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Why Obama has a Point on the Budget and Government Shutdown

Posted by Troy on 30th September 2013 in Uncategorized

In a recent speech, Obama made the allusion to “What if the tables were reversed and the Democrats refused to fund the government unless a tax of $1,000 per bullet were passed.”  That wasn’t his exact quote, but there we go.  Let me say that I think Obamacare is a cancer that will destroy this country.  It will particularly destroy our national character.  I think stopping it is very important.  However, ours is a system of checks and balances.  While Congress does own the power of the purse, they have to come up with a budget that can pass the Senate.  Those are the rules.  A complete defunding of Obamacare will never happen any more than if the Democrats managed to put forth a complete defunding of the military.  What is incorrect is the media’s coverage of this.  They lay the blame 100% at Republican feet.  However, if the Senate rejects this current bill, the blame should lay with Democrats.  All the Republicans are offering is making Congress subject to Obamacare (they are currently exempt) and delaying individual mandate by one year.  Obama has exceeded his Constitutional powers by arbitrarily amending Obamacare a total of 14 times.  He’s not king.  He can’t do that.  If businesses have one year off, shouldn’t the rest of us get one year off as well?

I believe Obama will play hardball.  Unlike in international affairs, at home he can stand toe to toe vs opponents and know that the news media will be on his side completely.  I also think that the Democrats will love a government shut down.  If the government shuts down for one hour, they will say that is why the economy has not recovered and why Obamacare will be the complete, unmitigated disaster that it is going to be.  I laughed when he said he wished his staff was able to concentrate on creating jobs instead of this debate.  Yeah.  They’ve done an AWESOME job the last 5 years.  ha ha ha.

Fox had a Democrat senator talking to Chris Wallace.  The senator, in a nice “oh silly children, do not worry,” voice explained that Obamacare will lower costs while increasing choices.  Yeah, that sounds right.  That sounds like life right there…you always pay less to get more choices.  Here’s the reality, it will cost a TON more.  Yes, more people will have access to health insurance…but these are the leeches of the system already.  Merely another entitlement to those who live on entitlements.  While I do agree that some people deserve and need these entitlements, there are plenty that are just lazy.  I was recently talking to someone whose old job was signing people up for disability.  She estimated 75% were capable of work and were just lazy.  I have always estimated that number at 33%, but I don’t doubt her.  Consider this, subsidies hit at $49,000 for single people.  Why do you need subsidies at $49,000?  If you want healthcare and you make that much, cancel your cell phone and cable.  You can easily afford health insurance if that’s what you want, but they want to make sure that enough people are getting this “free money” to ensure that it has enough popular support to continue until it completely collapses under its own weight.

Also, they say they all of this is to make our healthcare system more fair.  First, life isn’t fair.  Suck it up.  Second, what is fair about gouging the young and healthy and making them pay twice what everyone else is paying just so you can get AARP to talk old people into supporting Obamacare?  Hey, College Kids that thought it was so cool to vote for Obreezy.  Enjoy reaping what you sow.  That’s assuming you ever are able to get a job in the Obama economy.  At least mommy and daddy can carry you on their plan until your 26.  You know…I looked forward to graduating and standing on my own two feet and never having to depend on my parents.  It’s a shame that’s dead now.

Long Live the Constitution!

Control vs Freedom

Posted by Troy on 29th September 2013 in Human Nature

In “A Case for Democracy,” the author states that the downfall of Soviet Russia was that the United States played hardball with Russia and forced them to give more freedoms to their citizens.  He states that freedom only creates a demand for more freedom.

I have a different take.  Control demands more control.  This is either if you are talking about governments or self-control.  A government demands more and more control.  Likewise, people will want more self-control, which is a different concept from freedom.  I would say that freedom, true, anarchist type freedom, is a self-destructive thing.  However, self-control is not.  You want to do what you choose to do as long as it doesn’t infringe upon someone else’s self-control.  That is to say, you want to be in control of your own life.

I always consider myself pro-freedom, but you always get some jerk that twists that word around to some insane degree.  However, there can be no such quibbling about self-control  Under self-control, you get to call all the shots as it relates to your own life (and no one else’s).

