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God has more in store for John Edwards

Posted by Troy on 31st May 2012 in Current Events, Political

He actually said that about himself!  Yes, God does have more in store for you… you cheated on your wife as she was dying with cancer.

No one likes John Edwards.  He’s a social pariah now.  He is guilty as sin…but there is that whole reasonable doubt thing.  The fact of the matter is that he has that little margin of error.  There is a reasonable doubt that he didn’t know, but it was a slim margin.  I personally believe that a few people on the jury heard his daughter’s testimony, and it broke their hearts.  The mother is dead.  Are the children better off with their dad in jail?  Did his crime really hurt society?  Is it worth the $100,000 to keep him in jail every year?

No, this was the right decision, but take heart!  He is never going to hold public office again.  He will be the butt of every joke.  He is a social pariah when once he was a contender for the highest office in the world.  Finally, as he told us…God still has more in store for him.

Long Live the Constitution!

Sex Selected Abortions

Posted by Troy on 30th May 2012 in Current Events, Political

For a longer discussion on the topic of abortion, see the following link to an earlier rant.

Now Congress is trying to pass a law which will make it illegal to choose to have an abortion based only on the sex of the baby.  First of all, let’s just go ahead and admit that this law is going to be found unconstitutional.  The act is protected by the Constitution per Roe vs. Wade.  Love it or Hate it, that’s the way it is, people.

The interesting thing is that this makes everyone involved hypocrites.  It’s rather spectacular.

For Democrats, who have been claiming that there is a war on women by Republicans, they have to take a pro-China stance and say that being a girl is a crime punishable by death.   They have to simultaneously condemn that this is happening and say that it’s the right of the woman to have the abortion anyway.  The unspoken side of this argument is that they find sex selected abortions abhorrent, but all other abortions are cool.  Query, what if it was a sex selected abortion because it was a boy?  Would that be okay?  Is it abhorrent to choose to have an abortion over sex in either direction, but it’s cool for any other reason?  This is like coming across two puppies in the pound, one cute, one ugly.  According to the Democrats, you should have both put down instead of killing one and adopting the other on mere physical attractiveness.

For the Republicans, passing this law makes the odd argument that abortions for any reason other than sex selection is okay.  Of course, their position is a little more consistent than that of Democrats.  At least Republicans are against any abortions (with few exceptions such as perhaps incest, rape, or endangerment to the life of the mother).  Their position to try to stop a certain kind of abortion is at least trying to stop some abortions.  However, there is an unintended consequence that they probably do not realize.  Suppose a woman wants a son but having a child would be a great hardship.  She is pregnant, and she wants to have an abortion unless it is a son.  The doctor tells her that he cannot tell her if it is a boy or a girl and do the abortion.  Not willing to take the risk, she has the abortion without finding out the sex.  It turns out the fetus was actually a boy that would have lived had she had been told it was a boy.  Oooooops.  So, the Republican take is that you have to either take both puppies or kill both puppies, but not one or the other.

This law is ridiculous because it assumes that people are stupid.  Let’s take the woman in the Republican example.  She goes to a clinic, and the doctor says he cannot tell her the sex.  Don’t you think that she will figure out that she can go to a different doctor, have a sonogram, find out the sex, and then go to the abortion clinic and have an abortion anyway?

Long Live the Constitution!

Chris Hayes sticks his foot in his mouth

Posted by Troy on 29th May 2012 in Current Events, Political

MSNBC host Christ Hayes has come under fire for having a problem with using the term “hero” to describe veterans.  His problem with this term is that it can be used to describe people who fight and die for unworthy causes (such as Iraq and Afghanistan).  Needless to say, this did not go well for him.

I, for one, also agree that the term “hero” is overused.  Not every police officer, fire fighter, teacher, or solider is a hero.  Case in point, Nidal Hasan was a soldier.  He killed a hell of a lot of our guys at Fort Hood.  He damn sure was no hero.  However, this isn’t Chris Hayes’s problem with the term.  It’s not the universal application of the term he has a problem with.  He believes that using the term “hero” to describe soldiers will cause us to be more aggressive at declaring war.

