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Gun Control and Hollywood

Posted by Troy on 31st December 2012 in Current Events, Political

This guy does a great job of depicting what bloody hypocrites these Hollywood types are.  The average Hollywood A-lister is basically little more than a child.  They are enveloped in a cocoon of riches and well wishers and the belief that they are somehow morally superior to everyone else–even they do blow all their cash on diamonds and cars and travelling and fancy food that they could feed millions of starving children with.  They are immune to the violence of the streets as they either have their own body guards, receive protection at taxpayer’s expense where ever they go, or have security provided by the owners of the establishments they frequent.  Naturally, no one else needs a gun because THEY don’t need a gun.  Meanwhile, they see no harm in making money off guns and violence.

I see no outrage at the movie industry for showing our kids violence like Saw and other movies.  No problems there.  Nothing to worry about.  I’m sure there’s no effect on the human psyche of viewing such trash.  I bet if you could transport someone from the 1930′s and show them a modern movie, they would probably vomit.  Same thing with music and music videos.  I’m sure listening to gansta rap in their early teens and seeing that lifestyle consist of juicy girls like the videos depict also have no effect on the youth and make them think living to die young is soooooo cool.

I hate to say it, but how terrible is it that I have to fight the urge to laugh out loud at a public service announcement that is regarding dead children?!  The worst part is watching all of them pretend to care with that fake “catch my sob in the back of my throat” or “see how much I care?  Look at my eyebrows!”  It’s such a joke.  I’m sure they feel bad.  But they feel bad in the same way that I feel bad that there are millions of children starving to death.  Likewise they feel bad about all those starving children…but not enough to give up their beach house in Malibu and live in a trailer.

There are always going to be crazy people.  They will do acts of evil in a myriad of ways.  This particular evil person was different in that he targeted children, something that is basically unheard of.  However, if you go back through history and see that the forced execution of millions of people begins with an effort to disarm them, you have to pay heed.  This was a tragedy, but I am not willing to give up my rights because a few people (even if they are children) died.  Likewise, we could play this game all day long.  A drunk driver hits a bus and causes an accident killing 50 children.  Would you make booze or cars illegal?  What about freedom of speech because these movies lead to murder?  What if we had a Clockwork Orange situation?  What if we could prevent anyone from dying wrongfully if we merely brainwash them from birth and keep constant surveillance on them?  Actually, that was a major point of my novel, 2084, now available on  Check it out!

Long Live the Constitution!

Fiscal Cliff

Posted by Troy on 31st December 2012 in Current Events, Political

Oh noes!  We’s went over the fiscal cliff!  Saves us Obama!

It’s all the House’s fault.  There’s no other players, of course, at least not according to the media.

Obama just don’t care.  He knows he has the Republican House right where he wants them.  If they fail to reach an agreement…bam!  Obama get’s his tax hikes.  He gets drastic cuts to the military.  He gets to then propose tax cuts.  Best of all, he gets to lay all the blame for everything at the House’s feet.  Look at it logically.  Why won’t the Senate play ball?  Why does Obama keep moving the finish line further and further away as the Republican’s try to deal with him?  It’s because he knows this fact.  I would even go so far as to say that he WANTED us to go over the cliff.  I do believe he is an agent of the Communist Party.  The real question is are the Democrats willing participants of Communism or have they been completely brainwashed and don’t even realize what they advocate is right out of the Communist Manifesto?

They were never going to cut the deal.  Even if the Republicans gave the Democrats everything they wanted, they still would have turned the offer down because doing so gives them the bonus of proposing tax cuts for everyone else and enables them to blame the Republicans for everything.  It’s brilliant, actually.  Hats off to them.

Long Live the Constitution!

It takes two – Obama and the fiscal cliff

Posted by Troy on 27th December 2012 in Political

As I’ve predicted, Obama has not magically become more compromising after his election.  How odd considering people were saying that we would have more bipartisanship if he were elected (as opposed to Romney which actually had a stellar record at bipartisanship).  Don’t expect Obama to take crap off anyone now.  He’s on his second term, and he doesn’t give a ____.  He really doesn’t care.  He’s prepared to let it crash or to get what he wants.  Either way, he wins.  In his heart of hearts, he is an anti-colonialist Socialist.  That’s what we elected, and how we have to deal with it.

