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Science vs Fantasy

Posted by Troy on 17th September 2011 in Writing

In reading the Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan introduces cannons into the story.  He had been building up to it for several books.  I, for one, believe this to be a mistake.  Science always ruins fantasy because science seems to always win.  Think of all the stories you’ve read about magic.  The most powerful wizard might can raise an army of the dead, cause an earthquake, or summon a tornado.  Science can throw down a A-bomb.  Only the wise and intelligent can cast spells…any twit can shoot a gun. 

I have considered doing a similar thing in my Junto novels.  I toy around with an advanced civilization living on the other hemisphere who come to conquer, magic vs guns.  However, I understand that this completely destroys Junto–much like how the banishment of the gods in Dragonlance wrecked that franchise.  It’s too bad.  Could you imagine what history may have looked like if the Europeans showed up with guns and were faced with wizards instead of bows and spears?  It’s an interesting question, but I’ll probably never write such a story.

Making Money by Terry Pratchett

Posted by Troy on 16th September 2011 in Entertainment

I highly recommend any of the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett.  This book in particular is excellent.  This is the finest discussion of a fiat money system (printing money with no actual gold backing it) I have ever read.  Outside of reading a college textbook, this is your best chance to understand what makes worthless paper valuable as money.

Michael Moore and Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Osama bin Laden

Posted by Troy on 15th September 2011 in Current Events, Political

Michael Moore feels that it is disgraceful that we “executed” Osama without a fair trial.  Hasselbeck disagree, but is unable to defend her position.  I will do that for her now.

Osama bin Laden is not a US Citizen, nor was he on our soil with our permission.  Ergo, he does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Constitution.  We could also argue that he committed acts of war on the United States, but then we’d have to argue about what constitutes an act of war.

In this case, holding Osama for a trial would have been costly in legal costs, publicity, property damage, death threats, random acts of terrorism, and the like.  Also, where in America could he have gotten a “fair trial?”  Where in America could we have formed a jury of his “peers” without preconceived notions as to his innocence or guilt?  I don’t think there’s a change of venue available that would have accomplished this.

Of course, Moore doesn’t care about logic or Constitutionality.  He’s a member of the “hate America first” crowd.  If he thought that Osama’s tactics could bring down the Capitalist system in America, he would do all he could to create similar minded people.  Of course, he thinks that his movies will do that, and that is why we are treated to his intentionally misleading “documentaries.”

Obama’s Job Bill

Posted by Troy on 14th September 2011 in Current Events, Political

So we have another half TRILLION dollar stimulus bill.  This is his big plan.  It’s understandable when all you can say is “It would have been worse without the stimulus plan.”  We’ve been hovering at 9% unemployment, and the White House itself admits that this will continue onwards through 2012.  Not to mention the fact that all these infrastructure jobs are temporary and would take a while to actually put into action due to feasibility studies, permits, and the like.

In a way, this makes sense for him.  He can put the spending mostly in states that he could win but is in trouble.  It reinforces his narrative about the first stimulus not being enough.  Honestly, to do anything other than another large spending bill would be tantamount to him admitting that he was wrong about everything.

On another note, Obama does not sound Presidential when he is out on these tours.  He sounds like a rebel rouser.  He sounds like a community organizer/agitator, which is what he has always been.  Let’s just see if we can survive the next sixteen months of this guy.

Ron Paul – Killin’ People

Posted by Troy on 13th September 2011 in Political

Wolf Blitzer asked Ron Paul if we should let someone (specifically a 30 year old with a good job – I guess the old or poor are free game in his book) die if they opt to not buy health insurance.  People cheered.

What people who misinterpret this do not understand is that this comes down to freedom.  This is much like the “right to be miserable” from Brave New World.  You are free to roll the dice and take your chances.  You get a LOT more money in your pocket if you do this.  I did this for three years.  However, I expected no one to pick up the tab if something did happen.  If I had been in an accident, they would have had to open an account for me, and I would be expected to make payments until the day I died.  That’s fair.  People who don’t buy insurance and expect to be taken care of when they get sick or hurt are the same people who don’t buy into the lottery pool at work because it’s throwing money away and then demand to be cut in on the profits after they hit the jackpot.

Of course, Ron Paul’s defense should have been.  “How much do you make?  Did you know for a mere $1,000 a month you could keep x number of people from starving to death?  Why haven’t you given up this money?  After All, you don’t need it.”  This has always been my gripe with socialists.  I’ll respect Michael Moore when he’s living in a trailer and donating all his money to the less fortunate. 

Long Live the Constitution!

