I will not accept Hillary as President

Posted by Troy on 19th October 2016 in Current Events, Political

Based on the media bias and other factors, no.  I do not accept this felon as President.  Should she win, I will never refer to her as President.  I will call her “Bitch Clinton” and Bill will be the “First Rapist.”  I’m not going to take up armed rebellion, but she will NEVER be my President.  I flat out refuse her.  I look forward to getting to trouble at work for this.

Long Live the Constitution!

Rigged Election – The Bias Media

Posted by Troy on 17th October 2016 in Current Events, Political

Trump is under fire for saying that election is rigged.  Isn’t it?  Let’s examine the evidence.

1 – During the primary, the establishment loaded up the ticket hoping to split the votes enough where Bush’s money could carry the day.  It failed.

2 – As Trump continued to persist, they were sure that the strategy would work, so they forced him to sign an agreement that he would not run third party.  When he won, those that signed promptly went back on their word.

3 – Hillary and the DNC rigged the election against Bernie.

4 – The media has withheld this tape of Trump until a few weeks before the election in an attempt to destroy him late when they could have destroyed him prior to getting the nomination.

5 – Just look at the difference in coverage between the tape of Trump talking crass vs Hillary’s Wiki-leaks drops.

You see, I’ve heard several men I know (some of them highly respected in society) that have said worse than what Trump said.  And if you are being honest, you know you’ve heard worse from dear friends of yours…man or woman.  If someone followed you around with a camera for years, they could put together a clip show that makes you look pretty bad.  However, no matter what Trump said…hell, even if he DID exactly what he said in the video, it would pale in the comparison of what Bill and Hillary did to women which was rape and destruction.  And where was the media then?  Did they get onto the most powerful man in the world for cheating on his wife and taking advantage of a young intern?  No, they called the intern a fat, ugly, slut.  Pretty much.  Bill’s so coooool.  Monica’s a total skank.  But the Clinton’s are heroes to the Left, and they will be protected.

Meanwhile, in Wiki-Leaks land… Bill Clinton gets a million dollar birthday check from Qatar.  The Clinton Foundations throws away any consideration of the ethics of taking money from foreign donors.  Her staff calls Catholics backwards.  They make fun of “rednecks.”  They pop off at the mouth at this group and that group.  They muse how it would be better if they San Bernardino shooters were white guys killing Muslims.  She calls Bernie supporters a bucket of losers.  She tells Wall Street that she trusts Wall Street to fix Wall Street.  She says that it’s important to lie to the public and do what you want.  She says that there’s no way to vet Syrian refuges while telling us straight to our faces that they can be vetted.  An aide if video taped saying that Hillary plans on enacting gun control via executive order.  Another aide is caught on camera breaking election laws.  The State Department offers the FBI rewards for changing the classification ratings of Hillary’s emails.

But by all means, let’s talk about Trump 24/7.  You know how much time Wiki-Leak reports have gotten between all the major broadcasters?  57 seconds.

Yeah…it’s rigged.  I hope Trump wins.  I hope he wins just so I can see the looks on the faces of Hillary, Hollywood, and the Media.

Long Live the Constitution!

Donald Trump and the Real Threat to Women

Posted by Troy on 13th October 2016 in Current Events, Political

A billionaire that’s been around models and beauty queens for the last 40 years and hasn’t been accused of such behavior until he ran for President.  I don’t buy it.  What, he didn’t have a high enough profile as a billionaire celebrity?  He wasn’t worth going after for hush money or anything else?  Just seems unlikely.  But let just play a little game that I like the call “Let’s assume you’re right…”  I know, I know… I’m always right, and you’re always wrong, but let’s just play the game.

