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Obama spends $100 Million for a trip to Africa

Posted by Troy on 22nd June 2013 in Uncategorized

Remember when Obama cut the White House tours due to Sequestration?  At $18,000 a week, this equates to about $1,000,000 per year for school children and other citizens to tour a building that we pay to maintain.  Yet, he has no trouble having us shell out millions and millions of dollars for his various trips and vacations.

Just saying.

Long Live the Constitution!

Letter to my representatives regarding the immigration bill

Posted by Troy on 20th June 2013 in Uncategorized

Do not vote for the current immigration bill.  Already, lawmakers are contradicting every promise that they made.  We are going to legitimize them first and then worry about the border.  Translation: we will never do anything about the border.  Illegals will have to pay back taxes and learn English.  So you expect them to be truthful about the amount of money they owe the system?  What are we going to do if they don’t learn English?  We don’t deport them for DUI and serious crimes, what makes you think we will if they don’t learn English?  This doesn’t even mention the fact that legalizing them will draw down wages for everyone, influx workers into an already weak economy that is lacking in jobs, and will eat up tax dollars in social services (regardless of whatever anyone says…the next step will be to grant them these benefits).  Again, vote no.  This is a horrible idea, and its only selling point is that the politicians can garner favor with a minority of voters which are threatening them if they do not grant Latinos favors.  And make no mistake, this is a pleading to the Latinos.  This has nothing to do with European or other immigrants.  Also, any Republican that thinks they will gain favor with this giveaway should think again.  Republicans will never be able to offer the amount of freebies the Democrats do.

New Profiling Law in NYC

Posted by Troy on 19th June 2013 in Current Events

They will be voting on a new law.  Under this law, the police will only be able to describe a fugitive based upon clothing and no other description: avoiding age, race, and disabilities, etc.  What madness is this?  Of course, I have no doubt, even in NYC, that this law will be defeated, but what idiot would even draft this law?  This shows the caliber of intellect that is leading NYC.  I still don’t understand why anyone would live in that hell hole.

Long Live the Constitution!


Posted by Troy on 13th June 2013 in Current Events

I’ve said if first, and I’ll say it again: I don’t think we should get involved.  It really doesn’t matter who wins, they will hate us, and they will turn on us.  We supported rebels in Afghanistan.  Result?  Taliban and Osama bin Laden.  We supported Saddam in his takeover of Iraq.  How did that work out for us?  We supported the overthrow of the rulers of Iran.  Do they like us these days?  Can you show me any place where nation building or “saving” a country has worked out well for us?  The only possible exception might be the Philippines, but that really depends on who you talk to.  I say leave them to their own devices.  Regardless of what we do, they will inevitably end up being our enemies.  We might as well save the time and money.

Long Live the Constitution!

Snowden Vs Hasan and Bradley Manning

Posted by Troy on 12th June 2013 in Current Events, Political

Snowden told us that the US government is spying on us.  The result?  He was instantly fired from his job.  He is now being investigated for espionage, and some are throwing around the term, “treason.”  Hasan kills 13 soldiers and Fort Hood and wounded 32 others.  The result?  There was an instant call not to rush to judgement.  He is still collecting his salary ($278,000 so far).  It was also called workplace violence instead of Islamic Terrorism.

It really lets you know where your government’s priorities lie, does it not?  They are much more concerned about you finding out that they have been logging every phone call you’ve made than they are about a Muslim terrorist who killed US soldiers.

Now, that brings us to how Snowden is different than Manning.  I’m not completely sold that Snowden is not a traitor, actually.  On the surface, I wanted to say that he is not a traitor.  What he did different than Bradley is that he released a single bit of information to deal with something that the government was doing in secret against their own citizens.  Manning did a massive download of documents, not to fight one particular program but (presumably) because he though America was a force of evil in this world that needed to be stopped.  The documents he downloaded immediately put Americans at risk and aided our enemies.  As such, Manning is guilty of treason.  I had excused Snowden, but now Snowden is living in China and has announced that we have been doing cyber warfare on China for years (well duh, who thought we weren’t?).  This strikes me that China has paid him off, and he released both of these facts to cause our leaders political problems and to weaken our moral high ground with China.  If so, he is still guilty of treason, but I’ll thank him for the heads up even as he is hanged.

Long Live the Constitution!

