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Update on exposure

Posted by Troy on 30th June 2012 in Writing

The promotion of my books is going great.  The average book is only read by about 100 people (making publishing a real hit or miss business).  However, my books are now in the hands of over 500 people.  Currently, it has been very well.  It is obvious that word of mouth is starting to spread (particularly with 2084).  I hope that my goal of raising awareness about the dangers of leftist philosophy are realized.

Long Live the Constitution!

Small Gods by Terry Pratchett

Posted by Troy on 29th June 2012 in Entertainment

I haven’t posted my picks for entertainment in a while.  This was the first Terry Pratchett book I ever read, and I instantly fell in love with his writing which is hilarious.  This book is an excellent discussion of where religions go wrong–where people stop believing in the God and start believing in the institution of the church instead.  It has one of the best endings of any book I’ve ever read.  If you would like a deep book that will keep you laughing out loud, you can’t go wrong with Small Gods.

On the Eve of the Obamacare Decision

Posted by Troy on 27th June 2012 in Current Events, Political

You do not have the right to healthcare.  You do not have the right to a home.  You do not have the right to food.  You do not have the right to anything that you cannot afford.  If that sounds harsh and unfair, so be it, but it is true.  You only have the right to have the ability to buy these services and possessions.  All the things you have the right to are free: speech, thought, religion, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, to protect yourself, to equal treatment under the law, to a trial by jury, and the like.

To those people who like Obamacare because of the pre-existing conditions, they are going to charge you dearly for this insurance.  As such, you will not buy the insurance anyway and will pay the penalty.  You will then buy the insurance when you need treatment and will drop it as soon as you no longer need treatment, and this will cause insurance rates for everyone to jump, and then everyone will do exactly what you are doing, and then the insurance companies will go bankrupt, and then the real fun begins when the government steps in to save us.  Read 2084.

If you want to solve the issues with pre-existing conditions, how about this: If you buy insurance before age 25, the insurance companies cannot deny you coverage.  As long as you stay current with your premiums, they cannot kick you out.  We can even make a rule that they cannot charge people more than 125% of the average premium to prevent people from being priced out of the market.  We can even put more responsibility to the insured and state that these restrictions only apply if they remain non-smokers, do not use illegal drugs, and maintain a BMI under 30.  Hell, that would solve a lot of problems right there.

I am a fan of doing away with insurance altogether.  I think that insurance severs the link between the patient and the bill.  This leads to insane choices.  If you had to pony up $90,000 for a knee replacement, you might choose to buy a $50 cane instead–particularly if you are near the end of your life and would rather your kids have $90,000 more when you die.  This would lead to chaos for five to ten years, but this would end up solving most of our problems with “health care.”

May the whole thing be overturned.

Long Live the Constitution!

Unfair Campaign – An Experience in White Guilt

Posted by Troy on 26th June 2012 in Current Events, Human Nature

The University of Minnesota is doing something truly despicable in promoting a culture of white guilt.  Check out the advertisement below.

Of course, we could argue a “Why now?”  I suspect that we are seeing a dramatic decrease in the effectiveness of using race as a bargaining chip.  Hacks have been “playing the race card” so long that no one really cares anymore.  Also, the majority of the Americans now have grown up after the civil rights era, and people are just not feeling guilty enough.  As such, they are trying to remind whites that they should feel guilty.

Feeling pride or shame because of your skin color is asinine.  Could you imagine the hellstorm it would call down if someone said that blacks should feel guilty for the color of their skin?  That person would be burned alive.  And yet, we put up with people going around touting “Black Power” and either accept it or ignore it whereas someone saying “White Power” is seen with shock and horror.  Regardless of which side of the coin, both sides are being racist.  I can say I’ve never heard someone say “Asian Power!”  This brings me to my next point.

