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The Butter Battle Book

Posted by Troy on 30th September 2011 in Entertainment

This is one of the best books about the capitalism vs communism cold war.  The premise is that there are two societies.  One butters their toast on the upside of the bread, the other prefers their butterside down.  This difference causes them to go to war.  Is is any more intelligent to go to war over two competing economic systems?

However, a deep study for Communism (which is really a cancer that seeks to spread and destroy all…nasty system) is The Case for Democracy which I have already discussed at length.

It’s not the end of the world

Posted by Troy on 28th September 2011 in Current Events

There are some fear mongers saying that the US currency will be replaced as the global currency due to our inflation and our run away debt.  The fear mongers typically tell you to buy silver and go through all the nightmare possibilities.  I am here to ease your mind:

1) These people are selling silver and want to make a profit.

2) We’ve had inflation before and remained the global currency (1970s).

3) I believe the American people have awakened to the truth that we are going broke and we’re going to have to cut spending.  I believe this will translate to elections where savers, not spenders, are elected.

4) Even if I’m wrong, it’s still not the end of the world.  Plenty of world powers have fallen (Britain, France, Germany, Russia, et cetera), and they continue to exist and the world did not end.  The American people are fighters.  Hitting bottom might be the wake up call we need to end our Socialism experiments.  Of course, it’s important to note that the crazy Revolutionaries/World Government morons are in the wings waiting to overthrow the Constitution.  This is the one thing we cannot allow to happen.

Long Live the Constitution!

On Guard Onstar

Posted by Troy on 27th September 2011 in Current Events

On-star is a service which uses GPS and computers to monitor your vehicles location and other aspects.  Conspiracy nuts say that they will use this technology for nefarious purposes, and it appears that this is on the way.  Even if you cancel your service, On-star will continue to keep tabs on you and reserves the right to do pretty much whatever they want with this data.  I would like to point out that this is pretty close to what I predicted in 2084. 

Read the book!

Hikers Released From Iran: Can we send them back?

Posted by Troy on 26th September 2011 in Current Events

They get off the plane.  Reports swarm them, waiting to hear the phrase we’re all waiting for:

“Thank God we’re home,” or, “Thank God we’re free,” or any variation thereof.  We all expected that they would be thankful to be free and have a newfound understand of living in freedom.  Instead, we were treated to:

“Two years in prison is too long and we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other unjustly imprisoned people in America and Iran,” by Bauer.

What political prisoners are they speaking of in America?  The only possible conclusion is that they could be talking about those people in Gitmo.  I should think that there is a fair amount of difference between trying to kill soldiers and hiking in the mountains.  Most of the people who could be considered “Political Prisoners” are in jail probably on such charges as murder and arson and other charges.  You know why that is?  Because we have a jury based justice system.  You cannot convince a jury of 12 to sentence someone because they are a Democrat.  You can, however, do something like that in Iran. 

I will give one out for this statement.  If he is talking about American citizens who have been detained in regards to the Patriot Act and never charged with a crime or afforded a jury trial, I will agree.  However, I do not extend Constitutional protections to aliens who are here illegally and those who have voided the conditions of their visas (such as by plotting to kill Americans).  However, I will always defend these rights for each and every American.  I don’t care if they plotted to kill millions of people.

Long Live the Constitution!

The Order and the Lord

Posted by Troy on 25th September 2011 in Writing

My first foray into the world of fantasy writing is well on the way.  I am 56% through the second round of edit.  Going to do another round of edit after and send it to the editor after that.

The Order and the Lord is going to be an allegory of collective rights versus individual rights and the good and evil of world government (such as the UN). 

It’s an interesting and fun read even if the reader doesn’t pick up on this.  My inspiration was Einstein’s belief that all the nukes should be held by a world government and my belief that this was the stupidest thing ever.

The Case for Democracy – Natan Sharansky

Posted by Troy on 23rd September 2011 in Current Events, Political

This book is an eye-opening experience.  Natan Sharansky grew up and lived in Soviet Russia.  He speaks about tyranny in ways that will take your breath away, and some of the passages nearly made me cry.  The basic premise of the book is that dictators and tyrants cannot be allies.  A tyrant will only have you as an ally until you are no longer useful.  A tyrant must convince their people that there are enemies inside and without their country.  The tyrannical government must keep a rifle pointed at the outside enemy and their own people.  When well intentioned nations try to deal with these countries and curry favor, they are propping up the arms that hold the gun.

