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Sandy attacks the northeast

Posted by Troy on 31st October 2012 in Political

A lot of people are asking: How is this going to affect the election?

I think that it is difficult for a President to get a boost from handling a storm correctly.  Now, blundering it might hurt them, but doing the baseline of whatever it is they are supposed to do probably won’t help them.  I just don’t see people seeing the Federal government as their salvation.  Also, most of the states affected are going to vote for Obama regardless.

I would like to point out: Romney was criticized for politicizing Libya.  However, the media cheers when Obama politicizes a natural disaster!

For those who say: how dare you!  The President is helping those in need!  Okay… where was he when the entire state of Texas was burning?  Where was he when Memphis was underwater?  He didn’t seem to care.  Was it because those states are “Red States?”  Or does it have to be closer to an election for him to give a damn?

The President is doing nothing about this storm.  If he was put in charge of the relief effort, this thing would be a mess like you would not believe.  No, the head of FEMA and the Red Cross, and others are doing the relief efforts.  All Obama has done is shown up for photo ops and to take up valuable time from people actually doing work so that he can get said photo ops.  Meanwhile, when Americans were dying in Libya, he was no where to be found.  He IS Commander in Chief!  That is an actual duty of his.  Where was he?  Now they say that Obama didn’t order the stand down.  Their story is so convoluted that it cannot be believed.  So which option do you like?

1)  Obama knew nothing and the state department blew it.  Great, so a Commander and Chief that doesn’t know what’s going on?

2)  Obama knew of the attack, but thought it was a protest.  Wait, they said they knew it was a terrorist attack.

3)  Obama knew of the attack but didn’t order help.  So you have the balls to order a strike into an “ally” country to kill bin Laden but not to save our people?

4)  Obama ordered the rescue effort, but the order was cancelled.  This would be a lie unless Obama fires the person that gave that order.  The fired person would immediately turn and rat Obama out, so he can’t do that.

5)  Obama ordered the stand down.  Not good, and he just lied and said that he didn’t order it.

Notice, there are no “win” positions for the man!

Long Live the Constitution!

What it will mean if Obama wins

Posted by Troy on 30th October 2012 in Political

The director of the Avengers predicted the zombie apocalypse should Romney win.  Of course, this is based on no logic or anything else for that matter.  I also like how the Obama crowd seems to ignore the fact that the man has been in office for four years.  It’s like he has a clean slate somehow.  It’s just bizarre.  Obama supporters may want to gloat should he win, but it will do no good.  It will not hurt my feelings.  I will be sad, as I know what will be coming, and you have no clue.  Here is what I think you can look forward to if he wins:

1)  He will do away with the capital gains rate for the “rich.”  Yey!  What this really means?  Those people that had large gains in the market will sell off their stocks to take advantage of the 15% rate rather than pay 40%.  That’s a 25% decrease in their rate of return.  This sell off will cause the market to crash.  Worse, the new rates will cause people to move their money elsewhere.  Why risk the money in the stock market when you can get a sure return elsewhere?

2)  He will continue with his economic policies.  the CBO has projected 9% unemployment and under 2% GDP growth over the next two years if this happens.  Yey!

3)  With large unemployment, slow GDP growth, and stimulus spending (his economic policies), we will see trillions and trillions in debt over the next four years.  Enough to completely dismantle the economy.

4)  Obamacare will stay in place.  Yey!  Of course, in 2014 when all employer penalties kick in, it’s going to be a different story.  As I mentioned, his economic policies are going to lead to pitiful growth and continued unemployment.  With a weak economy, there will be plenty of  businesses that are already suffering.  This $2,000 per employee “tax” is going to be the bullet in their head.  When these businesses close up shop, there are no jobs to replace the jobs that are lost.  This will cause a spiral.

5)  We are going to discover that the head of the Department of Justice was involved in Fast and Furious.

6)  We are also going to learn that Obama knew about the terrorist attack and lied to Americans and jailed that filmmaker as cover just so he could win the election.  This is far less than we impeached Nixon, but the Senate will be full of Democrats, and they will never impeach Obama.  Also, any talk of doing so will brand you a racist.

7)  He will close Gitmo and bring the prisoners to American soil.  I don’t know why you want this.  Look, what do you want to do?  If we release them, they will be terrorists or breed more terrorist.  If we kill them, there will be international outrage.  The only other option is to keep them locked up forever and ever.  Great choices all.  Why do we care that they are kept in Cuba?  Seems like a great place to keep these people, honestly.  Tell me what we are going to do with these people which isn’t utterly retarded.

