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Happenings at the Republican National Convention

Posted by Troy on 29th August 2012 in Current Events, Political

First, let me say that I really enjoyed Ann Romney’s speech.  It actually made me feel a little better about voting for the guy, and I’m not moved by such things generally.  She came across as utterly sincere.  I believe that she loves her husband absolutely and unconditionally.  When she said that her husband does not fail, I believe her.  I bet he has always accomplished his goals.  She also reminded people that, although they are wealthy now, they had their rough times when they were first getting started and during her illness.  Of course, all of this was summed up by Juan Williams calling her a “corporate wife.”  Pretty bloody insulting there.  So we sum people up with a two word phrase, eh?  I postulate that there was nothing Ann could have said that Juan wouldn’t have trashed.  Of course, calling her a corporate wife who cannot relate to the common man must be based upon the assumption that Michelle Obama can somehow relate to the common man with her jet trips and fancy clothes and foods.  Hey, at least the Romneys pay for their own extravagance, not the taxpayers.  One thing that I can tell you we will never hear from Ann Romney say is: “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country!”  Know who said that?  Michelle Obama.  And she did it on two separate occasions.  I can tell you that there is no way Michelle Obama can relate to me.  I have always been proud of my country, even when they screw up and elect someone like Obama.

In other news, Yahoo fired David Chalian for saying that Republicans are “happy to have a party with black people drowning.”  Good for them.  Let me just say, I’m sick and tired of everyone crying and flying the flag at half mast over every single death (oh, and so far there’s only one confirmed death from Hurricane Issac).  Here’s a question to Chalian, “What do you suppose we do then?  Should everybody stop living their lives and fake mourn and wail for people we don’t know?”  No.  I would say we should probably carry on with our own lives.  If we feel so compelled, it would be nice to contribute to relief efforts and what not, but this is a piddy little Category 1 storm.  Psh!  Grow up, dude.  This isn’t Katrina.

Anyway, the convention is going great.  Paul Ryan gave a tremendous speech.  Hopefully the ticket will be able to stay on message.  If they keep hammering the truth about the economy and the budget, there is little that Obama will be able to do.  If someone is wielding the sword truth against you, you will soon find your shield of lies shall shatter.

Long Live the Constitution!

Fair Share of Taxes

Posted by Troy on 28th August 2012 in Current Events, Political

“Fair” is always a matter of opinion.  However, here’s a good question for you.  If we could adopt one of two tax policies, which one would it be?

1) All taxes are paid by corporations and the top 25% of income households or

2) Corporations and the top 1%’ers are literally exempt from taxation.

Most everyone would say #1.  However, what if the results of the tax policies are as follows:

1) We have 9.2% unemployment and revenues to the Federal government drops by 10% or

2) We have 4% unemployment and revenues to the Federal government actually increases 20%?

This is the debate.  The Democrats demand fairness in the tax code.  Remember, Obama said in 2008 that he didn’t care that getting rid of the 15% capital gains rate would actually hurt the economy and lower revenues to the government.  He doesn’t care because that is what is “fair.”  Of course, this is a very childlike position, isn’t it?  Meanwhile, the Republicans want to decrease the corporate income tax and keep rates low for the top tier earners because they think that it will increase jobs, the economy, and revenues to the government.

I’m going to break it down to ya: the government cannot LEVEL the economy.  They cannot take money from the rich and give to the poor without hurting the economy and killing jobs.  Meanwhile, the capitalist approach will not LEVEL the economy.  No, it can increase the number of people that have jobs.  There may be 5 hamburger flippers in a town as opposed to 2, but they will still probably earn about the same because the value we put upon the hamburger is still the same: a meal is a meal.

Long Live the Constitution!

Ron Paul and the 2012 election

Posted by Troy on 27th August 2012 in Current Events, Political

First, I supported Ron Paul.  That being said, we should not do any sort of write-in campaign.  Should Obama win in 2012, there will not be a country left to save by 2016.  The fact of the matter is that Libertarians currently have no shot of winning a Presidential election.  That is sad but true.  However, what is more useful is to go after House seats.  These are manageable elections that we can win.  In particular, Libertarians should reach out to the Tea Party.  While they are most often associated with Conservatives, you will find that the average Tea Partier is more in line with Libertarianism and Constitutionalism.  Libertarians should try to gain power inside the Republican Party (do remember that Ron Paul is technically a Republican).  While I do think that Libertarians appeal to Republicans and Democrats, I do not think that Libertarians can be Democrats.  The current Democrat schematic is for greater entitlements and greater government spending.  This necessitates greater regulations, laws, and bureaucracy–these are tenements that cannot be reconciled with Libertarianism.  If Libertarians have more Legislative seats, we can turn back bad laws.  We can also trim down government spending.  Finally, we can audit the Federal Reserve.  However, if Obama wins, we are toast.  Understand that I understand where you are coming from, but we must be patient.  We need to win district after district in the primaries.  We need to become a regional force.  Then we will push to become a national force.  After that, then we can try for the White House.  If we try for it now, the only thing that will happen is that Obama will win re-election, and then there is nothing left to save.  Our nuclear arsenal will be further diminished.  We will give up more sovereignty to the UN.  We will continue to print worthless money destroying our dollar.  We will gain so much debt that it will be in surmountable.  There will be no possibility to remove Obamacare which will completely wreck our entire economy.

