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Obama’s Performance, Gallup, and the War on Women

Posted by Troy on 17th October 2012 in Current Events, Political

Wow, the Democrats are really grasping at straws to keep the narrative of a “war on women” running.  I really do think that they think Americans are idiots.  What are they trying to make a mountain out of?  ”Romney has binders of women.”  What the hell is wrong with that?  Perhaps he had binders of women’s applications?  I really don’t get it.  I seriously don’t.

So, today we were treated to the media telling us that Obama won the debate.  Good for him.  Unfortunately for him, he is behind Romney according to likely voters 51% to 47%.  If Dick Morris is right about undecideds, it is actually 54% to 47%.  My point?  If he “won” the debate, and his is losing the election, things have really gone badly for Obama.

I foresee Obama being destroyed on the next debate.  Romney will be fully prepared to rip him to shreds on Libya.  We spent millions “liberating” Libya, and this is how we’ve been repaid.  It’s gonna be bad for Obama.

The fact of the matter is that on the most important issues, the debt and economy, Romney won overwhelming.  If those two things tank, everything else is irrelevant.

Long Live the Constitution!

Debate Results

Posted by Troy on 16th October 2012 in Current Events, Political

The real answer: tie.  Whichever one you support, you think won.

Now I will give my detailed reactions throughout the debate:

Obama said that everyone needs a great education.  This is wrong.  Do we need janitors with PhDs?  Nope.  When it comes down to education for all, it’s a lie.  We will need janitors and garbage men and grave diggers, and there’s no reason why they should be saddled down with student debt nor taking away class time from those that we want to be rocket scientists, doctors, and lawyers.  Of course, he wants to build roads and bridges.  Bridges and roads.  Of course, only the Democrats think that roads are a natural function of government…not!  Hey, if roads equal jobs, why don’t we build four lane highways to every rural town in the United States?  Ask the Russians how government planned, uneconomical expansions work out for them.  It doesn’t.

Romney finally dealt with how bankruptcy for GM would have gone.  Thank you, Romney!  Yes, GM would still exist.  Union contracts would have been renegotiated, and the companies would be in a much stronger position they are now.  Right now, all we have to look forward to is the further bailing out of them in the future.

Obama wants to double gas mileage.  That’s nice.  Of course, what this will mean is that all US made cars will be hybrids that cost at least $10,000 more than their foreign counterparts.  What this means is that our companies are going to be slaughtered in the market.  Good going!  He wants all this investment in the energy sources of the future…at 16 trillion in debt and counting.  Has it occurred to him that we would be better served to let other countries figure out how to make the green energy affordable and then copy their technology?  Works well for Apple…  Just saying…

Romney finally threw Obama’s comment about coal plants going bankrupt under Obama’s plan in Obama’s face.  Thank you, Romney!  Finally, let that come to light.

The moderator is completely bias.  Obama ended with 3 minutes more speaking time than Romney.  Obama was allowed to invade Romney’s speaking time.  I was quite happy when Romney finally took control and basically told Obama “Sit down, I’m talking!”  Obama’s body posture suggested indifference or worse.

Then Obama says “The reason gas prices were so low when I got in was the economy was bad.”   WHAT?!!!!  What?!  Are you kidding me?  Gas prices are determined by if the economy is good or bad?

I appreciate Romney’s ability to control the flow in the face of a hostile environment.

Romney finally did a good job explaining his tax policy.

Obama responded by going to class warfare suggesting the rich had attacked the middle class over the last twenty years.  He claims that a balanced budget is a moral obligation despite the fact that Obama has racked up 6 trillion in debt and is slated to have another 4 trillion in debt in the future.  His main thing seemed to be claiming “I’m like Bill Clinton!”  I would like to point out that Marxists always demand “fairness,” and that’s what Obama keeps pleading for.  Obama’s plan for improving the economy?  College and hiring veterans.  WHAT?!  Oh my God!  Finally, what is different between a tax cut and tax rate cut in his opinion?

Why does the moderator always let Obama get the last word and drone on and on and on?  Man…such bias!  There is GREAT advantage in getting the last word.

Per usual, Obama resorts to antedotes in regards to women’s rights and claims that Romney wants to prevent women from getting contraception.

Then the most bias question of the night:  ”You’re like Bush, aren’t you Romney?”  Where was the “You’re like Carter, aren’t you Obama?” question?

Obama’s answer:  Bush!  He’s to blame for all this!  It wasn’t me!  Shaggy would be proud.  ”Just say It wasn’t me.”

Then we have  a real question…inflation.  Obama droned on and on and didn’t answer the question.  Didn’t you triple the money supply?  That probably has something to do with the inflation rate.

A Latina asked a question.  Why can’t either of the candidates get her name right?  Romney did a bad job holding Obama to account.  He tried, but what he should have said is “You had both houses.  You could have passed whatever you wanted with not a single Republican vote.  Why didn’t you?  You promised the Latinos you would.  Why didn’t you?”  Bam.  Obama’s dead.