The Purge – Movie attacks 2nd Amendment

Posted by Troy on 9th June 2013 in Entertainment

What the?  I had no desire to see The Purge.  However, now I have the desire to tell others to skip this movie as well.  The director has come out and said that this movie is an attack on the NRA, that the government in the movie was replaced by an NRA type organization called the New Founding Fathers (a name a Tea Party group may have come up with).  So what would a Tea Party group do if they took over the government in 2022?  Obviously they would not try to instill some sort of Constitutional values regarding small government at the Federal level.  Instead, they would have a 12 hour period where everyone could commit a crime without fear of criminal prosecution.  Yes, that does sound like what they would do, wouldn’t it?  Makes sense…  I won’t go into the asinine point that police protection is provided by states and municipalities, not the Feds… but whatever.  Here’s where the premise of the movie breaks down: Do you not go out and rape and murder because you fear getting caught or because you are a moral person?  The fact of the matter is that the police could do NOTHING if the bulk of the people raised up at any one time.  Nor could the military, honestly.  In fact, one of the concepts of the movie is that the only crime is that you can’t kill a government official.  The NRA and Tea Party members would be the first to tell you that the Second Amendment is all about standing up to government officials.  This is the way this movie would go down in reality:  On the first day of 12 hours worth of legal crime, every law abiding citizen would arm themselves out of necessity.  Anyone trying to commit said crimes would be killed in the first day.  With the bulk of the neer-do-wells dead, all future legal crime days would be null and void because any surviving criminals would be too scared to commit a crime on that day and would wait for a regular day when most people were not so armed.  See how that works?  There would not be annual bouts where the good and decent people are killed by murderous bastards.  And, of course, this also assumes that the next day, you’d be perfectly willing to go about your life the same as you always had and not say, “Jim!  You bastard!  You raped my girlfriend!  Now you die!”  Which would happen all the time and no jury would convict you.  Again, the premise of the movie is absolutely retarded.  Hollywood continues to make attack after attack on our values.  According to Hollywood, the South is nothing but racist bigots, but why is it that every time I see racial police brutality, it’s in bloody California?  Hollywood has no problem making money off guns and violence and at the same time demonizes the rights of law abiding citizens to own guns.  They shove Cloud Atlas and other communist/liberal propaganda down our throats (not to mention anything by Michael Moore) and blackball movies like Atlas Shrugged or similar conservative styled documentaries.  Again, I would urge anyone that cares for their Second Amendment rights to avoid this movie.  First of all, it’s going to be stupid, but also because you should not reward Hollywood for trying to brainwash us against our own rights.

Long Live the Constitution!

Cloud Atlas

Posted by Troy on 8th June 2013 in Entertainment

Two and a half hours.  This movie is a commitment.  Of course, with both Tom Hanks and Susan Sarandon, you could bet this movie is liberal.  The liberalism is very understated, however, and you could easily miss it.  I’ll discuss this later.  The movie jumps around…a LOT.  There’s a multitude of storylines, some better than others.  While I had some suspicions from the beginning, you can really watch this movie for over an hour and still have no idea of what the point is.  The plots aren’t hard to follow, but the point is a bit vague until you realize that the movie is about Communism.  The heroine of the story says that “the system that built that ship should be brought down by any means necessary.”  That’s almost word for word out of the Communist Manifesto.  There were some things that I did approve of, such as mentioning that your good or evil deeds ripple forth from you and have unintended consequences.  Well, true that.  Now, if you are pro-Communism (which I so am not), they really did some neat stuff as far as linking the resistance to overthrowing the Capitalist system to the overthrowing of slavery and big oil.  However, the movie was a bit eyeball rolling when it came to the level of resistance that the Capitalists put up–rushing into the room slaughtering the poor Union Revolution.  Communists are the ones that run into rooms and gun down their political opponents (as well as little boys and girls who are of royal blood).

Verdict?  Eh, bit of a pretentious movie.  If you ignore the Communist subtext, it’s not unenjoyable.  I’d probably give it 2 stars.  (1 – avoid, 2 – eh, okay, 3 – good, 4 – would highly recommend)

What if Obama were a Republican?