This country was founded (mostly) by white men.  The argument goes that only whites, therefore, can triumph.  You know who makes the highest salaries?  Asians, and by a far margin too.  Asians were just as maligned as blacks, used as a source of cheap labor on the railroads, robbed, raped, murdered, etc.  So why is it that Asians, who were oppressed, now have the highest earning potential?  This comes down, utterly and completely, to the fact that they throw themselves into their studies at school and typically far outpace their white and black classmates.  This is not out of any racial superiority which I will discuss further below.  There were two leaders for the black community.  One was Booker T Washington.  The other was WB Dubois.  Washington pressed for separate schools for blacks, envisioning schools where black children would be pushed towards excellence (I assume that he wanted them separate because he believed, probably correctly, that white teachers would ignore the black children at the time).  With excellence so achieved, their labor would be so valuable that white society would be forced to accept blacks and give them full status.  WB Dubois, however, demanded that people just instantly change their points of view.  While I can see his point, such a thing is not possible.  WB Dubois won the most supporters, so his route was taken.  Asians followed a strategy that Booker T Washington wanted to take.  I view this as the difference in focusing on the future and the now, the children or yourself.  I believe that Booker T Washington was correct.  Focusing on the now is wrong, as is focusing on race as the overarching issue.

If you teach your children that the society is inherently racist, they are going to see that.  If I go to a diner and a black waitress is rude to me, I do not assume it has anything to do with race.  I could be wrong.  She could be spitting in my food and calling me “White Devil” behind my back, but I will just think that she’s having a bad day.  However, if I was trained to see racism, I would instantly assume that her behavior is racist, cementing that belief in my mind further that all of society is racist and out to get me.  This is not to say that racism does not exist and that you will not run into it in life.  However, if you wish to see racism, you are going to see it.  As the saying goes, those who seek to be offended will be offended.

Anyone who says that the races are equal are foolish idealists.  I am sure a biologist can tell you the differences in bone structure, muscle composition, brain weight, propensity for diseases, and the like.  However, these are the equivalent of the differences in world class sprinters.  The fastest time in the race might be 9.8 seconds by the Jamaican and fifth place at 10.5 by the Englishman.  Could it be that race made that .7 difference?  Eh, perhaps.  I don’t know how we’d ever test that, but regardless, both men are damn fast.  If there are any racial advantages, they are completely negated by training and dedication.  That goes for athletics, economics, and intelligence.  That is my point.  Any differences in the races are trivial at best.

This ad is also misleading on another point.  The fact of the matter is that Americans are culturists, not racists.  I guarantee you that a white, neo-nazi, leather-clad, prison-tattooed behemoth is seen with much more fear than Theo Huxtable from the Cosby Show.

The sad thing is that we cannot have rational discussions about such things.  I am sure that I will catch fire for some of this, but there ya go.  That is how the White Guilt thing works.  Whites are not allowed to defend themselves without harassment.  They are expected to shut up, sit down, and feel guilty.  Any that defend themselves are instantly branded as racists.

All men are created equal.  It is what we choose to do with what we are given that makes us exemplary or deplorable, and this choice can be made at any point in someone’s life.

Long Live the Constitution!

Busy day at the Supreme Court

Posted by Troy on 25th June 2012 in Current Events, Political

I’m probably not the only one that checked the headlines every five minutes, hoping for the ruling on Obamacare, but alas it was not to be.  I am glad that they had the heart enough to let us know that it was going to be Thursday.  However, it was still a big day.

The first ruling I would like to talk about is their ruling that minors cannot serve life without parole for murder.  I have mixed feelings for this.  I remember there was a case where a thirteen-year-old killed a six-year-old just to see how it would feel and kept her skull as a trophy.  In her diary, she talked about how thrilling it was and that she would write more after she got home from some party.  The Court ruled that putting a child in prison for life is cruel and unusual or excessive, and as such, unconstitutional.  I see their point, but I’m not entirely sure if I agree.  I still think that excessive fines for piracy  should be visited.  How is $100,000 per illegal download NOT excessive?!  Still, I will give them the benefit of the doubt since they at least tied it to the Constitution.

The second ruling is to reaffirm that corporations have the right to political speech.  I agree with this decision.  Corporations are collections of individuals and should have the right to defend themselves against the free speech of special interest groups and politicians that malign them.

The final ruling is about the Arizona immigration law.  The court struck down most of it but upheld the controversial section which states that the police can check the suspect’s immigration status.  In response, President Obama has instructed ICE not to send agents if AZ finds someone who is there illegally (unless they are wanted for a major felony at least–can’t have THAT making headlines in an election year, can he?).  I think that the Court nailed the decision.  There were some problems with the law that would lead to profiling, but there is no reason why the police cannot check someone’s immigration status if they arrest them.  However, it is clear that Obama has no respect for the rule of law.  He is so hungry for the Latino vote that he is actively undermining the laws that are on the books.  This goes a step worse that just ignoring a law and telling his federal officers not to enforce it.  Now he is thwarting the efforts of the states to enforce laws that they view as vital for the safety of their citizens.  Everything he does is political, and this is inexcusable.

