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Susan Rice’s Payoff

Posted by Troy on 27th November 2012 in Political

Okay… we have a nominee for Secretary of State that has a KNOWN controversy (the September 11th Libya attack) hanging over her head, and yet the administration is willing to go to the mat for this person.  Common sense would dictate that this person should be dismissed.  Yet they fight to keep her.  Why?  Because the Obama administration told her what to say.  She’s part of the cover up, and the price for her silence is this position.

Long Live the Constitution!

Russian Newspaper calls Obama a Communist

Posted by Troy on 26th November 2012 in Current Events, Political

A Russian newsletter calls Obama a communist and all his supporters the same useful idiots that supported Stalin.  Sounds exactly what I predicted in 2084.  As I pointed out in 2084, the current Democratic platform is very much in line with the Communist Manifesto and the goals of communist everywhere.  Look them up in the Citizen’s Handbook for a good rundown.

I believe that we are headed toward global socialism/communism, and that is Obama’s goal.  Here’s a shining point.  We currently have an obesity problem.  This is NEVER a problem under communism.  Under communism we will all be underweight as they starve us to death as our leaders get fat.

Long Live the Constitution!

Israel vs Hamas

Posted by Troy on 20th November 2012 in Current Events, Political

The Jerusalem Fund has released an “infographic” showing the military superiority of Israel to Hamas.  The inference here, I suppose, is that you’re not supposed to fight someone who is weaker than you even if they are attacking you.  If I go up to Mike Tyson and start working him over, how long do you suppose he’s going to let that go on?  He could probably let me hit him for five solid minutes as hard as I can, and I’d probably give out first due to my hands hurting.  However, I doubt that would be the case.  I imagine after the first couple of punches, he’d lay me out with a jab.  Probably won’t bring out the power punch, but his bruise would be repaid with my unconsciousness.

During WWII, the Germans used a 1,000-year-old church as a fort.  It was a NICE church too, not some hovel that people threw together.  It was a work of art.  We razed that sucker to the ground.  A church used as a fort is a fort, not a church.  In the Iraq war, we refused to do similar to a mosque because it would anger the Muslim community.

You cannot make war “nice.”  You can’t make it moral.  War is Hell.

Hamas has one goal in mind: make Israel retaliate.  There will be collateral damage.  Then blame Israel for these deaths.  You don’t want Palestinians to die?  Quit firing rockets.

To all those people out there, imagine you are living in New York City and suddenly rogue agents in Canada are firing off rockets into NYC.  How do you really think you would respond?  Quit being self-righteous.  If you were in Israel’s shoes, you’d be blowing up bad guys too.

Long Live the Constitution!

Buying votes and suffering for Freedom

Posted by Troy on 19th November 2012 in Political

Romney has accused the Democratic party of buying votes.  Well… no duh!  That’s been their MO.  They break us up into little groups and then offer us some scrap that each one of us wants.  By doing so, they secure the votes of enough people that they get into power.  If you ask: what do they offer white males?  The answer is: moral superiority.  They offer the ability to atone for the sins of the past and claim moral superiority.

Well, it worked.  Instead of making policies that benefit AMERICA as a whole, we have decided to pay off each group separately at the cost of the whole.  Unfortunately, we are at the end of our debt rope.  We are about to hang ourselves.  When that happens, what will these groups do when their “benefits” end?  They will probably riot.

I take great offense at the term benefit.  It’s not benefit.  It’s redistribution.  It’s legal theft.  There are no benefits.  How can anyone have benefits from the government?  Aren’t we supposed to be equal in the eyes of the government?  No?

This will end.  At the end, Obama (or whatever Fascist is in power) will try to usurp the Constitution.  We must not let him.  We will have to suffer if we want to remain free.  I beg of you to remain free.  I beg of you to suffer.

Freedom is worth the cost.

Trust me.

Long Live the Constitution!

In Defense of Debt

Posted by Troy on 18th November 2012 in Human Nature

Lately, people have been talking about the “evil bankers.”  The story goes:  You’re doing good.  You’re renting a place or buying a small place.  They advance you a huge loan you can’t really afford.  They also give you credit cards.  Using this, you enslave yourself and lose everything.

While I will admit that the Federal Reserve’s printing of money and destroying it’s value is a crime, the other stuff cannot be laid at their feet.

You should be able to control yourself.  You should know how much you can spend on a house (or anything else).  A real estate agent tried to talk me into spending 28% of my salary on my house on the assumption I would earn more in the future.  I spent around 22%.  Now that I have increased my salary, I am able to buy gifts, trips, pay off the loan faster, or whatever I want.  I recommend people buy a house on the lower salary of the husband and wife.  That way, if either person loses their job, they’re still okay.  Also, in the future, it gives the option for one parent to be a stay at home mom or dad, which helps in a child’s development.  If neither want to do that, they can afford private school or anything else they want to do.

Most of us would never be able to own a house without debt.  Could you imagine if you had to rent and save up to buy a house in cash?  How long would it take?  Bear in mind that lodging is usually the biggest expense for people.  Using debt, you are paying the same amount each month for a house payment instead of rent.  Also, if you got a fixed rate, the price will never change.  Rent goes up.  Your mortgage payment doesn’t.

If you are having trouble with debt, no matter what kind of debt it is, it is probably your own fault.  There are some hard luck stories, but usually it’s lack of self-control.  If you ask someone who is filing for bankruptcy due to consumer debt what they bought with their money, they probably couldn’t tell you.  Most of it was a complete and total waste.