Death of Spider-Man

Posted by Troy on 26th December 2012 in Current Events, Entertainment, Human Nature

I like to cover silly things sometimes.  I will now use this time to cover Marvel “killing” Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man).  In this case, Peter’s brain is going to be switched with Dr. Octopus, giving him Otto’s super-intelligence, Spider-Man’s powers, and Peter Parker’s memories (huh?).  So this leads to the inevitable question…if it’s Peter’s body and his memories, isn’t that Peter then?  This is an interesting twist to an old sci-fi question: what happens when someone’s brain is transplanted into another body or a robot or whatever.  This is more interesting because Peter is the same…except that he is smarter.  We’ll assume that somehow he has retained the knowledge as well as raw intellect of his arch-enemy.  So, how will that affect someone?  Could you imagine if you gained 100 IQ points overnight.  Do you think you could still relate to the same people and same hobbies (etc) as before?  I would imagine that a possible tract would be to have the hero become more disdainful of those he seeks to protect, possibly losing some of his goodness, viewing those people as expendable or beneath him.

However, they are probably using this reboot to make the hero more powerful.  I hope this is not the case.  I never enjoyed Superman growing up because he was too powerful.  He could blow out a distant star with his breath.  It’s hard to beat that guy.  As such, he wasn’t interesting.  However, I always liked The Punisher for the opposite reason.  He was someone that could easily be killed and had to rely on his wits and toughness to survive, but he felt compelled to fight crime.  To me, that made him more interesting.

I know many fans are upset, but it’s too early to tell how this will turn out.  Hopefully the writers will be able to make the story interesting.

Guy Code and Pregnancy

Posted by Troy on 23rd December 2012 in Human Nature

Somehow, I ended up watching some of MTV’s Guy Code.  Some of this was actually fairly funny.  However, they did a segment on what to do in the case of a pregnancy scare.  The bottom line was “talk the girl into having an abortion.”  It was amazing.  Not one guy said to stand up and do the right thing by the girl or anything like that.  They spoke of ending a pregnancy with the casualness of someone getting a cavity filled.  Apparently, the “Guy Code” is a far cry from the “Man Code.”

This is going out to all the boys and girls out there.  If you are not prepared to handle having a baby with someone, you shouldn’t be having sex with them.  Also, what would be the point of it?  As C.S. Lewis said, those who go out looking for sex don’t want to have a person…that’s just the wrapper.  They just want the fleeting moment of pleasure.  Why would you want to be someone that thinks so little of you?  To give something so precious to someone like that?

Here’s the Man Code.  Don’t have sex with someone you don’t love.  If you do get her pregnant, setup up and take responsibility, like a man.  Do the right thing, like a man.  Don’t try to talk a girl into aborting a baby.  While we can debate the issue of if it’s life or not, there is one thing that cannot be denied.  Aborting a baby causes the mother immeasurable harm.  They will have to live with that guilt forever.  They will look back and wonder if they did the right thing or not.  It will leave gash in their soul that will never heal.  Even if you couldn’t care less about the fetus, I should hope you would love the girl enough not to wish that upon them.

That’s the Man Code

Calling on Mary by Aimee Mann

Posted by Troy on 22nd December 2012 in Entertainment

Currently, my favorite Christmas song is Calling on Mary.  It’s a beautiful song, and the lyrics can be taken in so many different ways.  It can be a sad song, or defiant, or hopeful.  Being the type of person who reads too much into a song, I’ll break it down.

In the opening lines, she hears the sidewalk Santa say, “Merry Christmas!  Merry Christmas!  Salvation’s coming cheap today.  Merry Christmas!  Merry Christmas!”  So, what we have here is someone that is paid to say Merry Christmas.  Does he mean it or not?  When he says, “Salvation’s coming cheap today,” does he mean that it’s “cheap” as in tawdry, or does he mean it’s easy, it’s free, by the grace of God?

She searches the skyline for a star.  Of course, this is impossible in a city, but she sees the star when they light up the Christmas tree.  Speaking of which, that star can look like love when they light up the Christmas tree.  She could mean that love is as  unreachable as a star, or it can mean that she can see the hope of love.

Then there are the stanzas about comfort not being possible if you look past joy to the end.  Mary provides comfort.  She also says that she’s not the miracle kind, but she must still believe because she still calls on Mary.

Finally, the end of the song is my favorite when she calls out to those like her.  It starts off as a bitter Merry Christmas then it builds into a defiant Merry Christmas and ends in a joyous Merry Christmas.

Maybe I read too much into it, but it’s a beautiful song.