Long Live the Constitution!

Romney’s father was a member of the KKK

Posted by Troy on 26th August 2012 in Current Events, Entertainment

It breaks my heart to have to report that Romney’s father was a member of the KKK.  It turns out that his mother was also a member of the Nazi party in Germany prior to coming to America.  It has been discovered that Romney grew up writing extensively about how the races should be separated and that the Thirteenth Amendment should be repealed.  Okay, all of that is a lie, but here’s a question: if this were true, don’t you think you would hear about it?  Don’t you think the media would cover it as being very relevant?  Don’t you think that people would question how a man that was raised by such people would be fit to run this country?

I highly recommend 2016: Obama’s America.  Here’s the thing, his dad was an anti-colonialist/socialist/communist.  His mother shared these values.  Regardless of where he was born, he grew up in another country (Indonesia) learning values that are not our own.  He was only sent back to America because his step-father was becoming progressively more pro-American, and his mother wanted to get Barrack away from such an influence.  His grandfather sought out a Communist to be Barrack’s mentor.  He went to school in Hawaii that holds a grudge against America for their colonization (although they should realize that it’s probably worked out for the best for them in the long run, honestly).  He associated with druggies and malcontents in school.  He associated with terrorists, communists, and anti-colonialists all his life including going to Reverend Wright’s church (an anti-colonialist/Black Liberation Theology leader).   So here’s a question, do you think that someone that grew up with people that hated America (passionately!) and chose to hang around with communists and socialists and other America haters would have a love for America we would want in a President, and why do you think the media never pointed all this out to us?

Read 2084.  Seriously.

Long Live the Constitution!

Charity vs Socialism

Posted by Troy on 22nd August 2012 in Human Nature

People on the Left claim that we need a safety net.  While I personally believe, as a Constitutionalist, that this isn’t an appropriate power of government, most people will agree that we should provide for those less fortunate.  Since I’m outvoted, lets assume you are right.  Now Obama and the Democrats say that the Republicans want to cut benefits to the middle class.

Yes!  We should absolutely cut ALL benefits to the middle class.  By virtue of being middle class, these people can afford the basic necessities of life and have some left over to spend however they see fit.  If they want to do something, they need to allocate their money accordingly.  What they should not do is be able to vote that they can take from the rich just because there is a differential between their income and rich.  This is the difference between providing for the less fortunate and full blown socialism, and the only justification you can have is envy.

We always say that there are excuses for everything.  For instance, we make the argument, “If your family was starving, would you steal to feed them?”  The answer is always yes, but let me ask you a question…would you try maybe ASKING the store for the loaf of bread?  You would find that stealing isn’t necessary.  Most anyone is willing to help someone really in need.  Ask, and you shall receive.

Long Live the Constitution!

Todd Akin, what an idiot

Posted by Troy on 21st August 2012 in Current Events, Political

Todd Akin should have dropped out of the race.  Staying in was the single worse decision to make.  I can tell him what he is going to face.  Ad after ad after ad with the words “legitimate rape.”  Whew!  He’s doomed.  Nothing else to say.  First of all, he may have some point.  I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that “legitimate rape” equals “violent rape” as opposed to rape through deception, drugs, or other means.  Any fertility doctor will tell you that stress can prohibit pregnancy or cause a miscarriage–and I am sure that rape cause a LOT of stress.  However, he was a complete idiot to say that out loud.  If he wanted to go against rape due to rape and incest, he should have played the “sins of the father doesn’t damn the baby” angle.  That’s really the only way out if he wants to take a hard line pro-life stance.  He could have done redirection and called them out and say, “What percent of abortions are due to rape and incest?”  To hear the Democrats talk, it’s somewhere around 98%.  However, I have a different answer.

I am a Libertarian.  I am not for making laws if they do not harm another citizen.  Now, the question then becomes, “When does life begin and when do Constitutional rights convey to them?”  That’s an argument for another time.  Instead, we should strive for a society in which we are moral.  In fact, only in a moral society can we afford our freedoms.  When we deny morality, the government will step in to regulate our behavior as we fail to regulate ourselves.  As such, no one should have sex unless they are willing and able to deal with the consequences of their actions, regardless of contraception.  If we did this, abortion would not be an issue.

Deal with it.

He’s still an idiot though.

Long Live the Constitution!

Another 2084 prediction comes true!

Posted by Troy on 20th August 2012 in Current Events

I like stories that show aspects of 2084 coming true.  While I did run things out to the nth degree, I find the essence of my predictions to be very valid.  For instance, schools are now using palm prints to charge their students for their lunches.  This is incredibly efficient.  However, how is this much different than the scanner chips I had installed in people’s hands in 2084?  Of course, their system is a little better than mine.  However, I had to have a chip so that people could be tracked via GPS.  It’s hard to do that with a palm print.  However, from a standpoint of everything else in the prediction, it’s right on point.  Consider that we could link your bank accounts to biometrics.  Your charge cards and bank account can easily be accessed as such.  This would virtually eliminate cash all together (which the IRS and others would love).  Of course, the argument for this would be that it would reduce crime and tax evasion (which are almost always done in cash transactions).  It would also be very secure as a thief would have to cut off your hand to steal your cash.  They could even sell scanners that attach to your home computer for on-line shopping.

