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Jerry Doyle

Posted by Troy on 30th November 2011 in Current Events, Entertainment

I’ve been listening to this guy for about a week, and man, he annoys me.  First, he is one of those people who has to talk bad about everyone.  I’m sick of listening to him rant about how meaningless the Kardashians are and how much time the news spends covering baby Lisa.  Really Doyle?  Then quit talking about these topics.  Second, he’s always complaining about people listening to Rush.  Seems like penis envy to me.  Basically, I think Doyle is just jealous he doesn’t have as many listeners.  Finally, he’s one of those types of people who say “The system is corrupt.  Voting is meaningless.  It’s all a sham to make you think you have a say.  etc etc.”  Honestly, if you really believe that, then armed rebellion is the only option.  However, he’s clearly just saying all this for ratings.  He’s an angry (although is is probably half an act just for ratings), self-centered, and rather shallow little man.  One week was definitely one week too long.

Who would you vote for?

Posted by Troy on 29th November 2011 in Current Events, Political

There are two candidates.  One drinks, smokes, eats rich foods and is fat, is disrespectful to women, and is generally viewed as a horrible person.  The other doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink exercises, is a vegetarian, and is a war hero.

If you voted for the war hero, congrats!  You just voted for Hitler.  The other guy was Churchill.

My point: personality should be a second consideration when choosing a candidate.  In this regard, I am still supporting Herman Cain as my choice.  Honestly, what business it of mine if the allegations are true?  Who the hell cares?  Now, I can understand being upset with an allegation that Rick Perry sold his vote as he might do the same as President.  I can understand if you worry that Newt or Romney flip flop because they could say something to just get elected and then do just whatever they want.  There are different classes for moral weaknesses.  No one up there is perfect.  Unless Jesus himself comes down and runs for the nomination, quit looking for a perfect candidate.  Look for one that will get the job done and can beat Obama.  I think Cain is the guy.

Long Live the Constitution!


Posted by Troy on 28th November 2011 in Current Events, Political

Being bored, I checked out some political cartoons on Slate.  I would estimate a quarter of the ones I looked at were against both parties, ten percent were against the Democrats, and the bulk of them were against the Republicans for not going along with whatever Obama wants to do.  Herein, I will debunk this:

The economy was bad when he got elected, right?  So, why didn’t Obama concentrate on getting jobs back then?  Instead, he was more prone to concentrate on the Health Care Bill.

This President has single handedly destroyed jobs in the oil industry while at the same time loaning our tax dollars to help other countries drill off our coastline.  Of course, when you hurt one job sector, you hurt all the jobs in the area as there are less customers.  I should imagine that he will also destroy insurance jobs as companies start to crash and burn under the Health Care Act.

To my knowlege, this new jobs bill is basically another stimulus bill just like the massive one before it.  Why is it that we think that we can solve the problem with more spending when the first spending had no effect?  Stopping someone from throwing gasoline on a fire when they say that liquid is what is needed to put out the flame isn’t being obstructionist…it’s being rational.

You can claim the Republicans only want to protect the wealthy, but the fact of the matter is that even if you take 100% of the wealthy’s income, it still would not be enough to cover Social Security, federal/state pensions, and Medicare/Medicaid (let alone Obamacare) by the 2020′s.  Just like in the real world, it’s not what you make, it’s what you spend.  There are people living on $25,000 that can put money away and there are people making millions that will go bankrupt in short order.  It’s not what you make.  It’s what you spend.

Finally, government meddling is why were are in the mess we are in because they pretend that humans will do exactly what are expected of them.  The reason why the sub-prime mortgages caused a crisis was because they brought in physicists to devise the mechanics of the derivatives.  What these complex mathematical computations failed to consider is that humans are not like physics.  There are no set laws.  People are governed by self-interest and will act accordingly.  Economists would have been better since that’s their supposed speciality.  However, there are two major branches of economists: Keynesian and Supply Side.  All Republicans view Keynesians as partisan hacks, and all Democrats view Supply Siders as partisan hacks.  I believe in Supply Side, but I admit that economic theory is close to religious beliefs as it is generally impossible to isolate variables when dealing with macroeconomics.