I would like to congratulate the Supreme Court today.  They had an excellent record today in upholding the Constitution and it was across “party lines.”

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama’s Watergate

Posted by Troy on 20th June 2012 in Current Events, Political

Obama is exerting Executive Privilege on the Fast and the Furious.  So this leads to a few options:

1) There is soooo nothing there.  This would be a Machiavellian scheme whereby Obama convinces the Republicans that there is something there, but there really isn’t, but they don’t know that, so they keep searching, and they look like total idiots when it turns out that there is nothing really there.

Analysis from Swamp Fox?  He ain’t that slick.  Honestly, I’d feel better if he WAS that slick, but he’s not.

2)  Eric Holder was lying when he said that Obama didn’t know anything about Fast and the furious.

Analysis:  Executive Privilege only applies to direct communications with the President.  Eric Holder said that he did not talk about Fast and Furious with the President.  If he lied under oath, that means that Eric Holder is guilty of perjury.  Eric Holder has effectively hung himself.

3)  Eric Holder was telling the truth.

Analysis:  Executive Privilege does not apply.  As I said, it only works with direct communications with the President.  As such, Holder is screwed either way.

Watergate started off as a break-in to a hotel wherein Nixon’s agents stole information relating to the Democrat’s election strategies.  If Nixon had let his underlings take the fall, he would have walked away unscathed.  Where he went wrong is that he tried to cover for his underlings and became further and further embroiled in the issue.  Amazingly, Obama has failed to learn from history.  What he should have done is told Holder to step down or take the fall for him.  When he wins his second term or before he leaves office, he would pardon Holder, but that will not happen now.  Now Obama has stuck himself in the trap, the same as Nixon did.  Obama has called full attention to a story that the mainstream media had largely ignored.  There is no way that this ends well for him (unless option 1 turns out to be true).

Fast and Furious is way more important than Watergate.  However, this will not end in the same way as it did for Nixon for two reasons.  The first is that the media loves Obama and has bent over backwards to protect him since the 2008 election.  The second is that the Democrats control the Senate.  As long as that happens, Obama cannot be impeached.  He has used the Constitution as toilet paper since day one, but the Democrats will never call him out on it.  But it can destroy his bid for re-election.

Long Live the Constitution!

More Thoughts on Dream Act Lite

Posted by Troy on 19th June 2012 in Current Events, Political

I originally said that Executive nullification is a viable way to get around a “bad law.”  That is to say, if there is a bad law on the books, the President can choose not to enforce it.  Conservatives may rail about it, but Romney is talking about doing the same thing by offering waivers to all 50 states on the Health Care Act.  However, what Obama is doing is slightly different.  What he is advocating is exempting specific groups of people (young illegals).  This is different.  Imagine if Obama declared that he would not enforce insider trading laws against middle-aged white men?  let me explain it this way.  Sickened by the way cocaine convictions are treated differently between blacks and whites, Obama declares that he is not going to enforce the drug laws.  Well, that’ll probably cost him his job, but you know what would be infinitely worse?  If he were to say that he wasn’t going to enforce drug laws only when they are committed by blacks.  Everyone would call foul and should call foul.  The same is being applied here.

Another problem I have against this law (past reasons I’ve already pointed out) is that it is benefiting the citizens of other countries at the detriment of Americans.  What the hell is that?!

There’s another problem with this issue.  Okay, so we’re not going to enforce these laws against children that were brought over with their parents.  So, if we deport the parents, are we going to separate them from their families then?

That and these are UNDOCUMENTED people.  So, how the hell do we know when and how they came over here?  What is to stop a 23 year old Mexican citizen from hopping the boarder and saying, “Yeah, my parents brought me over here when I was eight?”  Are we doing to do exhaustive investigations on all 800,000 claims?  I think not.  This sucker’s gonna be full of fraud for sure.

I think Democrats lack a sense of cause and effect.  ”There are poor people?  Oh, well, give them some money.  That’ll solve the problem.  Surely there won’t be unforeseen consequences for this.”  Likewise, “We feel bad for the kids that illegals bring over.  Let’s not deport them.  Surely this won’t give parents of children the incentive to come over here illegally and create a claim for their kids to remain in this country.  Surely that won’t happen!”