Moderator: Do you ever intend to stop Obama from talking over his allotted time?!  No?  Oh, okay.

Obama responded: I wanna change the topic!

Then we come up with Libya.  Obama’s response?  I’m going to talk and not say anything-his typical answer.  Romney’s reply to the whole Libya thing, after setting him up, should have been “Then you’re incompetent.”  If he didn’t know it was a terrorist attack until 14 days after, he’s incompetent.

Then Obama gets onto the 2nd Amendment.  Of course, all liberals think it’s about hunting and protection.  It is not.  Read the Federalist Papers.  The 2nd Amendment is to protect us from a government run amok.  Romney didn’t see the win.  We already had a assault weapons ban.  Know the effect on crime?  There was none.  Amazingly, criminals are willing to use a different weapon if they can’t get an AK-47.  As far as the shooter in Colorado went, more people would have died if he had used the 12 gauge and his pistols.  At that range, a rifle is actually a worse choice.  If the people had rushed him, he would have only killed 2-3 people max.

I want to give Romney pure bravery points.  He said the truth.  You want to stop youth crime and give the next generation opportunities, get married before having a kid.  I’m surprised Obama didn’t turn that against him, but Romney is 100% right, and that was the bravest thing I’ve heard from a politician – EVER.

The Obama talks about his plans.  After spending so long talking about Romney’s loopholes, what’s Obama’s plan?  To close loopholes!  Hilarious!  Then he starts talking about how he is for self-reliance, and I wanted to yell, “Bullshit, you Commie bastard!”  Neat thing…you can call Obama a bastard and it’s technically correct.  When he talks about “leveling the playing field,” he is talking about Marxism, people.  Wise up.  He has often said that it is the government’s job to ensure that everyone gets a fair shake.  That’s not self-reliance.  That is saying that all social justice is a function of government, and social justice is a function of Marxism.

And, as usual, Obama got the last word, and he used the out of context 47% comment.

Let’s see how this moves the polls.  I will, of course, pull for Romney.

Long Live the Constitution!

Hillary Takes Responsibility

Posted by Troy on 15th October 2012 in Current Events, Political

Hillary Clinton takes full responsibility for the lack of security in Libya.  Does this absolve Obama of any wrong doing?


I do not expect the President to know what is going on throughout his entire administration.  That would be impossible.  However, as head of the Executive Branch, he would be ultimately responsible.  In order to alleviate that responsibility, he basically has to fire Hillary.  He, of course, would never do that because liberals LOVE anyone with the last name of Clinton.  Also, Hillary would turn on him faster than a rattlesnake if he did that.

Regardless, I don’t really care about the security in Libya.  That’s minor.  That’s a mistake.  It’s a stupid mistake.  It shows utter incompetence, but it’s largely unimportant.  What’s important to me is that Obama knew that it was a terrorist attack, and for nearly a month, he told us it was all about a video and degraded the Freedom of Speech, until the American people jumped all over his case.

If Hillary’s responsible for the security issues, fire her.  However, it will not absolve Obama for his lying to the American public just to try to save his chances at re-election.  That was the only reason to lie to us.

Long Live the Constitution!

Hunchback of Notre Dame

Posted by Troy on 12th October 2012 in Entertainment

40% through this book, I could not tell why it was a classic.  After 40%, it actually starts to get into the plot!  Hooray!  The characters in this novel are the most complex I’ve ever read.  They are all irredeemable, except for Quasimodo.  I loved it.  I’m going to be honest, even though half the book has NOTHING to do with the story, it’s still a read.  You actually can skip the first 40% and save some time.  All he wants to do is drone on and on about Paris and architecture.  Sooooooo boring.  The last have is fantastic though.

Why I think Ryan beat Biden

Posted by Troy on 11th October 2012 in Current Events, Political

I was shocked.  Biden actually sounded coherent!  Amazing.  Maybe he drinks or is on drugs and he sobers up for debates?  I have no clue.

I believe that Ryan won on his points.  However, both sides did a good job of representing their viewpoints.  I believe that Ryan’s answers are better than Biden’s answers.  Here are the reason why I believe Ryan won:

1)  Biden came out with the clear mission.  They told him that it would be split screen and to be sure to make faces.  So Biden relied upon exaggerated smiles and laughs and shaking his head and shocked looks to dismiss Ryan’s statements rather than refute him use words and logic.

2)  Biden constantly interrupted Ryan.  If you are afraid of what someone is saying, you interrupt him.  If you think the argument he is making is weak, you let him finish and then destroy him with your response so that everyone can clearly hear you destroy him.

3)  Biden interrupted the moderator.  Bad form, dude.

4)  Biden fell back to “uh” and “um”s which is the sign that someone is lying.  They are thinking about what they need to say, not saying what they believe.  You never have to say “um” when you’re saying something you really believe in.

5)  Biden complained about not having enough time.  Calling “unfair!” is the sign of someone who thinks they lost the debate.

Long Live the Constitution!