8)  Huge concessions and nuclear disarmament will take place with Russia.  Remember, Obama wants a nuclear free America.

9)  Treaties will be made with the UN calling small arms gun registration and control, UN involvement in your parenting, international law over the seas, and other god awful stuff.

10)  We will continue with QE3 until our currency is destroyed.

There are other stuff, but these are the worst things that are coming.  I figured I’d give you the top 10.

Long Live the Constitution!

Why isn’t Libya and hiding the jobs numbers a big deal?

Posted by Troy on 29th October 2012 in Current Events, Political

For the life of me, I cannot understand this.  We have a case where American soil (our embassy) was attacked.  Our ambassador was murdered.  A massive cover-up of these events occurred.  The President knowingly lied to us for three weeks about the reasons for the attack.  An American was wrongfully thrown in jail over these events (the filmmaker).  And the only reason to lie is for political gain.  And no one cares?  As the man said, if he lied to you once, he’ll lie to you again.  We impeached Nixon over a silly little burglary, and we’re going to let this slide?  McCain is right: either they are lying or this is gross incompetence.  Since no one has been fired (specifically Hillary Clinton), we can assume that it’s lying.

And so now the Department of Labor isn’t going to release the job numbers Friday because of the weather.  The results have been computed since last week.  All they have to do is click the “Send” button, and we’re done.  So why won’t they release them?  I am going to say because it will so the last numbers were inaccurate.  In order for the last numbers to be correct, 342,000 part time jobs would have had to have been created.  In a good month, you might expect 20,000 such jobs.  Where did the other 322,000 jobs come from?  And now we’re not going to see the real number.  Why?

Of course, I guess if you don’t mind being lied to about Libya, maybe you don’t mind being lied to about the economy as well.  That’s fortunate.  Should Obama win, you will get to have four more years of lies about the economy.  Enjoy.

Long Live the Constitution!

Trump’s Offer to Obama and Racism

Posted by Troy on 25th October 2012 in Current Events

The most famous birther, Donald Trump, has offered Obama $5,000,000 if he merely releases his student and passport records.

Of course, the reason Trump has done this is because he believes there is proof that Obama claimed to be a foreign exchange student to get into college for less money (that or he really was born in whatever country he claimed on his applications).  As a side benefit, if all the classes he took were communist type stuff or he got by with C-’s in everything, that would be alright too.

In the past, Obama has claimed that there is nothing embarrassing in his records and refused to release them on the grounds that the charge is ridiculous.

However, now there is money involved.  So, what will happen?  I believe Obama will not release his records, and he will not do so because there is something in there (whatever it is) that he doesn’t want people to see.  Let’s be honest, there’s nothing in there that has any bearing to anyone other than himself.  Someone may refuse to give up an e-mail password to protect the privacy of those who have written them.  There is no equivalent in this scenario.  The only person he could be defending is himself.  The only other possible reason to refuse the request is due to pride, “You can’t make me do it.”  $5,000,000 feeds a lot of people.  If someone can’t sallow their pride just a little, what’s their problem?

Question: a man has a gun to the head of a five-year-old little girl.  He says he will let her live if you do the “I’m a little tea cup” song and dance.  You believe 100% that he is a man of his word.  Would you do it?  You would.  Would you be furious at someone that didn’t because they would be damned if someone would force them to act like a fool?  You would.

How have Obama supporters responded?  Well, viciously against Trump.  I really don’t understand why.  He’s not forcing Obama to do a thing.  It reminds me of a show called “Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush.”  They would offer a contestant $5,000 to destroy their childhood teddybear or other sentimental thing.  You could have called the show “People will do anything for money.”  However, the host wasn’t the one that destroyed the teddybear.  That was the contestant, and that was a sign of their priorities.  I wouldn’t go around in drag, but if someone were to give $5,000,000 to charity if I did, I would gladly do it and do it with a sense of humor.

The next charge is that it’s racism.  How?  It just doesn’t work.  It’s definitely anti-Obamaism, but there’s a lot of that going around.  It’s just like when they talk about “dog whistle” language or systematic racism.  It’s so there, but you totally can’t see it man.  For instance, I hear Romney say, “Good morning,” and what I subliminally hear is “Let’s have us a lynchin’!”  That’s the charge.  Same thing with systematic racism which is to say that because blacks have a harder time securing financing in proportion to whites, this is a sign of systematic racism and has nothing to do with the larger fact that there are economic reasons which cause this to be.  Those who like to trot out racism as a defense or a guilt bat have resorted to this because racism is no where near the levels it was back in the 50s and 60s, so they have to change the definition to that of a thought crime, but even more so than that!  Instead, it’s a subliminal thought crime.  It’s a thought that you don’t even know you are thinking, and you should be ashamed!