Finally, this is a sick thing Obama and the Democrats are doing to secure votes.  This is like welfare/benefits.  ”If you want your benefits to stay, you had best keep electing us in.  If you want your young to stay in this country, you had best keep electing us.”  It’s a path of enslavement.  This is why it’s a two year time limit.  That way, he can tell Hispanics that, if they want this preferential treatment to continue, they had best re-elect him.

God, why can’t we impeach this man?  He has gone outside the Constitution more times than any President since FDR.

Long Live the Constitution!

Our Suicide Pact: Can Someone Please Stop Him?!

Posted by Troy on 19th June 2012 in Current Events, Political

The G20 is meeting.  For those who do not know, the G20 is a meeting of the top 20 economies of the world.  They hash out what they want the world’s economy to do.  Of course, as the world largest economy, we should be trying NOT to have a G20.  Originally, there were only seven economies present, and we were using it as a way to remain top dog.  However, as they add more and more countries, we lose more and more clout.  It’s important to note that there are countries in the G20 that seriously don’t wish us well.  Why are we giving up our sovereignty to these multi-national communities?  Are we stupid?  We must be.

I criticized Obama for being willing to sell out Europe to save his chance for re-election.  That is to say, I believe that he wants Europe to continue deficit spending until they explode because a slowdown in Europe is going to affect our economy too.  Look, I’m not advocating going bust overnight.  If a friend of mine came to me and told me that he was going to go bankrupt tomorrow and lose everything unless he gets another loan, I’m not going to tell him not to get a loan.  However, if he gets that loan, it must also come with a lifestyle change whereby he can get his house in order.  Fine, bail out Greece, but Greece needs to cut stuff to the bone.  However, it would appear that we have a suicide pact with Europe.  Obama doesn’t want them to stop borrowing so he can get re-elected, and they want us to keep binge spending so that their economies recover faster as well.

Obama has used this speech to tout his policies.  He talks about consumer credit protection.  Of course, he doesn’t mention that this included provisions where the government can, without a warrant, obtain a list of what you’ve bought from your credit card company.  He talks about this Trans-Pacific trade agreement, which is just another step towards globalization and is a slap in the face of our national sovereignty.  He mentions being pro-growth, but what he really means is pro-tax and pro-debt spending which empowers evil countries and weakens us.  And of course he referenced his health care bill.

He’s just going to keep going with all this.  What has he done that you actually approve of?  I can’t think of anything (other than killing Osama bin Laden any way).  Can someone please stop him?  If you guys are listening, he has no interest in ever cutting the deficit.  All the things he talked about entailed more and more spending and more and more debt, and we are never going to break free if he gets four more years.

Long Live the Constitution!

Eric Holder will Resign

Posted by Troy on 18th June 2012 in Current Events

I have been predicting that Eric Holder will resign, and I will keep saying this as well.  I know that he is trying to hold on until the elections (one way or another) in order not to hurt Obama’s campaign, but I believe that outrage will continue to grow.  Eventually, not even the mainstream media can continue to ignore the scandal.  Now 17,000 border control agents have grouped together to call for his resignation.  I think that he is going to buckle soon.  The amount of stress he must be feeling is incredible.  It would be hard enough if he was telling the truth, but keeping a lie of this magnitude going when it is clear everyone knows you’re lying must be unbearable.  I don’t think he can survive for five more months.

Joe Williams and the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

Posted by Troy on 14th June 2012 in Political

Joe Williams has advanced the theory that the Republicans are sabotaging the economy and the media will not report on it because of the vast right-wing conspiracy.  This is to say, that the Republicans would respond that they are obstructing the President because they have fundamental disagreements with him.  The fact of the matter is that President Obama had two years of total control to do whatever he wanted.  The Left is acting like he’s been fighting an uphill battle the whole way.  He got his way, completely, for two solid years.  His budget got zero votes (and that includes Democrats).  The fact of the matter is that his ideas are terrible ideas and do not work.

If you support Obama, make a list of things that he has done that you approve of that actually work.  Make a list of what he is saying (specifically) that you approve of.  You’re going to find out that he is just great at marketing.  He’s accomplished nothing, and he has no specific ideas.  The only reason people support him is because they have bought into the brand.

Long Live the Constitution!