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Is Obamacare Racist?

Posted by Troy on 16th July 2012 in Current Events, Political

You bet it is!  A tax on tanning beds?  What have whites ever done to you, sir?!   ha ha, but seriously folks!  They have now determined that the term, “Obamacare,” is a racist term.  Why is that?  Is the Monroe Doctrine racist against whites?  How about the Cy Young Award?  How about the Heisman Trophy?  FDR’s The New Deal?  Reaganomics?  Of this, Reaganomics is probably the closest one.  So why do followers of Reagan speak well of the term (although liberals do tend to treat it as a put-down of economic theories) and followers of Obama do not want his signature law named after him?  The reason is that Reaganomics worked and Obamacare will NEVER work.  If he were really proud of it, he’d be honored to have it called Obamacare.  The fact of the matter is that he has to distance himself from his very own signature law if he’s to have any chance at being re-elected.  And he can only be re-elected if people don’t understand what a wrecking ball this sucker is.  He needs people to smile and say “pre-existing conditions and adult children on their parent’s policies,” and end there and ignore the economic catastrophe this thing really is.  See my segments in the past posts or on YouTube about how Obamacare is going to destroy the economy in 2014.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama On Taxes

Posted by Troy on 9th July 2012 in Current Events, Political

Obama declares that we have a divide on how wealth is created.  He claims the Republicans believe wealth is created at the top and trickles down.  The Democrats believe that wealth is created by the middle class.  His solution to wealth creation?  Tax the rich.

How will that increase wealth?  How will that increase our middle class?

The only way I can see that this will increase the middle class is to drag some of the upper class down into the middle class.  Brilliant!  We’ll take all the money from the rich until they are in the middle class and then give it to the poor to get them up to middle class, and then we’ll all be in the middle class!

Well, until in a few years when the poor had pissed away all the freebies and are back into their original position and there are no more rich to tax…a minor issue.

Fact:  The only thing that creates wealth is character and a stable environment (hard work, work ethic, frugality (etc) and an economy in which you can predict the forces arrayed against you and plan accordingly–if you can’t do this, you will not risk starting businesses etc).

Fact: The rich will never make more people rich.  Becoming rich (or even middle class) demands that that person work hard and study hard and try to attain these goals.

Fact:  The reason the rich get richer and the middle class and poor do not is because a rising economy does not raise all boats.  If you own a business and the economy improves, you might open a second store.  This doubles your income.  Does it double the wages of your workers too?  Absolutely not, but it does double the number of people employed.  The reason for this is that the underlying jobs still have the same value to society.  If you flipped burgers in the 1950′s, that job has the same value in 2012.  A burger is a burger.  You do not get 10% raises because no one is willing to pay $50 for a hamburger day after day.

Fact:  There is little that the government can do to help the economy.  The only thing they can do is keep operating costs/start up costs low by keeping just the basic and most important regulations and keeping these rules easy to follow.  They have to provide a stable environment based on taxes, crime, regulations, and other factors.

Fact:  There is no way for raising taxes to actually improve the economy.  The math will not add up.  Taking money out of the economy will never improve the situation.  The bare minimum taxes should be levied.  These taxes should be paid only to pay for the legitimate powers of government.  If you were to take out the welfare spending, retirement spending, and all the discretionary spending, we would not have a deficit.  We would be the financial superpower of the world, unchallenged.  Now we are empowering China and enslaving ourselves.

Fact:  Plot a graph of the poverty rate and all welfare spending.  As Benjamin Franklin said, “If you make poverty easy, you’ll have more of it.”

The cold heartless truth is that we can solve a lot of problems by just ending all welfare spending.  You say we don’t have workers willing to pick fruit?  Offer them the choice: pick fruit or starve.  I bet most people will pick fruit.  Starvation is the oldest and best motivator for human behavior.  Return welfare to the churches and the communities.  They do it better than the government and hold the recipient accountable (in which the government seem to have little ability or inclination to do).

Every single problem we have comes down to a breakdown of American character.  In particular, this breakdown has been greatly accelerated by the breakdown of the American family.

Perhaps I will write a blog on the breakdown of the American family, but that is a long and complicated topic.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obamacare must be repealed or else we will be destroyed

Posted by Troy on 5th July 2012 in Current Events, Political

Let’s assume that the Supreme Court got it right.  We may as well since we’re done with that.  I will now try to inform you why you should want this law repealed.  Even if you were for this law and love Obama, you should read this.  There is no rhetoric.  There is no death panels.  There’s no shouts of it being Unconstitutional.  I won’t even go into it being intrusive and against our individual liberties.  I will show you why just based on the actual law and the mathematics of it:

1)  I have 52 employees.  Since I have more than 49, I have to either pay the penalty or sign everyone up for insurance.  So these 3 employees are going to cost me $44,000.  (52-30 (exemption) x $2,000 penalty).  What do ya think I’m gonna decide to do?  Will I pay out $44,000 or do you think I might…just might…fire three employees?