Long Live the Constitution!

Peppered Protesters

Posted by Troy on 22nd November 2011 in Current Events

Everyone’s all upset that the cops sprayed the protesters.  Let me tell you something, when dealing with Leftists, you have to ask yourself “What happened right before the clip they’re showing me?”  Remember, the communists want to tear down the system by “Any means possible.”  The fact of the matter is that the cops tore down the tents and were trying to leave.  The protesters surrounded them.  The cops told them to let them through or they were going to get sprayed.  They then sat down and prepared to be sprayed as they knew they could put it on YouTube and idiots would see it and take their side.  You’re being mislead.  Be careful around these people.

Super-committee fails

Posted by Troy on 21st November 2011 in Current Events, Political

The Super-Committee failed. 

On one hand:  Thank God.  The Constitution does not allow for a “Super-Committee” to enter into a binding contract in which not all fifty states have an opportunity at representation. 

On Obama saying that he will not allow the Congress to by pass the mandatory cuts:  It depends on what he means by that.  I agree that holding their feet to the fire is the only way to get something done.  However, are they allowed to continue to work, as an entire Congress, towards getting the cuts necessary?  If so, then I approve of his tactic.  If he is saying that the mandatory cuts can no way be avoided, then I believe he is actively trying to destroy America, and there can be no other interpretation (unless you want to say that he’s an ideological idiot).

On the cuts, should they happen:  It’s a dark day that it’s come to this.  This is what happens when people don’t take responsibility and do what needs to be done. 

I should note that the Democrats get whatever they want.  If the Republicans cave, they get tax hikes.  If nothing gets done, they get large cuts in the defense budget.  In either case, the Republicans lose!  What a deal!  It also dovetails into Obama’s narrative that Republicans are a “Do Nothing Congress.”

Long Live the Constitution!

God Vs Myth

Posted by Troy on 20th November 2011 in Human Nature

An atheist has released a book about the miracles of science, discussing the religious “myths.”  According to him, religion is a great lie we have taken upon ourselves.  There is one major problem in this regards.  Why is it that every culture has a belief in the Divine?  I could understand one branch-off of humanity having a “delusion” as such, but the fact that we all seem to have a sense that there is a greater power at work and that this greater power prefers for us to love our brothers and do good says something to me.  As C.S. Lewis said, if you had perfect scientific knowledge, and you knew everything there was to know about the universe, do you still think we would have the question of “Why are we here?”

War Journal: Carlos Santiago

Posted by Troy on 19th November 2011 in Writing

What I wanted to accomplish with War Journal was to create a character with no redeeming qualities.  I wanted to make someone so vile that if you met them, you would hate them instantly.  However, I wanted the reader to understand the character.  Through that understanding, I wanted readers to sympathize with him and thus redeem them.  It goes back to the “Walking a mile in their shoes.”  I’ve always tell people, once you understand someone, it’s hard to be made at them.


Posted by Troy on 18th November 2011 in Entertainment

You can’t go wrong with Jimmy Stewart, can you?  This movie is excellent.  It is probably inspired by Leopold and Loeb which involved two wealthy, intelligent kids who decide to commit murder as an intellectual exercise.  It’s a discussion of the superman complex and the breakdown of society when people start believing in the superman ideal.

Trouble in Paradise – Occupy Wall Street

Posted by Troy on 14th November 2011 in Current Events

This demonstrates the problem with Socialism.  The 99%ers want the rich to pay for their benefits.  Now, within their own group, they expect the 1% of themselves to pay for the other 99%.  Of course, it won’t take long for the 1% of them to have enough to this crap and quit.  Then the 99% that’s left will demand the NEW 1% pay.  And then that 1% will leave. Eventually they’ll wind up with the true dregs of society as all decent people with half a brain got outta there.

I bet the allegory will be lost on 100% of them, however.

Long Live the Constitution!

Economic Justice continued

Posted by Troy on 13th November 2011 in Human Nature

I thought of a better example.

A poor man runs a red light and hits another poor man’s car. 

In the world imagined by Economic Justice, the Judge would rule that the party responsible for all damages would be the rich man who happened to witness the accident.