The Second “Debate”

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I did not watch the Biden Town Hall.  In hindsight, it lived up to my expectations (Didn’t pin him down on court packing, didn’t ask about Hunter’s laptop, etc).  But the Trump Town Hall was a joke.

Trump has denounce white supremacy over and over and over and over and over again.  How many times does a man have to denounce something.  Even after he flatly denounced it, Savannah said, “That sounds like a dodge.”  What the F___ are you taking about?!!!!

Why must Trump denounce people all the time?  How many Q-Anon members are there?  Who are they hurting, exactly?  Must the Left denounce Wiccans who were supposedly hexing Trump?  What about Antifa?  Etc etc etc.

Honestly, I think Trump did pretty well, but the vast majority of questions from Savannah (either upfront or as follow up to the actually people where were the ones who were supposed to ask the questions) were trivial, misleading, or of malicious intent.

Long Live the Constitution!

The First Debate – Chris Wallace is a Terrible Moderator

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I was trying to watch/play with my two-year-old daughter while watching the debate.  Bad idea.

I re-listened to it after she went to bed, and here are my take-aways:

1 – It was chaos.

2 – I don’t think there was a clear winner.  And the reason for that is the moderator.  Basically, none of the topics mattered, at least in the ways that the questions were asked.  Which brings me to the big point.

3 – Chris Wallace is a terrible moderator.  There is so much going on in the world right now.  Where was talk about trade?  About the rise of China?  About the rise of tech censorship?  The questions he asked were basically pointless because they didn’t give an outline about what either candidate would do going forward.  All the questions were basically meant as a referendum on Trump to date, and phrased in unfair ways.  Such as: “Given you got out us out of the Paris Agreement and rolled back the Obama omission standards, what is your view on the science of climate change?”  It is a very loaded question because it is built on the premise that the Paris Agreement was effective (it was not, even ecologists would tell you that…it is just a global wealth redistribution scheme and had very little to do with the environment).  A fair question would be:  “What was your rationale for pulling us out, what has been the outcome of rolling back these regulations, and how would you protect the environment in your second term?”  Or when Chris asked about why he ended racial sensitivity training.  Trump didn’t.  He ended Critical Race Theory which basically says:  If you are white, you are guilty of being racist and if you don’t think so, you are guilty of racist.  Finally, Chris asked about the $750 Trump paid in taxes.  NO ONE CARES.  It is meaningless.  The only people that care about that hate Trump to start with and it’s just another way to attack him.  Meanwhile, Chris shot down Trump questioning how Hunter scored megamillions from some of our biggest adversaries while Joe was VP as meaningless.   Um…no…if Joe used his position to enrich his family, that is VERY important, especially at the hands of China.  Or the whole question about if Trump would rely on the Supreme Court to decide the election… um… YEAH.  That’s why it is there.  If there is a dispute between the parties, it is going to go to the Supreme Court.  That’s not a conspiracy thing.  That’s just what would happen.

4 – The only thing valuable that came out of the debate is this: Biden refused to denounce packing the Court and ending the Filibuster.  These are Constitutional threats, and as such, I say Trump won the debate.

Long Live the Constitution

Why Republicans MUST confirm Amy Coney Barrett Before the Election

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I am going to keep this as short and sweet as possible:

1 – Does anyone really believe if the shoe was on the other foot that the Democrats wouldn’t flip the Court if they were in the same position?  Of course, they would.  Hell, they are talking about just adding seats and packing the Court, which is wildly unpopular.  As proof of this, Obama put forth a nominee to replace the arch-Conservative judge in his final year.

2 – In a scenario where Trump was elected in 2016 and in January, RBG dies and his replacement of her would shift the court and the Democrats held 51 seats, does anyone believe that they would confirm any of his picks for eight years (unless he just picked a liberal judge at any rate)?  And if they refused to confirm for 8 years, the media would cheer them for “saving the court.”

Basically, my first two points is just to show that the objections are strictly based on a political point-of-view.  Nothing more.

3 – No one is excited about Biden.  They are not.  What they could be excited about is “saving” RBG’s seat.  If that’s on the table, masses of Leftists would vote.  Now, it could be replacing her in such an expedient fashion will motivate them to “avenge RBG,” but hey, it could also demoralize them.  Regardless, I can assure you that “saving” her seat would motivate the hell out of them.

