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Evil Omens?

Posted by Troy on 15th August 2012 in Current Events, Political

Homeland security buys 450 million rounds of ammo.  The Social Security Administration orders 174,000 rounds of .357 rounds, and NOAA orders 46,000 rounds.  Should we be concerned?  First of all, the first one is probably overstated.  They have an open contract over a long duration.  This is probably the maximum number of bullets they can order over the life of the contract.  We only have 311 million.  That’s more than one round per person.  I’d like to think that they wouldn’t need that much ammo.  NOAA claims clerical error.  However, it has come to light that the Army has started training for an insurrection in 2016.  Needless to say, anything we discuss would be pure speculation at this point.  I’m guessing that’s when everything hits the fan and we have drastic cuts to Social Security and Medicare among other things.  In this scenario, they fear riots like in Greece.  I, for one, don’t believe the bulk of us are rioters.  We didn’t riot (at least en masse) during the Great Depression, did we?

So that leads me to a question: when is insurrection okay and when should it be put down?  If you read the Federalist Papers, they do say it is okay to rebel.  Remember, they had just done so.  So here is the thing:  The people have the right and obligation to rebel against a tyrannical government in order to restore the Constitution.  The Army has the obligation to support the people in this matter.  If the people were seeking to overthrow the Constitution, the Army would have the obligation to fight the people.  Members of the military can tell you.  They do not defend America.  They do not defend Americans.  They do not do the bidding of the President or other politicians.  Their sole duty is to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  As long as they remember that, everything will be okay.

I believe in the Constitution, and I believe in our military which is made up of patriotic Americans.

Long Live the Constitution!

How to fix Medicare

Posted by Troy on 15th August 2012 in Political, Uncategorized

The Democrats are trying to kill Paul Ryan over Medicare.  First of all, Obama himself said that the current system is dying and must be replaced.  Second, Obama and the Democrats are cutting $500,000,000,000 from Medicare to pay for Obamacare (a fairytale that won’t happen…they just told the CBO this to hide the massive cost of this new program).  Third, Paul Ryan’s plan will not change anything for anyone ages 55 and up.  Of course, we at Swamp Fox Press have another grand idea:

1)  Medicaid will be linked by Social Security Number to each citizen.  They will be given a grant of $25,000 (indexed for inflation) from which each person can draw.  Exempt from this would be amounts paid in regards to pregnancies.

2)  The employee portion of Medicare taxes (up to the amount on the first $100,000) will be paid into a spending account that will be due to the employee and will be in the employee’s name.  The employer portion (and excess employee portion) will go towards paying for Medicaid listed above.

3)  The employee can use the money for any medical expenses or it can be paid out at the date of death.

4)  The employee can contribute, tax-free, more to this account up to $2,000/year.

5)  The account can be used to pay for the medical expenses of others, even if they are unrelated.

6)  This ccount will accrue a 3% return on their money.

7)  The rate can be adjusted to promote good health practices or lowered to discourage bad ones.  Taking an annual exam and having a BMI under 23 and being a non-smoker would raise the rate to 4% (for example).

8) Everyone can get 1 free, annual exam at a free clinic.  This is optional and would go towards number 7 above.

This plan would provide an incentive for medical savings.  It would also give a direct reward for paying medicare tax.  It would provide for the poor basic health services.  It would provide a fair limit on how much is spent per citizen on these programs.  It would increase the incentives for healthy living.  It would encourage price competition as it is their money they are spending.  It would allow for communities to contribute to the health care of a treasured neighbor.  It would also cause the elderly or terminally ill to consider their treatment options.  If I can give my kids $100,000 in inheritance or spend it on medical treatments to extend my life 6 months, I would probably take the first choice.  If it was someone else’s money, why wouldn’t I take the treatments?

Long Live the Constitution!

