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Economic Patriotism: Obama’s plan ripped apart by the Swamp Fox!

Posted by Troy on 27th September 2012 in Current Events, Political

Barrack Obama’s new advertisement says what he would tell us if we were sitting around the kitchen table.  Ah, how cute and cliché.  He dares to call it economic patriotism.  You gotta love it.  Now I will rip apart his little commercial.  Enjoy!

I don’t particularly like his “wave a magic wand” economic theory.  A simple, one-word rebuttal would be “How?”

He wants to create 1 million manufacturing jobs.  Okay, how does the federal government create those jobs?  Of course, I guess you could say by destroying the dollar which also does away with minimum wage, thus making it cheaper for companies to hire people here.  It also would increase exports which is the next thing he says.  I always thought it was incompetence or a desire to destroy America that made him print worthless paper money.  Maybe it’s a way of creating low quality jobs!  I never saw that until now.  Brilliant!  His tax credit idea is okay, but it really just amounts to a subsidy.  It seems pretty pointless.  I’m not a fan of social engineering by means of the tax code.

He wants to cut oil imports in half and increase our own oil production…since when?!!!!  He seems to have been the most anti-oil President ever.  Last I heard, we still can’t drill in the Gulf and we are helping other countries do so.  Specifically, where are you going to drill, sir?  Of course, he also wants to increase green energies which are not economically effective yet.  He also touts that he has increased the fuel efficiency of automobiles!  Wow!  Amazing!  You can pass a law, and it has been deemed to come to pass.  Maybe he should pass a law that by 2025 life will be fair.  That way he can claim that he has made life fair.  Awesome!  Sometimes I wonder if he is a pathological liar.  Does he really believe the words that come out of his mouth?

Next he wants to focus on creating 100,000 new science and math teachers.  Again…how?  Are we going to forgive their student loans?  I betcha.  More pandering to the teachers union, more likely.  Besides, as I’ve said, what we need to do is motivate the kids and parents.  Give them the drive to succeed, and they will.  It’s that simple.  There could be a way to create skilled workers, but I doubt that he will do anything like what is necessary.  I liked Newt Gingrich’s plan.  Make unemployment dependent on showing up for job skills classes, but he will never do that.  Finally, he wants to halve tuition.  Wow, is this another one of his things where he will sign a bill saying that tuition will be halved?!  Of course not.  What he’s talking about here is that we will now further subsidize tuition costs and eventually nationalize the education system as a means of price control.  All that will happen is that colleges will raise their tuition even further and non-serious students will apply.

Finally, he wants to cut the deficit by $4 trillion.  Big talk considering how most of his economic plan is spending, spending, spending.  I guess that relies on the fact that he wants more taxes from the rich although all economic studies have shown that 33% is the rate at which tax revenues actually start to fall.  To explain, if the marginal tax rate was at 95%, would you have a lot of incentive to work harder?  There will be tax savings from ending the war, but that money will be wasted I’m sure and is not enough to cover the mounting entitlements.

Just for fun, read his 2008 plan vs his 2012 plan.  They’re the same.  How’d that work out for us?

War on Women

Posted by Troy on 26th September 2012 in Current Events, Political

Every time I hear the phrase “the war on women,” I have an instant thought: “Brainwashed Zombies.”

If there’s an actual war, you know it.  You don’t need Sandra Fluke out there telling you that Germany is at war with Poland in WWII.  Even metaphorically, you don’t need someone to tell it to you when you’re really being oppressed.  Again, you know it.  The blacks knew it during Jim Crow.  Some may have tried to live around it as best they could without raising a fuss, but they knew that it was  wrong.  So let’s just call the “War on Women” what it is: propaganda.

If someone says that to you ask, what constitutes a war on women?  They will probably tell you two things: they want abortion illegalized, and they want to do away with contraception.

