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Britain Wants Their Guns Back

Posted by Troy on 30th May 2013 in Current Events, Political

In a recent poll, nearly 83% of Britain’s want a repeal of their handgun ban.  Why?  Maybe they have had enough of the riots.  Maybe seeing a soldier butchered on the streets has something to do with it.  You see, a gun ban does not make you any safer from criminals because criminals will find a way to get a gun, or they will work out and get stronger than you.  A strong man with a hatchet attacking you is a pretty formidable foe, is it not?  I’m glad they are coming to their senses, but I hate to break it to them…once a government takes away a freedom, they are very reluctant to return it to the people.  I hope for the best for them though.

Long Live the Constitution!

Zimmerman Case

Posted by Troy on 29th May 2013 in Current Events

It would appear that the judge is trying to engineer a particular verdict.  He has disallowed Trayvon’s phone records showing him discussing fighting and smoking pot and other nefarious activities.  Why was it ruled out?  Because it’s irrelevant.  Okay…so how is it irrelevant to know that someone who was involved in a physical confrontation that resulted in his death made a habit of physical confrontations?  Quick question…if Zimmerman’s cell phone had text messages using the term “n—-r” in a racist and derogatory manner…do you think this same judge would have allowed it or called it irrelevant?  The jury deserves to see all the evidence that might shed light on it.  Convicting a man on incomplete evidence is not justice.

Long Live the Constitution!

Future of the Republican Party

Posted by Troy on 28th May 2013 in Current Events, Political

The Democratic Party has one setting: full blown socialist liberalism.  They have gone a path where cannot return.  They will have to give more and more “freebies” while excusing any and all behavior.  They won’t have any choice.  The bad said of this, as I show in 2084, is that the end result of such “freebies” comes at the cost of your freedom.  Eventually, there are too many leeches and not enough workers.  When that hits, they will have to force you to do what you’re supposed to do.  Talk to anyone that’s from a Communist country, and they will tell you.

So, what is the future of the Republican party?  First, I think they need to completely abandon the establishment, big government parts of their party. Second, they should split into two distinct groups: Libertarians and Conservatives.  When in the South and other Conservative venue, they should advance Conservative candidates.  However, when in liberal areas, they should advance Libertarians.  It does little good to anyone if Republicans only advance Conservatives and lose.  The most important part of the Republican party is the financial part.  It is better to have allies on the budget and lose on the social aspects than to lose on both issues.

Long Live the Constitution!

2084 featured on the BS of A on the Blaze

Posted by Troy on 26th May 2013 in Uncategorized

The comedic team of the BS of A did a sketch on my novel, 2084.  I was thrilled at the results as it was quite humorous.  I look forward to posting it on Swampfoxpress and facebook as soon as it is released to me.

Incompetent or Corrupt

Posted by Troy on 23rd May 2013 in Current Events

With all the scandals facing Obama, I think this proves what I’ve always said about him: either he is incompetent, or he is corrupt.  There can be only those two options.  Either knows what all is going on and is controlling all of these scandals, or he is completely inept.  He claims to have no knowledge, that all of his underlings are running around behind his back committing high crimes and misdemeanors, and he is none the wiser.  Worse yet, they are doing all of these things and he is completely unable to punish them for it.  Soooo, either he’s lying or he’s inept.  Which do you prefer, exactly?

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama’s Favorite Constitutional Amendment?

Posted by Troy on 22nd May 2013 in Current Events, Political

The Fifth.  I’m willing to bet that more government officials have plead the Fifth under Obama than any other President in history.  Soooo…when are people going to realize that when you have THIS many people having to plead the Fifth that they are seriously lying to us.  I actually don’t think that the Fifth Amendment should apply to government officials if the crime is committed as a part of their duties.  That is to say, and IRS agent that was busted for seeing prostitutes should be able to plead the Fifth, but that same guy shouldn’t be able to plead the Fifth if he was using the IRS to get revenge on his ex-girlfriend.  This rule especially applies when higher officials give orders for their enemies to be punished.  I might be willing to give a cop out for government officials that turn witness against a higher level government official that ordered such a crime.  Hopefully we will get to the bottom of this and the responsible parties will be punished.

Long Live the Constitution!

Michael Moore is an idiot

Posted by Troy on 19th May 2013 in Political

I recently watched a clip of SE Cupps vs Michael Moore, Bill Maher, and two other liberal guests.  Every time I watch these things, I wish I would get famous for 2084 so I could go on these shows and destroy these people.

1)  Let’s take a cheap shot.  Hey, Mikey, you wanna save lives?  Gun homicides are about 13,000 a year (and a big chunk of those are criminals on other criminals, ie gangs).  If you wanna save lives, outlaw fatty foods.  Obesity kills 300,000 people per year.  I would think that fat boy would be much more concerned about that.

2)  You do not have to register a car to own one…just to use it on public roads.  If I want a gun in my home, that’s my own business.

3)  If you want to redo the Second Amendment for muskets and other things that existed during the founding…say goodbye to the internet, movies, and television…how did you make your money again, fatty?

4)  Why does someone need an AR-15?  Fun?  I don’t know.  As long as they don’t commit a crime, I really don’t care.

Finally, a special shout out to Bill Maher for being a complete hypocrite.  He wants to get rid of all guns and has 2 in his house?  Even if he wants to play the game that “I’ll give up my guns as soon as they are taken from everyone…”  That’s big talk from a rich guy living in a neighborhood where the cops will protect him.  What about the poor?  What about EVERY WOMAN THAT COULD BE RAPED?  Bill Maher thinks me might can go toe to toe with an evil man, but what about a 120 pound college girl vs a 200 pound ex-con?

Long Live the Constitution!

Star Trek Into Darkness

Posted by Troy on 18th May 2013 in Entertainment

The reboot for Star Trek has been very successful so far.  They have managed to add depth to the characters and the updated effects have helped as well.  Into Darkness continues to please.  However, there was a lot going on in the plot.  Another note is that I don’t feel that the 3D version added much to the experience.  If you like Sci-fi movies and can get past the “It’s not completely like the original” geek snob thing, then I would recommend this movie.

Businesses to Sue over Obamacare

Posted by Troy on 15th May 2013 in Political

Now businesses are suing because Obamacare is putting them out of business.  They have to cut full time people back to 29 hours to avoid having to buy insurance.  The costs of compliance is so high that it will destroy some businesses.  Finally, they are starting to question what Obamacare will do to the economy.  It’s about time.  It’s also nice that they are finally figuring out what I have been saying for the last three years.  Actually, if I thought that we would realize the error of our ways and return to the Constitution, I’d be all for letting this fiasco continue.  However, 50% of people are leaches now and 50% are workers.  It’s 50/50 how that’s going to break down once Obamacare re-crashes the economy.

Long Live the Constitution!

How to tell there’s a scandal

Posted by Troy on 15th May 2013 in Political

Here’s the thing about all the different scandals:  if no one winds up in jail or VERY high level people (Holder, etc) are FIRED, then it is a scandal.  Why do I say that?  In the case of the IRS and AP reports, those are criminal charges.  Benghazi was total incompetence.  As such, people deserve to be fired and deserve to go to jail.  With great power comes great responsibility and greater punishment for their failure.  If the President does not exact this price for these failures, there is only one reason: doing so would motivate them to blab.  In Fast and Furious, five high level people were removed from their positions…and given positions in other departments.  Why weren’t they fired?  Because then they would say the truth: the DOJ set up Fast and Furious to try to get gun control passed.  As such, I will not believe the administration unless people pay with the highest punishment available.

Long Live the Constitution!