Obama will not release his records.  He can hide behind pride or whatever, but the real reason is that he is hiding something.  If I had to guess, it’s all three: he lied to enhance his chances of admission and scholarships, he got poor grades due to too much partying, and he took every class he could on subjects most people would steer clear of.  If we’re wrong, the Obama should release his records.  There would be no greater revenge than making Trump into a laughing stock and making him spend $5,000,000 to a charity.

Long Live the Constitution!

Further Debate Analysis

Posted by Troy on 23rd October 2012 in Entertainment, Political

I nearly forgot!  Let’s talk about Obama’s “We gotta get all the Middle East to appreciate women’s rights and have tolerance for religious minorities.”  First, good luck with that, buddy boy!  Second, Obama lives in a world of self-contradiction.  He talks about how we are arrogant and try to force people to give up their culture and stuff like that, but then he makes this claim.  Love it or hate it, but the Muslim religion is never going to be concerned about equal rights for women.  If you try to force it on them, we come off as the Great Satan as we are trying to destroy Muslim culture.  This leads to more suicide bombings.

Fact:  The Middle East is a screwed up section of the world.  It has been since the dawn of time, and it will be until the end of time.  You are never going to fix it.  No one is.  Ron Paul is right.  Get out of there and let them do whatever it is they’re going to do.  It’s that or fight an endless war.

I also want to talk about Obama’s zinger.  Hannity, bless his heart, tried to prop up the comment by saying that we still use horses in Afghanistan and still use bayonets.  This looks like such a petty argument.  Give Obama credit for a good zinger.  Sadly, zingers often have more credit than a well thought out discussion.  Yes, aircraft carriers are powerful, but do you know what they’re called without destroyers and other ships supporting them?  Sitting ducks.  China is ramping up their navy, and our Navy claims to need more ships.  The 1917 remark is merely for theatrics.  The reality is that the Navy thinks they are too weak to handle the task at hand.  So the question is this: is that true or is it not?  Of course, the Navy is going to say they need more funding.  The nature of every part of the government is to try to get more and more funding.  We need to assess our strength compared to the job at hand.  I believe in being able to fight two engagements at one time.  This is to ensure that if we get into an actual war with, say, China, we can still defend the homeland should Russia try to take advantage of our military being tied up in another conflict.

Long Live the Constitution!

Foreign Policy Debate

Posted by Troy on 22nd October 2012 in Current Events, Political

Mitt Romney’s Message:  ”Me too.”

I think Romney’s strategy was “Do not lose this debate.”  Washington realized that he didn’t have to win the Revolution.  He just had to not lose.  Obama is behind.  If Obama won this debate, maybe that would have changed.  With more or less agreeing with the substance of Obama’s policies, Romney guaranteed that Obama could not have won.

On some of the issues that Obama called Romney out on:  Yes, the administration wanted to keep some troops in Iraq.  However, the new Iraqi government said that they would be subject to arrest and Iraqi laws.  So we pulled out.  Second, the Navy demanded more ships.  That’s a fact.  I like what one marine said: “We still use bayonets.”  Third: Romney was not for the destruction of the auto industry.  He was, in fact, for restructuring through bankruptcy with government guarantees.

I know that Romney wasn’t allowed to be rude, so let me tell you what he should have said:

Obama: “Your budgets will not balance.”  Romney’s response:  ”Maybe I should listen to him.  No one knows more about budgets not balancing than he does.”

Obama: “You wanted to kill the auto industries!”  Romney: “You have no idea about business law.  Bankruptcy doesn’t do away with a business, it only gives it a chance to restructure and emerge capable of surviving.”  (Note, I clapped for Romney’s real answer which did actually explain this concept…but my quip is wittier.)

Obama: “Iran is weaker now than ever!”  Romney:  ”And yet they keep trying to get the nuclear weapon.”

Obama:  ”The dollar is most advantageous for exporters than it ever has been.”  Romney: “That’s because it’s the weakest its ever been.”

Obama can never square why he helped Libya and not Iran and Syria (who are bigger enemies of ours).  Qaddafi killed Americans…decades ago.  For the last few decades, he’s been alright to us.  It took a Libya absent of Qaddafi to kill our ambassador.

I think, in the end, Obama can’t run from his record.  Worse for him, the economy is the most important thing.  Tonight was largely unimportant.  Between someone that can get the economy going or someone that can tame the Middle East, the economy wins.