I heard the sidewalk Santa sayMerry Christmas, Merry Christmas

Salvation’s coming cheap todayMerry Christmas, Merry Christmas

I searched the skyline for a star

Merry Christmas, merry Christmas

And baby I wondered where you are

Merry Christmas, merry Christmas

‘Cause comfort’s not possible when

You look past the joy to the end

Calling on Mary is voluntary

Unless you’re alone like me

If there’s a star above, then it can look like love

When they light up the Christmas tree

When I was young, I couldn’t see

Merry Christmas, merry Christmas

All that my true love gave to me

Merry Christmas, merry Christmas

She offered sight to the blind

But I’m not the miracle kind

Calling on Mary is voluntary

Unless you’re alone like me

If there’s a star above, then it can look like love

When they light up the Christmas tree

And to all the lost souls down below

Merry Christmas, merry Christmas

What’s one more drifter in the snow?

Merry Christmas, merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, merry Christmas

If there’s a star above, then it can look like love

When they light up the Christmas tree

If there’s a star above, then it can look like love

When they light up the Christmas tree

Anderson Cooper uses a 10 year old girl

Posted by Troy on 20th December 2012 in Current Events

Anderson Cooper uses a 10 year old’s grief to promote his agenda.  A sister of one of the Sandy Hook victims wrote a letter to President Obama asking him to do something saying that no one should be able to own guns, and if someone wants to use guns for fun, they should go to a shooting range and leave them at the range when they are done.  This letter is presented as “from the mouth of babes” wisdom.

Hey!  I got an idea!  Why don’t we let the children be children, and let us adults deal with the problems?  Children are ignorant of the ways of the world.  Of course, their platform would be very much in line with Democrats.  Ask a kid, “Shouldn’t everyone have a free house?  Food?  Clothing?  Free cars?”  whatever, and a kid would probably say yes because they don’t understand how the economy works and whatnot.  Likewise, they are unable to process that there are a few evil people out there that will do evil and that we cannot sacrifice our rights over it.

A child, especially one that is grieving, cannot understand these complex issues.  It is up to the adults do decide such things and protect the children.  If up to the children, we would disband the army and smash all the guns and make everything free to everyone…huh!  That does sound like Democrats!

Long Live the Constitution!

Assault Weapons Bans are Useless and Liability Protection for Gun Manufacturers

Posted by Troy on 19th December 2012 in Current Events, Political

They say 62% of Americans are for the banning of assault weapons.  Quick question:  Why?  We had one.  Do you know why we don’t have one anymore?  No, the answer isn’t, “Because of the NRA.”  It’s because it didn’t reduce crime.  Do you honest to God think that a criminal is going to say, “I wanna commit a crime!  What, I can’t use an AR-15?  Oh well…I guess I’ll just attend community college, get a job, maybe meet a girl and get married and raise some kids…”  Or do you think they will say, “That’s okay.  I’ll just use this sawed off shotgun instead.”

The killer already had a gun.  This law wouldn’t have stopped him, but even if he didn’t, do you think that the result would have been better if he had used a 12 gauge?  Given the fact that the victims were in neat little rows, a few shotgun blasts would have made that room a slaughterhouse.  An AR-15 is great for a variety of purposes.  Many enthusiasts pick it or the AK-47 as the best all around gun.  However, at close quarters, there is no more devastating weapon than the 12 gauge.  Where assault weapons really shine is at mid to long (but not seriously long) range.  My point?  The gun choice is largely unimportant.  Two pistols would have had equal ammo capacity or a .22 loaded with stinger rounds would have done the job just as well given who he had chosen to target.  Outlawing one type of weapon would not have saved those kids.  Hell, he could have used a sword and cleared that room.

Finally, the Huffington Post has a story about how the families of the victims are being denied the opportunity to seek restitution…from the gun manufacturer!  Ok…why do the gun manufacturers have any liability here?  They didn’t pull the trigger.  If you want them to be on the hook, then you have to agree with the following:

1)  You can sue Ford and Jack Daniels when someone dies at the hands of a drunk driver.

2)  You can sue a Ginsu when someone is stabbed to death.

3)  You can sue Louisville Slugger when someone is bludgeoned to death.

4)  You can sue God when someone is drowned.  Hey…He made water, right?

You think all of these examples are asinine, and you should.  Why do you think differently because it’s guns?  The answer is because it is guns, and you want to get rid of them, and you will use any means necessary to do it.

Gun deaths per year: 31,000 (17,000 suicides and probably shouldn’t be counted, so 14,000 deaths)

Doctor accident deaths per year: 120,000  (funny)

Drug overdose deaths: 27,000 (maybe we should make these illegal to stop these?)