4 – This election is going to be decided by the Supreme Court.  Many states are making rules for Vote by Mail that are just bat shit crazy…unless you want fraud, in which case, they make perfect sense.  Justice Roberts would rule against Trump in any case because he doesn’t want people to think the Court is political.  There needs to be enough honest votes so that any case is decided FAIRLY, not just a knee-jerk “give it to Biden.”

I will say, that I am deeply troubled by this election.  No one will ever know who actually won because there are no safeguards on fraud.  If Trump wins overwhelmingly, they will say he cheated and the Left will burn the place down.  If Trump wins by a little, the Democrats will harvest enough ballots after the fact to make up the difference (odd how found boxes of ballots are always 90%+ Democrat…).  Trump voters will basically believe that the Democrats cheated.  And worst of all… if the Democrats win, they will punish the country for electing Trump.  They have already said their plan: DC and PR statehood, almost guaranteeing Senate majority in perpetuity; blow up the filibuster to ram down our throats everything they want; and pack the Court so nothing is ever called Unconstitutional.  These are scary peeps.  They are done playing.

Long Live the Constitution!

Shutdown kills 12,000 people a day – Why we must reopen

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Every day of shutdown is the equivalent of killing 12,000 people.  Why do I say that?  350,000,000 people means that many days lost divided by 365 to get the equivalent number of years divided by 78 which is the average lifespan.  Now, this is not a perfect analogy.  Not everyone is shut down.  But, conversely, it also doesn’t account for the rise in suicides, deaths by not seeking screenings for cancer, and overdoses (etc).

There is a COST to keeping us shut down.  If you keep kids out of school, you hurt their learning curves, setting them further behind for every year they don’t go back.  They also could be getting abused at home and no one will ever know because the teachers can’t sniff it out.

When I was 23, I was starting my career.  I was going out.  I was trying to meet girls.  I was starting my life.  We are taking that away from young people.  The devastation from doing that cannot be understated.  What if this was the year they were going to meet the love of their lives?  What if there is a 30 something out there that is trying like hell to meeting their mate so they can have a child and their biological clock is just ticking down?

People are going to die.  Right now, there is someone getting in an automobile accident and dying.  Why?  Because we don’t have a 25 MPH speed limit.  Literally, if we had a 25 MPH speed limit, virtually no one would die in car accidents.  Why don’t we do that?  Because we have decided that being able to get places quickly increases all of our standards of living to such a degree that we are willing to trade approximately 30,000 lives a year to it.

I am also loathe to point out that the average age of death hovers around 80.  I am not saying that old people’s lives do not matter, but they surely must understand that they were 23 once.  They were starting their lives.  They had the sun on their face and looked to the future with optimism.  Would they really condemn the new generation to the shutdown?

We should be as careful as we can, but we must reopen.  Schools must reopen.  If things get out of hand, that region may need to shut down.  We should have rolling start ups and shutdowns when and if hospitals get overwhelmed.  The states that are open should support the ones that are going under.  That is the way to build unity, but when you have states mandating preemptive shutdowns and then demanding the federal government pay for it, it drives a wedge further between us.  Also, it is clear that the shutdowns are purely political by the way the rules were FLAUNTED by the George Floyd protests.  I am sorry, but if you really think we are in a Biblical level plague, you would NEVER condone people gathering and spreading the disease under any circumstance.

Long Live the Constitution!

The Only Law Enforcement Reform You Need

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There’s talk of defunding the police, getting rid of no-knock warrants, illegalizing choke-holds, etc.

1 – Defunding the police is batshit stupid.  If you think these communities have problems now, just wait and see what happens.  Businesses and anyone that can afford to is going to flee, leaving a mess of poverty and crime that would be intolerable to anyone.

2 – There are cases where you need a no-knock warrant, and judges decide when it is okay.  Choke-holds are effective, largely non-lethal way to end a conflict.  There are cases when a choke-hold is the appropriate tool.  If it is misused, it should be punished, but if a cop is fighting for his life, I’m not taking a choke-hold off the table for him.

Now, have you notice that these problems always seem to happen where there is full Democrat rule?  Sometimes, the mayors and police chiefs are black.  So, you expect me to believe that these conflicts are race based?  I actually think that if you took an honest look at the problem, it’s not as big of a deal as the media declares.  Anytime there is a case, it gets 24/7 coverage for two weeks with panels talking about the epidemic of murder by police and so on and so on.  Basically, it’s a numbers game.  Sometimes you get a bad cop.  Sometimes mistakes are made.  Sometimes people die.  It’s a shame, but that’s life.  Wrongdoing should be examined and tried in a court of law.