It is very odd then, isn’t it?  Why is it that such move which should be beacons of light turn into tools to strip us of our freedom?  Why do they try to sell us on the idea that taking away our rights and freedoms to stop a handful of criminals is a great idea?  This is the exact same mentality that sold us the Patriot Act and the TSA and “stop and search.”  As Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

Long Live the Constitution!

My first negative review! Woo Hoo!

Posted by Troy on 18th August 2012 in Writing

I got my first negative review of 2084.  Of course, this was expected.  When you write a political book, it is expected that at least half of the readers are going to HATE your book.  Of course, I disagree with his assessment.  First of all, I would like to deal with his “political doctrine piece,” comment.  Duh!  Yeah, it is political doctrine.  Dippy.  That’s the whole point of the novel.  I wrote this book to show how freedom can be destroyed by a death of a thousand paper cuts.  The other comment is about using a future encyclopedia blah blah blah.  I used a separate literary device.  You see, there are two major arcs of 2084, and both are equally important.  The Moses arc shows how the government will use the plea of “necessity” to rob us of our freedoms one freedom at a time.  As Adams said, “Freedom once lost is lost forever.”  The other is the George Washington arc which is meant to show how the human soul demands freedom and how we all need love, hope, and faith.  I should imagine that this particular reader is a “socialist commie” himself.  Finally, dude, you read 18%.  You can’t dis something you didn’t read.  The Communist Manifesto is the most inane drivel I have ever read in my life, but I still finished it before I trashed it.  Regardless, the book accomplishes exactly what I want it to.  I can only hope that I will one day have thousands of positive review and thousands of hate reviews too, for that is what I can look forward to.

Long Live the Constitution!

CampfireDan “Dan” said

There is a technique in future world science fiction stories for giving the reader a quick way to understand the background of the setting. That is to use a future encyclopedia excerpt or similar narrative about the events leading up to the future world. When done well it is usually a short, one or two paragraph, narrative that explains a few developments that may not be easily referenced in the story line. This novel, however, goes to excruciating extremes with its narrative side-lines to the point of making it as much, or more, a political doctrine piece than a science fiction novel. That said, if you are one of the folks who find conspiracies behind passage of every law or regulation you may still like it for the “yeah, take that you commie socialist” effect. But if you are actually looking for a science fiction story rather than political rant you will likely be as bored with this as I was. I made it to about 18% before I gave up on it as a sf novel and removed it from my Kindle. With some very rigid editing it might be saved as a short story but, to the extent I got in it, it rather seems more a short story with a lot of boring narrative fluffing it up to novel length. Two stars because some might like its political perspective – I would give it just one if not for that. Even so – I think a lot of all the side-line political narrative could have been easily worked into the plot if the author hadn’t been more interested in using the narrative to expound on his personal dislike of many current political issues than in using it for setting the action in a realistic world.

The Perfect Host

Posted by Troy on 17th August 2012 in Entertainment

I love when a low budget movie is really good.  It’s one of life’s great pleasures as it is a sign that you don’t have to have a huge budget and special effects and A-listers to have a great movie.  Also, as someone who struck it out on his own, it also shows that you can have a great product which is overlooked by the big names.  Such is the case of The Perfect Host.  Of course, David Hyde Pierce is far from an unknown, and make no mistake, he makes this movie.  I don’t think they could have put anyone else in his role.  His acting was immaculate.  The storyline takes so many twists and turns, but none of these twists seem hackneyed.  The only suggestion I would make is to turn off the movie when the letter arrives as what follows makes NO sense, but if you do so, you will miss David Hyde Pierce’s coolest moment too.  Eh.  Your call!

GM Bailout Fails – Gee, why am I always right?

Posted by Troy on 16th August 2012 in Current Events

And when is everyone going to realize I’m always right?  Eh.  Oh well.

So, GM is losing market share yet again.  Right now, the stock is hovering around $20 per share.  The Feds would have to sell their massive amount of GM stock around $53 a share to break even on the deal.  So…we’re a bit screwed.  Awesome!  If this trend continues, we will be forced to either bail them out again or cut our losses and let them file for bankruptcy.  How could this have possibly happened?

Well, perhaps because there was a reason why they were going under?  You see, that is the problem with liberal thought.  They stop at the top of the line.  ”GM’s going broke?  Oh no!…Let’s give them money… Brilliant!!!!”  The reason they are losing money is because they have been designing cars that people don’t care for, they are not as reliable as other (Japanese mainly) cars, and they cost more for what you’re getting.  Why is that?  Probably due to the production costs and the spotty labor records that have been caused by ironclad union contracts that protect lazy/incompetent workers (and I am talking about those that are lazy and incompetent here…I’m sure there are plenty great auto workers too) and jack up benefits and pensions to the point that the company can no longer compete and, thus, no longer survive.

Long Live the Constitution!