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Obama’s Jobs Speech

Posted by Troy on 31st August 2011 in Current Events, Political

How tasteless is it that he schedules his speech when his opponents are supposed to be debating?  What’s even more laughable is his claim that they didn’t realize that the debate was that night.  If they are this clueless, then they need to quit now due to incompetence.  We all know that this was politically motivated.  In breaking news, Obama has backed down and rescheduled.  It’s just as well, but it would have been fun to watch the Speaker of the House deny him audience.

Fast and Furious

Posted by Troy on 30th August 2011 in Current Events, Political

Director Melson has stepped down from his position in the Department of Justice for his part in the failed Fast and Furious operation.  Of course, he has another job waiting for him, so it’s not like it’s cost him anything.

Isn’t it interesting that about two years ago, they started to report that most of the guns used in crimes in Mexico were coming from the United States?  It’s rather coincidental that the happened to crop up shortly after Obama was elected.  It’s also interesting that the criminal element would choose to buy weapons from America at several hundred dollars a pop instead of buying a AK-47 on the black market for about $8.50 a pop (no joke there).

All of this was a coordinated effort to manufacture a crisis so that Obama could push for “common sense gun laws” or Agenda-21 or the UN’s Small Arms Treaty.  It failed miserably.  Now Melson is trying to cover for him.  This is why he is stepping down and getting another Federal job.  It’s the payoff.  If this was “for real” and Melson really was responsible, he would be fired.

Hopefully Congress will continue investigating this.  It will go all the way to the top.

Long Live the Constitution!

Don’t count your crisis before it’s hatched

Posted by Troy on 29th August 2011 in Current Events

Well, all the talk about the coming crisis of Irene was for nothing–as is most talk about crisis.  Of course, there was the financial crisis, the auto crisis, the healthcare crisis, and the debt ceiling crisis.  Oh, that’s probably not mentioning the START Treaty crisis, the Haiti crisis, the Japan crisis, the Gulf oil spill crisis, the Joplin crisis, the Great Flood crisis, the Swine Flu crisis, the Palestine crisis, and the debt downgrade crisis.  Of course, the rest of us would point out the unemployment crisis, but no mention of that, right? 

Is it me, or have we been plagued by crisis, both real and manufactured, since Obama was elected?

Class Reunions

Posted by Troy on 28th August 2011 in Human Nature

I just went to my 15th year high school reunion.  I was never that close to most of my classmates; however, I find that with each reunion, I find their company more and more enjoyable.  It is nice to see those people you know when you were young.  I highly recommend attending these reunions.  I know it may not see like such a big deal, but may be pleasantly surprised how how much you enjoy it.

Good writing on prejudice

Posted by Troy on 27th August 2011 in Writing

I was commenting to a friend about good writing and bad writing when it comes to prejudice.  I believe that Hollywood is very heavy handed when it comes to this topic.  For the most part, we exist in our surroundings and accept the way things are and go about our lives, buying groceries, falling in love, et cetera.  However, Hollywood has an inclination to show a group of people sitting around bemoaning their situation out loud.  These types of moments are rare.  Better writing is more subtle and lets the viewer or reader make the connection themselves.  For instance, a movie about Jim Crow laws would be more effective if it shows someone riding the bus past several nice supermarkets to go to a run down, blacks only supermarket far way, possibly while having a rather cheerful conversation with a friend that is riding with them to act as a foil for the injustice.

George A Romero movies

Posted by Troy on 26th August 2011 in Entertainment

For some unknown reason, I’ve been a fan of zombie movies despite the fact that I find them absolutely stupid.  This probably accounts for my discussion of zombie movies and the parallel to the Left and society in 2084.

Honestly, I think that George A Romero movies are ridiculous.  The entire commentary of his movies is that the rich and few oppress the starving masses (represented by the zombies) and that we cause our own destruction in the end as the survivors always do something that unleashes the horde upon them.  I usually identify with the villains of the story, such as in Day of the Dead. 

In Day of the Dead, the human race has all but been wiped out.  A group of military people occupy a bunker.  One of the scientists that is on the base sneaks a zombie in for studying.  When the military leader finds out, he kills the scientist.  This leads the other scientist to decide that the military guy is insane, open the gates for the zombies, and steal the last working helicopter to fly he and his girlfriend to an island, leaving the other humans to be eaten alive.  Really, on the outside looking in, who doesn’t agree with the military in this synopsis?  You brought a stinking zombie into the safe zone.  Yeah, you should be killed!

So, the lesson on Entertainment Night is this…I’m addicted to zombie movies which I completely disagree with and find stupid.  So, what does that say about me?  Eh, guess we can’t make sense all the time, right?

Perry in the lead

Posted by Troy on 25th August 2011 in Current Events, Political

I am troubled by the fact that Perry was once a Democrat and worked for Gore.  What on Earth?  I guess that makes him the same as any other politician out there.  They will say whatever it takes to get elected.  That being said, the Republicans would almost have to run Hitler himself before I would consider voting for Obama (or for voting for a third party or not voting, which is basically the same as voting for Obama).

Earthquakes and Hurricanes, Oh My!

Posted by Troy on 24th August 2011 in Current Events

The blizzard during the global warming summit, earthquakes, and hurricanes.  I truly believe that God is working against Obama.  I know you can just call it mere coincidence, and others would say it’s all due to global warming, and here we go.  Just my belief out there.  Enjoy.


Posted by Troy on 23rd August 2011 in Current Events

Libya looks as though is has been “successful.”  Unfortunately, it will probably be reborn just anti-West as ever, but at least it will be a Democracy.  Democracy is always to be preferred to a dictatorship even if you have to blow them off the face of the Earth.  I still maintain that we should have hit strategic targets immediately.  This thing could have been over in one month is the President and/or the international community had any balls.  Hopefully, Libya will appreciate our expenditures on their behalf.

Long Live the Constitution!

MSNBC’s Guns in America

Posted by Troy on 22nd August 2011 in Current Events, Political

I just watched the single most asinine thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  Granted, MSNBC is crazy, wacko, liberal, but this was inexcusable.  If you watched this show, you may believe that guns are owned by two groups of people: crazy militants and gang members.  The fact of the matter is that over 99.9% of all guns will not be used in a crime.  Mostly, they are owned by ordinary people that choose to have them for self-defense or sport.  In the long litany the program spews at the end, the producers lay the blame for America’s gun violence at the feet of the Founding Fathers, sportsmen, gangs, the street dealers, the gun store owners, and the strawmen purchasers.  No where in there do they place the blame where it belongs.  The vast amount of gun violence is in gangs, and the vast majority of these gang members come from households where the father has abandoned the family.  This is the problem.  There are no more or less guns in American than there ever was.  What is missing is the loving family to instill character in their offspring.  This is no offense to single mothers who do the best they can, but one person cannot do the job for two, no matter how hard they try–with the exception of a few exceptional people at any rate.  You cannot blame poverty.  Poverty has always existed and always will.  You cannot blame drugs.  Drugs have always existed and always will.  What is to blame is a lack of character which is a direct result of a lack of character in those fathers who choose to abandon their family.  There is no way I would ever advocate the abolition of guns.  Criminals would still get the guns, and we would be completely at their mercy.

Not to mention:  An armed man is a citizen.  An unarmed man is a subject.

Long Live the Constitution!