To Susan on the Hannity radio show

Posted by Troy on 14th August 2012 in Writing

Dear Susan,

I got a pleasant treat when I was flipping around on the radio and heard you mention my work.  I am glad that you enjoy my writings and find them enlightening.  The only thing that would have made the mention any sweeter would have been if you mentioned the title of my book.  I hope you enjoyed the novel and all the blog points.  Check out the vblog on  Just type in Troy Newham Message from Moses to see all my works.

Long Live the Constitution!

Paul Ryan as Vice Presidential Pick

Posted by Troy on 12th August 2012 in Current Events, Political

With Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan, one must assume then that Romney has decided to take a hard line stance and make his candidacy about the economy and future solvency.  The GOP is enthused and so are the Democrats.  We will have to see how the Independents fall.  Republicans like him because he admits the truth that these systems cannot continue indefinitely.  In fact, in 12 years, we are in real trouble.  The Democrats love him because they know that people love free stuff.  Now that over half of the country is takers, not tax payers, then they think their power is cemented.  Of course, this is why I believe that government assistance should come with an obligation to turn over your vote.  Now that we’ve allowed legalized theft, the end of the republic may follow.  Once the majority of the people vote that they can take from the minority of the people, the republic is doomed.  So we have a real choice: 1) accept reality like adults, and try to fix the system as best we can or 2) continue to believe the fairy-tale the Democrats offer up that we can all have everything for nothing and it can be sustained forever–of course, once the bond market dries up, we will awaken to a much darker reality than if we did something today.

Long Live the Constitution!

Bernadette – The Four Tops, the greatest love song ever

Posted by Troy on 10th August 2012 in Entertainment
To me, this is the greatest love song ever.  When you read the words, you wouldn't think there is anyway that it could be turned into a song.  It reads like a love letter, not a song.  Enjoy.
People are searching for the kind of love that
     we possess.
Some go on searching their whole life through
And never find the love I've found in you.
And when I speak of you, I see envy in other
     men's eyes.
And I'm well aware of what's on their minds.
They pretend to be my friend when all the time
     they long to persuade you from my side.
They'd give the world and all they own for
     just one moment we have known.
They want you because of the pride that it
But Bernadette,
I want you because I need you to live.
But while I live only to hold you,
Some other men, they long to control you.
But how can they control you
When they can not control themselves
From wanting you, needing you, but darling
You belong to me, I'll tell the world.
[ From:]
You belong to me, I'll tell the world.
You're the soul of me, I'll tell the world,
You're a part of me.
In your arms I find the kind of peace of mind the      world is
searching for.
But you, you give me the joy this heart of
     mine has always been longing for.
In you I have what other men long for.
All men need someone to worship and adore.
That's why I treasure you and place you high
For the only joy in life is to be loved.
So whatever you do,  Bernadette.
Keep on loving me,    Bernadette.
Keep on needing me, Bernadette.
You're the soul of me, more than a dream.
You are planned to me.
And Bernadette,
You mean more to me than a woman was ever
     meant to be
My darling, Bernadette.

Romney Killed My Wife!

Posted by Troy on 9th August 2012 in Current Events, Political

A new attack ad on Romney claims that his shutting down a plant caused a man’s wife to die.  Shall we also charge liquor store owners with drunk driving deaths then?  What about you eating crab when someone dies on The Most Dangerous Catch?  Do you see where we are going?  Did you know that it is a given that x number of workers will be killed building a road or building a building?  If we set a speed limit of 35 miles per hour, we would have virtually zero fatalities on the road.  Does your desire not to take seven forevers in getting somewhere mean that you are directly responsible for these deaths?  Sounds that way, really.  Is it a company’s objective to provide health care to people?  Nope.  It’s to make a profit.  If you owned a business that wasn’t profitable, you wouldn’t sit there and keep losing money.  Would you?  If you would, it’s no small wonder that you don’t own a business.

