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Governor Walker and the Wisconsin Senators

Posted by Troy on 28th February 2011 in Current Events, Political

Here’s what you should do.  Go on to other matters.  Show the people that the Democrats not coming back to town is holding up all business.  They are neglecting their duties.  In this game, there are three sides (as there usually are).  There’s those who are going to support the Left no matter what.  There are those who are going to support the Right, no matter what.  Finally, there are those who just want things to keep running smoothly.  Your base is secure.  People aren’t going to jump ship and go over to the Left.  The question then becomes, what will impress the ones in the middle the most?  You can either 1) abandon your goals and agree to vote it down, 2) go on endlessly about this one topic, or 3) move on to new business.  If you really believe in what you preach, the first option isn’t on the table.  The second option makes you look like you’re single-minded and makes you as big an enemy as those errant Democrats.  The third option is the only viable option.  Pick it, and let the chips fall where they may.  Either you win in four years, or you lose, but it’s really your only choice.

Wisconsin yet again

Posted by Troy on 27th February 2011 in Current Events, Political

It’s Wisconsin time yet again.  This is arguably one of the most important things going on in the country today. 

I can’t believe any taxpayers are for this.  Bear in mind, we are giving them collective rights to raid the public coffers.  That hardly seems right.  Isn’t it a conflict of interest for politicians to take money from the SEIU?  They are elected to represent all of us, but they are getting money which makes them beholden to their own employees.  That just doesn’t sound right.

The other problem with Unions is that their purpose has become perverted.  I’m a capitalist at heart.  If Fernando is worth $75,000, and Joe is only worth $25,000 (and honestly, the guy is worth less than that and should be fired), why should the Union protect Joe, forcing the company to pay him at least $45,000 causing the company to pay Fernando only $55,000?  Collectiveness brings out only the most base instincts in humans.  It ends up bringing out laziness.  Not only that, but it also makes life absurd.  I understand in NYC that you’re not allowed to move a table at an event.  If you want a table moved, you have to get a Union person to move it.  In the South, if we want a table moved, a couple of guys pick up the table and move it.  We don’t call someone to do it for us.  Is it because we’re anti-Unions and want to bust them up?  No, it’s because it’s utterly ridiculous to call someone to move a stupid table.  When are we going to start acting like sane adults again?

Those who say this is an assault on freedom, let me ask you this: Are the members of the Unions free?  If they are happy with the way things are, can they choose to go into work when the Union call for a strike?

I will say that firefighters and police shouldn’t be exempt.  This is another clear example of a politician being beholden upon a union for supporting them.  Go out and rent Waiting for Superman.  The fact of the matter is that teacher unions are more guilty of protecting bad teachers than for promoting good education.  Unions are an outdated institution.  With the information sources we have at our disposal, their services are largely unnecessary.


Posted by Troy on 26th February 2011 in Current Events, Political

How strange.  The entire Middle East goes nuts after we pull all our warships out of the area.  I’m sure that’s a coincidence though.

I will say Libya is different than Egypt.  At least with Libya we can honestly say, “Hey, can’t get much worse.”  In Libya, we have an active enemy who funds terrorist plots against the West.  The only possible way it can get worse if if they actively declare war on us, which is actually better because at least then we can step in a smack them upside the head.  He’s also a brutal dictator and high all the time.  Good riddance there.

At least something’s improving at any rate.  I do look forward to Governor Walker being compared to Gadhafi.  Why not!

The Final

Posted by Troy on 25th February 2011 in Entertainment, Human Nature

I’ve decided that I will make Fridays Entertainment Day.  On this day, I will review a movie, book, or album or song. 

Today,  I want to talk about the SyFy original movie, The Final.  Unlike most SyFy movies, this one is thankfully devoid of over-the-top effects which actually serve to defeat the film (although I do love a good B-rated movie).  The story centers around a group of high school outcasts who decide to take revenge on the popular class by kidnapping and maiming them for life.  It’s a rather brutal film with little or no entertainment value, but I will deal with the concept and moral of the story instead.

It is obvious that the writer of the movie was thus an outcast who probably wished to have some sort of retribution.  I would even argue that the writer purposefully exaggerated his case to show the duality of man and the fact that justice, when carried too far, becomes a crime in and of itself.  ”If you fight the monster, you become the monster.”  If this was not his intent, he shows his heart to be excessively dark.

I was not a very popular kid in school.  I was the weakest kid in my class.  I was liked by most people, but I was not even close to being popular, and there were those who would pick on me.  It was a lonely time for me, honestly.  However, these experiences made me stronger.  It made me compassionate to those in need.  It made me resilent to peer pressure.  It gave me a sense of justice.  It instilled my soul with fortitude and resilience. 

In the end, there are two types of people.  There are those who come out of an experience stronger and nobler, and there are those who break–who slurk off into the darkness of bitterness.  There are those who let the past go, and there are those who cling to it.  In the end, the harm caused onto you is paid back tenfold.  Those who hurt you are prone to look back with regret upon their actions.  However, if you dwell on the harm done unto you, you compound that harm tenfold.  A man who has allowed his soul to become bitter and twisted due to loneliness is probably doomed to be lonely.  Positive and negative energies feed upon themselves.

As someone who has been there, The Final was a movie that showed the ugliness in the desire for revenge.  However, the revenge depicted was so disproportionate that its relevance was thus destroyed.  If I could, I’d probably go back and find something else to do with those two hours I spent watching the movie.