Let’s assume you’re right.  There is a really finite number of women Donald Trump can assault.  Given his time, schedule, etc…just very finite.  However, Hillary wishes to pull an Angela Merkel and bring in millions of refugees.  Take a few minutes and look at what’s going on in Europe right now.  There was the case of the German refugee aid worker that got raped.  She said that Germans did it because she didn’t want to spread refugee hate.  Nice.  She’d fit in with Hillary’s America.  Roaming bands of refugees molesting women on New Years.  Did you know they have them wear bracelets with “Don’t Grope” on them to remind them that it’s socially unacceptable to do so?  The rapes and sexual assault rates are up over there.  What’s the government’s response?  To tell their own people to TAKE IT.  Women…don’t dress sexy.  Accept THEIR culture so you’ll stay safer…because bringing this new underclass in benefits those in power.  What does it matter that German daughters are raped and molested?  Mere eggs for the omelets.

Hillary will take away a woman’s right to protect herself with the Second Amendment.  But don’t worry.  You’ll have the cops around to protect you, just like they protect the Clintons and other important people…no…I’m sorry.  The important people have guns and guards and gates to protect them, secluded away from the rabble trash that they view with disdain: rubes to be ruled and controlled and feared–the real reason why they want you disarmed.

Hillary will explode our debt.  Once that bubble bursts…the whole system fails.  Trump pointed out that the stock market is a bubble right now.  I was shocked to hear the truth said aloud…and it was just allowed to pass…no one wants to talk about it, about the 20 trillion dollars in debt.  When civil society fails.  When there is no more taxes and police or anything else…when we’re back to the wild west, how do you think women will fare?  If the fiat money bubble pops…and I don’t know how much further it can be pushed…if it bursts, be prepared for a world of hurt.

So, we talk and talk and talk about this over and over…because the media hates Trump and wants Hillary.  Here are some things that have been leaked in WikiLeaks of late: the media has been working with Hillary Clinton, Qatar gave Bill Clinton $1,000,000 for his birthday, Putin and Hillary hung out in his inner sanctum and she spoke very highly of him, Hillary wants open borders (yeah…cuz…so many Americans wanna go to South America to live, right?), she continually talks bad about large swaths of the populace, her campaign was in contact with the White House and Justice Department during her e-mail scandal, Hillary is pro-TTP, and so on and so on and so no…

Greg Gutfeld today chided people who are still loyal to Trump.  Here’s the thing.  I really don’t give a crap about Trump.  He’s saying things I agree with.  He is talking about putting America first, which is something I WISH our government actually did.  I am not loyal to him.  I am loyal to AMERICA.  Hillary will destroy America.  She will expand Obamacare…because a little poison didn’t work, a lot of poison sure will.  She will get us involved in more wars, and she will do so in a way where we waste our time and money without ever actually accomplishing a damn thing.  She will wreck the economy.  She will import people at such a pace that our culture will completely die.  So yeah…I’m “loyal to Trump.”  I’m not loyal to him as a person…I’m loyal to the fact that he is the only chance of actually beating Hillary Clinton.  If he would drop out, I’ll vote Pence.  If the Republicans completely drop out, I’ll vote Johnson.  If it is Hillary or Jill Stein, I’ll vote Jill Stein.  If the only two people running are Hillary and Satan, I’ll vote Satan.  They’re both dishonest, but I’d think that Satan would at least be competent.

Long Live the Constitution!

The 2nd Amendment and Hillary Clinton

Posted by Troy on 11th October 2016 in Current Events, Political

I am what you call a single issue voter, when it comes right down to it.  There is one issue that I will elevate above all else.  I could believe in 99.9% of what someone says…if they want to do away with the 2nd Amendment, they can go straight to hell.

Here’s what I remember about Hillary Clinton.  I remember Wako.  I remember Ruby Ridge.  Her husband was rabid about going after people who had guns. In the case of Wako, they used military force against US citizens.  David Karish went into town every week.  They could have arrested him at any time.  However, they did a siege of his compound.  Ruby Ridge…hell…they were actually innocent and ended up being killed by our government based on rumors.  Why?  Because of guns.  Hillary is an anti-gunner of the highest order, despite the fact that she wants to have guns around herself and her family 24/7.  Why?  Because SHE’S important.  She needs to be protected.  You?  You’re just a friggin’ nobody.  Surely no one would want to kill you…or rape you.