Abortions in the US this year: 1,200,000 (insane!  right?  Talk about saving children’s lives!  ha ha)

Smoking deaths: 443,000 per year

Obesity deaths: 300,000 per year (Maybe we should make McDonald’s illegal?)

Drunk driving deaths: 10,000 per year

Driving accident deaths: 33,000 per year

We could make a lotta stuff illegal and save a lot of lives.  So why don’t we get rid of all this stuff!  We can move to just public transportation (read 2084!).  Come on!  Join the club!  Drink the Kool Aid!

Think for yourselves, guys.  Think rationally and logically.

Long Live the Constitution!

Flags at half-mast

Posted by Troy on 18th December 2012 in Current Events, Human Nature, Political

Okay, I’m sick of the flags flying at half-mast.  If that sounds cold and heartless, I’m sorry.  Ever since 9/11, we have been flying flags at half-mast over everything.  I remember the first “Patriot’s Day” (9/11 anniversary…this failed to stick).  They put the flag at half-mast, and I went ballistic.  I refused to put the flag at half-mast.  I wanted to run up a second pole and put that bad boy up double-mast.  The flag at half-mast is to announce the passing of a person of leadership.  It hails form the days when the fort flag would be put at half-mast to inform the soldiers and others that a leader had died.  Now it’s become a rite of mourning.  Worse yet, it has become a rite of mourning for people you didn’t even know.  I can understand someone lowering their flag when their father dies…but for Whitney Houston?  The act of lowering the flag has a depressive effect as well, depressing your spirit and making you more docile.  Not only that, but it’s being used as a weapon against us.  You see, you’re not allowed to argue.  Take for instance the Sandy Hook killings.  Flags are at half-mast.  You should be depressed.  Instead of it being a regional tragedy, it is converted to a national tragedy that we are all responsible for.  At the same time, they will immediately start pressing their agenda to ban guns.  However, if the NRA or anyone else gets out and defends individual rights and the 2nd Amendment, they would be branded as insensitive.  As such, the gun control fanatics get a jump on those who would promote individual rights in framing the debate or bullying public opinion.  ”If you’re not for gun control, you obviously want more dead children!”  The thing is that this is done at every opportunity, not just for guns.  Watch for this tactic, and you will see.

Long Live the Constitution!

Westboro Baptists and other low-lifes

Posted by Troy on 17th December 2012 in Current Events, Political

First of all, the Westboro Baptist church members need their asses kicked as they are protesting the funerals of the dead children at Sandy Hook.  Several people in the past cautioned at becoming “overly civilized.”  I think we’ve reached that point.  There is no way in hell that people in the 1950s would have put up with this crap.  Freedom of speech is one thing, but this goes far too far.  Your speech has consequences.  No one in their right mind would go to Harlem and start yelling the N-word.  Why?  Because they would be beaten or killed.  Do they have the freedom of speech?  Yes, but we all know that there are levels of provocation.  If you are seeking to provoke someone, you reap what you sow.  This is not to demean the freedom of speech but merely to state the unspoken obvious: what you say has an effect on others and may elicit a response.  Freedom of speech is against the government, not against other citizens.  The government cannot discriminate against you just because you are critical of the government.  If you are critical of someone, they will probably discriminate against you in retaliation.

I also want to chastise the media.  They tell us that we should help the victims of Sandy Hook.  How?  There is no property damage.  Not all the money in the world could replace what was taken, nor would any parent have traded their child for all the money in the world even if there were left alive.  No, there is nothing that can be done except to stop talking about it.  Allow them to grieve and move on with their lives.  However, they will not let them do that.  The media loves plastering the pictures of the victims and the killer all over television because it’s great for ratings.  It’s so sensational.  Politicians are loving turning this tragic event into gun control propaganda.  I wonder if when they first heard about the shootings if their first thoughts weren’t about the poor children or the motives for such a senseless crime.  Instead, they probably thought about how great their ratings were going to be or how they could get their precious legislation passed.

I don’t believe that people are going to call for gun control any more than those who already do.  People have made up their minds on that issue.  I believe that most people understand that this was an isolated actions of a madman.  I should never wish to give away our freedoms at each such offense.  Millions the world round have suffered due to the Communist Manifesto.  Obviously, we should not have freedom of speech as what we write or say may cause the deaths of millions of innocent women and children.  See how this works?

Long Live the Constitution!