Their child agreed, giving her a majority.  Later on, they are bickering about the budget.  The husband wants to get some work done on the house instead of going on the vacation.  The wife counters that they already voted to go on a vacation.  The husband points out that the work needs to be done before too long and they don’t have the money to do what she wants to do.  She demands the vacation be put on a credit card.  The husband refuses.  The wife then hides the checkbook and refuses to pay the mortgage, utilities, groceries, and other necessary spending until she gets her way and they go on the vacation they had already agreed on.

Here is how adults work:  We pay those expenses that we agree that need to be paid.  Everything that is needed should be paid.  This is what the Republicans are suggesting when they want to fund each piece of the government that both parties agree are necessary.  What would be leftover would be those parts which we should debate.  However, the Democrats will never go for that because all of their pet projects could be cut without a huge amount of public outcry.  So, instead, they cut off all funding to anything they can and do all they can to increase the pain, and they will never go along with such spending bills as they would lose the leverage of the pain they are inflicting on the American people.

Long Live the Constitution!

Now, that’s just a d**k move

Posted by Troy on 7th October 2013 in Uncategorized

When two parties refuse to budge, both are at fault.  However, The Republicans have issued many single spending bills which would fund parts of the government that people actually care about.  These will not even be considered because doing so will destroy the Democrats’ leverage, and this is all it’s about.  The Democrats would rather keep leverage than to fund those parts of the government which they are decrying the Republicans for not funding.  Now, that brings us to the Democrat (and Obama’s moves).  Let’s look at the WWII memorial.  This memorial is an open air attraction.  It’s open in the middle of the night with no guards or anything.  They knew that an honor flight of WWII vets were coming in, so they closed it.  Why?  So they could get a picture of crying WWII vets outside of the wire wanting to get in.  What they didn’t realize is that WWII vets faced down death and Hitler.  They don’t give a crap.  So the pictures of them crying because they couldn’t get in because of evil Republicans nearly became the evil Democrats dragging off WWII vets in chains.  Suddenly, WWII vets were allowed in the memorial.  So, how does this work?  States want to fund national parks (which has historic precedence).  DENIED!  The ocean?  CLOSED!  It actually costs money to enforce this whereas before it was open for free.  Private property on Federal land?  CLOSED!  The Feds even tried to close private parks like  Mt. Vernon.  Then they keep golf courses open on military basses.  They close down the Amber Alert website, but fund Michele Obama’s website.  They are trying to make things harder to gain more leverage.  The administration would gain a lot of ground if he did everything he could to LESSEN the pain.  By doing everything they can to increase the pain, they show where their real loyalties lie.  At some point, all of this becomes a real dick move.

Long Live the Constitution!