Sharansky moved to Israel and discusses the Palestinian problem in this context.  Most people in the West do not understand the people who are ruling over Palestine.  According to Glenn Beck, who recently went there, most Palestinians want peace and want to deal with Israel openly.  However, if they speak out, the militants will kill or otherwise harm them.  I believe it.  This is the kind of thing groups like Ha-mas and Nazis do.  They make the outside world believe that the populace supports the party’s view, but in reality, most of their citizens hate these groups.

This book is especially relevant given the recent turn of events.  I think it is funny insofar as Obama is going to look like a total hypocrite.  He spoke of having a separte Palestine by now, and here we are.  Now he’s going to have to use his Veto power as one of the members of the Security Council.  He just cannot understand that words have meanings.  He thinks he can give a little speech, people will clap, his ratings will go up, and there will not be any other consequences.

The UN cannot create a Palestinian state.  The Israelis will not accept it, this will lead to pure fury in Palestine and the Muslim world, and there will be a war.  If Israel does cave in, then Ha-mas will be a beachhead to Iran, and Israel could be destroyed militarily.  Think of it this way, how would you like it if the Cherokee nation went to the UN and demanded the whole United States back?  Would we give in?  Would we say, “Oh, well…I guess that’s what the UN said so…okay.”  No.  We would never accept such a thing.  The whole Israel issue is a direct result of a multinational body declaring a group of people have the rights to property and granting statehood in the first place.

Sadly, if we veto it, such an act will cause much hatred of the United States in the Middle East and will unify the Muslim extremists against us.  However, they would hate us anyway.  The only way to win those people over would be to enact Sharia Law in America. 

Long Live the Constitution!

Most Americans Support Obama’s Job Plan

Posted by Troy on 21st September 2011 in Political

According to a recent poll, most Americans support Obama’s plan.  This leads me to ask a few questions:

1)  What show are they watching?  This man is a walking disaster. 

2)  If a trillion dollar stimulus plan failed miserably, why on earth would someone think a half trillion dollar stimulus would do anything?

3)  How on earth did they phrase these questions?  You can phrase a question so that someone’s answer is assured.  Example:  “Would you support the government hiring people to decrease unemployment?”

I think what they should really ask “Do you support Obama’s Job Bill to the point that you would be willing to be half a trillion dollars more in debt to the Chinese?”  This is the real question, and I think most people would answer, “No.”

Jobs Bill and States Rights

Posted by Troy on 20th September 2011 in Political

The Jobs Bill requires that those states who accept the new stimulus money must waive their state sovereignty over cases which are subject to this bill.  While I could conceivably agree that there could be a rationale behind this, I feel like this is a very telling display of how the White House views states rights in general.  Accepting this bill is making a deal with the Devil.  You can almost hear him saying, “What is a soul?”

Details are pending, but this is going to be a terrible bill.  Hopefully it will crash and burn.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama’s Scandals

Posted by Troy on 19th September 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s amazing how many scandals that Obama has managed to survive without too much difficulty:

1) Arlen Spector’s Election – Bill Clinton takes the blame, and everything’s all good.

2) Libya Conflict – It appears that it has lasted longer than expected will have a decent ending (unless extremists take cover…which is almost a guarantee).  This was still Unconstitutional.

3) Fast and Furious – Underlings are going to step down to be given jobs elsewhere.

4) All of their personal expenditures and trips – I don’t think he should be getting away with all this crap during a recession.

5) ACORN’s practices

6) Revernd Wright

7) Bill Ayers

8) Solyndra’s Loan – The DOE says that they will be bankrupt in September 2011…we lend them money, and they are bankrupt in 2011.  Huh.

What money represents

Posted by Troy on 18th September 2011 in Human Nature

I think one of the most eloquent views on money came from Glenn Beck.  He proposed that when you work, someone gives you a certificate saying “This person did ten dollars worth of good for me.”  That person in turn uses the money and passes it to the next person, saying “You have done ten dollars worth of good for me,” and so forth.  His premise states that welfare/socialism destroys this because the ten dollars is given to someone who has not done ten dollars worth of good for it.