Here’s the real answer to this attack, and it’ll never be said.  Sometimes, life sucks.  Sometimes, life is unfair.  Everyone you know will eventually die.  Sometimes through no fault of their own.  Perhaps, if the steel mill had been left open, the husband would have fallen into a vat of molten steel and died, and his wife still would have died of cancer.  Life is crazy and unpredictable.  The only thing we can do is play the hand we are dealt to the best of our abilities.  I’m sorry that the man’s wife died, but Romney’s no more to blame than anyone else.  This isn’t to mention the fact that she died 7 years after he was fired and had insurance of her own.

Life isn’t fair.  Deal with it.

Long Live the Constitution!

Racially Offensive Chick-fil-a

Posted by Troy on 8th August 2012 in Current Events, Human Nature, Political

As we know, Chick-fil-a is hate chicken.  In addition to being anti-gay, however, it is also racially insensitive according to Representative  Alcee Hastings (D) of Florida.  Six months ago, Representative Allen West (R) of Florida bought the lunch for the Black Caucus meeting.  He chose biscuits and chicken from Chick-fil-a.  We will assume that Mr. Hastings is true to his word, and such offense is not being taken because of the (R) after West’s name.  Of course, Hastings does admit that they often have dishes such as fried chicken and collard greens, but he does stipulate that they never have watermelon.  Of course, it is an interesting argument.  Why is Chick-fil-a’s fried chicken offensive and the other isn’t?  Perhaps it has to be expensive fried chicken?  It can’t be the taste.  Say what you will…if Chick-fil-a is hate chicken, it must be the hate that makes it taste good…  The fact of the matter is that I am blessed not to live in their world.  I should hate to feel offended by delicious chicken and watermelon (for there are few pleasures greater than a ripe Georgia watermelon in July).  It’s food.  Whatever you choose to read into it is all in your head.  In the end, you have to CHOOSE to be offended.  No one can make you offended.  That is a choice that you make on your own.

I have a feeling it’s more because Mr. West is a Republican and Mr. Hasting can attack a traitor, black, Republican and garner support from gays by attacking Chick-fil-a in one shot.  Yeah, that’s probably what it is, actually.

Long Live the Constitution!

Bad Sports at the Olympics

Posted by Troy on 7th August 2012 in Current Events

To the South African, Cameron van der Burgh:  How Dare you?  It’s bad enough that you cheated, but you proudly proclaim it.  It should be something you are deeply ashamed of.  As far as your excuse goes: what about everyone else that worked hard for four years that you just screwed out of medal by cheating?  For shame!  You should be stripped of your medal, the same as a doper who is caught after the fact.

To the Algerian, Taoufik Makhloufi: Everyone else in every single races, runs it out.  They don’t give up when they realize that they cannot win so they can conserve energy.  When you qualified for the Olympics, you took someone else’s spot.  There was someone who was willing to give 100% to those 800 meters even if they came in dead last.  When you took their spot, you owed them that amount of effort.  You should have been kicked out of the games.  You didn’t look too hurt tonight, so I don’t buy the “injury” excuse.

Finally, to Felix Sanchez, whatever you wanna be:  You were born in this country.  You live under the protection of the military.  You have benefited greatly by our economy and education system.  In exchange for this, you represented the Dominican Republic.  You know, in order for someone to become a US citizen, they make an oath to have no loyalty to a foreign power.  It’s sickening that we cannot expect the same from a natural born citizen.  If you want to represent the Dominican Republic so bad, renounce your citizenship and go live there.  Thank you.

Long Live the Constitution!

Reid: Today’s McCarthy – Romney Has Paid His Taxes

Posted by Troy on 6th August 2012 in Current Events, Political

McCarthy ruined many people’s lives by claiming that he had evidence that they were Communist.  In many cases, the public jumped on board and presumed this person’s guilt because they could not prove that they WEREN’T a communist.  In some cases, they wouldn’t even try.  Now, Senator Reid is trying the same tactic.  I don’t believe that someone has told him that Romney hasn’t paid his taxes.  Of course, Pelosi came to his aid by saying, “What he said was true!  Someone did tell him that!”  What the hell is that?  Really?  Is that all you have?  Honestly, the fact that they used that as a defense leads me to believe they are lying.  If they thought they were telling the truth, they would stand by the statement.