The first, I cannot really deny.  Many on the Right would like to see abortion abolished.  However, this has nothing to do with what feminists would tell you.  Ask a feminist why the Right wants abortion illegalized, and the feminist would tell you that it is a mechanism to control women (same with birth control).  It is not.  It is completely a belief that life begins at conception.  If you believe this, then you have to think that abortion is immoral.  It’s that simple.  If you don’t believe that, then it’s merely a choice.  However, pro-choicers wish to have their cake and eat it too.  You see, if it really is a choice, then fathers of illegitimate children should be able to sue to force an abortion or, if the woman CHOOSES to continue the pregnancy, well, that’s HER choice.  As such, all the cost should fall on her.  Regardless of anyone’s desires on the Right, as long as Roe v Wade is the law of the land, there is no reason to worry about this.

The second is just silly.  No one wants to make contraception illegal.  No one wants to take it away.  The Right doesn’t want to force Catholics (and others) to provide medical services that disagree with their religion.  That’s all.  Adam Corolla said that “I love beer, but just because other people aren’t forced to buy my beer for me doesn’t mean I don’t have access.  It’s on me to provide that for myself.”  Paraphrasing there.  If you can’t afford birth control, cut out the data plan on your smart phone.  If that doesn’t work.  Go to the free clinic.  If that doesn’t work, tell your boyfriend or husband to provide birth control or else there is no sex.  You will be amazed at how fast he can provide it for you.  They might even go out and get a job.

Open a dialog.  Most of these poor fools don’t know they’re being used.

Long Live the Constitution!

Hanging Empty Chairs: Racist Lynchings or Hanging in Effigy

Posted by Troy on 21st September 2012 in Current Events, Political

It must be hard to live in an over-sensitive world.

You have seen the video of Eastwood talking to an empty chair (or heard about it at some point).  This was a bit that people either loved or hated.  It was either brilliant performance art of the act or a senile old man, depending on who you ask.  However, the speech has developed a cult following.  As a part of that following, some individuals are hanging empty chairs from trees.  This has led other people to cry “racism!”  But is it?

Of course, this story has to start with the lynchings which were a part of Southern culture during the Reconstruction Era (mainly).  When a black was suspected of a crime, real or imagined, the community at large would band together and hang the offender without due process of law.  In this case, if an empty chair represents Obama, hanging an empty chair must symbolize hanging Obama.  Since Obama is the first (half)black President, this means that we are hanging a black man!  This, of course, means he is hanging because he is a black man.  Okay, that’s the argument FOR this thought process.

However, there is an older tradition than lynching in this country that dates back to colonial times.  When government officials really angered people, the citizens would hang (or even burn) the officials in effigy.  This is to say, in make believe (not reality).

So, do you think that it is possible that the people hanging these chairs are doing it in political protest rather than showcasing their racial intolerance?  Doesn’t it seem more likely that someone would (in this day and age) opt to show their political outrage to the public rather than show their racism?  I am inclined to believe that this is old-fashioned political free speech at work.

However, let me take the other position.  Let’s just say that it is racism at work.  Evil, evil racism.  Okay, fine.  They are hanging a chair, not a real person.  Even if you don’t like it, it’s legal.  It’s free speech.  You don’t get to approve of all of it.  I am very much against limiting free speech just because it’s offensive be it political, anti-Mulsim, pornography, or anything else.  Once you decide you should be able to determine what thoughts people are exposed to, you have decided that there is no freedom.  There is only what you are allowed to think.

Long Live the Constitution!

What the bleep is that?

Posted by Troy on 20th September 2012 in Current Events, Political

An Obama flag?!  And this one wasn’t even made by a crappy Chinese company.  No, the Obama Campaign has released this limited edition print replacing our stars with the Obama emblem.  Wait, that even sounds screwed up, doesn’t it?  When have we ever had a President that had a symbol?!  Who does he think he is?  Prince?  Please!  It would be nice if the President would learn some basic flag rules.  Remember, he didn’t place his hand over his heart when he was first elected during the national anthem?  At a fundraiser, he laid a flag on the ground (a no-no even if it was on a tarp.  You can’t lay the flag down on something).  And now this.  Ugh!

