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Posted by Troy on 30th April 2011 in Writing

Working on the edit for 2084.  I’m very blessed to have Terri for an editor.  She had a command of the English language that somewhat escapes me.  Her changes have really tightened up the writing style.  61% through the edit.  After that, I will do one more read through, and then it will be published.

The Royal Wedding

Posted by Troy on 29th April 2011 in Current Events

A lot of people have complained that the Royal Wedding is a distraction from the real issues.

I disagree.  There are countless attacks on our freedoms and ways of life.  It is impossible to know and defend against them all.  Quite honestly, you have to live your life.  You have to enjoy life.  You have enjoy the moments, not to mention just taking care of the day to day stuff.

Enjoy the wedding if you want to.  May the couple enjoy a long, happy life together.  Never, ever, take life too seriously.  There’s no real point.

Superman renounces his citizenship

Posted by Troy on 28th April 2011 in Current Events, Entertainment

DC comics has decided to have Superman renounce his US citizenship stating “Truth Justice and the American Way It’s not enough anymore.” 

Who buys comics?  Mostly Americans I reckon…

How dare they?  Do you know how many people are trying to get citizenship?  How many are going through pure hell in paperwork and legal costs to do this?  The statements are clear that DC (and I must assume that these views are shared by Warner Brothers as well since they own DC Comics) is a fan of the “world view”/world government.

Bleep Superman.  I urge a boycott of Warner Brothers, all DC franchises, and particularly Superman.  They intended this to be a political statement, but it is really a slap in the face of the American identity.  Show me any one country that has done more for the world than America.  We have fought for more people and sacrificed more treasure than any other country in history. 

Superman’s real kryptonite is lack of comic sales.  Hit them where it hurts, and I bet they’ll be doing a special issue where he retakes the citizenship oaths.

Predator Drones

Posted by Troy on 26th April 2011 in Current Events, Political

We’ve started using Predator Drones in Libya.  I love this technology.  I think we should incorporate them more and more into our strategies.  However, I do think that Europe should be paying for our munitions since we are doing this to save their oil supply.

Hyper-Inflation Boogie Man

Posted by Troy on 25th April 2011 in Current Events, Human Nature, Political

Glenn Beck is always screaming about how the printing of so much paper money means we are inevitably going to wind up like Germany in the 1930′s.  While it is true that printing paper money pretty much necessitates that we are going to see inflation, the extent of that inflation is unknown.  Also, I would like to point out a few things:  Germany is still there.  We will be too.  The world is not going to end.  In fact, America having hyper-inflation is much safer than 1930′s Germany.  We’re not going to try to take over the world, even if Trump is elected.  Also, if inflation hits, our currency might be weak against other currencies, but the Chinese yuan is pretty much worthless compared to a lot of currencies, and currently that’s the economy everyone’s afraid of (undeservingly so).  The fact of the matter is that we are struggling on the world market due to minimum wage jobs which forced all manufacturing jobs elsewhere.  Inflation will counter that and get us back to where we can compete somewhat on price.  Finally, we could benefit from some hard times.  We need to learn the value of resilience and hard work and helping one another as we have grown soft, dumb, and lazy.  All we really need to worry about is worrying about hyper-inflation and panicking about it.

Ask and you will receive

Posted by Troy on 24th April 2011 in Human Nature

Today, I was picking loquats in my front yard.  My neighbor yelled across the street, “Sir, may I come over?”  I gave him permission and he came onto my property.  He then said, “I was wondering if I could have some of your Chinese plums.  They’re very delicious, and I see they’re getting ripe.”  I told him that not many people knew what a Chinese plum was and, since he had asked permission, he could have some.  I gave him a handful of the ones I had picked, and he went on his way.

Funny.  I watered and pruned that plant.  I picked the fruit.  Had I come out to discover him picking the fruit without my permission, I would have confronted him boldly.  However, since he asked, I gladly, without hesitation, gave him the fruit.  It’s important to remember the power of politeness and asking kindly.

War Journal

Posted by Troy on 24th April 2011 in Writing

I’ve decided to release my novel, War Journal.  I just finished picking out the artwork for the cover.  I am very excited to release this book as I have said that it would be my masterpiece.  Hopefully, you will read and agree.

Geraldo Rivera Libyan Rebels

Posted by Troy on 22nd April 2011 in Current Events

Rivera referred to the Libyan rebels as an undisciplined, rag-tag group of semi-cowards who take a shot at their enemy and run away.  They’re a bunch of cowards, and he has no respect for them.

Yes.  Those statements remind me of a similar group… the minutemen.  All of these terms were applied to us when we rebelled against the British.  These are ordinary people who are putting their lives at risk so that their children might have a better future.  They are fighting a much stronger, better trained force.  Hit and run is the way to go.  It’s called guerrilla warfare.  I actually do have a great deal of respect for them, and I hope they succeed.  As George Washington knew, all they have to do is not lose.  They don’t have to win.  They just have to out wait and chip away at Gaddafi’s forces.

Under construction

Posted by Troy on 21st April 2011 in Uncategorized

We are currently revamping our page just a little bit.  This is an on going process.  Technology, right?

i-Big Brother

Posted by Troy on 20th April 2011 in Current Events

Congratulations to Apple for getting on the suppression of Liberty train.  Their newest iphones and ipads now track you, second by second with GPS technology.  Apple is refusing to answer why they are doing this.  It wasn’t announced (ie, they didn’t want people to know about it).  Possibly, there is a reason for it which could be app related.  However, you are not allowed to opt out of it.  This is beyond the pale.  You need to write Apple and complain.  If you were going to buy one of these products, I highly recommend you do not.  This should not stand.

Long live liberty!