Incompetence vs Sinister Intent

Posted by Troy on 11th October 2012 in Current Events, Political

Have you ever noticed how many times we have to say of this administration that its either incompetence or they’re up to something?  Fast and Furious and Libya come readily to mind.  You can throw in Russia’s nuke deal.  You can also throw in the handing of the stimulus and a host of other issues.  Why doesn’t this seem to bother people?

If you believe the administration is full of nice people who wouldn’t dream of doing anything wrong on purpose, this means that they have a childlike naivety which leads to gross incompetence which is very dangerous for our country.

If you believe they are doing things to advance their agenda by actively lying and manipulating the news and voters…how horrifying is that?

This administration had been a constant source of either incompetence or conspiracy.  Pick your poison.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama thinks we’re idiots

Posted by Troy on 10th October 2012 in Current Events, Political

There are two choices on the Libya attacks:  either the administration is incompetent, or they lied to us.  Of course, it could be both.  Both do make some sense… but I would say that I believe the Obama crowd is lying to us.  They knew that it was a terrorist attack immediately, and yet they told us it was all about the video.  Why?  Obviously because Obama had been gloating about how he had been bashing in terrorists’ skulls all over the place and killing Osama, and here we are!  Boom!  9/11, and a terrorist attack.  That’s not gonna play well in the polls, and Obama’s got an election to win.  So what does he do?  He lies!  He tells us that there was a spontaneous protest over a movie.  He knew the truth would come out…eventually, but by that time the American people would be busy shopping for Christmas and watching football and whatnot.  He hopes that we will have lost interest and it wouldn’t be a big deal anymore.  In other words, Obama thinks we’re stupid.  They really do.  I think that they believe that we’ll believe whatever they tell us to believe.  I can’t believe his audacity to hope that we’d believe all this!  Can you believe it?

Long Live the Constitution!

Death to Big Bird

Posted by Troy on 9th October 2012 in Current Events, Political

Is it a lot of money?  Well, a half billion dollars to public broadcasting is a good bit.

The fact of the matter is that this money doesn’t really accomplish anything.  Perhaps it makes some sense to those places that actually have no broadcasts.  However, everyone else has a place to get their news and entertainment.  So, what do we accomplish with half a billion dollars?  People may say that there would be a lack of educational television.  So what?  Did Einstein watch PBS?  Did he tickle Elmo?  It would seem that intelligence is not truly linked to the access to muppets.  The Sesame Street is an incredibly valuable brand with over a hundred million in revenues.  You don’t think they would get picked up by a network?  Seriously…

Long Live the Constitution!

The Global Bankers Association Consipracy

Posted by Troy on 8th October 2012 in Political

There’s a theory going around that the global bankers are out to get everyone and control world event and what not.  Here are some of the problems with this:

1)  If the bankers are running world affairs, that basically puts the Islamic extremists on the side of good, since they systematically fight the “free” world.  Doesn’t it?

2)  If they really have their hands in everything, they really suck at running things.  I think if I hand unmitigated ultimate power, I could pull off the “New World Order” change over much faster.

3)  The end result of this is: if all the politicians are owned by the banks, how do you fight them?  Obviously, voting is out.  That just leaves revolution.

I believe that this theory is popular because they can pin all of societal evils on a group, not unlike the Jews in Germany.  Also, this entire theory could be turned into its own conspiracy theory.  You see, in order for Marxism to succeed, America must fall.  If you could destroy America either by destroying their financial strength or by tricking the populace into an open revolt, the Marxists win.  This theory dovetails nicely with the 99%/Occupy crowd.  That’s what they really believe in, and they are infused with Marxist and Anarchists.

I believe in the Constitution.  The only reason we are in any of the mess we are in is because we have stopped following the Constitution.  If you want to change things, hold your Congressmen accountable.  Defeat your own people in the primaries.  Force them to do your bidding.

Long Live the Constitution!

The Media and Obama

Posted by Troy on 4th October 2012 in Current Events, Political

If the roles had been reversed, the entire media complex (minus Fox) would be mocking Romney and saying that Obama had the election all sewed up.  So what do we hear about today?  We hear that Obama just refused to go into the ditch with Romney.  Really?  We hear that he was distracted by all the moves of the Conservative media.  Is that all that it takes to distract him?  I feel really safe sleeping at night now.  Then Al Gore says it’s because he flew into Denver that afternoon.  How is Al Gore an intellectual leader of anything?!

One thing: The Left wants to know why Obama didn’t hit the 47% remark.  It’s because it’s a loser.  It’s easily countered by the truth: “That remark was taken out of context.  I was explaining why I was not going to use campaign funds and time to try to target those people who live on government money.  It is because I will not get the vote.  They belong to you.  I will say to anyone out there, if you want to live on the government check, vote Obama.  If you want a job, vote for me.”  OUCH.  Look for this to come up in the Town Hall debate.  Obama has nothing but contempt for the “average man,” and he assumes that we are stupid and will buy this heavily edited clip as proof that Romney is an elitist.

Long Live the Constitution!