And that’s where I come up.  You can say Trump has sexually assaulted someone.  Well…no one has even come forward to actually accuse him, other than the media.  There we go, but that’s all there is to it, isn’t it?  Meanwhile, rappers can talk all kinds of shit about women.  You wanna talk about objectifying women.  Shit, let’s look at Hollywood for a second.  Arch-Feminist, Beyoncé, parades around in lingerie and wants to pretend that she is all about women’s empowerment.  We have full industries that are focused around objectifying women.  Not only do we not say SHIT about it, but we give these people millions of dollars and critical acclaim and awards and talk about how brilliant all these people are.  So, ya know what?  Your complaints fall on deaf ears.  You celebrate indoctrination of objectification and then want to pretend that your offended?  Shit…BILL CLINTON RAPED WOMEN AND HIS WIFE DESTROYED THEM!  Why did she destroy them?  Oh…maybe the first one she thought he was innocent.  I doubt it.  I seriously doubt it, but I’ll give it to you.  But after that?  After the third and fourth time?  No…Bill IS  a sexual predator.  There’s not argument about it.  So she protected her husband, destroyed his accusers so that she could maintain political power.  Fun.  Read Disgraceful Persecution of a Boy by Mark Twain.  You support the culture.  You’re just as guilty as Trump.  Not to mention…here again…BILL CLINTON RAPED WOMEN.

So, lets accept the media’s accusations, just for kicks and giggles.  That means that a sexual predator WILL BE IN THE WHITE HOUSE.  One, however, will let our women keep weapons.  Another will do everything in her power to get rid of guns.  She will appoint Supreme Court Justices which will interpret the 2nd Amendment to read that it only applies to well regulated militias (despite the numerous writings of the Founding Fathers which flat out say that the 2nd Amendment is about being able to defend your rights against the government and is an individual right).  She will then pull and Angela Merkel and bring in Syrian refugees which will molest and rape American women (French and German youtube assaults where no one does a damn thing to stop the assaults).  To add insult to injury, they will demand to take away your right to keep and bear arms BECAUSE of the Syrian refugees which they inflicted us with.  But Chelsea Clinton will be protected.  She’ll be safe…and no one wants to rape Hillary anyway.  So it’s all good.  You?  You’re unimportant.  No one’s gonna wanna rape you, so why do you need to defend yourself?

This…this is the reason why women should be completely against Hillary Clinton.  God created men.  Sam Colt made them equal.  Take away guns, and a woman is no match for a 200 pound man with a raging hard-on and no sense of morality…the side-effect of 50 years of trash entertainment.

This is what’s at stake.

Long Live the Constitution!

I no longer have faith in polls – Hillary Must LOSE

Posted by Troy on 10th October 2016 in Current Events, Political

I woke up to polls saying that Hillary won last night’s debate.  I couldn’t believe it.  There were no poimts that Hillary won.  It was basically Hillary getting owned over and over again the entire way.

Here is the list of people who are against Trump: Mexico, China, the UN, Europe, the Middle East, Hollywood, the media class, Democrats (all of them), Wall Street, the big banks, and establishment Republicans.

Here is the list of people wo are for Trump: blue collar workers and veterans (among others).

Honestly, that’s all I need to know.  Look at the list of the people who are against Trump.  I swear, I can’t think of a better list of enemies.  If these are the people that don’t want to see him elected, he’s probably the right guy for the job, as Ted Nugent pointed out.

Now, here’s some reasons why Hillary must lose: She will appoint Supreme Court Justices.  She will tie us more to the UN.  She wants open borders.  She wants to bring in Syrian refugees.  She wants nuclear disarmament (for us).  She wants to disarm the American public.  She wants to tax our economy even more.  She is offering endless goodies which will bankrupt us.  She hasn’t met a war she didn’t want to vote for.  If she gets the House and Senate and the Courts, forget it.  We are DONE.  Even if we retain the House, she’d just use Executive Orders to do what she wants anyway.  Obama set the precedent.  Republicans, not wanting to seem racist, tucked their tails between their legs and didn’t stop him from stealing Legislative power from Congress.  Do you think she’s not going to do the same?  The precedent has been set, and she will abuse it.