2)  Most of these penalties only kick in if one of my employees buys insurance from one of these new exchanges.  Geeeeee, I have 1 employee that is eligible to buy insurance from these exchanges.  If he does so, I can literally owe hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Huh.  I wonder if I might decide to fire my poor employees?  What, I can’t discriminate?  Prove I did.  Any employer can come up with a reason why they fired someone.

3)  It is going to destroy the economy.  If you have 280 employees, you’re looking at this law costing you $500,000.  That can kill businesses.  So the business in your town employing 280 people goes bust.  Just curious…how do you think that’s going to impact the other businesses in your area?

4)  I own 3 hamburger joints and hire about 50 employees.  I have cut costs all I can.  Currently, I make about $75,000 a year.  The penalties are going to hit me up for $44,000.  The only way I can make ends meet is by taking a pay cut myself (I’m an evil capitalist and do pay myself).  Now I only make $31,000.  I look at it and decide I can make $50,000 as an employee somewhere else.  Gee, do you think I’m going to keep doing the hamburger business?  Probably not.

5)  These laws are insanely complex.  The cost and burden of compliance and enforcement are going to be tremendous.

6)  Do you think I am gonna pay you as much?  I’m probably going to pay everybody less just to pay for this crap.  Here’s a question, we all need food, right?  What if the employer came to you and told you that he signed you up for a program that lets you eat whatever you want for free?  The cost of this program is $22,000 a year (based on $20 a meal for three meals a day).  Would you sign up?  Or would you rather opt out and spend your money how you see fit?  You might choose to eat Ramen noodles every meal.  Also, if you were required to participate in this program, don’t you think you would feel motivated to eat as much as you possibly could to get your money’s worth?  Don’t you think that the same will happen with insurance?  If you think we have a shortage of medical care now, just wait until it is “free” to everyone.

This is a bad law.  These figures are probably low too because insurance is gonna jump like crazy once they have to cover those pre-existing conditions.

Long Live the Constitution

Obamacare or Obamatax?

Posted by Troy on 2nd July 2012 in Political

And the dance begins!  Obama is so happy his bill survived, but suddenly he has another problem.  Now, he has to call it a tax.  If they say, “it’s not a tax,” then people can respond that it has to be a tax otherwise it is unconstitutional.  As Romney is already saying, “Is it unconstitutional, or is it a tax?”  If you count the actual cost of this “tax” to the people, it is going to end up being the single biggest tax increase in history (after accounting for the skyrocketing insurance costs which we will be obligated to buy and all the penalties).

In 2084, I said that Obamacare was created to fail.  It was meant to fail to usher in a government, single-payer system.  After looking at this law further, I think I was too kind to it.  This bill is a killer.  It is literally going to destroy businesses.  If it is not defeated, we will be Socialists.

When I was growing up, Socialism was bad and Capitalism was good.  Suddenly, everyone wants to give Socialism a fair shake.  Look, Capitalism works.  That’s the beauty of it.   Nothing has done more to raise the mass of men than Capitalism.  Socialism leads only to destruction.  If you point to our debt and say we have the same issues as the Socialist countries, I agree…but these are all a direct result of the socialist programs of Social Security, Medicare, Welfare, and the like.

We would have been better off if we stuck to the old ways.  Families should take care of their elderly family members.  Communities should take care of their poor.  Families and individuals should have to make the hard choices in medical care.  Perhaps if they had to face those choices, they would choose to live healthier lifestyles.

We must defeat Obamacare in 2013.  All the destruction comes in 2014.  Know why?  It’s after Obama’s re-election.  If you could see what is coming, there is no way you would support this bill.

Long Live the Constitution!

Rebecca Bross

Posted by Troy on 1st July 2012 in Human Nature

Gymnast, Rebecca Bross, had a rough night tonight at the Olympic trials.  To cap off the night, she fell off the uneven bars and landed flat on her back.  She had some additional troubles and could not finish her routine.  I am the first  to admire fortitude.  However, when your knee literally explodes, this is God telling you that it is time to move on.  There is no endeavor which is worth permanently maiming yourself for life.  Learn when to quit.  Don’t destroy yourself without due cause.