Why I hate reporters

Posted by Troy on 19th September 2012 in Current Events, Political

A free press is necessary for a free people.  The only way we can keep our politicians honest is by being informed about what they are doing.  However, our current media is a lap dog of the Left (as I show in 2084: the Search for Love Hope and Faith).  Here are some examples:

1) The Middle East is burning.  Instead of asking Obama what he is going to do about it, they hound Romney (who has no power whatsoever) about his opinion on the matter.

2) They report on Romney’s secret tapes, even though it was obvious that they were clipped to be misleading.  When the full tape shows that Romney was actually just saying that he wasn’t going to try to get the dependent class’s vote (as I predicted), there was no retraction.

3)  You know if the stuff going on in the Middle East was happening on Bush’s watch, you would see 24/7 coverage of burning embassies.

4)  When gas hit $3 a gallon under Bush, it was wall to wall coverage.  Under Obama, gas doubled to $4 a gallon, and not a word is said.

5)  We continually hear about Romney’s tax returns but not about Obama’s school records.

6)  A massive government coverup involving an international event (Fast and the Furious) barely gets mentioned.  Again, do you think the same would have happened under Bush?

7)  After all the criticism over the Patriot Act, the Democrats elected to renew it.  How much air time did that get?  Pretty much none, after 6 years of raving about it when Bush was around.

8)  Where are the tapes of Obama telling the Russians he’ll have more flexibility when he doesn’t have to care what we think?

9)  Where are the tapes showing that Obama knows that doing away with the capital gains rate will hurt the economy and bring less money to the government but he wants to do it out of “fairness?”

10)  Where is the report about the planned insurgency training for 2016?

11)  Where are the reports concerning all the UN treaties which will devour our rights?

12)  Why does the media seem all but silent on the fact that our debt is out of control, we are printing money out of thin air, unemployment is pretty much stagnant, and Congress has been unable to pass a budget due to Democrats (House Republicans have passed budgets, and the Senate won’t hear them).

13)  Why are Republicans blamed for stalemates when the Senate Democrats will not even bring bills to the floor for discussion or votes?

14)  Every act of violence is put to the Tea Party.  When it turns out it’s wrong, it’s barely mentioned.

15)  The Tea Party is branded a racist group even though there is a lack of evidence for that and a lot of their heroes are minorities (Allen West, Herman Cain, Mia Love, Rubio etc).

16)  Occupy Wall Street was a great movement despite all the evidence of rapes, drugs, theft, vandalism, communism, anarchism, bomb making, etc etc etc.

17)  When Bush was in power, we heard every single death in Afghanistan multiple times a day.  So much more footage, etc.  Suddenly, these deaths aren’t as big a deal.

18)  Gitmo was a huge deal under Bush.  Now?  Not so much.

I could go on and on and on.   The bottom line is that the news media makes me sick.  It’s all indoctrination.  It is clear that they are in bed for Obama and even brought the lube.  I just hope we don’t get screwed too.

Long Live the Constitution!

Romney’s “Secret” Tapes

Posted by Troy on 18th September 2012 in Current Events, Political

Don’t cha wish you could see Obama’s secret tapes?

1.  Before you get upset about this, imagine if one of your friends was secretly taping you.  Don’t you think that they would be able to catch you saying something rather embarrassing?  He had his guard down.

2.  He’s being taken out of context.  Imagine if I said, “Racists believe that whites are superior to blacks.”  They do, don’t they?  Okay, what if someone then took a clip of me saying, “Whites are superior to blacks.”  Would that one clip make you think something completely different than the first sentence said by me?  Of course.  This is why Romney is asking for the full tape to be shown.  Someone probably asked him what he could do to get the 47% that weren’t paying taxes, and he said he wasn’t worried about them [getting their votes] because they would always vote Democrat.  Won’t they?  Is anyone honestly going to tell me that you expect welfare recipients to vote Republican?  Not hardly.  A vast minority there.  I had the common decency to take on Obama’s “You didn’t build that comment” in the context that he made it (and still destroyed him).