There is a deeper reason why HILLARY MUST LOSE.  We are fractured.  It has become painfully obvious that we are not united.  The political class has been pitting one section of America against another for the last fifty years.  Learn a little about the Fabian Society.  Stalin once said that America was protected by three things: our patriotism, our morality, and our religion.  So, what did the Fabian Society do?  They started “______ studies” in colleges which were meant to separate Americans into different groups, demonizing one group (white men) as the oppressor and the other groups were victims.  They sought to break down the morality of our country.  Then they mocked religion and made it uncool to be Christian.  So, what’s left?  The only one that’s left is patriotism.  Of course, the years of politics and preaching victim status has left half of our country thinking that America is a downright mean country (as Michelle Obama put it).  They hate this country.  As Michelle also said after her husband was elected “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.”  That’s not the statement of a patriot.  That’s the statement of someone that HATES a country.

We are fractured as a country.  Hillary is NOT preaching about bringing us together.  All she preaches is the same old “us against them” rhetoric that I’ve grown accustomed to hearing for my adult life.  Trump is preaching reuniting us.  He speaks of “Imagine what we can accomplish once we are one people under or one flag?”  We used to have our differences, but we were all Americans.  We were all proud to be American.  And that’s why HILLARY MUST LOSE.  You see…if she wins…I don’t think I can be proud of my country.  To paraphrase what Michelle Obama said…for the first time in my life, I will not be proud of my country.  Maybe I will start calling myself a Georgian instead of an American.  This is not easy for me to say.  I’m arguably the most patriotic person I know…but this may destroy my patriotism.  It is something that preys upon my mind of late.  But that is what is at stake for me this election.

Long Live the Constitution!

2nd Debate – Town Hall – No More “Mr. Nice Guy.”

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No more…Mr. Nice Guy…No more…Mr. cl-he-hean!



Oh my God.  Someone cut the Donald LOOSE!!!!!

Trump brought the truth tonight.  He was slamming her over and over and over again.  The debate moderators tried to save her…tried to attack him.  There were so many one-side “questions,” which were only meant to hurt Trump and had absolutely NO basis in what’s actually important for the country.  The ENTIRE 90 minutes, was Trump DESTROYING her against all of these obstacles.  HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Long Live the Constitution!

Debate Moderator Elaine Quijano

Posted by Troy on 5th October 2016 in Current Events, Political

Everyone seems to wanna talk bad about Elaine Quijano.  Democrats blame her for Kaine doing poorly.  Republicans accuse her of going hard on Pence.    I think she did a fine job.  In fact, I preferred that she didn’t really get involved.  It allowed them to explain themselves, challenge each other, and show their etiquette.  Let’s be frank: If a candidate is so weak-willed that they cannot stand up against their opponent, what will they do on the world stage?  Will they allow other world leaders to talk over them as well?  It shows a bit of strength and character to handle these situations.  Pence showed that.  Kaine, on the other hand, showed that he was an ass.  I haven’t talked to anyone that liked him.  I think I would have been disgusted with Pence if the roles had been reversed.  It came across as rude and smug.  I’m pretty sure it completely undermined his entire performance.  Even if he had destroyed Pence on the issues, people will remember him as being rude and smug.  As such, they probably would develop a negative opinion.  I much preferred this format over the first debate.  Also, all of her questions were relevant.  She asked one question of each candidate dealing with Hillary and Trump’s negatives.  I thought she did a good job, and I think the debate was basically ruined by Tim Kaine acting like an ass.

Long Live the Constitution!

The Vice-President Debate

Posted by Troy on 4th October 2016 in Political

One thing is clear…I would have punched Tim Kaine in the face.  Right in the face.  If you base who won or lost based on perception only: Tim Kaine came off as an arrogant, horse’s ass.  Mike Pence came across as thoughtful and reserved.  So I will say Pence won.  I would have lost, because I think I would have literally punched him right in the face.  Jesus!

I don’t understand how people don’t see the win.  On Iran, it’s “You didn’t stop their nuclear program, you legitimized it!”

When they talked about implicit racism: “Do you have implied racism?  Well…then I’m not talking to a bigot.”

