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Hidden events

Posted by Troy on 12th November 2012 in Political

Prior to the election, the President tried to hide the truth behind the Libya attack.  They also knew of the Petraeus scandal and kept that under wraps.  He also kept secret the fact that Iran was shooting at our drones.  War’s coming.  Would all of these facts changes the election?  I doubt it.  The Democratic machine is no longer based in fact.  It is based upon the fear of free stuff being taken away: Free healthcare.  Free Obamaphones.  Free contraception.  Free abortions.  Free citizenship.  News doesn’t matter.  Economy doesn’t matter.  Debt doesn’t matter.  Nothing that matters when Republicans are in office matter.  And the media is complicit in all of this.  The media allows them to get away with it.  What else were they hiding?  Remember the Communist Manifesto.  “By any Means Necessary.”

Long Live the Constitution!

Immigration Issue

Posted by Troy on 11th November 2012 in Political

After this last election, it is apparent that neither side will have any stomach to tackle the immigration issue.  We never really had this type of problem before.  Rogue crossings from Europe were difficult to pull off at best.  Now we have a subset of the population willing to hold the law hostage with their vote.  I actually wouldn’t be against open boarders…except for the free stuff.  However, we’re never going to get rid of the free stuff, so here is what we are going to do, and it’s really the only reasonable thing left to do:

Anyone that is here must register with bio-metrics to be eligible for this program.  Anyone under this program cannot attain full citizenship.  This person must pay a fee of $25,000.  This is much more than anyone else who immigrates here legally.  Every year, they are required to file a tax return.  Using e-verify, employers will be required to withhold a high percentage of their income.  This will generate a refund due on their return.  These refunds will eventually eat away at fee.

There is a reason why we don’t just open the floodgates to the rest of the world.  The real reason is that people are supposed to come here and assimilate, but  people are no longer doing it.  They are coming here and then they are secluding themselves.  They are refraining from learning our language (English).  They proudly display their old flag.  As such, they never learn what it means to be American.  They never learn the Constitution.  They don’t learn the history.  That has got to change… however, the Democrats would like things just the way they are.  Obama and Clinton and the other driving forces of the Democratic party believe in global governance.  They believe in the UN.  They believe in LOST.  They believe in multinational organizations.  They believe in a global currency.  They believe in a global carbon tax.  The list goes on and one.  Read the writing on the wall.

Long Live the Constitution!

Pitch Perfect

Posted by Troy on 11th November 2012 in Entertainment

I probably shouldn’t like it, but this was a real cute movie.  It was very funny.  The only detraction from it was the projectile vomiting scenes, but I’m willing to forgive this.  I will put this movie down as a guilty pleasure worth indulging.

Anger at Obama’s Re-election

Posted by Troy on 10th November 2012 in Current Events, Human Nature, Political

I’ve come to realize something profound.  I am not mad at Obama.  I am mad at America.  I am mad because he has made it clear that he is a European, class-warfare styled Socialist, and we voted for him.  The first time, we didn’t know enough about him.  We could have been fooled.  The second time, we don’t have that excuse, but we elected him anyway.

When a rattlesnake bites a child, you cannot be mad at the rattlesnake, nor the child.  It is the nature of rattlesnakes to defend themselves with their venom.  They are as they are.  If a child tries to pick up the pretty snake and is bitten, it’s not the snake’s fault.  It was just trying to defend itself.  It’s not the child’s fault.  They probably didn’t know better.  A year later, if the child tries to pick up the snake again, you still cannot be mad at the snake.  The snake’s nature has not changed, but you can be furious at the child.  They should have learned their lesson.

I used to think that America was rugged and independent, like a cowboy.  Now I realize that America is naive and dependent, like a child.

I pray we survive Obama’s second reign and grow up.

Long Live the Constitution!


Posted by Troy on 10th November 2012 in Entertainment

I missed Entertainment Friday.

I found this movie to be rather cute with an unexpected twist.  As a classic gamer, I found the references to classic video games entertaining in and of themselves.  I also thought it was cool how they made the characters resemble their real life counterparts.  The “duty” jokes were a bit tiring, but it was a short segment, and I’m sure little kids would enjoy it.