3.  Don’t you think that there is a certain logic that the Democrats would like over half the country to be on the government pay one way or another?  We are almost there!  3% away.  Ouch.  The joke is that we have nearly destroyed the country getting to 47%.  Four more years of this and we’re toast.  One thing about it, if Obama wins, it will be the last Democratic president for twenty years.

4.  Does anyone think Palestine really wants “Peace” with Israel?  Do you think that they will happily co-exist?  Romney’s being honest.  He would like a two state solution, but as long as the Palestinians are the way they are, that solution will never work.

5.  The man behind releasing these select clips is President Carter’s grandson who has a chip on his shoulder for how people talk about his grandfather.  Yeah, if that loser was my grandfather, I’d have a chip on my shoulder too.

Long Live the Constitution!

Why Obama deserves to lose

Posted by Troy on 17th September 2012 in Current Events

GM is alive, Osama is dead.

1) GM is alive, but only because they have been effectively subsidized by the taxpayers.  Owners of GM wish to buy back their stock, but the government won’t let them.  Government Motors is killing them, but Obama is unwilling to take billions of loss in an election year.  So they are alive…but they would have been alive anyway if they had been allowed to go through the bankruptcy process.  It would have hurt the labor unions though, and that’s where it is.

2) Osama is dead.  Yep, but hell, time would have handled that for us for free.  Romney was criticized for saying that getting him wasn’t worth moving heavens and earth to get him.  So here’s a question.  Osama is dead.  Kidney failure would have gotten him anyway.  Was it worth a trillion dollars and thousands of dead soldiers to get him?  Which would you rather have?  Besides, anyone would have ordered that raid.  Sorry.

3) Current estimates are that we will have 9.5% unemployment next year.

4)  $4.00 gas is here.

5) After apologizing to all of the Middle East, we are slowly getting kicked out and murdered over there.  Nice.

6)  He was supposed to unify us but has divided us.  Particularly, he wants to divide us by class, and that is unAmerican and socialist.  There, I said it.  Enjoy.

7)  We will be downgraded to AA- .  Yey!

8)  He has tripled the money supply and is about to give us more of it.

9)  He has sold out our national security and the security of our allies.

10)  He’s inept.  Just inept.  Domestic policy?  FAIL.  Foreign Policy?  FAIL.  The only thing he does well is having the media spin for him.  Past that, he’s a paper tiger.

Long Live the Constitution!

Likability Factor

Posted by Troy on 16th September 2012 in Human Nature

Everyone thinks that Obama has and edge because he is more “likable” than Romney.  I would venture to say that this is more an issue at the unequal treatment of the two men.  I have heard some very charitable stuff that Romney has done for people, including pitching in with his own physical labor.  However, I doubt the news media will ever cover this.  My real question is: why is likability so important to people?  If you owned a business, and you could hire one manager that you love personally but will run the company into the ground and the other guy that you think is a real slimebag (drinks, goes to strip clubs, curses, etc but nothing illegal or morally repugnant) but will return you historic returns and triple your business, which would you choose?

Aesop Fables

Posted by Troy on 14th September 2012 in Entertainment

I believe that Aesop Fables should be required reading for everyone.  The reason and logic and morals of these stories have stood up to the test of time.  Sometimes, it amazes me when I see our leaders not taking these lessons to heart.  I know you may consider them reading for children, but I highly recommend going back and re-reading them.  You will be shocked at the wisdom you find in them.

QE3 Announced

Posted by Troy on 13th September 2012 in Current Events

“And we will keep printing money until the economy is roaring again!”  Yeaaaaaaa!!!!

Well, I guess it’s official.  Obama will do anything to be re-elected.  They are going to start buying debt and keep buying debt until unemployment falls, which of course, probably wont’ work.  It will also weaken our dollar tremendously and hurt the value of our debt.  We’re gonna have to pay a lot higher interest rates in the future to trick China into giving us more money.

So the stock price jumps.  Great.  Of course, we have already tripled the money supply.  Inflation’s on the way, and there’s nothing that can be done to stop it since we’ve decided to triple down on a tactic which didn’t work the first two times.

Long Live the Constitution!