The answer is simple.  You see, even when there is a black mayor and/or police chief, these problems still occur.  Why?  Because of a lack of accountability.  The police chief is appointed, not elected.  He is also protected politically.  Even if he is fired to appease the unwashed masses, the guy that replaces him will most likely be of a similar type.  If you want to solve this, go back to using the sheriff as the principal law enforcement officer.  They’re elected.  They have to balance maintaining law and order and doing so at the pleasure of the electorate.  If the population believe that he is too heavy-handed, they can replace him in the next election.

If you think I am waiving this off too lightly and don’t think that it’s wrong for cops to kill people, it’s wrong for a father to molest his daughter too.  It happens.  Those fathers should be punished.  But I don’t advocate abolishing the nuclear family and putting all children in some sort of children farm somewhere (See Communist Russia that actually tried this…).  That’s because I am not BATSHIT STUPID.

Long Live the Constitution!

The Lie of White Privilege

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It’s the term that gets thrown around all the time.  Now, if you were to ask someone who uses the term what it means, they would tell you something along the lines of the following:

1 – It is the preferential treatment that you get from all fronts (store owners, waitresses, loan officers, police officers, etc).

2 – It is the financial advantage you have over minorities due to unfair hiring practices and practices such as “red lining.”

3 – It is the educational advantage you have due to being in better school districts.

These are just a few things they may rattle off.

However, this is not what white privilege is.  White privilege is emotional blackmail that plays off white guilt over the aforementioned items.  While there is some legitimacy to the above (and other) arguments, the concept of white privilege is meant to shut down your opinion.  If you do not believe what they believe in, you are blinded by white privilege.  If you don’t understand that, your opinion has no value.  It is circular logic that only allows their own opinion to have legitimacy.

Everyone should work together to try to improve black schools and economy, but do not allow anyone to silence you by accusing you of white privilege.

Long Live the Constitution!

Riots and the 2nd Amendment

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I wonder if people living in these gun controlled states are starting to rethink their position on the Second Amendment.  You have the mayors and governors giving stand down orders to the police.  Why?  Because they are afraid of the optics of the police confronting “protesters.”  So, one maniac runs over a chick in Charlottesville, and we get it non-stop about how all Trump supporters are white supremacists.  These anarchists are burning buildings, looting, and attacking law-abiding citizens; and we are informed that the protests are “mostly peaceful.”  Armed citizens show up at the capital of Michigan and peacefully protest, and they are Fascists.  These guys throw Molotovs, and they are peaceful.  Note:  I understand that the bulk of the protesters are just that.  If you truly need help telling the difference: holding a sign = protester; holding a Molotov = criminal.

So, when your government refuses to protect you and denies you access to a firearm to defend yourself, what are your options exactly?  I suppose you turn to the First Amendment and pray.

Just don’t do it in a church.  That shit is illegal in California.

Long Live the Constitution!

How to Boycott China

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It is undeniable at this point that China purposefully took steps so that the Corona-virus could spread to the rest of the world.  This is only the latest affront.  This is on top of their use of slave labor.  Their organ harvesting.  Their eating of endangered species.  Their pollution of the air and our oceans.  They seek to silence people of other countries.  They wield their economic power as a weapon to make the rest of the world less free.  For all of this, there is only one choice:

Boycott China.

That is the only thing that will have any effect.  It will not come from our business class.  They stand to make too much money from China.  It won’t come from out politicians.  Some of their families got rich off China or are beholden to the aforementioned business class.  Everything is made in China now.  You will say, “I’m buying American!” and you will find how little we just make now.  You try to buy any other country other than China, and you will have similar problems.  You will find that Amazon no longer lists the country of manufacture.  And, in the end, you will give up because it just feels futile.

But I am here to help you.  I am here to give you the answer.

First, take the item that you want.  Whatever it is.  And do a search (preferably not Google who are in the pocket for the Chinese Communist Party at this point) for made in the USA.  If it is more expensive, buy it anyway.

Now, let’s say that you can’t find the item not made in the USA.  Well, try to find one made ANYWHERE other than China.

Okay, now, that failed.  Drats.  Next solution: Buy a used one.  If you buy a used one, the company that chose to manufacture something in China doesn’t make money, and China doesn’t make any money.  Also, you are probably helping another American that may be selling something because they need money or just to get rid of it.  Either way, you’re keeping money in the American economy.

