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Joe Biden – It’s only temporary

Posted by Troy on 20th October 2011 in Current Events

Joe Biden got hot in the face at the proposed “temporary” decrease in police forces.  It’s nice to see Joe actually present for once.  Usually he looks bored, disconnected, and about to fall asleep.  If he spoke this this much passion usually, I might be forced to change my opinion on him somewhat. 

His entire point is that Congress doesn’t know what it’s like to be at the end of a gun, waiting for police to come in and save the day and save us from being rapped or robbed or murdered.  If this is their big deal, then why don’t the Democrats promote gun-ownership and carrying permits?  Criminals are opportunistic.  They will always target those who they can get the most from with the least risk.  Crime rates usually decrease dramatically when right-to-carry laws are on the books.  So why not promote the right of the people to defend themselves?

I grew up in the country where police help was a good twenty minutes away.  Even if you live in the city, police help is usually twelve minutes away (that’s even assuming that you are able to call the cops in the first place).  If a criminal is intent on raping, robbing, or killing you, you probably have five minutes.  If you live in a state where you are actually allowed to own a gun, I highly recommend you do so.  Besides, you may need it in the future to protect yourself from self-entitled “Revolutionaries.”

Long Live the Constitution!

What Wall Street Protesters Have Right?

Posted by Troy on 19th October 2011 in Current Events

This is yet another article by the mainstream media portraying this bunch of wackos as salt of the earth people.  I will deal with Michael Brush’s arguments promptly.

1)  The growing disparity between the rich and the poor.  See my discussion on Wealth Redistribution from two days ago for a full discussion.  However, let’s use a simple example.  We have a a restaurant owner and a guy who makes hamburgers.  The guy that makes hamburgers likes to have an iphone with data, cable TV with HBO, and other niceties.  The restaurant owner worked like a dog, saved, and bought the restaurant that now pays the hamburger maker.  The economy grows.  The restaurant makes more money.  The restaurant owner buys another restaurant.  Now, the hamburger maker is still making about the same.  Why?  Because a hamburger is a hamburger.  The value of his services did not increase.  Also, he spent all his money on worthless crap instead of investing it.  Meanwhile, the restaurant owner’s income has doubled because he now has two businesses instead of one.  In addition, he has hired a second hamburger maker who happens to save his money and invests it.  Who knows, maybe hamburger maker number 2 will own his own restaurant one day.  The fact of the matter is that we used to be a nation of savers.  Now we spend every dime we earn.  And it’s all on worthless crap.  Look around your life.  How much of what you buy really is needed?

2)  The banking system needs reforming.  Well, duh.  The Federal Reserve is a bad system.  Well, duh.  End the Fed!  Okay, well, what do you want to replace it with.  uhhhhhh….  Most of them haven’t thought that all the way through.  If they have an answer, it would be to either replace it with a global currency (we’ll ignore the disaster of the Euro here) or to go back to the gold standard.  Okay, so we go to the gold standard.  Countries with fiat money will buy dollars and then redeem the dollars for gold.  This of course would absolutely bankrupt and destroy us in quick order.  I would hazard the best we can do at this point in the game is to link the money supply to the value of gold where $1,000 will buy 1 ounce of gold.  Even that would have problems, but it’s literally the best you can do with the rest of the world using fiat money.

3)  Crony capitalism destroys democracy.  Well, true.  However, I don’t see any campaign finance reform signs out there.

These people are backed by crazy left wing nut jobs.  Over 30% of them think that violence is okay.  This is because Revolutionaries think the system needs to be destroyed by any means possible.  These protests are going to end in violence, and it is what they want.

Long Live the Constitution!

Gilad Schalit – Prisoner swap

Posted by Troy on 18th October 2011 in Current Events

Israel recently swapped over 1,000 prisoners for 1 soldier.  Many people would look at this and say, “Look at how loyal the Israelies are.  They are willing to trade over a thousand prisoners for but one of their soldiers.”  I would say that they are foolish.  While I feel sorry for Gilad Schalit, there is no way I would release 1,000 prisoners.  I might release 1 prisoner in a one for one swap.  What they have done is release one soldier in exchange for over a thousand who may be involved in terrorism, murder, or other crimes.  Far worse, they have made their opposition look stronger.  They have given them heart.  Now others may flock to the Palestinian border.

Redistribution of Wealth

Posted by Troy on 17th October 2011 in Current Events, Human Nature, Political

There are people calling for the redistribution of wealth in America.  They base this on the fact that the Rich have gotten richer while working wages have remained mostly constant (as adjusted for inflation) since 1970s.  Let’s look at this from a variety of areas.

1)  Why have wages remained mostly stable while the Rich have gotten richer?  Could it be that the value of sweeping the floors has remained about the same?  If the value of goods and services are about the same, one would suspect that the value of the wages used to create those goods and services should also remain constant.  The Rich, while getting richer, would have more opportunities to invest, opening new businesses and what not.  This creates more jobs, so there are less people who would otherwise be unemployed, but the wages for a janitor at company A would be similar to the one at company B.  Also, just because company A is making a lot of money does not mean that company A should increase the wages for the janitor just for the hell of it.  The company exists to make money.  They should pay the wage that they can get a janitor for.  No more, no less.  If you want a better paying job, move on to point two.

2)  The educational system has been on a steady decline.  We could point blame at a lot of things.  However, funding is not one of them.  We spend more than nearly any other country in the world per student but don’t get the results.  Why?  Well, this is up for debate, but I blame parents for not putting more emphasis on education, incompetent teachers which are protected by over-zealous unions, and a general feel good culture that emphasizes trying over results.  Particularly, if you drop out of high school, do you really think you’re going to get a better paying job?  Here’s your broom.