Of course, the question then becomes: Why won’t Romney release his tax returns which will prove that he paid his taxes?  Of course, filing your taxes is not the same as paying your taxes.  If he didn’t file his taxes, he would be in jail.  If he filed and didn’t pay, there would be liens on his assets, and there would be a public record of these liens.  As such, he has filed his taxes, and he has paid them.  Still, why doesn’t he release his taxes?

I am a tax accountant.  I’ll tell you why he doesn’t want to do that.  The fact of the matter is that there is a ton of personal information in a tax return.  You can see where he works, the investments he has made, his medical records, and his charitable givings.  Every little detail that is in those returns could become another weapon.  The attacks would be ceaseless, so why do it?  Imagine if someone asked you for your e-mail password or internet history to prove some minor point.  Even if you had done nothing wrong, you probably wouldn’t want to give someone that information without due cause.

I’m not really sure why we have all this push about Romney being too rich.  Generally, being rich is a sign of intelligence, craftiness, networking, and other skills which would translate well to the office of President.  The Romneys are no more out of touch with America than the Obamas.  In fact, given the fact that Michelle Obama proudly proclaimed TWICE “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country!” I can assume that their world view is vastly different than most of us.  I, for one, am damn proud to be an American.  I would rather be poor in America than rich in China any day.  Should we just put someone in the office who is Middle Class?  Why don’t we seek the most average joe and put him in there then?  Because it’s a stupid idea?  Yeah, that’s probably right.

Again, anyone demanding the release of Romney’s taxes should also demand the release of Obama’s school records.  No one remembers him from Columbia.  No one ever had a class with the dude.  It’s all very weird.  I’d love to see his records, and I would really love to read his thesis.  Perhaps it was entitled, “How I will change America from Capitalism to Socialism if I become President.”

Long Live the Constitution!

Stupid Ads

Posted by Troy on 2nd August 2012 in Current Events, Political

Obama must be the king of stupid advertisements.  Have you seen these?

Ad 1:  ”It’s a scary time to be a woman.”  Oh my god.  Really?  Is it really scary?  Why is it scary?  I’m willing to bet you weren’t scared before you saw the ad.  Most of you are probably not scared after you saw the ad.  If you are scared after seeing the advertisement, you obviously lack any moral fortitude and/or are so easily swayed I would highly recommend that you should not vote.  ”Be afraid!”  ”Yikes!  I am afraid!”  Hey, girl in the ad!  Why don’t you move to Saudi Arabia for a year, and then we’ll talk about it being a scary time to be a woman.

Ad 2:  ”I’m Barrack Obama, and I am donating to my own campaign since me wife has given me the okay.”  I know that was meant to be a joke, but serious…grow a pair, dude!  Are you that whipped that you have to ask permission to donate to your own campaign?  No offense, but I should hope that you did believe in your campaign enjoy to put money in.  That shouldn’t even need to be pointed out to anyone.  It comes off as corny, and it smells of desperation.  It smacks of a friend begging quarters from his friends to buy a gallon of gas to get home.

Ad 3:  ”I’m Romney’s horse.”  Actually, this is probably the best of the moronic ads.  However, what is wrong with people?  Why is being rich suddenly evil.  They all say it’s because the Romneys are out of touch.  Yeah, like Michelle really shops at Target, people.  Seriously.  They ate at the finest restaurants and have very expensive tastes…on our dime no less!  The fact of the matter is that it is Romney’s money.  He earned it.  He can spend it however he wants to.  I guarantee you, I can go through YOUR budget and find so much waste.  And you could go through mine and do the same.  It’s our money and we can do whatever the hell we want to do with it.  If I want to buy video games with it, that’s my business.  If Charlie Sheen wants to blow all his on strippers, that is his business.  If Romney wants to spend it on horses, good for him.  Who is anybody to tell anybody else that they are wasting their money?

Long Live the Constitution!