Finally, suppose you can’t find a use one.  Ask yourself one simple question: Do I need this item?  Odds are, you probably don’t.  If not, don’t buy it.  The vast bulk of items you buy are WANTS, not needs.  And most of those wants are really just waste of money and you’d be better off saving your money anyway.

I make an exception.  Needless to say, if your child wants an Elsa Barbie, you are not going to convince her about geopolitical realities or convince her that this obscure doll factory over here is preferable to having the Elsa doll she really wanted.  I get that.  I do.  But in regards to what YOU need, you can find ways around it.

At the end of any of this, be sure to write the companies you did not buy from and let them know why you didn’t buy from them and how you thwarted them (by buying a used one, etc).  If they can’t sell the product they are making in China, it really isn’t worth making it there.

All of this is time consuming.  But know this: if China supplants America as the dominant super-power, they are NOT going to be a benign super-power like America.  They are going in initiate global thought control.  They will punish anyone who dare speak against them.  Let’s say that a future America finally takes a stand and boycotts China.  China would tell the rest of the world that if any country trades with America, they will not trade with China.  And they will appease, and China will grow more powerful.  Now is the time to make a stand.  If you don’t think this is the case, look at what which China is threatening Australia.

Long Live the Constitution!

In Defense of Changing Pronouns

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I used to mock the idea of adding bunches of new pronouns on the premise that “If you have a penis, you’re a man,” and “If you have a vagina, you’re a woman.”

But then I remembered, what is the point of language?  To communicate.  So if I have to say, “He, well.. he dresses like a woman, but he was born a man and had surgery and takes a lot of medications to look more like a woman;” am I really saving time communicating?  Maybe having a pronoun that conveys all this is a good idea.

But then I think of all the chaos that such a thing means.  That means that every time you meet people, you have to ask them their preferred pronouns and keep that straight the rest of your life.

So, I have another modest proposal.  We have “he” and “she” so that if there is a mixed couple of people, gendered pronouns can be used to keep them straight.  It doesn’t sound like gender pronouns are handy anymore.  So why don’t we use the gender neutral “He/Him/His” for all third party references.

Naturally, this isn’t going to fly.  So I have another modest proposal.  Let’s use “E/Em/Es.”

This will be really useful to texters that can now use single letters for all pronouns (I/U/E).

Long Live the Constitution!

My thoughts on Trump’s impeachment

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First of all, the phone call is nothing.  That isn’t me being a Trumper.  That is my objective stance.  If Trump said “I need dirt on Biden.  I don’t care if you make it up, just make this happen.”  I would have a problem with that.  Biden is not his opponent yet and probably would never be anyway.  Even if he was, Trump is investigating possible corruption in connection to a 1999 treaty signed by Bill Clinton.  Unless you want to say all politicians are exempt from investigation, you can’t say too much about it.  If you want to throw a fit about it, you have to defend Hillary and Obama and Senante Democrats going to foreign intelligence agencies for dirt on Trump.   As far as withholding funds, Trump always does this, and the money got paid.

People say that everything Biden did was on the up and up.  Why is it that Ukraine is the only country Obama played hardball with?  Drop off billions in cash to Iran, a mortal enemy, nail an ally to the  wall?

Everything about this is dirty.

1- They changed the rules 30 days out from the complaint to allow second hand information as whistleblower.

2 – They allow hersay as evidence.  That is so messed up!  I heard Bill Clinton likes to have sex with eight-year-olds.  Better investigate him.

3 – The complaint was not written by a whistleblower.  No one talks that way.  It was written by someone with the statutes in front of them.

4 – It was written to attempt to get Bill Barr to recluse himself.

5- Why would they demand to see the complaint when they had the transcript? Because thtranscript proves nothing is there.  They wanted to build the case on the complaint and us Trump withholding the transcript as a cover-up.  Trump blew that up by releasing it.  That is why Schiff made up his “parody.”

6 – The media and Democrats are using the same tactics over and over.  64,000 repetitions make a truth.

7 – A source document with unsubstantiated sources and based on news reports?  This is the Steele dossier all over again.

8 – The firm representing the whistleblower is connected to the Clintons and offers money for leaks on Trump.

9 – Nancy Pelosi initiates impeachment without taking a vote.  That is just wrong!

10- Trump doesn’t have his Constitutional right to confront his accuser?  That is just wrong!

11 – This is doomed to failure and will only serve to further divide our country.

Long live the Constitution!