I will say that paying for 3D on this movie wasn’t worth the money.  It just didn’t add much.

I would recommend this movie to those with kids and those who are a kid at heart.

Why Catholics Supporting Obama are Hypocrites

Posted by Troy on 9th November 2012 in Current Events, Human Nature, Political

Catholics chose to support Obama over Romney in the past election.  This makes them hypocrites, and I shall prove why.

Why do Catholics support Democrats?   Most of them will tell you that it is because the Democrats help the poor, and this is what the church is most interest in doing.  This is, of course, stupidity.  No, that is not what the church is interested in doing.  Technically speaking, the church is interested in “saving” people.  I should imagine that Jesus would say that it is better to be saved and starve than to be fat and burn in the pits of hell for all eternity.  Besides that, I don’t believe that Jesus would think that the government should steal (take our money at the tip of the sword) to perform “good works.”  No, that’s supposed to come from the heart.

The government is not the place to do works of charity anyway.  When a church feeds someone or when a Christian feeds someone, it is likely that that person will see that it is a good religion and will convert and be saved.  What happens when the government feeds someone?  They become dependent on the government.  Without proper supervision and force, that person is much more likely to become a leech.  You don’t feel guilty about stealing from the government or from a big company the way you do when you steal from a church or from an individual person.  Just common knowledge.  The bigger the entity, the more justified you feel in leeching.  So the church is promoting dependence and enslavement to the government which at every turn seeks to destroy all public displays of religion.

Speaking of which, then you have the contraception mandate.  Now, I freely admit that most Catholics are hypocrites on this and use birth control, and I have no problem with that.  However, the church itself thinks it’s a sin.  By refusing to stand up to the government on this, Catholics have basically told the Pope, “Fuck off and buy us birth control, old man!”  Way to go guys!  And for what?  So that someone wouldn’t have to pay out $10 a month for their own birth control?  Skip 2 cups of coffee.  You’re there!  Downgrade your cable or cell phone.  Boom!  You want birth control?  Allocate your funds accordingly.  It’s no one’s obligation to buy it for you if they don’t want to.  You’ve traded religious freedom for $10 a month.  What kind of Judas are you?  At least he got 30 pieces of silver.  With the way Obama’s destroyed the dollar, that’s gotta be worth a LOT more than $10.  Learn to negotiate better.

Then there’s gay marriage.  Look forward to being forced to accept gay marriage.  They could even force you to do it in your church.  They’ve already proven with the birth control they don’t care about your religious beliefs.  Gays have a right to be married, and they have a right to be Catholic, ergo, they have a right to be married in a Catholic church.  Personally, this issue is not important to me in the least, but supposedly Catholics are against it, but as I said, it doesn’t appear that they are against anything too bad.

Finally, there’s abortion.  So you want to help feed the poor?  Over a million abortions a year.  Do you think the government feeding the poor saves over a million lives a year?  You are net killing people by your political affiliations.  The touted number of abortions due to rape and incest?  10,000.  Yep, there ya go.  Facts and figures.

I have nothing more to say to you.  Reconcile your political and religious beliefs.  At least Muslims are consistent.

Long Live the Constitution!

Next Move For the Republican Party

Posted by Troy on 8th November 2012 in Current Events, Political

The GOP, as we know it, is dead.  Their arguments are based on logic and, apparently, that is something the majority of Americans cannot follow due to the dumbing down of America.

The vast majority of Republicans want a Conservative candidate.  That’s not going to work.  We need a cool person.  No one cares about their stances or records.  After all, Obama won with 2 years in the Senate where he voted “present” all the time.  After four disasterous years, he still got re-elected.  Why?   Who the hell knows?!

Here is the winning strategy for Republicans.  You have three branches.  You have Conservatives, Moderates, and Libertarians.  Depending on the area you are in, put the one most likely to win.  If you are in Washington or California, go with a Libertarian.  If you are in the South, go with a Conservative, or whatever you got to do.  Remember, the Legislative Branch is the one that makes the laws.  This is far and away the most important part.  Controlling which laws are passed or repealed is the most important thing.