Posted by Troy on 6th June 2013 in Current Events

A lot of people say that the reason why Obama can never be impeached is because he is the first black President.  Any move to impeach him would instantly be called racist and anyone voting for impeachment would instantly be branded a racist.  While I cannot deny that this would actually happen, I do not believe he is unimpeachable merely because he is the first black President.  If he was Dr. Ben Carson, I’m sure the media would be chomping at the bit to investigate him for these crimes (also called scandals, apparently).  The fact of the matter is that there is a massive amount of evidence mounting which can only have two conclusions: either his administration is utterly corrupt or he is utterly incompetent.  Personally, I buy into the utterly corrupt motif.  If it were a case of total incompetence, that he put his faith in the wrong people and he had no idea any of this was going on, there should be firings left and right, but there is not.  As such, he is giving his tacit approval to their actions.  As such, he must have either known or authorized such behavior as the only reason not to punish such behavior is to prevent tattling.  This is like at the end of Georgia Rule when the pedophile father gives the daughter the Ferrari to keep her quiet.  The mom, realizing that doesn’t seem right, instantly knows he is guilty.  Same rules apply here.  The only way he could convince people that he didn’t know is to come down with the full wrath of God upon their heads.  In not doing so, he admits that he has at least some of the blame.  As such, he should be impeached, but he never will.  Why?  Because he is a hard-core leftist, and the media will do anything they can to protect him.  That’s all it is.  If you ask an Obama supporter ANYTHING about Obama’s policies, they will instantly bring up President Bush (either saying he did the same thing or where was your criticism when he was President).  However, all Obama has done is continue Bush’s policies on steroids, but they still support him!  Why?  Well…I honestly have no idea.  I can’t make sense of it.  Maybe they’re brainwashed.  Maybe they’ve been trained.  Maybe they don’t pay attention.  Maybe they formed some fairy tale notion of the guy and are clinging to it with all their might the way some Americans cling to their guns and God.  Yeah…that’s probably the ticket.

Long Live the Constitution!

Bradley Manning – Guilty of Treason

Posted by Troy on 3rd June 2013 in Current Events

I’m a Libertarian.  However, what Bradley Manning did is not some wild-eyed bout of freedom fighting.  I am sure that he probably released information that shows some stuff that we are doing wrong.  Granted, but he didn’t find that one case where the military was testing AIDS on people without their knowledge and exposed it.  No, he did a massive information dump of a block of information which could endanger operative’s lives not to mention aid our enemies or put other Americans (even the American homeland) at risk.  This isn’t to be lauded.  He’s not a freedom fighter.  He is not some masked hero of justice.  He is a traitor.  He needs to be tried, convicted as such, and hanged from the neck until dead.

Long Live the Constitution!

Communists and Greater Power

Posted by Troy on 2nd June 2013 in Uncategorized

It occurs to me that Communists hate all of those things which are supposed to be exalted over that of the individual.   They despise God.  In truth, they hate country.  If you read the Communist Manifesto, Communism is a global scheme that is supposed to transcend nationality and only focuses on class.  They despise the family, which they tell people subjugates  the individual’s own happiness to raise a kid and traps them in a never ending cycle of oppression.  They even hate any sense of morality and ideals which are rooted in any kind of classical thought on the subject.  In all of these things, Communists lay the charge that these greater ideals, these greater powers, rob the individual of their own happiness.  Of course, a stupid person may agree.  In the short-term, adhering to a moral code that is required by a religion might prevent someone from having an affair which might make them happy for a few moments.  The constant sacrifice of money and time that children involve no doubt takes their toll, and a parent might wish that they could run off and do some of the activities they enjoyed when they were younger.  In all of these things, however, someone is foolish if they believe this to be the case.  In truth, only by devoting your life to things that are grander than yourself can you achieve any true happiness.  If you live a life that is devoted to yourself, you wind up with a shallow thing that has no worth.  You look back with bitterness and see that the fields that you have walked all your life are but a barren wasteland.  It is far better to die a young death in a meaningful life than to reach old age and have nothing worthy of mention–a mish-mash of random encounters and events that have no real meaning other than the fleeting pleasure that it gave.  However, the goal of Communism is much more sinister than even that.  It tries to drag you away from those greater powers, those powers that have existed since the dawn of man, and attempts to shackle you to an artificial one.  It tells you that those old powers oppress you and steal your happiness, and in turn, they offer you a new power, a new master.  In this, they have an almost Satanic glee.  You see, you give up these meaningful powers and take on the endless and meaningless power of the collective.  You will be enslaved to providing to your fellow man regardless of their own worth or merit.  If you choose not to participate, you will be punished until you do or be killed.  Understand what Communism really is.  It is the Devil luring you away from God with temptation.  After all…what is a soul?

Long Live the Constitution!