He is a fool.  No man, least not in America, wishes to die on foreign soil so they can be called a hero.  No, if he wants to end needless wars, he should call for the Constitution to be applied.  Wars are supposed to be declared by Congress, not issued forth by the Oval Office.  When one man can declare war, we will be in a lot more wars.  If Congress was the only one that could declare war, we would pretty much never go to war unless one of our trusted allies was in dire need or we were directly attacked.

So the next thing I would address is, “What makes a hero?”  My cousin has a strict definition for this: a hero is a person that risks their lives to save another.  If you look at the military overall, you will find that the vast majority of these men would fight and die to save their brothers-in-arms and defend the Constitution and our country.  They pass muster on this test.  It is worth pointing out that Chris Hayes has never been shot at.  He has never had to save one of his friends from being killed nor watch his friends die.  However, there are plenty of heroic people who are not in the military, but I doubt he would fall into that category either.  I have a hard time imagining him running into a burning building or jumping in to defend someone who is being brutally beaten.  He might call 911, but that would be the extent of his help.

Regardless, there is a time and a place for any discussion, but on Memorial Day is not it.  It was wildly inappropriate, and he is feeling the effects now.  Regardless of his apology, this is how he thinks and what he believes.  He actually loses more respect from me for his apology than his insult.  I can respect a man who has convictions, even if they are ones that I do not share.  I cannot, however, respect a man whose convictions change as a matter of convenience.

Long Live the Constitution!

US Withholds $33 Million because of Doctor’s Treatment

Posted by Troy on 28th May 2012 in Current Events, Political

Pakistan has been utterly embarrassed by the fact that Osama bin Laden was hiding next door to an elite military college in their own backyard.  They have also been embarrassed by the fact that America managed to fly in helicopters next to this military college and assassinate Osama bin Laden, and we did all of this without asking them.  Of course, we didn’t ask them because Pakistan hates us and are not really our allies.  We give them money, and they use that money to confound our efforts in the area.  To repay us for embarrassing them on the world’s stage, they have sentenced Shakil Afridi, the man that led us to Osama bin Laden, to 33 years in prison.  We have responded by saying that we are going to withhold $33 million in aid from Pakistan.

First of all, this is so weak.  Why is everything this guy does so damn weak!  We’re cutting $33 million out of a $250 million dollar package.  Whoop de doo.  How about this: “Deliver Shakil Afridi to the American embassy, or you will never see another dime of American aid.”  Or how about his, “Deliver him immediately, or we are dumping you as an ally and allying ourselves to your greatest enemy, India.”  Hell, that would make more sense on a lot of different levels.  Indians think very highly of America.  India is an up and coming economic power.  India has a huge population and is a counter balance to China.  What does Pakistan have going for it?  Why the hell are we friends with this country that has hidden our worse enemy and aided the Taliban in killing Americans?  What is wrong with us?  If we want to play a game with it, we can say “You will lose a million dollars in aid for every hour it takes you to deliver Shakil Afridi to our embassy.  If your balance reaches zero, our alliance is at an end, and we will ally ourselves with India.”  That would add a bit of Hollywood drama to the whole thing and make things more entertaining for the folks at home.

His man helped us.  If we do not do something to save him from persecution, we should never expect to receive help from anyone else in the future.  No one is going to put their neck on the line if they feel as though they cannot trust us to cover their back.

Long Live the Constitution!

LOST – Law Of the Sea Treaty

Posted by Troy on 26th May 2012 in Current Events, Political

In an effort to protect the oceans, the UN is trying to sell us on a new treaty.  Here are some highlights of the treaty:

It would make the security of the oceans the business of a multi-national organization.  This is fine except for the fact that this could undermine our national interests and multi-national organizations tend to suck at everything they do.  If our Navy believes the security of the seas calls for a boat to be blown out of the water, that is what they should do.

It grants a 200 mile exclusive use zone around each country as opposed to the 12 mile one we have now.  This could hamper our Navy as well as our commercial companies and intelligence gathering.