To any out there who is being bullied, strengthen your heart and take courage.  Nothing lasts forever.  Seek to ennoble your spirit, and the best revenge will be yours–happiness.

Brave Sir Robin

Posted by Troy on 24th February 2011 in Current Events, Political

When danger reared its ugly head, Sir Robin bravely turned and fled.

That’s what the Democrat Senators remind me of–Brave Sir Robin.  People who claim that they are doing their job by defeating the bill by not showing up for a vote are merely being partisan.  If the Republicans had used a similar tactic to defeat Health Care, these are the people who would be howling to have them arrested and strung up (after the vote, of course). 

This is no more than a spoiled brat kid taking his ball and going home.  This is the nature of politics.  You cannot simply say “We don’t approve of what laws you want to pass, so we’re just not going to show up.”  How is that not a sort of Fascism?  You can only pass laws that we approve of, even when we’re not in power.  Sometimes you’re in power, sometimes you’re not.  Deal with it.  That’s what adults do.

In other news, I understand Van Jones wants to have riots/protests at all the State’s capitals over the summer.  Grrrrrr-eat.  Have we forgotten that we are the ones are paying these people?  I should think, as the taxpayers/employers, that we should get on board with the desire to keeping the costs, debt, and taxes low.

Long Live the Constitution!

True Colors

Posted by Troy on 23rd February 2011 in Current Events, Political

Well, they Republicans in Wisconsin have shown their true colors.  Of course, I knew that part of the reason they were going after the Unions had to deal with the fact that Unions supported the Democrats.  However, I do find it disgusting that they are exempting  the Unions that support the Republicans.  If it’s one thing I cannot stand, it is inconsistency.  However, I do agree, for the most part, that collective bargaining has become more of a problem than the original problem.  The fact of the matter is, companies should be allowed to freely replace workers.  The higher trained workers should have more job security, but the lower you are on the training totem, the worse your lot in life.  This is part of the incentive to go out, get a good education, and get a job where you have job security.  If you waste your life and get a job where you can actually be replaced, then the company should be allowed to replace you without the intimidation which goes on via picket lines for scabs. 

I am still on the Republican’s side on this one.  We’ve always heard about how little teachers make.  However, my cousin (a teacher) and I had very comprable salaries starting off, and he gets summers off.  Come on.  Not moaning here, just stating the fact. 

Things have got to change, or else.

Word of Mouth

Posted by Troy on 22nd February 2011 in Uncategorized

We are a new blog on the net, and as such, we need to build our reader base.  If you enjoy what you read, I would greatly appreciate it if you would recommend our website to anyone you think might be interested.  Even if you could just tell one other person, it would be a great help.  We have to use word of mouth, and if the mouths aren’t saying anything, that whole system just falls apart.

Many thanks.

Living to write

Posted by Troy on 21st February 2011 in Writing

I think I’ve started to live to write.  I remember I had to take a road trip to Montgomery last year, and the one thought I had was “What if I’m in an accident?  Who will finish my book?”  At the time, I was about finished with the first draft of The Order and the Lord, my first novel in the world of Junto.  Now, I find that I spend most of my spare thoughts in Junto.  In particular, I see the Scroll of Sonya Lee which is a good old romance story and another one set in the country of Fye, which will be a war story. 

In part, I cannot wait to start writing these stories.  However, my day job is just too much at the moment for me to do this on the side, but that’s okay.  The longer the wait, the more time I have to think about the stories and characters, and the more complex and interesting they become to me.  I cannot wait to create again.  In the meantime, I’ll just use this blog as an outlet for my creative juices.

Blimey It’s Miley!

Posted by Troy on 20th February 2011 in Current Events, Entertainment, Human Nature

Billy Ray has apparently angered his daughter and many in the entertainment field by saying that Disney ruined his family.  People say that he wasn’t complaining when he was getting the money from Hannah Montana. 

My heart goes out to the guy.  His family has been destroyed.  Much like The Black Pearl by Steinbeck, what appears to be a blessing becomes a curse.  Most people who win the lottery say it was the worst thing that ever happened to them.  I suppose the same goes for Hannah Montana.  I think Billy was deluding himself.  He saw his little girl going off the deep-end, and he kept trying to convince himself that “Okay, it’s just a one time thing.  She’s okay.”  I think reality has finally settled in on him.

As to Miley, yes, child stars sometimes have difficulties, but some do, some don’t.  I don’t think we can pin it down on “Well, all child stars have issues.”  Many don’t.  I wish her well.  I hope she stops acting like an idiot before she winds up like Brittany and Lindsey.  She should talk to Brittney.  I’m sure she could tell her what she’s headed for if she doesn’t pull out of the spiral.

Why is it that children feel the need to rebel against their parents?  They are so loyal to friends and professors and rebel against their parents.  When the chips are down, 95% of these friends will disappear so fast it’d make their heads spin.  Why do we rebel against the only two people who would so willingly die for us?  It’s so sad.

The solution!

Posted by Troy on 18th February 2011 in Current Events, Political

It’s so obvious!  Right now, public employees (those payed by the taxpayers) make more than their counterparts in the private sector and also receive greater benefits and deferred compensation.  The obvious solution to the budget crisis is this:  Fire ALL public employees and outsource them with private companies!  Problem solved!

Sorry, I was told by the Punctuation Czar that I was under the ! quota for the month. . .  Have a great weekend!