On not paying taxes being not funding the troops:  “Did you take the charitable deduction?  How about real estate taxes.  You mean you wanted dead American soldiers?   Outrageous!”

Kaine’s ploy was to interrupt as much as possible and try to bring up every single Trump gaff and everything taken out of context.

Kaine’s final note says a lot.  He says after the election, the President has to lead ALL of us.  Here’s a question: Hillary Clinton has said that we ALL have implicit racism.  She believes we are all racists.  On top of that, she has openly said that 50% of Trump supporters are deplorables (not even an actual word) which cannot be redeemed (She later said she got the percent wrong…I believe the real number is she thinks 75% of all Americans are deplorables/morons that she is superior to.).  I believe that she would come into office hating at least 20% of us (straight up hating), and a full 40% of us will straight up HATE her.  So, how is she going to bring us together then?  She has no focus on bringing us together.  She has been playing one group against another group for the last 30 years of her life.  Do you really think that is going to change?

Long Live the Constitution!

Why Trump’s 1995 Tax Return should mean NOTHING to you

Posted by Troy on 3rd October 2016 in Current Events, Political

The New York Times has reported select pages of Trump’s 1995 tax return showing about a billion dollar loss.  They suspect that he may not have paid taxes for the next twenty years because of this.  Well, that’s interesting since they have no idea what his income was in that time frame.  A little background: I am a CPA and have been for 15 years.  I graduated Summa Cum Laude with degrees in accounting and finance with many economic courses under my belt as well as reading economic books in my spare time.  Now, I will tell you why all this is meaningless crap.

1 – The thing they are talking about is called a Net Operating Loss.  It isn’t some sort of loophole.  It’s a very fair mechanism in the tax code.  Essentially: You have a business.  For the first five years of the business, you have losses.  In year six, you have income.  You are allowed to deduct those prior year losses against the current year income.  This is TOTALLY Fair.  Let’s say that in this six year period, you lost $10,000 in years 1-5.  Since you have no other income items, you had no taxable income and paid $0 in taxes for the first five years.  You then make $110,000 in year six.  You are allowed to deduct the $50,000 you missed out on, leaving $60,000 in taxable income.  Compare that with someone that MADE $10,000 in years 1-6.  In both cases, the average income for the six year period would be $10,000.  If you didn’t allow some sort of carryover, then you would have taxed the first person on $110,000 and you would have taxed the second person on $60,000 even though they made the same amount of money in that period.  How is that fair?  It’s not.  Not to mention that GE, the Clintons, Warren Buffet, the New York Times, and untold number of other Democrat darlings have used the carryover provisions.

2 – Paying taxes is NOT patriotic.  This country was founded upon the premise that NONE of us wanna pay taxes.  Yeah, that’s a little bit of a stretch.  It was more taxation without representation, but still.  No one wants to pay taxes.  If you did not use the existing tax laws to keep as much of your OWN money as possible, you’d just be stupid.  Taxes is not the same as charity.

3 – As far as Trump losing a billion dollars in a year, I seriously doubt he did.  The tax code does not allow you to take passive losses (losses on businesses that you didn’t really participate in on a day to day basis–I’m over simplifying, please other CPAs, do not respond with pedantic responses).  Instead, these loses carry over to offset passive income in later years.  If you never have passive income, then these losses can be fully realized in the year you dispose of the business.  This is to avoid what was known in the early eighties as a tax shelter.  This is where people would buy into a business that would generate “tax” losses but wouldn’t actually generate true, cash losses.  This is coupled with an At Risk limitation so that the total loss you can take is only that which you put into the business.  Prior to these two rules, you had people investing in “businesses” which they did not really participate in and took losses far in excess of what they actually could lose if the whole thing tanked.  So what has really happened is that he had 10-20 years of losses carrying over, he disposed of the business, and he has this huge loss.  No big mystery.  No giant “loophole.”  Nothing really to see here.

