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How we fix education

Posted by Troy on 30th June 2011 in Current Events, Political

This is so simple.  All we have to do is reward the kids, and they will study more.  I propose we offer a $100 prize for getting straight A’s.  Compared with the money we flush down the educational system toilet, this might actually do some good.  It will give students a reason to study (at least until high school, but by then they should have good study habits).  Also, if the program completely fails, we are out very little since we only pay them if they make straight A’s.

Flash Mobs, Greece, Wolf Packing – Coming to a City Near You

Posted by Troy on 28th June 2011 in Current Events

We have seen the effectiveness of Facebooking in the “Muslim Spring.”  I have wondered if these are dry runs.  Now, gangs of youths are using Facebook and other media to mimic flash mobs to show up at a given store and rob it blind.  The kids are calling this “Wolf Packing.”  Finally, I look to Greece and the riots in the street.  Given the Democrats insistence that they don’t have to do anything about spending (let alone the fact that they say that cutting spending at all would be irresponsible), we are headed that way. When it comes time for us to cut “benefits” (legal theft), look for the Left to use Facebook and other ways to organize massive protests and riots to try to overthrow the system.  Go ahead and figure out what you want to do.  Thank God, I live in the country.  You people in the big cities are going to have problems.  I’d arm yourselves if I were you.

Rod Blagojevich Get Nailed

Posted by Troy on 27th June 2011 in Current Events, Political

It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.  The fact of the matter is that this guy was dirty as hell.  It was a case where we all knew he was guilty, but we had to play the legal game.  The fact that he got off the first time was a travesty, but the State opted to try again.  It was a good decision.  Blagojevich had burned all his money on his expensive lawyers in round one, and he had to use a second string team this go around.  Reading the details of the case shows exactly the kind of man Blagojevich is.  He is a foul-mouthed man with a bad disposition.  He also believes that he can schmooze and outwit those around him.  He thinks that he is smarter than the average man.  He is one of those people that secretly believe in Nietzsche’s Superman principle.  Of course, I am sure that he will get a few years in jail, write a best-seller, and this victory of justice will be hollow, but for now, let’s enjoy this man getting his just dessert.

Don’t Let them Destroy Your Soul

Posted by Troy on 26th June 2011 in Human Nature

As we move towards Socialism, don’t let them destroy your soul.  It’s easy to fall into bitterness or to decide to suck at the government’s teat rather than work hard.  Don’t.  Eventually, we will overcome this cancer that’s spreading, but we will only do so if we stay strong.

Waiting for Superman

Posted by Troy on 24th June 2011 in Entertainment, Political

I highly recommend the documentary, Waiting for Superman.  This is a documentary about our public schools.  We have doubled spending on our students since 1970, but scores have remained steady.  The director tries to determine why this is.  There are a lot of reasons why our students are not doing so well, but this is about like saying that there were a lot of reasons for the Civil War.  When you get right down to it, the Civil War was directly caused by slavery.   The problems with our schools are directly caused by the teacher’s unions.  A couple of years ago, one of the Union’s presidents said, “I’ll care about students when the students vote in Union elections.”  That says it all.  The Unions collect dues from their members and pay off politicians (mostly Democrats) to ensure that their members are secure.  They do this by tenure.  After a teacher has worked two years, they cannot be fired.  They could sleep all day in the classroom, and the schools still cannot fire them.  In addition to this, they get the governments of some states to make it mandatory that you join the union.  It basically becomes an incestuous relationship.  But there’s one thing that they did not consider.  We out number them.  We are the ultimate special interest group, but we have to get mad as hell.  The time for taking it easy has passed.  It is time for war.  We have got to get mad as hell and scream “We’re not going to take it anymore!”  This isn’t about kids.  This isn’t about parents.  This isn’t about teachers.  This is about all of us.  This is about our country.  This is about the future of the world.  America is the only benevolent superpower the world has known.  If we ever fall, I fear for the fate of the world.  Write your representatives.  Watch this movie.  Educate yourselves.  Share this movie with every single person you know.  Stand for what’s right or be prepared to live on your knees.

Another prediction in 2084 coming true – Believe in global warming or fail school

Posted by Troy on 22nd June 2011 in Current Events

I predicted in 2084 that the Left would take over the schools and the only way to graduate and get a job would be to espouse their beliefs whole-heartedly.  What we see here is the start.  I was also interested to see that Georgia is ranked #15 in total freedom.  We lose a lot for personal freedom, but most of those lost points are for silly things such as seatbelt and helmet laws, so no biggie.  Go Georgia!

Huntsman hits the race

Posted by Troy on 21st June 2011 in Current Events

Yet another spineless contender.  Let’s face it.  This guy has no chance.  There is no way that Obama would appoint someone whose views differ too much than his.  Huntsman is tainted.  We need people with backbone.  So far, the only ones in the contest that fit this are Bachman and Gingrich and possibly Ron Paul, but all these candidates have issues.  I’m still holding out that Rick Perry will join in the race.  I think he will.  He’s moving that way at least.  He’s done a lot of the right things in Texas, and I think he would stand up and fight Obama and not be afraid that CBS and MSNBC and others will call him a racist because he dares to challenge Obama on his performance.

You’re the Problem!

Posted by Troy on 20th June 2011 in Current Events, Human Nature, Writing

When I was at the gun show, a man asked me what the book was about, and I explained it to him.  He told me, “So, it’s about doing stuff yourself, taking care of yourself.”  I agreed, and he continued.  “That’s right, brother.  I find if you pray hard enough…”  This is where I think he’s going to say something really inspirational.  “You’ll find what you need or someone will give it to you.  There’s no need to work.  Hell, I just quit my job.  You can get by on $3,500 a year with foodstamps and no electricty.”  He just kept going on and on, and I wanted to scream “You’re the problem!  You!  You’re it!  Get the hell away from me!!!!”

True story.

Father’s Day

Posted by Troy on 19th June 2011 in Human Nature

I hope everyone spent time with their father’s today.  Just remember, Father’s Day shouldn’t be just once a year.  Be sure to spend plenty of time with your parents.  They are two of the most important people that will ever be in your life.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Posted by Troy on 17th June 2011 in Entertainment

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was a fun little movie.  Definitely not a “great” movie as there was not deep, meaningful insights into the human condition and blah blah blah, but if you want a fun way to kill an hour and forty-five minutes, I highly recommend it.  The only thing I can say against it is the main character goes a bit overboard in trying to play the spastic nerd sometimes and it can get a touch annoying, but not too bad.