The interesting thing is that democracy has made it more difficult for governments to take more and more control away from their citizens because they have to somehow convince their citizens that it is in their own self-interest to give up their freedom for their own safety.  The sad thing is that our government is succeeding at this.

The fact of the matter (and you can look at statistics for free and controlled countries), the level of personal vs government control has little barring on your safety.  What does have an impact is the morality of the society you are living in.  In a moral society, you can walk the streets at night, you can leave your doors unlocked, etc.  In an immoral society, you cannot do these things because the police cannot be everywhere at once.  That’s the sad truth in the matter.  More government control will never make you any safer but will only serve to make you more miserable.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obamacare showdown – Cruz, Reid, and McCain

Posted by Troy on 26th September 2013 in Current Events, Political

Cruz has drawn a lot of fire from the Left and Media types for his filibuster.  The thing is this, I applaud any politician who stands against a law.  Even if it was 99 to 1, he has every right to do what he did.  I would go so far as to say that he has an obligation to those who elected them to do whatever he can to represent them.  There is something noble in fighting something when you know you are going to lose in the end.  Just think of the 300 Spartans holding off the entire Persian army.  They knew they were going to lose, but they fought anyway.  Standing up for what you know is right is an honorable thing.  Even if you disagree with those people, you salute them even as you take them down.

Reid is spitting fire for those Republicans that are still fighting Obamacare saying “It’s the law of the land!  Sit down and shut up!”  Hell, I guess they should have told that to Martin Luther King Jr regarding Jim Crow Laws.  Right?  Slavery was the law of the land, no need to stop that.  I could play this game all day.  Hell, I just wish that the Democrats would accept that the Second Amendment, that the Constitution itself, is the law of the land and would just sit down and shut up.

Then there’s McCain.  Wrong on pretty much everything, McCain.  The people have spoken!  Really?  Seems like most people don’t like this.  Most people that have political influence have spoken and have managed to get themselves exempted from this so called “law of the land that only applies to people who don’t have the political capital to escape this impending disaster!”

Then there’s Obama himself.  He says he won’t be blackmailed by risking the full faith and credit of the United States.  Never before have I seen a President with so little respect for the office.  He is hyper-inflating our money.  With a slip of the tongue, he got us into a bind with Syria without a win.  He is a narcissist of the highest order.  If the full faith and credit of the United States is that important, he could always give an extension with the stipulation that doing so will cause the Republicans massive losses in the next election.  Of course, that wouldn’t happen because his signature law is so unpopular most of the country would be happy at that outcome, which is why Obama is touring the country STILL trying to convince us that this is the greatest thing since sliced bread even if it is going to cost most people a lot more and give people a lot less.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama’s Claim that Raising the Debt Ceiling Doesn’t Increase Debt

Posted by Troy on 23rd September 2013 in Current Events

Obama claimed that raising the debt ceiling doesn’t increase deficit spending.  Okay…why does one increase their debt?  So that they can spend more, right?  He mentions some story about buying a truck and then deciding to not to pay the payments.  That’s not the issue.  This is the issue:  Lets say you buy the truck.  Then it turns out that your spouse is spending more money than ever, and you can’t afford the car payments with the current level of spending.  The rational response will be to cut back on unnecessary spending.  You will still pay for the truck, but you will cancel your cable bill.  You will cut off your cell phone.  This is what the Republicans are suggesting.  What is Obama and the Democrats suggesting?  Taking out another credit card.  How would you react if your spouse refused to cut back and instead insisted on taking on more debt?  You would be pissed.  Regardless of the Democrats’ protest otherwise, microeconomics are BASICALLY THE SAME as macroeconomics.  The operations are basically the same.  Finally, does anyone buy this crap about our deficits falling too fast?  When you are in debt, anything that is deficit spending is BAD.  Half of deficit spending is still DEFICIT SPENDING!  It is still digging the hole deeper.  Until we start having MASSIVE SURPLUSES, the Democrats have NO room to talk.

Long Live the Constitution!