Debt is good.  Same as guns.  Same as drugs.  They are only tools.  Used properly, they can make life much better.  Used incorrectly, and they can destroy everything.

Long Live the Constitution!

And the DOW continues to weigh in

Posted by Troy on 15th November 2012 in Current Events, Political

The stock market always reflects all the information that is presently available and shows the predicted future.  Since Obama’s re-election (starting literally the very next day), the stock market has slid into oblivion.  It is continuing to skid, and it will probably do so for the foreseeable future unless SOMETHING changes.  The only thing that I think will stop this slide is if Obama moves to the center.  However, as ideological as he is, I believe this to be doubtful.  We are on the verge of a recovery.  However, I believe the very nature of Barrack Obama will prevent the recovery and send us into a double dip recession.  Stockpile your beans and rice now before inflation sets in!

Long Live the Constitution!

Pathway for Citizenship to Illegals

Posted by Troy on 14th November 2012 in Current Events, Political

The political truth of our generation is that we have a race of people who are defending criminals and promoting them, and our politicians are utterly scared to do anything about it.  Fine, so be it.  We cannot deport them (solely because politicians either want to use this voting block or fear this voting block over actually honoring the law).  Ergo, they have to stay.  If this is the case, the following MUST be done.

1)  We must seal the boarder.  Put every active duty military personnel stationed in the US guarding the boarder.  What else do they have to do?

2)  Force registration.  If you don’t register by 12/31, you’re out, no amnesty for you.

3)  A fine must be levied, and it must hurt.  I recommend at least $25,000.  This is to be paid via tax levy on their wages and tax returns.

4)  These people can NEVER become US Citizens.  They came here illegally.  They cannot become citizens.  If they wish to be citizens, they must go and come back.  At best, they can become permanent residents.

5)  Anyone hiring anyone who is not a member of the registered group is to be punished severely.

6)  This group is allowed to be paid sub-minimum wage.  If we wish, we can set a floor of 75% of minimum.

7)  This group will never be allowed for Social Security and Medicare and other programs.

Of course, if we do all this, the Democrats will just come in behind and make them citizens and grant them all the rights and privileges there of, but it’s a nice thought at least.

Long Live the Constitution!

Bleep the UN

Posted by Troy on 14th November 2012 in Current Events, Political

The UN has determined birth control to be a human right.  To this, I say BLEEP the UN, and to that end, this contraception could come in handy.  This is the same people that want to take away the right of countries to declare war without going through the UN.  They also want to take way the right to keep and bear arms from private citizens.  Why should the UN or any other country care if we have guns?  What business is that of theirs?  They also wish to limit freedom of speech in regards to Islam.  Infringement of speech is infringement of speech.

There are precious few rights.  These are the rights that exist free of other people.  You have the right to your own thoughts.  You have the right to own the fruits of your labor.  You have the right to protect yourself.  You have the right to procreate.  You have the right to do anything to your own body, as who could stop you?  You have the right to speak.  You have the right to associate yourself with whomever you want.  You have the right to worship whoever you want.  You have the right to read and cultivate any ideas you may wish.  In addition to this, the Constitution grants us the right to trial by jury, freedom not to incriminate ourselves, freedom from quartering of troops, freedom from excessive fines and punishments, and a few other points here and there.

Not everything is a right.  The only things that are rights are those things which are provided to us for free by nature.  I have the right to bear arms, but I do not have the right to demand someone provide me with arms.  You have the right to be able to buy contraception, but you damn sure don’t have the right to force someone else to buy it for you.  Ya dig?

Why are we even in the UN?  It’s an organization that fights us every step of the way.  They hate us.  They use us.  Worst of all, they give our enemies a direct say in our affairs.  Can we just get out of this stupid club?

Long Live the Constitution!

If at first you don’t succeed… The South Will Rise Again!!!!!

Posted by Troy on 13th November 2012 in Political

For those who don’t live in the South, there is a deep seated belief that we totally could have won that thing.  This feeling spawns not out of racism, but out of pride and the hatred of losing.  It’s important to note that going forward this this post.

Twelve states have started a petition to succeed from the union.  While I do appreciate the embarrassment this causes Obama, and I can appreciate the thought, this isn’t the right course of action.  I wouldn’t want states just leaving because the President that got elected isn’t the one they wanted.  However, this particular President is different.  His policies threaten to drag us into the pit of Socialism and the self-destruction that brings.

First of all, this has been tried.  It causes a Civil War.  We lost that one time, we’d probably lose it again.  Doesn’t seem an effective use of time.  Secondly, we need to use primaries to defeat our enemies.  Third, as Fascist as Obama is, Woodrow Wilson was worse.  If we came back from that, we will survive Obama too.  Finally, there is a better option.  All we have to do is have the State Legislatures call a Constitutional Convention.  We could keep the Constitution in place, install a Balanced Budget Amendment, Abolish Congressional Pensions, Set Term Limits, and do other Constitutional Amendments that Congress would never introduce on their own.  You want to scare the hell out of them?  There ya go!

Long Live the Constitution!

Petraeus Scandal

Posted by Troy on 12th November 2012 in Current Events, Political

It appears that his biographer had access to secret information.  If that’s the case, then that is most definitely inappropriate.  However, if he was merely having an affair, I really couldn’t care less.  It’s the circumstances, not the act that I find objectionable.  For instance, when it was Bill Clinton, it was the perjury that pissed me off.  The same thing here.  It is silly to think that politicians and powerful men will not cheat.  Biologically speaking, we are programed to gain riches and power to increase our chances of procreation.  If not for the secrets, this is a non-story.

Long Live the Constitution!