3)  Let’s chat, you 99%ers out there.  You do not represent 99% of the country.  You represent 99% of leeches, perhaps.  Right now, you want redistribution.  I believe a global government movement is underfoot.  So here’s a question, when this comes about, and the Ethiopians show up at your door holding signs that say “We’re the 99%!” are you gonna fork over your money?  Bear in mind, Americans (even our “poor”) are richer than about 99% of the world.  Are you only up for redistribution when it benefits yourself?  I bet you are!  How about that.  You’re just as self-interested as greedy fat cats on Wall Street.  It’s always the other guy that’s greedy, isn’t it?

4)  99%ers continued!  Do you really think that the Wall Street people are going to surrender their wealth willingly?  Do you think they are going to stop lobbying just because you get out in the streets?  At some point, your leaders (and yes, you have them even if you are deluded enough to believe otherwise) are going to incite the violence to start this Revolution.  It’s what they always wanted, and you are a tool for them to use.  Just remember, every Leftist revolution ends in mass graves.

5)  No matter how you cut it, redistribution is legalized theft.  You have no justification for taking it other than the fact that you want it.  Fairness is a matter of opinion.  Always is, always has been.  Life’s not fair.  Get your big girl panties on and play.

Long Live the Constitution!

Respect and Self-sufficiency

Posted by Troy on 16th October 2011 in Human Nature

Have you noticed that there is a positive correlation between your respect for someone and their self-sufficiency?  I guarantee, if you examine the people you respect most, you will find that the ones you respect are those who seem to always be okay.  Those who know what to do when things are rough.  They never panic.  They hardly ever ask for help.  When they do, they do so with pride and do not grovel.

Writing vs Editing and Selling

Posted by Troy on 15th October 2011 in Writing

Writers often say that the writing is the easy part.  I always said that was bunk.  However, now that I’ve actually had some experience in the matter, I tend to agree.

It takes me roughly an hour to write about 1,000 words.  That would mean that it takes about 75 hours to write a book (given the size of the books I tend to write).  That would equate to roughly 270 draft pages.  I can edit about ten pages per hour, thereabouts.  If I do three rounds of edits personal, submit to my editor, and do two additional rounds of edits, that would put my time at about 135 hours of editing time.  And of course, then there’s production time and selling never ends.

Ergo, writing is definitely the easy part.

999 Plan

Posted by Troy on 13th October 2011 in Current Events, Political

The 999 Plan is under attack right now.  Personally, I don’t think that it’s worth talking about.  I don’t believe that any tax schematic will replace the current Code.  There are too many special interests involved.  Also, I think that introducing a sales tax is a bad idea.  First, I don’t think it would be Constitutional (which doesn’t seem to matter anymore).  The Constitution only allows a tax to be given to the states and must be based on population.  That is to say, if the Government needed to collect 50 billion dollars, they have to say, okay, states, you have to pay 50 billion dollars.  California, you have a tenth the population, so you owe us 10 billion dollars.  That’s why we had to pass the 16th Amendment to have an income tax.  Second, a sales tax hits everyone indiscriminately.   This means that the poor will have to actually pay taxes, and there is no way politicians are going to pass that.  There could be work-arounds, but doing work-arounds invites fraud.

I say we judge Cain on the whole package and not worry quite so much about the 999 Plan.  Even so, Art Laffer (the father of supply-side economics) loves the plan, and that’s a pretty good endorsement.

Long Live the Constitution!

Romney vs Cain

Posted by Troy on 12th October 2011 in Current Events, Political

Right now, Cain is in the lead.  However, the GOP establishment still are backing Romney.  I postulate that the 20-25% that have always supported Romney will continue to do so.  Romney and Huntsman were the two moderates in the field.  All other contenders are Conservatives.  Huntsman is about out of it.  As such, Romney cannot steal any move votes away from him.  Here’s the real questions: as the bottom-feeders realize there’s no chance for them to win and drop out, do you believe that they are going to go to the Moderate Romney or the Conservative Cain?  I believe that Cain’s lead will continue to grow.

Prediction: Holder will step down

Posted by Troy on 11th October 2011 in Current Events, Political

The President no longer has both Houses looking out for him.  The Republicans are going to continue to chip away at this Fast and Furious thing.  They will come out at best looking totally incompetent or at worst pure evil.  The path will eventually lead to Obama.  Holder will have to step down prior to the election in an attempt to shield Obama during the election.

Long Live the Constitution!

Herman Cain on the rise

Posted by Troy on 10th October 2011 in Current Events, Political

I’m diggin on Cain.  I hope he takes the top spot and becomes the nominee.  He’s telling it like it is.  He is upbeat and positive.  He is the American Dream.  Let’s compare the two.

Obama – Born to a couple of hippies.  The father abandons the family (hence the daddy issues he seems to exhibit).  Obama gets by in school while doing drugs and playing basketball.  He goes to college and hides his academic records from the world.  He gets out and never holds a private sector job wherein he would be judged solely on his performance.  He whines and moans about everything and blames all his problems on someone else. 

Cain – Born into a loving family.  His dad worked three jobs to get his son the opportunity to go to college.  Cain goes to college and works his tail off.  He works like a dog and accomplishes much, becoming a CEO.  He never blames anyone for his troubles.  He tackles them.  He is always upbeat and positive.

To me, there’s no contest.  If you want someone who will destroy Obama in the next election, Cain is your man.