I think it was a draw, which means it was a devastating defeat.  Obama needed Romney to come out and show that he was absolutely clueless about foreign policy.  When that didn’t happen, Obama’s ship was sunk.  People care about the economy.  Foreign policy was a far second.  If Romney can do a passable job with foreign policy and get the economy firing on all cylinders, we will chose Romney.

I do take issue on one thing: Obama’s answers were all the same: Roads and bridges, teachers, and class warfare.  That’s all he has, and they are just soundbites.  Romney had a great closing statement, and I think that was the knife in Obama’s heart.

Long Live the Constitution!

Scroll of Sonya Lee

Posted by Troy on 20th October 2012 in Writing

I’m happy to announce I’m finished with the rough draft.  I’m very pleased with how the whole thing turned out.  I think it will go far, but it’s time for the real work of revisions to start.

Michael M____

Posted by Troy on 19th October 2012 in Entertainment

I heard a radio talk show host today in Atlanta.  I can’t spell his last name, and I don’t particularly want to give him free press.  He mocked the Libertarian and Constitutional parties and being ridiculous as supporting a baseball team in the World Series that had already been eliminated.  Oddly, he then told a Liberal that spending their vote on the Green Party was better spent than voting for Obama.  In other words, he is a hypocrite.

I would like to see the third party debate, but they are putting it on at the same time as the Obama and Romney debate.  However, if you’re interested:

That being said, yes, you should vote for someone that actually stands a chance.  Remember, Ron Paul is a Republican and a Libertarian.  I personally believe that the Green Party should be a subset of the Democratic Party and should fight it out in the primary.  The same can be said for Constitutionalist and Libertarians in the Republican primaries.  Currently, the movements give them zero chance as a third party in a national election.  The movements should work in local or Congressional seats and build from there.

That being said, the current Republican and Democratic parties are far from the Constitution.  It used to be that the Libertarians were as well.  They were for the blanket legalization of everything.  The current incarnation of the Libertarian (at least at the national level) is really just the belief in the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment.

The other issue I had with Michael M. was a caller called in to say that the National Defense Act and the Patriot Act were bigger threats than the fiscal cliff.  I agree.  I would rather be a dirt poor nation living under the Constitution full of our liberties and freedoms than living in the most powerful police state in the world.

Long Live the Constitution!

We the Living

Posted by Troy on 19th October 2012 in Entertainment

I am the type of person you would expect to be an Ayn Rand  lover.  As such, I promptly never read her.  I am under the impression that anyone that is hyped never lives up to the hype.  Also, I don’t think her amoral self-aggrandizement suits me.  After great reluctance, I gave her a shot with We the Living.

I stand corrected.

This novel is a great book for anyone to read, particularly anyone that actually thinks communism is a good idea.  It is important to point out that Ayn Rand escaped Soviet Russia, and she apparently has no love for the place, and I can’t blame her.  Soviet Russia seems like a Hell on Earth that sucks the living souls out of people.

I don’t believe she truly believes the “all for me” philosophy that she is accredited with.  Anytime she wanted a character to be liked, she had that character help others.  Whether Ayn Rand admits it, but she buys into the Judea-Christian morality she scoffs.

The novel is not perfect.  I don’t think she quite knows how to write men in the same way that men don’t quite know how to write women.  There are just some flaws on that point.  Also, the end doesn’t quite work if you really sit and think about it.  It is clear she wanted the novel to end a particular way, and so she ended it that way to prove the point she wanted to prove.  Fair enough.

There were parts that made me cry.  There were many memorable quotes as “Never before had life been denied to those still living” and “Life undefeated is possible.”  I won’t spoil it.  You have to read it.

I give it 4/5 stars, and I will probably read more Ayn Rand.

Binders Full of Women

Posted by Troy on 18th October 2012 in Current Events, Political

Unbelievable.  They are actually trying to make something out of the “binders full of women” comment.  I find you can understand what the liberals are driving at by listening to the women on the View.  They say that he offended because he didn’t say “Binders full of women’s resumes” or what would have been better “Binders full of resumes of women.”  Okay, did anyone, anyone think that they brought in binders 6 feet by 3 feet by 20 feet full of actual women?  Seriously?  It is bizarre that they can even pretend that this was offensive.  No one would be offended by this unless they were told they were to be offended.  I also think that it shows how desperate the Democrats are becoming.  I also doubt it worked, and I am sure that it is going to backfire.  I would think that women would not take kindly to being treated as though they were sheep.

Long Live the Constitution!