Stand Your Ground Law

Posted by Troy on 12th September 2011 in Current Events

Florida has a Stand Your Ground Law.  This replaced the “Duty to Retreat” law.  By the duty to retreat, a citizen was obligated to run away, even if the situation dictated to them that their best chance at survival is to defend themselves.  Gun control advocates despise Florida’s new law since it allows a citizen to arm and defend themselves. 

In this case, Monahan shot two people who boarded his boat without permission.  One was drunk and the other was high on drugs.  Monahan shot them while they were twenty feet away.  What the gun control people won’t readily point out is that Monahan is 65 years old.  Also, you would be very surprised how fast someone can cover twenty feet on a boat in which cover and retreating options are extremely limited.  Monahan was in fear for his life and reacted rationally and appropriately.  These individuals were already breaking the law by trespassing and being high on illegal drugs.  This should show that they could be willing to break other laws.  It’s almost impossible to judge Monahan’s state of mind at the time of the shooting.  Since there is only one witness (Monahan), his version of events must be accepted.

Let the gun control idiots complain that this case is being dismissed.  They should take a gander at Georgia’s law.  If someone is 65 or older, Georgia gives them permission to use any force necessary to defend themselves and they cannot be charge.  Go Georgia!

As my dad always told me: “When in doubt, it’s better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.”

Long Live the Constitution!

War Journal now available!

Posted by Troy on 11th September 2011 in Writing

War Journal is now fully available on Amazon.  I’m very proud of this novel.  I hope you enjoy.

The Republican Debate

Posted by Troy on 7th September 2011 in Current Events, Political

I still don’t see people’s gripes about this group of candidates.  In the face of a hostile host (MSNBC), they all performed admirably.  I like a lot of Newt’s responses, but we all know there’s no way in hell he is going to get the nomination.  Even Huntsman had his moments (although I still maintain that he’s a Democrat plant in this race).  I will say that Perry has fallen in my estimation.  He isn’t very quick on his feet.  In that regard, he is much like Obama.  Great at speeches, but not so much when it’s live action. 

I think it’s anybody’s game, honestly.  On the upside, I think I could vote for any of these candidates without wishing to shoot myself, so that is always a plus.

Bush Jr.

Posted by Troy on 6th September 2011 in Current Events, Political

Obama has thrown down the gauntlet.  He has demanded that Republicans put the country above their election campaigns and vote for whatever plan he unveils Thursday. 

How is this in anyway different than Bush’s “Either your with us, or against us” policy? 

The Democrats are blaming anything they can.  They are still blaming Bush.  Now that that is wearing thin, they are blaming natural disasters.  Of course, natural disasters are a stimulus in and of itself.  Repairs must be made!  New lawn furniture must be purchased!  So forth!

I think Obama’s done.  He has his back to a wall.  He can’t turn around and lower taxes and cut spending.  If he does, he’s admitting that he was a total failure.  The only thing he can do is double down and do another stimulus and hope that the natural business cycle saves him.  They are now trying to convince us that the first stimulus (of nearly a trillion dollars) was too small.  Enough.  It is enough already.  If a trillion isn’t enough of a stimulus, the system needs to collapse, reset, and start over.

Picture it as a man trying to stay awake.  He can drink coffee.  Once that’s not good enough, he can move up to harder drugs.  If he keeps going, his body will shut down, and he will either all into a deep sleep or die.  We are at that point.  We are about to crash, and we keep doing stimulus and “quantitative easing” (printing money).  We can either choose to sleep, or we can keep on hitting it until we drop.

Long Live the Constitution!

They’re both wrong

Posted by Troy on 5th September 2011 in Human Nature, Political

I am a fan of personal responsibility, and, as I said in a previous post, this is only possible with freedom and freewill.

Democrats do not want people to be fiscally responsible for themselves.  They believe that the government should ensure the basic needs of the individual.  To do this, they would take the earnings from everyone and distribute out.

Republicans do not want people to be morally responsible for themselves.  They believe that the government should set rules of morality for the populace to abide by–that immorality should be a crime.

What I believe is that people should be responsible for themselves.  They should be raised by their families and fostered by their churches and communities to have a community spirit to care for friends, family, or neighbors who are less fortunate.  Sadly, we are seeing a moral decay which is predominately the result of the wholesale destruction of the family and church at the hands of government programs and Hollywood. 

The only thing that will solve our problems is a return to the family.  The way families interact currently are nothing like how the used to.  As the family breaks down, the moral compass goes awry.  Without morals and character being taught by the family, a person becomes listless and less productive and more dependant on help from the government.  This of course enters a cycle which ends with 2084.

Long Live the Constitution!