We will be on the hook to give a share (about half) of our offshore oil royalties past this 200 mile area to third world countries.  This would amount to billions of dollars (possibly trillions).  Why should we do this?  What country in history elects to arbitrarily give up half of their income and give it to other countries?  Especially when they are the strongest country?  I could understand if we were paying a tribute to avoid total destruction, but this is moronic!  And let’s be honest.  The money we give to third-world countries tends to go to dictators and warlords, not to the really poor.  To add insult to injury, we also have to give our technology to our competition!

This organization would have the power over all things that could pollute the oceans.  Of course, anything which is airborne (such as power plant emissions) would fall under this definition.  This could give this organization the power to decide how much and what kind of energy we produce.  Meanwhile, our main competitor will continue to destroy the environment as much as they choose.  Here is the thing, we may use more energy than anyone else, but we do it as cleanly as economically possible.  Let’s hold China and India and other countries accountable.  Once their standards are in line, we will work on improving ours.  It’s insane to slit our own throats.  Even if you buy into the premise of man-made global warming, we, acting alone, won’t matter.  It is also nonsense to believe that other countries will fall in line if we but set a good example.  We already set a good example, and they are polluting anyway.  Why?  Because doing so makes them a greater profit and gives them an edge over us.

There is no reason to ratify LOST.  It will accomplish nothing that we couldn’t do on our own.  I’ve never heard of a country so determined to enslave themselves to weaker countries.  Contact your Senators and demand that they vote against this.  They are going to vote on it after the election as supporters of the treaty knows that everyone would hate it.

Long Live the Constitution!

Knox University Speech

Posted by Troy on 23rd May 2012 in Human Nature

In 2005, Obama gave a speech to Knox University which I think shows his character and his view of America.

In it, he spends a great amount of time talking about his favorite topic: himself.  Past that, he talks about the ascendancy of China and India and the decline of America.  He discusses a poverty of ambition, of seeking the finer things in life, of personal success.  He renounces individual salvation to promotes collective salvation.

He contradicts himself.  He praises the advances of enforced retirement and unionization, but then he hates the effects: that it drives companies overseas where labor is cheaper.  He praises the Chinese for pushing their kids to study hard and curses when we do the same, saying that we call for the poor children to pull themselves up from their bootstraps.  No where in his speech does he talk about the real issue that is dragging us down: the destruction of the American spirit–virtually a direct result of the dissolution of the American family.  He will call for increased spending to assist the Teacher’s Unions, but he will not demand that families stay together.  He wails about poverty, but how many of those  in poverty dropped out of high school?  How many are from broken homes?  Both factors are known poverty drivers.

Americans do not fail due to lack of opportunity.  We have the greatest levels of opportunity anywhere in the world.  No, we fail because we fail to take advantage of these opportunities, particularly when we are young.  Anyone in America can get a quality education.  I believe that every child can learn.  All it takes is for parents to push their kids in these regards.  All they have to do is sit down and study with them.  You have to work?  Fine…what about after 5:00?  What do you have going on that is more important than your kids exactly?  You mean to tell me that you could not tutor them from 7:00 to 9:00?  You mean to tell me that two hours of one-on-one tutoring wouldn’t solve the issue?  You only have to do this through the first few grades.  Once they have a solid foundation, they are set.  So, what is more important than your child’s education?  Is it American Idol?  It’s about priorities.  It always has been.  It always will be.  Time, like money, is finite, and you can judge what people value by what they spend it on.  We can throw money into the educational system all day long, and it will not make our kids one bit smarter.

You want to change America?  You want us to retake the world?  You want us to be a better society, a richer society, a fairer society?  I doesn’t start in Washington.  It doesn’t start at the Office.  It doesn’t start with your Form 1040.  No, it starts at home.  A village cannot raise a child.  A family can.  Nothing will improve until we start to raise our children into men and women we can be proud of.

Long Live the Constitution!

