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Anthony Weiner Steps Down

Posted by Troy on 16th June 2011 in Current Events, Political

It was inevitable.  Again, I don’t think he should have stepped down.  His district wanted him to continue to serve them.  Theirs is the only opinion that matters in this case.

When he quit, someone yelled out “Good-bye, pervert!”

Ordinarily, I would disapprove of such an outburst.  However, Weiner was trying to sell his stepping down as something virtuous.  He needed to stand up and say, “I did wrong.  I betrayed my wife.  I lied to all of you.  I am disgraced.  For the good of my district, I must step down.”

Since he tried to pretend he was quitting out of virtue and not due to shame and disgrace, it’s all fair that the heckler brought the truth to bear.

Georgia to use Criminals to Replace Illegal Aliens in the Fields

Posted by Troy on 15th June 2011 in Current Events, Human Nature, Political

The new law in Georgia has caused some problems.  Now, all employers have to check an employee’s work status.  As a result, a lot of illegals are fleeing in droves.  Governor Deal has suggested that we use ex-convicts to replace these laborers.  I can do one better.  Why don’t we bring back the chain gang?  Oh, I know that they’ve decided that’s cruel and unusual, so why don’t we do this: Make if voluntary.  If they participate, ever year they work removes an additional year off their sentence.  Effectively, they could cut their jail time in half.  Also, we will pay them minimum wage to be paid to a escrow account to be paid to them upon their release.  If they try to escape or attack anyone, they get all their jail time back again (plus some) and lose all their wages as punishment and are not allowed to participate in the program anymore.

Long Live the Constitution!

Welfare is the Death of Charity

Posted by Troy on 14th June 2011 in Current Events, Political

Welfare is the death of charity.  It was a nice idea.  We’d help people with our taxes.  In so doing, we could help people that we would not ordinarily meet.  However, something went horribly, horribly wrong.

Charity comes from the heart.  When we have the government pay charity for us, we begin to resent giving.  We give less because we feel the government should be covering it.  After all, we pay taxes, don’t we?

On the other side, people on welfare used to feel bad that they were accepting charity.  They would try hard to get off charity.  If they didn’t people could see that the people they were helping weren’t trying, and they would stop helping them.  Now, welfare recipients believe they have a right to the money, and their attitude shows.

Also, the government uses Welfare as a source of political clout and to buy votes with.

For the good of society, our budget, and our souls, I want to quit providing any and all welfare to people.  Let’s return it to the hands of the people to decide who should and should not be helped.

Outrage at the Media Bias

Posted by Troy on 13th June 2011 in Political

Any sane, nonpartisan person knows that there is some bias in the media.  The majority of it is on the Left.  Fox News is on the Right.  However, there are limits to what we can accept.  The LA Times had a tape of Obama attending a pro-Palestine rally and praised a member of the PLO.  They refused to release the tape.  It could be argued that this tape could have affected the vote of a rational, informed voter. 

How is this any different than a broker withholding information from a potential investor because he wants the commission?  We would throw him in jail, and rightly so. 

This is criminal.  This is controlling the flow of information for political means.  This basically makes the LA Times just a propaganda machine.  No legitimate news organization can willingly hide the truth from the People.  This is a complete outrage. 

If you read the LA Times, I would suggest you find another newspaper.  It is clear that they are actively determining what information you have privy too.  This is a legitimate story that had actual implications.  If people had seen this, then Obama’s current bias against Israel would have been discovered before he started spitting in the face of our only ally over there.


Posted by Troy on 12th June 2011 in Human Nature

Depression, of course, is a state of mind.  Depression often steams from an inability to break a harmful thought cycle.  The average person might have a thought such as, “My boss is going to be mad at me.”  However, depressed people often continue this pattern to, “Then he’s going to fire me, then I’m going to lose my job, I won’t be able to pay my bills, and my wife is going to leave me and take the kids, and then I’m going to lose the house, and I’m going to wind up on the streets and hooked on drugs and selling my body for drug money and end up getting AIDS!”

It’s an oversimplification, but this is a major problem for depressed people.  If you start to develop this type of thought structure, beware.  Learn to break the cycle.

War Journal

Posted by Troy on 11th June 2011 in Writing

Going through one final edit for War Journal and then will get it put out on Amazon.  Finished designing the cover today.  Looks sharp.  Hopefully will have it out by the Fourth of July.

I Want Your Money

Posted by Troy on 10th June 2011 in Entertainment

I Want Your Money is a documentary about socialism versus capitalism.  It is fairly entertaining.  It centers around the presidencies of Obama and Reagan.  Most of the points they cover are very apt.  I found the cartoon portions to be distracting.  The claymation-esque nature of the animation was just a bit off putting.  The clip of Phil Donahue’s interview of Milton Freedman makes the whole movie worthwhile.  I have never seen such a verbal smackdown in my entire life.  His defense of capitalism was beautiful, eloquent, funny, and absolutely devastating.  I would recommend that everyone watch this movie.  If you are a fan of free enterprise, you will love it.  If you are a fan of centralized planning, maybe it will open your eyes a bit.

Andrew Breitbart Strikes Back at Antony Weiner and the Soros Media Machine

Posted by Troy on 8th June 2011 in Current Events, Political

Love this soundbite.  This is exactly what is happening out there, particularly from the Left (as they control the main medial outlets).  Even with Weiner’s confession, they are still attacking Breitbart.  This is pretty incredible.  Every journalist has their slant on things.  Few people are truly objective.  In fact, a truly objective newspiece would be incredibly boring to read, but this is just inexcusable.

Testosterone May not Drop with Age

Posted by Troy on 7th June 2011 in Current Events

They’ve discovered that age is not the leading cause for testosterone drop.  Instead, it has to deal with a decline in overall health.  I can’t help but wonder if they will also discover that it is linked to certain medications.  They’ve already discovered that statin drugs are linked to alzheimer’s.

Obamanomics – A Study in Keynesian Economics

Posted by Troy on 6th June 2011 in Political

I believe Liberals do to the business world what they claim Conservatives do to the environment.

If you pollute a little, the Earth will clean it up. However, it is possible to take this process for granted. In doing so, someone may clear cut entire swaths of forests, creating a virtual desert where nothing will grow for hundreds of years.

Obama has done this to the economy. When he got into office, he did so with the smug knowledge that the economy would rebound. A typical recession lasts about two years. His thought was he could pass a huge stimulus plan, the economy would rebound, and he would be able to take credit for saving the economy as well as making what amounts to bribery to voters. It didn’t work. Now he sits in his office and wonders what happened. What went wrong? The only possible way that Keynesian Economics works is by tricking people into feeling more confident about the economy and make them feel comfortable about spending and investing. Obama did the opposite. The fact of the matter is, all of his policies clear cut the forest. There is still time to save it, but we must stop these destructive measures.

We must make a consistent environment in which the private sector can grow. We must learn to do for ourselves what should be done by ourselves. We must learn to give up “freebies” from the government. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, after all.