4 – Even if Trump released his taxes, it would mean nothing anyway.  Trump is 70 years old.  He has beautiful houses, his personal plane, and a bunch of other stuff.  So, here’s the thing… how much money does he need at 70?  Now that he has most everything he needs to be happy, why would he need a lot of income?  He has the ability to control how much his income is.  If he doesn’t need a lot of money, why would he pay himself a large salary or cut himself dividends and face double taxation?  He wouldn’t.  He would keep the money inside the corporations.  So, he can control his income.  He has several corporations which would file their own tax returns and not report anything on his Form 1040.  As far as charity goes, he may opt to pay charitable donations out of his foundation or his corporations, which would be more beneficial to the corporations than to him.

5 – Hillary is trying to make a big deal about his billion dollar loss (as I’ve explained above).  Did you know that she lost $6 billion dollars as Secretary of State?  Unaccounted for.  Just lost.  Of course, you can say that $6 billion isn’t much to the State Department, but a billion dollars is a LOT to an individual.  You’d be right…but the key difference is that the billion Trump lost was HIS to lose.  The $6 billion that she lost was OURS.  If you’re an honorable person, you would much rather lose your own money instead of someone else’s.

6 – Hillary wants to point out that Trump is a bad business man because he would have done better if he had just put his money into a mutual fund.  Well that’s great!  Of course, that’s true of most everything.  Let’s assume a normal distribution.  So, half the businesses beat the market and half don’t.  Well, obviously, the smart thing to do would be to have the ones on the lower 50% quit and invest their money in the other 50%.  Great!  So now, assuming that there’s a normal distribution, this means that half of the businesses are losers and half are winners, so they should sell off and buy into the winning 50%, and so on and so on…until there is only one business left.  The true winner!  Yes, the true winner.  We should all be invested in that one entity.  Except for the fact that this CANNOT happen.  Industries go up and down.  Companies go up and down.  We need all different players and companies and businesses and industries competing and operating and innovating.  When this happens, then you have the beauty of a diversified portfolio.  Some industries will underperform on returns, but they may have more players or less risk or less costs to enter the market.  A producer of corn will not have the same profit margin of Apple computers.  Why?  Because anyone can plant corn (more or less).  You have start up costs, market risk, supply and demand, and other factors.  Basically, it is called economics.  Half the industries would not make the “beat the market” test.  Boo hoo.  Figure it out.

7 – Hillary likes to point out Trump’s failures.  Well, he’s started hundreds of ventures, and a small portion of these went bankrupt.  It’s a fun game for Hillary to play because she has nothing which can compare.  She’s never started any business.  So, let’s look at it this way: What laws has she sponsored?  I’d be shocked if you could name any.  How any of those had a net positive effect of the bottom line?  Even if you wanna say that profit isn’t a motive in politics…how many of her policies actually solved a problem, let alone were cost effective?  How any of her initiatives as Secretary of State were successful?  Basically NONE.  But yeah…let’s talk about Trump Steaks and not four dead Americans in Benghazi.

Long Live the Constitution!

Trump’s Responses In Debates

Posted by Troy on 29th September 2016 in Political

Anytime a debate moderator decides to ask a question that is personal in nature and is one sided (Trump’s tax return, past comments on women, and birther-ism), Trump should say something like this:

“I’m so glad you’ve asked about that.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot.  I mean, we had over ten bombs planted in our major cities.  We have had people shot by cops.  We’ve had cops ambushed and executed.  We have Secretary of States selling influence through their family foundations.  I think about all of this, and I have to say…who the hell cares if I asked for President Obama’s birth certificate?  I want to talk about things that ACTUALLY MATTER to the American people.”

“You haven’t answered the question, Mr. Trump.”

“I’m sorry.  I thought I was clear.  Let me rephrase.  When I see shootings on the rise, and hatred rising about the very people that are supposed to connect us.  I think we need to come together.  We need to get back to being a unified nation.  We need to start talking again, and listening to each other, and actually fixing these problems instead of pitting sections of America against each other for political gain.”

“You have to answer the question.”

“No.  I’m here to answer the questions the American people want answered.  Not the ones YOU want answered.”

Every time they try to take it there, list 4-5 things that are going wrong with America.  You can always say: “Twenty Trillion in Debt!”  add in one factoid of corruption/ineptitude about Hillary, and move on.

Long Live the Constitution!