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Too Little, Too Late

Posted by Troy on 17th March 2011 in Current Events, Political

For the first time ever, I will post twice in one day, but I really want to speak about Libya.  We waited for the UN to pass their resolution.  As for their style, they dragged their feet until their actions will be meaningless.  We allowed Libya’s air force to harass the rebels and round them up into a single stronghold where an organized military will smash them.  It was a waste of an opportunity and human life.  We could have liberated this country from the hands of a despot.  Instead, our leaders’ inability to take the lead wasted the opportunity.  If we had just moved, Gaddafi would have fallen and America would have looked like a hero in the region.  Instead, we will look impotent and dictators will be emboldened.  Such a waste.

Japan Update

Posted by Troy on 17th March 2011 in Current Events

I’m sad to say that we have been mislead.  It would appear that Japan doesn’t have everything under control.  However, I would advise that we take stock of their actual needs before applying resources.  I am shocked at the number of safety violations of Japan’s nuclear plants.  I would tell people not to judge the nuclear power option by this case.  They have been almost negligent.  What shocks me is that I would think that, of all countries, Japan would be particularly sensitive to the dangers of radiation.  As one of our best allies (economically and otherwise), we should spare no option at trying to help them recover from this blow.

Windows and the Nanny State

Posted by Troy on 16th March 2011 in Current Events

I saw an advertisement on TV asking us to contact our representatives and ask them to pursue a car window safety bill wherein electric windows will stop if they meet any resistance.  This is to prevent children from essentially committing suicide via rolling up the window on their necks or causing other injury.  This is one of those things that sounds so nice on the surface; however, I remember once in high school, someone reached into the car to do me harm.  I rolled up the window and pinched his arm.  It must have hurt like hell by the way he screamed.  It was a manual window.  If that had happened with these new windows, the window would have rolled right back down for my assailant.  My point is, perhaps those of us without kids might like to have windows that will close regardless for personal safety.  If this feature is to be added, it should be like child door locks.  It should be an option that can be turned on or off at whim.  Otherwise, this feature which is meant to be for our protection could actually be a liability instead.


Posted by Troy on 15th March 2011 in Current Events

I have nothing pithy to say today.  I do admire the restrained, organized response to this disaster.  I should hope we would show such a reaction if something like that happened here.  However, 9/11 did show us that we are capable of that.  Despite loss of power and the chaos, crime actually went down and our charitable contributions and volunteering went up.  I think that gives us hope.   That being said, I wish there was something we could do for Japan, but I don’t see anything we can do.  This isn’t a third world country.  They know what they have to do and have the resources to do so.  Still, I hope it all works out in the end.

Human Nature Sundays

Posted by Troy on 13th March 2011 in Human Nature

The maddest I’ve ever been at myself.

I was in college, and I was walking from class back to my job.  I was about to graduate and just had a lot on my mind, and I was having a bad day.  I looked over and saw a lady trying to get a little wooden wagon full of books up the steps to a building.  She got a couple of wheels up, and the wagon tipped, and some of the books fell out.  I thought to myself, “It’s not my problem,” and kept walking.  I made it ten steps and a thought hit me hard.  “What the hell is wrong with me?!”  I was so furious.  I walked back as fast as I could, picked up the whole wagon, and set it on the porch for her.  She thanked me, but I was already walking off as I said “No problem.”  I was so angry at myself.  Now I think back on that day, and I wish that I would have helped her and had been cheerful to her.  What would it have cost me?  I still think about that one moment.  I did the right thing, but I could have done it better.

Writing Saturdays

Posted by Troy on 12th March 2011 in Writing

As Fridays are now Entertainment, Saturdays will be something about writing.

In this regard, I will be discussing a preparation technique.  I would recommend anyone who wants to write to people watch.  People watching can be fun and interesting.  This is usually when people go to a crowded place and watch people, but you must take it one step further.  People watching is a constant thing.  When you are talking to someone, you should watch them.  Pay attention to how they move, their expressions, etc.  You see, if you write how you think someone would act when they are lying, it will come across as cliche.  However, if you’ve watched someone who is lying to you, you know what they do.  You know how they move.  They know the slight little tells.  The benefits are two-fold.  You’re writing will improve, and you will also gain intelligence in your personal dealings.  You will better be able to communicate and read others.

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

Posted by Troy on 11th March 2011 in Entertainment

It’s Entertainment Friday again.  You know.  I think I might have to come up with some other set days in the week for stuff.  I look forward to talking about Fridays.  Today, I’m going to cover the book, The moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein.

Heinlein wrote Stranger in a Strange Land.  I read it, and I didn’t care for it.  The term “tree hugging hippie crap” comes to mind.  He also bastardizes the “Christself” (as Johnathon Parker would say). 

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress is a great work of Libertarian philosophy.  Rough cut: it’s about a prison colony on the moon that tries to achieve self-governance.  It stars a self-aware computer and a bunch of misfits.  Warning, Heinlein developed a new English for the book that can be a bit hard to follow at first, but if you let yourself get into it, it’s actually pretty fun to read.

This is one of the most meaningful books I’ve read in recent memory.  I’d recommend it to any Tea Party sympathizers or anyone who think they are a closet Libertarian.


Posted by Troy on 10th March 2011 in Current Events

Well, I applaud Wisconsin.  Normally, I would view such procedural slight of hand with contempt, but given what the Democrats were doing (thwarting the legislative practice by running away and not representing the people), I am glad that it is somewhat over.

That being said, I wonder what they would have said if the Tea Party had acted half as bad.  Millions in damages were inflicted on public property.  They assaulted people.  They were loud and unruly.  If the Tea Party would have acted like this, it would have been plastered on the news and they would have been portrayed as extremists/terrorists.

Obama and Libya

Posted by Troy on 8th March 2011 in Current Events

He is so weak.  I honestly can say that I’ve never him appear strong.  He never plants his feet, squares his shoulders and says “This is the way it is.”  Take his response on Libya.  “Now, you uh, uh, uh, stop slaughtering your own citizens or or or… you will uh uh uh be held accountable.”  What is that?  Are you kidding me? 

How this should have been handled:

The first plane that bombed the Libyan citizens should have gotten this response, “As we speak, our aircraft carriers are en route.  Your anti-air defenses will be shattered, and a no fly zone will now be in effect.  Should you try to defend these anti-air defenses or try to shoot down our planes, we will begin bombing of all known military and governmental buildings.”

And then actually back it up.  That is how it’s done.

Michael Moore

Posted by Troy on 7th March 2011 in Current Events, Political

Michael Moore belongs to a group that I cannot tolerate:  Rich Socialists/Communists.  John Lennon also belongs in this group, and I discuss this group in my novel, 2084.  I just cannot have any respect for people who promote socialism or communism if they are above middle class.  In truth, I can’t really respect them if they are above poverty level.  If Michael Moore lived in a trailer because he gave away all but what he really needed, then I could respect him. 

The truth is, these are the people who believe they should be the rulers in the new order they help to create.  And, of course, they should be allowed luxury for helping their fellow Citizens.

Long Live the Constitution!