For President, choose someone with NO record who is the right skin tone (darker the better it seems) and can play a musical instrument really cool and give great speeches.  He can say whatever he wants to get elected, and then do the exact opposite, and no one will care!  Obama is living proof of it.

My advice for Republicans, stop pretending that the bulk of the American electorate is intelligent, thoughtful, and informed.  They are none of these things.  They are brainwashed and shallow.  Run with it.  The Democrats have, and it seems to be doing well with it.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama Re-elected: This fact says all you need to know

Posted by Troy on 8th November 2012 in Current Events, Political

The day after Obama was re-elected by the uninformed masses, something amazing happened!

The stock market, WORLDWIDE, fell.  The margins are different wherever you go, but they were all down.  Here in the United States, our markets (pretty much across every index) were down 2.25% or so.  Of course, a lot of the more informed people would say, “They were just selling off positions to re-position themselves based on his re-election.”  This fantasy involves ignoring that Obama had been the President for the last 4 years.  If they were re-positioning themselves, they must have already re-positioned once, so sure they were of his getting kicked out of office.  Nope, this is just good ol’ fashioned, “Oh crap!” selling.

What’s more telling, however, is that the 10 year US Treasury dropped 6.11% IN ONE DAY!!!!!  US Treasuries are supposed to be the most stable instrument.  Okay, so the value of the US Treasury bond for a 10 year period dropped 6.11%.  Question:  What does that tell you about the outlook for our debt?  People think that in 10 years, it’s not going to be worth crap.  Ouch.  Of course, what happens when the outlook for our debt becomes so bad that no one will hold it?

You elected him, America.  Well, half of you did.  Our half has to survive what your half did to us.  Be forewarned, when our debt becomes worthless, and we actually do have to live within our means, your free Obamaphone, birth control, and other freebies stop.  Medicare will stop too at that point.  Social Security MAY stop, or they will give you the option of moving into “free” housing with “free” food…just like in Soviet Russia.

To all those “social” voters out there:  When the Democrats had full power did they: Fix immigration?  NOPE!  Deal with gender inequalities?  NOPE!  Provide for gay marriage?  NOPE!  Legalize pot?  NOPE!  Get rid of the Patriot Act?  NOPE!  Close Gitmo?  NOPE!  Did they actually do any of the “hallmark” crap that Democrats love to give lip service to?  NOPE!  Gee, do you think all that talk is just to string you along and make you think that they have your back so they can get your support so they can go about doing whatever it is that they want to do which is rewarding their financial supporters and taking control of everything like health care?!  How about that!  What makes logical sense, don’t it?  Huh, you know, that’s what actually paying attention to what’s going on and actually THINKING about it will do for ya.  Give it a try.

Long Live the Constitution!

Hurricane Sandy and Global Warming

Posted by Troy on 7th November 2012 in Current Events

Hurricane Sandy is the product of Global Warming.  Yes, these powerful storms are a result of MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING.

Hitler would agree.  He said pollution was the #1 enemy of Germany.  I’m so glad Obama agrees.

It was a crappy level 1 hurricane.  That’s a severe storm?  Hey, idiots, you’re just not ready for hurricanes.  You build on the beach?  You build on the riverbed?  God will wipe whatever you built off the face of the planet.  That simple.  They don’t get hurricanes, and they built on the beach.  The storm surge came in and wiped them out.  How about that!  Duh.  Get a clue, morons!

In the 1960′s, a massive hurricane hit Brunswick, GA.  Know what they did?  As soon as the storm passed, they started cleaning up, removing debris.  There was no FEMA.  HOWEVER DID THEY SURVIVE?  Because they DIDN’T DEPEND ON GOVERNMENT!!!!!  They knew that they were responsible for their own homes and their own neighborhoods, their own city, and they cleaned it up.  They didn’t sit around begging for help and asking where the government was.  They got their asses to work.  Now what do they do in New Orleans and New York and New Jersey?  They cry and beg and plead.  You know what you could be doing with your time?  Cleaning the ____ up!  Get to work!  What the hell else do you have to do?