Support Capitalism

Posted by Troy on 22nd May 2012 in Human Nature

Today, one of my neighbor’s kids approached me and asked if I would buy her handmade jewelry.  Looking into her box, I found safety pins with beads attached.  I bought two, and she was thrilled.  Naturally, I didn’t need these pins.  I didn’t particularly want them either.  However, I wanted to reward her capitalizing spirit.  She didn’t ask for money from her dad.  She took ten cents (or less) of materials and tried to turn that into a dollar.

I don’t believe in wasting money.  I was raised to believe that you take care of the things you own.  As I always say, if you take care of the things you own, the things you own will take care of you.  You could, naturally, pay someone else to take care of it for you, but this isn’t the same.  You do honor to the object when you take care of it yourself.  You bond with that item, and no one will care as much for your things as you do.  No one else will do as good a job caring for your things as you do.  This excludes things that you have no skill in.  If you need to replace your timing belt and you have no idea about cars, you are probably best off leaving that up to a mechanic, but you could still wash the car yourself.

That being said, when a neighbor’s kid came over and asked to pick up pine cones for $2, I agreed.  It wasn’t out of laziness.  I wanted to foster that enterprising spirit.  A kid that attempts to earn money on their own and does so is more likely to try in the future.  Hopefully this enterprising spirit will stick with them all their lives.

Long Live Capitalisim!

European Troubles

Posted by Troy on 21st May 2012 in Current Events

Obama has taken to counseling the EU on their financial troubles.  He is talking Germany down from demanding austerity measures from Greece and other debtor nations.  Naturally, the person you’d want to turn to if you found yourself drowning in debt would be Obama.  The only other no brainer would have been calling up Teddy Kennedy for AA support (prior to his demise).  Yes, no one can tell you how to dig yourself out of a recession and debt crisis than Obama.  This much is clear.  Good going Europe.

To all those people who are pro-stimulus (Keynesian economics/debt spending), there is some argument for this.  This argument would be that cutting everything off 100% would be more damaging.  Fine, so be it.  What I’ve found in the study of macroeconomics is that it fairly parallels microeconomics.  As such, thinking in micro-terms helps some people .  If you are drowning in debt, taking out another credit card can stave off bankruptcy.  However, if you do not change your spending habits and turn your deficits into surpluses quickly, you are merely postponing the inevitable.  The European Union (and America for that matter) must start turning their deficits into surpluses and paying off their debts.  Europe really needs to start this process in 5-10 years, and we have 10-15 years to get our act turned around.

If Europe goes down, our stock market will tank, and Obama WILL lose.  This is why he is pushing for more deficit spending.

Long Live the Constitution!

Your Body – Your Temple

Posted by Troy on 20th May 2012 in Human Nature

C.S. Lewis described the Holy Trinity is that The Holy Ghost is that part inside of us which prays to God, Jesus stands behind us and lets us speak to God, and the Father receives our prayers.  What this means is that God, at least a part of God, resides inside each and every one of us.  This literally makes your body a temple of God.  As such, it is wise of you not to desecrate the temple.  You owe it to God to maintain this temple and ensure that it last as long as possible.  Avoid abusing it, feed it quality foods, avoid substances that hurt it, and exercise regularly.

Even if you do not believe in God, there are plenty of selfish reasons to protect this gift that God (or nature) has given you.  Your body is the only place your mind and spirit will reside in for all your life.  Your mind and spirit are tied to your body.  A healthy body will let you do more things you love to do.  A healthy body will keep you safer from disease.  It will make you stronger, more attractive, and will increase your energy levels.

Take care of yourself, and your life will be all the richer.

The Avengers

Posted by Troy on 18th May 2012 in Entertainment

I liked it.

This movie is a roaring good time.  If you’re looking for a movie to change your life, this isn’t it.  If you’re looking for a movie with a moral or lesson.  This isn’t it.  The screenwriter tried to make a statement about freedom and subservience, but it really fell away.  I suppose the moral, if you must have one, is about coming together to battle a common enemy.   All that aside, there are laugh out loud moments, explosions, great special effects, and Scarlett Johansson in tight pants.  What more do you need?