Shame on Bill O’Reilly Regarding Miss Kansas 2013

Posted by Troy on 20th September 2013 in Uncategorized

You know, I’m really not a fan of Bill O’Reilly.  I don’t think he’s all that smart.  He frequently misses the win.  I find him too much of a stateist.  I also think he can be a bit of a bully and lacks class.  Take, for instance, his ending remarks on his show on September 19th, 2013.  He had invited Theresa Vail, Miss Kansas 2013, on his show.  She refused to come on unless she had  a list of questions that he intended to ask her.  He said that wasn’t how their show worked, so he didn’t contract her to to come on.  So far…so good.  She asked to know what he wanted to ask.  He didn’t want to tell her.  As such, she’s not coming on his show.  Fine.  Great.  No problems.  Then O’Reilly has to come on and whine about how she want do his show without knowing the questions up front.  Dude!  Have some class!  This is just you whining and trying to defame her because she wouldn’t play your game.  She’s not a public official.  She’s not anyone truly important.  She just wants to make sure she’s not ambushed and torn apart on national TV.  Hell, she probably watched his show and didn’t want to end up like some of his other guests.  However, Bill O’Reilly can’t stand not to have his way, and so he whined like a little baby and tried to make out that this lady was a bad person just for looking out for her own reputation.  She was up front with her requirements for her appearance.  She did nothing wrong.  You, O’Reilly, are a crybaby.  Grow up.

Long Live the Constitution!

Defunding Obamacare video

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Defunding Obamacare

The Last Starfighter

Posted by Troy on 20th September 2013 in Entertainment

The Last Starfighter is one of the greatest films ever made.  An eloquent allegory of…of friggin’ awesomeness.  There’s not a lot I can say about this.  The plot is iffy on a few points.  The special effects are early 80′s, but who cares!  This is The Last Starfighter for crying out loud!  You have been recruited by the star league, baby.  It’s time to step up and watch this film!  Five Stars!

Obama is about to be Guilty of Treason

Posted by Troy on 18th September 2013 in Uncategorized

Like it or not, Obama is about to be guilty of treason.  He has waived the provision which states that we cannot give arms to global terrorists.  Why would he have to do that?  Because he wants to give arms to the Syrian rebels.  The best estimates (provided by the White House) state that at least 15% of these rebels are Al Queda members.  Unfavorable estimates reach up to 50%.  Regardless, the majority of the rebels hate us.  What is the definition of treason?  Providing “providing aid and comfort to our enemies.”  We are about to give aid to AT LEAST the 15% that’s a known enemy of the United States.  Honestly…how the hell can he just waive part of the law.  ”We made a law!”  ”Eh…I’m just gonna waive that for now.”  What the hell is this?  He’s not God.  He’s not even a king!  He’s just some guy that we have allowed to lead the country for a few number of years.  He cannot veto or circumvent a law that is already on the books.  That ALONE should be a conflict with the Constitution.  And he’s done it with Obamacare too by issuing delays and waivers so that some people are immune to the law and others are not.  He’ll never be impeached, but he really should be.

Long Live the Constitution!

Another Shooting at Military Base

Posted by Troy on 16th September 2013 in Uncategorized

Again, I have to ask, “Why don’t we allow our military personnel to carry their side arms?”  The only response has to be, for whatever reason, that they do not trust the military personnel to not go nuts and start shoot each other.  Again, I ask, whatever reason could their be for keeping arms out of the very people we train to use them properly?  I, personally, believe that the government thinks that the military is full of a bunch of rednecks and reprobates that were too stupid to go to college.  Let me be clear, that is NOT what I believe.  This is just how I believe our government, as a whole, views those people who have chosen to protect America.  It is inexcusable that military members have to pay for uniforms, food, or other necessities.  If they stay on base, all of their needs should be provided for.  If they are wounded in battle, all of their medical bills should be covered for life.  And they should never be defenseless before a madman with a gun.

Long Live the Constitution!

Emotions vs Logic

Posted by Troy on 12th September 2013 in Uncategorized

The Sandy Hook victims (and those who would exploit their pain) would have me give up my rights because of their pain.  This cannot be allowed.  Many people will abuse the freedom of speech.  Shall we all give up that right?  Many people will abuse their right to eat what they want.  Shall we give up that right?  We could go on forever.  Bad things will happen.  if we strip the rights of the good people because of the abuses of the evil people, we will have nothing worth living for as this will lead to a touchy-feely tyranny.