This storm was not a result of global warming.  It was a stupid level 1 hurricane that just so happened to hit a bunch of people who were completely unprepared for it and lacking the inclination and ability to deal with the aftermath after years of dumbing down and becoming useless by relying on others.

Long Live the Constitution!

The Election Results

Posted by Troy on 7th November 2012 in Current Events, Political

My hope and faith have been replaced by a grim determination to survive four more years of Fascist rule.

I had hoped that there would be enough enthusiasm on Romney’s side to carry him, but apparently the 47% Romney talked about was just as enthusiastic to defend their right to free stuff.  By the way, that whole 53/47% thing was a reaction to the 99/1% thing at the time.  Remember, context matters.  53% of people pay income taxes, the others are takers on the other side.  Again, imagine you offered to buy your friends lunch.  You were going to buy them a burger from McDonalds, but they take a vote and you have to take them to Ruth Chris instead.  Does that sound logical to you?  Why are the people who aren’t paying for the lunch getting a say in the lunch?  That’s what we have done, and now we are paying the price.  Gee, I wonder if the leeches will say, “No, I’ve have enough,” or if they will saw, “Why does my Obamaphone only come with 100 minutes per month?  That guy has an unlimited plan, I should too!”

His re-election defies logic.  He started his Presidency with 80% approval.  Over four years, that has been a steady slide to 50%.  Gee, I wonder if we can use trend analysis to figure out how the next four years will work out for us!  Unemployment is pretty much flat.  Regardless of the lip service, experts predict that it will actually go back up to about 9% for 2013.  Great.  GDP is growing at about 2%, which is pathetic.  He’s already proven that he will not work with Republicans.  Mitt was going to do what he said he would…because there is proof that he can work with people from the other party!  Obama will not do so.  To Obama, the fiscal cliff and debt downgrades and other catastrophes are bargaining chips to get exactly what he wants.  ”Do it my way, or the country will be destroyed, and I will blame you.”  There is no give and take, and this is the time when we actually need some give and take.

The Middle East is burning, but who cares, honestly?  Screw the Middle East when the Constitution is burning.  He lied more than Nixon, but he’ll never be impeached.  Even trying to impeach this Fascist will get you labeled a racist and the Senate wouldn’t convict him if they discovered a tape of him having sex with a 14 year old.  If R. Kelly could get away with it, why not Obama, right?  We have no standards these days.  We’ve tripled the money supply.  As a result, gas and food prices are soaring, but that’s not inflation.  There’s no correlation between prices and money supply these days.  It won’t get worse now that we are going to try indefinite printing of money.  That won’t affect our debt rating.  That won’t prevent people from buying our debt knowing that we are going to repay their $1 of debt with $.75.  I guess that won’t matter.  As long as we have free birth control.  God, how horrible would it be to live in a country where you have to buy your own $9 a month birth control.  Praise Obama!  Pa-Raise him!  He has saved us from having to take care of ourselves and support our own lifestyles.  Pa-Raise him.

He had 50% approval when he actually cared what you people thought about him.  Now, he’s free and clear.  Now comes the fun part of his reign.  Watch for Executive Orders to set right the evils of this country.  Remember, both he and Michelle were members of the “We Hate America” crowd in college.  Do you really think they’ve changed that much?  He wanted flexibility with Russia, he got it.  UN treaties with the force of law?  You got it!  Giving away our sovereignty to a global government?  You got it!  When Obamacare hits in 2014, all the bad stuff that he postponed until after his election, look for businesses to fail while we already have 9% unemployment causing a chain reaction which devastates us.  Watch for the stock market to tank after he does away with the “unfair” capital gains rate.  Come and talk to me after 2014 about this would be savior.  Come talk to me when China will not lend us any more money and he has to take away your Obamaphone.

The great reset is coming.  Get some guns and ammo to deal with looters and rioters when they have to shut down the socialist machine.  Three to six months of rice and beans for the adjustment period when the reset button is hit, and pray that we emerge under the Constitution and not under the tyranny of a totalitarian government.  Read 2084, the Search for Love, Hope, and Faith.

Long Live the Constitution!