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Video of the day – Obama Keep Your Mouth Shut!

Posted by Troy on 30th August 2013 in Uncategorized

Keep Your Mouth Shut, Obama!

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Martin Luther King, Jr’s 50th Anniversary

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Everyone is give the 50th anniversary a lot of lip service.  They talk about his dream and that he wanted jobs and equality for the black community.  However, no one talked about how Martin Luther King would feel about the black community.  He didn’t get to see the black family disintegrate.  He didn’t get to see the abortion rate skyrocket for black girls.  He didn’t get to see the rise of gangs, of drugs, of self-destructive entertainment.  Martin Luther King was a good man, but his dream cuts both ways.  He didn’t want people to be judged by the the color of their skin.  However, he did want them to be judged by the content of their character.  I, personally, do not think he would approve of several aspect of the black community now.  I feel that The Boondocks did an excellent episode along these lines.  I still maintain that the only long term solution for anyone’s problem is to take personal responsibility for them.  If someone puts their mind to succeeding, no one can stop them.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama is a Pussy

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As Swamp Fox predicted, Syria decided to use chemical weapons as a way of staying in power.  So, now Obama has opened his mouth trying to act tough.  Now we have a tough call: do we let our President puss out, or do we sent thousands of young men to their death?  Add to this that China and Russian (and Iran) have warned us against attacking Syria.  So, what are we going to do?  Well, we will probably slip in there, pop a couple of missiles, and run out with our tail between our legs.  Of course, this won’t change anything.  The other countries will know that we’re afraid to do anything serious.  And we should be.  I feel bad about the stuff that is going on over there, but not bad enough for us to die.  We will never intervene and it actually work out well for us.  Never has.  Never will.  If the regime wins, they will hate us.  The rebels will no doubt turn out to be terrorists or extremists.  This is great.  So what do I think we should do?  I think we should puss out and forget this crap.  Only 9% of Americans want to do ANYTHING in there.  Why the hell are we even talking about it?

Long Live the Constitution!

Chris Lane vs Trayvon Martin

Posted by Troy on 21st August 2013 in Current Events

Greetings Swamp Foxes!  I’m BACK!

Chris Lane was killed by three teens.  One of the killers said in a tweet that he hated whites and that 90% of them are nasty.  They admit to killing Chris because they were bored.

Trayvon was killed by Zimmerman after he got on top of Zimmerman and beat the crap out of him.  All research showed no racist tenancies for Zimmerman.  He helped blacks in his neighborhood.  Dated black girls, etc.

So, how did people react?  Zimmerman killed Trayvon because Zimmerman was racist.  Likewise, by extension, all whites (although he was Hispanic) are racists.  The reaction for Chris Lane?  Nothing.  No one really cares.  Oh, the Right Wing media is trying to turn it into some kind of point, but they are the only ones.

My take?  There’s only outrage when it’s politically expedient.  Those political forces will continue to advance a crazy theory that only whites can be racist.  The Chris Lane case also proves: teenagers can be deadly.  Hell, a gang of 11-year-olds beat a homeless man to death with baseball bats when I was in high school.  Here’s another theory.  Is it possible that Zimmerman was checking out Trayvon, and Trayvon saw someone he took to be white?  Instead of run away, he decided to confront and beat up a white guy?  Why was his possible racists tenancies not examined at all?

Long Live the Constitution!

Who would you bet on?

Posted by Troy on 6th August 2013 in Human Nature

One family raises their child.  They tell the child that the “system” is against him.  They tell them that, based on just how the child looks, people will hate and scorn him.  They will conspire to keep him down.  The cops will harass him.  They will be denied opportunity after opportunity.

The other family raises their child.  They tell the child that his life is his own.  They tell him that, if he tries hard and plays by the rules, that he can succeed.

Now, let’s assume that the first family is absolutely wrong.  The world is NOT against their child, and let’s assume, also, that the second family is absolutely wrong.  The world is TOTALLY out to get their kid.  Who would you bet on?

Even with all the opposition the second child faces, he is much more likely to succeed.  If someone refuses to give up and fights hard, you almost can’t keep them down.  They will also be prone to have a great attitude.  Despite what is happening in their lives, they know it will get better.  The first child will almost ensure his own defeat.  Every hardship is the opportunity to claim that “it’s no use.”  However, that might actually be the better experience.  The other option is that they become hard and embittered.  They fight and push the world away, knowing that it is unjust.  This leads to a self-perpetuating cycle.  They will raise their kids the same way.  As they show nothing but anger and hate towards “the system,” they only get that back.  After all, who wants to hang with an angry, bitter person except for other angry, bitter people?

Which is the greater tragedy?  The happy go lucky guy that is stuck at the low level by a corrupt system, or someone whose anger and bitterness have hardened their heart, especially if the world actually isn’t against them?

Long Live the Constitution!